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(generated from captions) Tonight - costly, complex and dangerous - report into the report into the Government's bungled home insulation scheme. It's very clear there were substantial scheme. It's very clear that

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A coroner finds that a different diagnosis may have stopped a newsreader's

thousands of suicide. And waiting for Mary -

thousands of pilgrims converge

on the Vatican for the

canonisation of Australia's

first Catholic saint.

Live across Australia,

Live across Australia, this

is ABC News 24. Good evening. I'm Scott Bevan. Those stories

shortly, but first tonight, in

news just to hand, there is an

urgent evacuation message to residents southern New South Wales where

a dam wall is crumbling.

Residents on the Mannus have been urged to Residents on the Mannus Lake

immediately. It's feared the dams walls can burst. Well, dams walls can burst. Well, for

more on this, I'm joined on the

phone by Moyra shooeldz from the ABC Newsroom in Wagga

you've been Wagga. Moyra, what's the latest

you've been hearing. Well, Scott, the SES tries to get the

message out to a small number of resident whose may affected should the Tooma Dam

wall burst and this megalitres of water escapes wall burst and this 2300

from the dam, and the

is with the - the situation

there is they're trying to

reach the number of residents

by, I think by emergency alert

systems, SMS, but getting the

message out by radio and

obviously online and through

the television because there is

concern there may be some

people camped downstream of the

area, so the message is residents along the 10-15km downstream of the Mannus Dam to

evacuate immediately. Do not

trapped lay because they may become lay because they

trapped and trapped and the State Emergency

Service says failure of the dam

wall would result in flooding

of the area. That water

of the area. That water would

flow into the Murray system

should it. Potentially how many

people could be affected therefore have to evacuate? We people could be affected and

understand it's really only possibly a

dozen or more, but there is no

understanding of how many people could be camping. It is a beautiful part of the

There was drought here, but now

there may be flooding. Most

people who live along these creeks and river systems would

be aware, but how do you be aware that a dam upstream may go? Anyone who knows resident as long those creeks, the

Mannus and Tooma Creeks, them a quick phone call Mannus and Tooma Creeks, give

area. Moyra, does anyone know

why the dam is crumbling? I

understand it could be age. It

could be that it hasn't been could be that it hasn't been

that full for a that full for a long time.

councils Tumbarumba, like a lot of other

councils in the area have had to impose water restrictions

beau of the low dam levels.

They have been trying to

upgrade their water supply T

may be that they have known

more about the situation of the

stability of the dam, but I'm

not aware it was among those at

risk of failing, but certainly the order - the evacuation

order is there for people

downstream. Part of wide spread

flooding here in south western

New South Wales, Scott. We've

got major road closures, the Hume Hume Highway between Albury and

Wagga is closed, the Sturt Wagga is closed, the Sturt

Highway between Wagga and Nandara is closed. Numerous

small roads. Police are urging

people not to go out. Too dangerous. We know trees have come down all over the place.

We're expecting wild We've had people phoning up ABC Riverina this Riverina this afternoon

describes a torrent of water

where a bridge used to be, and concern and council literally thousands of concern and council to cover

kilometres of roads can't get

out there and put up all the warning signs fast

enough. Moyra, by virtue of you

saying that more bad weather is peksed, more problems are saying that more bad weather is

expected there in this region over the weekend? Indeed. The

State Emergency Service is on

full alert throughout the

region. Police and I brigade units have been Rural Fire Service and fire

brigade units have been out today helping to evacuate residents from places Lockhart, Holbrook, add long. This is

This is the second lot of

flooding in parts of the

region. The Billabong Creek,

though, has been in serious

flood this afternoon and the

township of I think Koltan isolated. A number of students,

50 students who were stuck at the high school in They're being looked after, but

evacuation centre going up

rights across the region. The

good news so far no injuries, but pretty hairy out

there. Moyra shooeldz from the

ABC Newsroom in Wagga Wagga,

thanks for your time tonight. Thank you no

Scott. Residents on the Mannus

Lake and Tooma Creek have been

urged to evacuate immediately Federal Government's Federal Government's abandoned home insulation scheme has been condemned by the

Auditor-General. A program that

was poorly planned and delivered and one with disastrous consequences. Chief

political correspondent Mark political correspondent Mark

Simkin. It seemed like a good

idea at the time, for the Government and Government and the insulators. It's heartbreaking. Matthew heartbreaking. Matthew Hannam

is stuck with $1.8 million worth of stock he can't

move. It has been an absolute and total disaster. For us, we

misdirection from the feel there has been a lot of

Government. The Government. The Government's

program has been linked to four

deaths and scores of house fires. estimates the fires. The Auditor-General

estimates the clean-up will

cost more than half a billion


There were problems in

nearly 30% of the roofs inspect

ed. On tonne that have, 4,000

cases of fraud were identified. Fraud, fire, failure on

above all else, contributed to

the possible deaths of four

beautiful young men. beautiful young men. This

scheme did become a mess, and that's why we brought the

scheme to an end. The

Government has now completed

more inspections, but won't say

how many dodgy installations were discovered. It's

appropriate that I be out here

to answer questions and I think

that's enough. Thank you. Peter

Garrett used to be in charge.

The Opposition is demanding his resignation,

resignation, but the report his department's briefings were overly optimistic and contained factual errors. Who couldn't be disappointed if there was advice that came through which

was deficient? But at every

step of the way, I took the advice that I received

seriously. Significantly, though, the report also reveals the bureaucrats recommended

that the program be rolled out over five years. The Government

rejected the advice because it wanted to move quickly. Nearly

two years later, families two years later, families and

businesses are trying to cope with the fallout. An

has found the suicide of has found the suicide of a popular TV newsreader could have been prevented if her mental mental illness had been properly diagnosed. Charmaine Dragun was the Sydney-based

news reader for Channel Ten in

Perth when she jumped to her

death in November 2007. The New

South Wales coroner has

identified a series of failures

in how the 29-year-old was

treated, and he has called for patients be more carefully monitored. Almost three years after Charmaine Dragun's after Charmaine Dragun's death, her family and partner returned

to the coroner's court for the last time. It has been agonising, and very emotional,

but I would do it all again because we need to because we need to find answers. Deputy State Coroner

Malcolm MacPherson said Ms Dragun had seemingly everything to live for in 2007, including a successful

a successful career. But her struggle with mental illness.

She ended her own life at a

notorious suicide spot, The Gap

in Sydney. Charmaine Dragun had been diagnosed with depression and treated with medication,

but it's now believed she had a

type of bipolar disorder. The

coroner criticised her psychologist for failing to mention Ms Dragun's suicidal thoughts when she thoughts when she was referred

to a

Dr Tang is also criticised

for not seeking out more of the

29-year-old's history and for

not telling her about all of

the side effects of coming off one antidepressant and one antidepressant and going onto another. Yes, I'm

disappointed P I should have a

daughter with me today, but I

haven't. The families, friends, partners, we all friends, partners, we all need

to be involved and we all need

to know exactly what's going on

and what to look for. The

coroner also expressed hope that a suicide prevention

master plan for The Gap be

finalised. It includes better fencing, extra

fencing, extra security cameras and new liking. Estelle says if the findings prompt

better mental health treatment, then her daughter would then her daughter would not

have died in vain. A man have died in vain. A man found

guilty of murdering his guilty of murdering his three

sons by driving them into a sons by driving them into a dam in south-west Victoria has been

sentenced to life in prison

with a non-parole period of with a non-parole period of 33 years. Robert Farquharson was years. Robert Farquharson was found

killing his three boys killing his three boys on Father's Day in 2005. His legal

team has already indicated that there will be an appeal in a case that has already something of a legal

marathon. It's been more than five years two Supreme Court

murder trials and an murder trials and an appeal

that appears far from

over. Robert Farquharson

maintain s his innocence and in

due course we will be lodging an an appeal against his conviction. As he sentenced the

41-year-old to life with a non-parole period of 33 Justice Lex Lasry described the

Farquharson case as a tragedy which almost defied

imagination. It's never going

to be enough. It is a life sentence for me. It should be a

life sentence for him. Rob is

a broken man, a traumatised

a broken man, a traumatised and deeply grieving parent who

loves his children. Three years ago, Robert Farquharson was

convicted of murdering his three children by driving them

into a dam near Wynne in Victoria's south near win

Chelsea on father's Day 2005. Last year he Last year he successfully appealed against that

conviction and a re-trail was

ordered. In July, I jury found that he left

that he left his boys to drown. He rejected his defence that He rejected his defence that he black had a coughing fit,

blacked out and came two unable

to rescue them. Significantly

Justice Lasry rejected the

evidence of Robert Greg King who testified that Farquharson had told him Farquharson had told him three

months in advance that months in advance that he would

kill his children by drowning

them in a dam, but the them in a dam, but the judge

said he still had no doubt that

Mr Farquharson had killed

children to get back at his ex-wife. His legal team has 28

days to lodge an appeal. Well, the countdown has begun in

earnest to the cannonisation earnest to the cannonisation of Mary MacKillop. In just a fou Mary MacKillop. In just a fou

days, Australia will have its

first Catholic saint and thousands of pilgrims converging thousands of pilgrims are the historic event. From the

Vatican, Europe correspondent Philip Williams reports. The

Vatican is rarely short of a

crowd, but as Sunday

there are thousands more

Australian accents as the great Mary MacKillop pilgrimage gains momentum. They're joining me on

Saturday. Included are many Saturday. Included are many

Indigenous Australians, anxious

to honour a woman who helped

the poor and educate the children, ignoring the common

prejudice of the day. Being an Aboriginal woman, I can relate

to many

life, the struggles, and for me

it's just an honour to be part of the

of the group that has been able

to come. Not only are the seats

ready for the ceremony Peter's Square, so is Peter's Square, so is KangaII,

a mobile consulate to help any

of the estimated 8,000

Australian pilgrims. On hand,

our ambassador to the Holy Sea,

Tim Fischer. She achieved so

much for the betterment of

education, betterment of poor people, Indigenous all over Australia. It's the culmination

of 85 years of hard of 85 years of hard work of

Mary MacKillop. Charged with

promoting the MacKillop case,

Sister Maria Casey is about to

see the dream come true, just recognition recognition for a woman who

offered hope for the poor and for children even before

Australia was a nation. For me

it's something it's something that speaks

about the triumph of goodness. Mary was a good woman. For a Church Church whose reputation has

been battered by revelations of child sex abuse, Mary's

sainthood has been seen as a booster for confidence. There

is hope this will be a

beginning and that the life and work of Mary MacKillop will be

an inspiration to all

Australians, not just the true


Federal Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has

welcomed the Brisbane Lord Mayor's plans to connect residents to high-speed

broadband within four years. UK-based i3 will build the network, running it through the

city's sewers and preventing

the need for overhead cables or

new trenches. You don't have to dig up the street, no traffic congestions associated with that, but also it's that, but also it's far cheaper. Rate payer cheaper. Rate payer s won't pay

for the $600 million network.

Mr Newman signed the deal

because he says he can't wait for the National Broadband Network rollout in Brisbane.

Senator Conroy says it's disappointing the disappointing the mayor's Liberal colleagues faster broadband. One of

Central Australia's most famous

tourist attractions has been

sold to an Aboriginal corporation corporation with ties to

traditional owners. After two traditional owners. After two years on the market, international company GPT international company GPT has

sold the Ayers Rock Resort for

$300 million. The Federal Government's Government's Indigenous Land

Corporation bought the resort

in conjunction with traditional

owners. At the moment, only a

handful of the workforce is

Aboriginal. That's expected to

increase under the new

management. When you go there as

as a tourist, you don't see none

none of our people doing any of them jobs there. That's going to

to be not only Indigenous

owned, but the majority of

people that are working there

are going to be Indigenous. The

sale coincides with 25th

anniversary celebrations of the

historic handback of Uluru to the traditional owners. To sport now with Amanda

sport now with Amanda Shalala.

Amanda, despite some dampness, the Caulfield Cup pushes on? Yes, very good news for punters, Scott. The Melbourne

Racing Club insists heavy rain

won't stop the running of the $2.5 million race, but the

weather is already having an

impact on the field with impact on the field with three horses scratched today. Caulfield Racecourse is

awash. Spring is supposed to awash. Spring is supposed to be horse season, but judging by horse season, but judging by the car park, it's clearly duck

season. The Melbourne Racing Club is embracing its misfortune To make light of the situation, bands we're issuing floatties

tomorrow. I think that will be

appropriate. Like the track, an

expected crowd figure of 45,000 has been drastically downground

ed. A bit less than we would like, but

like, but it will be a great day. The second favourite day. The second favourite is fit and raring to go. Metal

Bender of A lovely horse and

ready to G he has a great

nature and that make it is easier. 2007 Caulfield Cup winner

after coming down with colic. Rosehill Guineas winner Zabrasive has been scratched along with emergency Drunken Sailor. The Caulfield

already very wet and with a lot

more rain forecast to fall in

the next 24 hours it's almost certain to be rated heavy for tomorrow's Cup, but the Melbourne Racing Club says

there is no chance the there is no chance the meeting will be abandoned. No chance of

not racing here tomorrow from not racing here tomorrow from a

track perspective. 18 years

since a wet one, so

say it's overdue. Not much we can do about can do about the weather gods, so we've got to take it. And Metal Bender is taking it in his stride. The Socceroos have

finalised their warm-up

schedule for next January's

Ceyhan Cup. Meanwhile, in the

A-League, after more than 18

months without an owner,

Adelaide United's fortunes

could be about to change. Football Federation Australia has confirmed it's speaking to has confirmed it's speaking to several investors about taking

ownership of the club. The

Reds' former owner Nick Bianco

handed the club's licence back

to the FFA in May last year so

he could concentrate on his

business. A consortium led by Adelaide stockbroker Alan Young was poised to take over earlier

this year, but the deal fell

through. The Federation expects

to make an announcement is the

next week or two. The NBL next week or two. The NBL has tipped off for another year and in the first match the Hawks are leading the Gold Coast in

the second quarter in

Wollongong. The Sydney Kings

are back on the court tonight

after a two-year absence, hoping

hoping for a Melbourne. Veteran American

surfer Kelly Slater has moved a

step closer to clinching his

10th world title. Slater

outclationed world No. outclationed world No. 2 Jordy Smith in Smith in the final of the tour

event in Portugal. Reigning

world champion Mick Fanning was

knocked out of the title

race. Honestly I don't know how

many more timesly try to put

myself in the opportunity to

win a title, so the's sort of

now or never for me. Slater

will win the title with a solid showing in the last of the season. In AFL news, Geelong has given Essendon Geelong has given Essendon its

blessing to pursue former coach blessing to pursue former coach

Mark Thompson for a role at Windy Hill. Geelong

Frank Costa today met Essendon

counterpart David Evans to clear the air after assistant

coach Brendan McCarthy's move to the Bombers. They are. He

said he will probably start to

work some time next year but he

doesn't know what he will do.

If I was James Hird I would If I was James Hird I would be

chasing him like hell to come

and support me, but you. I don't know. Meanwhile,

Adam Goodes has been Adam Goodes has been named

captain of captain of Australia's

international rules team for the two-game series against

Ireland. The First Test will be

played against Limerick played against Limerick on October 23rd and in Dublin a week later. If only the week later. If only the senior Socceroos could have done that

a few months ago. They will be

there in a few years, these

young guys. Indeed. To finance

now and the continues to hover before US 99

cents. And the local share market has taken a breather today. Here is Alan

The Aussie dollar's overnight pick was 99.93 pick was 99.93 US cents, but after reaching that point after reaching that point it

eased back to below 99 this

morning and now knocking around

99.25. A couple of points to

make about the currency

tonight. There is a lot of talk

that par parity or near parity

for the dollar means that

interest rates won't go up next

month, but don't be so sure. The Reserve Bank would be watching the Trade-Weighted Index

its price in US dollars. The

the TWI takes in all the

exchange rates adjusted to the amount of trade we do in those

currencies and it has gone up

much less than the Aussie US rate. The prospect of what's called 'QE2' in the US or the

second round of quantitative

easing, as they call money

printing these days. Nothing actually gets printed of course because it's all because it's all electronic, but but the expectation of

dollar down and the US market

up which is why the Dow Jones

in New York has gone up 10% in a month and a half, although it

retreated a bit last retreated a bit last night along with stocks in along with stocks in Europe and Japan. The Chinese market,

though s power ing ahead. The

Australian shares fell a few

points today, even though Rio

Tinto rose is.4% on toff of yesterday's

yesterday's 4.5%. AMP was also

up more than 1%, but the up more than 1%, but the banks

all went down and link scpb

energy which diesel jumped more than 10%. I

will be back on Sunday with

'Inside Business' and a

critical review of the Queensland Rail float. Until then, that's then, that's finance. Over the years, Germany has

held hundreds of exhibitions on

the Holocaust and the Holocaust and Nazism, but

for the first time, for the first time, an

exhibition will focus on Hitler

himself. Opening in Berlin, the

cult show explores the personality

cult of one of history's most

evil figures. This is one

exhibition that until now has

been just too controversial to host in Berlin. German museums

have dealt with the Holocaust

and other aspects of the Third Reich, but there were always and other aspects of the Third

fears that such a Hitler Exeter

bikt will play into the hands

of the Nazis. It is illegal of the Nazis. It is illegal to show Hitler except in scientific concept. The Show Your Votes how Adolf Hitler won

over the Germans and maintained

their support. There are over 600 items on display, including Hitler toys used to

indoctrinate the young. Around Germany, there are memorials to

those murdered by Hitler's regime, but the thought of regime, but the thought of this major exhibition devoted to major exhibition devoted to the

Fuhrer is just too much for some. This man was responsible

and a for the deaths of my parents

and a million other peoples. It

is not good feeling for me. The older ones feel guilty

and the younger ones don't

understand. They say those who

cannot remember the past are

condemned to repeat it. This is

one face that's hard to forget.

Graham cede. Creed with the two-day outlook. Very cold air

sliding through the south-east

corner of the continent. In

fact, it will even push up in

towards the tropical areas.

Expecting to see very the south-east. Snow developing

overnight about parts of New

South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania

down to low levels. Even during

the day on Saturday, some hail

about southern Victoria, but as we move into we move into the afternoon, all

that snow should contract just

back to the alpine areas of Victoria and New South Wales,

and also the higher parts of

Tasmania, about you it will be a winter's-like day, not like

winds in association with it, mid-spring. All the very strong

but they will also start to

ease back as we head in Saturday afternoon. Plenty of ease back as we head in towards

centres. For New South Wales, showers about the south-eastern

most of the shower also be on the southern and central ranges. They should contract as they advance ranges. They should gradually

further north, but snow down 800m about the central Tablelands. Most of Queensland

will clear. Showers and storms

in the far northern

where they remain isolated. in the far northern tropics

Cold through Central Australia,

winds but dry. The south westerly

winds are dry but keeping

temperatures at 18 for Alice. Warm day as winds shift east to north-east through Western

Australia. On Sunday - a Australia. On Sunday - a high

pressure system in the Bight

will be the predominant feature. Another front just moving in towards Tasmania, so

that will keep you fairly

cloudy and cool But much of the remainder of the continent

should be relatively clear,

just a chance of just a chance of few showers

about the coastal fringe of

South Australia and Victoria.

Still also instability about

the far

shower or two about the far the far north so isolated

north coast. Elsewhere,

a few showers through generally

a few showers through the

inflow through Victoria and

South Australia and perhaps one

or two brief showers to begin

with about the south-west

slopes of New South Wales, but

as the

Tasmania, expect to see the Tasmania, expect to see

showers and cloud increase as

we head towards the latter part of

of Sunday. Expecting to milder temperatures, although of Sunday. Expecting to see

the south-east only improving

about I a degree further north temperatures about I a degree or two, but

starting to rise and that story Showers along much of the will continues into next week.

eastern parts of the around about Tuesday or eastern parts of the State

Wednesday. around about Tuesday or

Just before we go, an update on the crumbling dam wall Tumbarumba southern New South on the crumbling dam wall near

Wales. Residents

Mannus and Tooma lakes being urged to evacuate Mannus and Tooma lakes are

immediately. The dam wall crumbles. crumbles. Evacuation centres

have been set up in

and Ardenside and also at Tooma Authority is urging drivers Station. The roads and traffic

Authority is urging drivers in

the region to delay any journey tonight because many roads in southern New South Wales and south-west New South Wales are experiencing

that's the news for now. I will

be back with an update in a

moment. Then stay with us for 'One Plus One'. I'm Scott

Bevan. Thanks for your company.

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This Program is Captioned

Live. Hello. The top stories we're

following on ABC News 24 - the

Auditor-General has estimated

it will cost more than $500 million to clean up after the Federal Government's home insulation report released today by the home insulation program. A

Australian National Audit Office described the program as

householders and damaging to costly, inconvenient for

the insulation industry. It

Environment underestimated the says the Department of

safety risking of the program

and was overwhelmed by a flood of Wales coroner has found of complaints. The New South

television news reader

Charmaine Dragun might not have killed herself if her mental illness was diagnosed differently. The 29-year-old

died in 2007 after being

treated for depression for 10