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(generated from captions) Up to 1,000 people feared

Turkey. dead in an earthquake in

Jubilation as Libya formally

declares its lick race from

tyranny. They know there are

not the least of which many challenges ahead of them

rebuilding of elections next year, the

rebuilding of infrastructure,

young men with guns that need

to have those taken off them,

the forming of a new military.

Bound for Brisbane. The Queen

to meet Queensland's floods and

cyclone victims. And - New Zealand edging out France to

take the rugby world trophy. This Program Is Captioned


You're watching ABC News. Up to 1,000 people are feared dead

after a powerful earthquake after a powerful earthquake in

eastern Turkey. The 7.3 quake

struck near the city of Van,

close to the Iranian border.

More than 100 people are now

confirmed dead, and at least

500 have been injured. And as

rescue workers scramble to find

survivors, the death toll is

likely to go a whole lot higher. Our Middle East

correspondent Anne Barker has

more. This watts the strongest

quake to hit Turkey in years.

Hundreds are feared injured or

dead under the rubble. As the extent of the damage became

clear, desperate survivors reached their bare hands to

reach those still trapped under

a multistorey building. Four

people are reportedly trapped.

As might fell emergency workers

and civilians continued the

search with a use of a

generator to power the lighting. Electricity was cut lighting.

when the powerlines collapsed.

At one site, three teenagers

were believed to be trapped

under this building. Residents clambered over the debris yelling "Is anyone there?"

Seismologists say the quake's

epicentre was 5 km epicentre was 5 km deep,

outside the Van, near the

least 80 buildings collapsed. district of Eregis where at

The local hospital has been overwhelmed with the dead and

wounded. Turkey's Red Crescent

has sent a rescue team with

tents, blankets and food. Already more than 70

aftershocks have continued to aftershocks have continued

shake the area.

Celebrations nr full swing

across Libya following the declaration of declaration of liberation. Michael Vincent thousands celebrating in the Michael Vincent joined

streets of Tripoli. This is the

celebrations Libyans have been

waiting for since 1969. They've

been fighting Gaddafi for been fighting Gaddafi for the

past eight months since the

fateful events in Benghazi on

February 17. It was in Benghazi

that the head of the NTC

announced that Libya was

officially now liberated. officially now liberated. Here

in Tripoli, the party elsewhere

around the country, the party

go right through the has just begun. It's going to

go right through the night.

Many people have turned up here

with the national flag. They

challenges ahead of them. know that there's many

the least of which, elections challenges ahead of them. Not

next year. The rebuilding next year. The rebuilding of

infrastructure. The young men

with guns that need to have

those taken off them. The

forming of a new military. But

for now, Libya has been

declared free and the on. declared free and the party is In the wake In the wake of Muammar Gaddafi's death and the

declaration of liberation the

next few months will be critical for Libya. Anthony Billingsley says the North African nation must be very African

careful with its next moves. It's quite symbolic in terms of demonstrating this is

the sort of Libya we see

ourselves as being. I think

whether Gaddafi it's also important in terms of

whether Gaddafi becomes

something of a martyr. Any residual elements that want to

maintain the fight and don't

forget his son Saif is still

out this somewhere, that they

can hold him up and say this is

what these people have done to

my father and this is what

happened to our leader. So happened to our leader. So he

could become a martyr. They

have to avoid that. The idea of some sort of dignified

treatment of him from here on I

think it quite important. In the country where the Arab

Spring uprisings began the first free elections are now under way. The people of

Tunisia are voting to elect an

assembly that will prepare the country for future elections.

The right to vote is most precious to those precious to those who've long

been denied and have it now for

the first time so they stood in

the sun for hours, quietly, patiently to stake patiently to stake their claim

to a democratic future, to take

charge of their own

ever. destiny. It's the biggest day

ever. The first time in our

life, we have a true and clear

elections. And we don't know

the outcome. And this is the

other Arabic countries the way beauty of it. It might show the

to do T I asked one man who he thought would win the

election. We will all win.

Whatever the result. Because we voted democratically and

clearly and that's the real

victory. More than 100 new political parties, 9,000

polling stations, millions of

votes. It is a huge undertaking

achieved from a standing start

in just nine months. But there

is a huge popular will among

Tunisians to get this right.

This is a young democracy still

already very much in the making. But

already everybody here knows

what a heavy burden it carries.

For what is today has the potential to For what is happening here

change the nature of the state

in the Arab world. Yes a lot

can still go wrong. But right here, right now, this here, right now, this feels

like a moment of real consequence. The Islamist Party

Ennahda is likely to Ennahda is likely to emerge as

the biggest single group. Do

they want an Islamic state? Far

from it, they say. We've said clearly we need a democratic state, a civil state that state, a civil state that is

open to all citizens, that is where there is no discrimination on the basis of

colour, race, gender or faith.

That is open to all That is open to all Tunisians

of all faiths and no faith. In

10 months, Tunisians have built

something new and of great

promise in the Arab world. They led the are a rob spring.

They're leading it still. Back

home - the Occupy home - the Occupy Sydney protesters are vowing protesters are vowing to return to Martin place in the CBD

after being forcibly evicted.

Police removed about 80 people

in a dawn raid yesterday morning. They've been holding morning. They've been holding a week-long sit-in protest

against corporate greed but

police and the New South Wales Government are defending the

use of force which protesters

described as excessive. The West Australian Government has ordered sharks to be destroyed

if they pose a threat to human

life. It's the first time such

an order has been given. A 3m

great white great white shark is believed

to be responsible for the fatal attack on American George

Thomas Wainwright Thomas Wainwright at Rottnest Island on Saturday. It's Island on Saturday. It's the third fatal shark attack in WA

in less than two months. And

the first-class action from Victoria's Black Saturday

bushfires has been settled. It

it could set a prees it could set a prees Kent.

Power corp has agreed to Power corp has agreed to pay

Horsham residents and visitors

up to $40 million. Faulty

powerlines owned by the powerlines owned by the company

were found to have caused a

fire that destroyed a lot of property. Power corp has

refused to accept legal

liability as a condition of the settlement. settlement. The Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting kicks off

kicks off in Perth this week

and for a look and for a look ahead, Melissa

Clarke joins us now from

Canberra. Good morning. What

can we expect from this meeting? They're going to

canvass a wide range of topics

which perhaps reflects the disparate nature of some of the

countries that are coming

together. They will be talking about everything from the G20

meetings that are coming up and the global financial crisis

that is affecting nations across world, as well as climate change, which is inevitably on any agenda of

World Groupings these days. But

they've also got some other

areas they particularly want to

target where they feel they can

make a difference in a number

of Commonwealth nations. We're

talking here about issues like

human rights. They also want to

move on empowerment for move on empowerment for women, in particular, getting more

women into positions in

Parliament and in those Commonwealth positions, and

they also want to look at the

issue of food security which of

course not only a hot topic in Australia but across parts of

Africa as well which will be

well attended by that continent

at the Commonwealth at the Commonwealth meeting

that will be in Perth. But in

the meantime, there's a range of meetings that will happen along the sidelines because the

heads of government don't actually meet officially until Friday. So between Friday. So between now and then

there's a meeting of business

groups, there will be a meeting

of a peoples forum which means

citizens from a range

citizens from a range of countries involved in civic

institutions will be able to put forward some ideas that

Foreign Minister also look at.

There will be a youth forum where they get to mimic the

process of commog gum as well. It's the first of many international meetings coming

up over the next few months that the Prime Minister hopes

to use to get above the ugly

domestic fray? That's right.

She's going to be flat out

getting across the globe. As soon as the Commonwealth Heads

of Government meeting is over

she will head to Cannes she will head to Cannes in France for the G20 meeting.

From there it's over to Hawaii for the APEC meeting. Back to

Australia, where she will be

hosting the US President Barack

Obama. Presumeing that doesn't get

get cancelled for a third time.

And then from after that, they

will both of those leaders will

head to the East Asia Summit in

Indonesia. It's a very hectic

schedule for the Prime Minister

between now and the end. The

year. It gives the Prime

Minister to focus on Minister to focus on some of

the bigger picture issues

rather than things like carbon pricing and the mining tax.

Slipping back into that Slipping back into that ugly domestic fray just before you

go - some pretty bad but I

suppose not too surprising

opinion poll results for two

key independents? What we have

is the latest Newspoll focusing particularly on the electorates of New England and Lyne, of New England and Lyne, held by Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott. And they give us

some hard to go with what we're

aware of, that their electorates have swung against them in recent them in recent months since

they decided to back the minority Labor minority Labor Government and

back the government's carbon pricing plan. We've seen Tony Windsor's primary vote has gone

from 62% down to 33%. Rob

Oakeshott's has fallen to an

even lower point of 26%, having

previously been at 47%. If they were replicated at an election

now, of course, they'd lose

their seats. But both of those

MPs have long maintained that

they feel that once people see the carbon price legislation

under way as they will from mid

next year, that they next year, that they think those figures may well improve

and nonetheless they say they stand by their decision so we'll have to wait and see till

the polling time comes around

as to whether or not much will change between now and then. Melissa Clarke in Melissa Clarke in Canberra, thank you. The Queen thank you. The Queen will tour part of Brisbane this morning.

Our reporter Kathy North Korea

leash got to Southbank very early to --

Kathy McLeish got to Southbank

very early to catch up with some keen royal watchers. We

were here at 3.30. Some of you have come from a fair dis fans? We've come from Redland Bay. Do your friends think you're mad? Absolutely. Of

course! But you're big royal

fans, fans of the yooen? We

are, yes. It's a tradition we

don't want to lose. Forget the republicans. We've brought the gate Queensland spirit with us.

We want her to see what Queenslanders are all about.

Are you expecting the crowds to

roll in? Yes, we expected them

earlier today. We didn't expect

to be all alone! Mad hardly. I

hope the Queen stops right in

front of them and has a chat

after that effort getting up at

3 in the morning. Let's go

overseas. Floods continue to wreak havoc in Thailand with

Bangkok's airport now under

threat. The country's Prime Minister has also Minister has also warned all

the capital city's resident to the move their belongings at

least 1m off the ground and to

prepare for four to six weeks

more of flooding. This flooding really

really is starting to bite.

This is the main gate of

Donmong airport the old international airport still

used by the military and also

by some domestic hair lines. As

you can see, the road out the front is covered with water

most of which is coming up

through the drains but there is

also water moving along this

road from the north of the city. We're now at the point

where the government's having

to make decisions about which key

key assets and areas it's going

to protect. Because it's clear

that parts of Bangkok are going to experience flooding.

Clearly, airports, hospitals, palaces, key commercial areas

are the sorts of things that

the government is now directing

its resources towards to try to

stop them from being stop them from being inundated. What remains to be seen, though, is

though, is just how deep the

water will get in these more

heavily populated and heavily populated and more critical business areas and

whether the sandbag barriers

that are being used that are being used will

actually hold that water actually hold that water out.

Over the last week or two,

we've seen similar sandbag

barriers breaking on the north

and east of the city, just

falling to the force of that

water that's coming down from northern Thailand. Later today,

Australia's Consul-General in Bali will visit the Australian teenager facing trial on

alleged drug off fences. The

14-year-old boy was moved over

the weekend to more humane

facilities after the

intervention by senior

Indonesian ministers and the chief of police. Helen Brown

reports from Bali. It's the

second night in a row for the Australian teenager being held

now in this immigration

detention centre after what's

been an odd weekend where he

had to push his way through a

media scrum when he first

arrived and then sit through arrived and then sit through a press briefing. Indonesian

officials have explained that

they wanted to protect the

boy's identity while also show

that they do have concerns that they do have concerns for

the rides of juvenile s in

Indonesia's justice system. The

cell he is in now is a far from

that at the police station there

there this room for him and there this room for him and his

parents. It has its own

bathroom. There is also some exercising equipment and an

area in the courtyard for him

to stretch his legs in. It's

transpired that it wasn't just the Justice Minister who took an interest in the case and

made the decision to move him

after consulting with other high-ranking Indonesian officials. The Justice Minister

says that Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is also taking

also taking an interest in the

case, in the conditions this

boy might have faced if he had gone to Kerokoban Prison but

also the conditions that also the conditions that other Indonesian juveniles face when

they go into the prison system.

So the concern is being felt

right at the very top. It's not

nope of course how long the boy

will have to stay here, other

people will have to be people will have to be involved in that decision, but for now,

he's a lot more comfortable

than he was a couple of days

ago. Top stories on ABC ago. Top stories on ABC News this morning - a desperate

search and rescue operation is

under way in Turkey for survivors after survivors after massive earthquake. More than 100

people are dead and people are dead and at least 500 are injured. Authorities say they

say they fear the death toll could top 1,000 people. Celebrations are continuing

right across Libya after right across Libya after the country's transitional

government officially government officially declared liberation. Tens of liberation. Tens of thousands of Libyans packed Freedom

Square in Benghazi to hear Square in Benghazi to hear the declaration. The country's first free elections first free elections will be

held within eight months. And

the Queen and Prince Philip

will shortly head to Brisbane

for a brief four hour visit.

The royal couple will start

their tour with a cruise along

the Brisbane River before meeting meeting emergency personnel and

victims of Queensland's cyclone

hand floods. It's crunch time

in Brussels where Eurozone

leaders are working on a

solution to the worst economic

crisis in its history but the

grand plan originally promised

has been put off yet has been put off yet again

raising more questions about

Europe's will to act boldly. The spot light has now fallen on Italy to get its financial

house in order. It was

Groundhog Day as Eurozone

leaders again met to discuss

how to restructure Greek debt

and shore up European and shore up European banks.

Even before the summit started

Germany talked down theness Chas of any Chas of any concrete decisions. One should not

expect decisions from the euro

group today, but rather on

Wednesday. Too many pieces of

this debt puzzle depend on others being locked in first.

Eurozone leaders plan to recapitalise

recapitalise the banks to the

tune of $145 billion. But lenders will have to agree to

accept writedowns of up to accept writedowns of up to 60% on the Greek bonds they

hold. There've been hours and hours of discussions. The work

is progressing well on the

banks, on the funds and a

fairly broad agreement is being

drawn up. The major stumbling

block is how to bolster EU's

war chest. The European financial stability facility. In case Italy or Spain In case Italy or Spain is

dragged into the debt mire. A proposal by France to turn the

fund into a bank has been

dropped T may instead be used

as insurance for Eurozone bond

holders. The summit follows crippling strikes and violent protests in Greece over fresh

stinging austerity cuts. It's

been proven now that the crisis

is not a Greek crisis. It's a

European crisis. The European

Commission wants Italy to slash its staggering $2.5 trillion

debt, which is 120% of its GDP.

The European leaders want an

end to the uncertainty before

the meeting in Cannes next

month. Further in finance the latest CommSec State of the States report shows Western

Australia continues to have the

best economy in the country.

It's based on eight indicators,

including economic growth,

retail spended and unemployment. New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania are the worst performing States.

Earlier this year, come sec's Craig James told 'ABC News Breakfast' that each State must

now devise strategies now devise strategies to ensure continued economic growth in the face of Western Australia's soaring soaring resources industry. It's basically, I

think, each of those states

have looking for an X Factor, something to drive something to drive growth N

terms of the ACT and Victoria

they're being driven by the

housing sector. housing sector. They're benefitting very much from

that. But Queensland still

struggling to get going after

the floods and cyclones but Queensland's got a lot going

for it. Particularly for it. Particularly with

mining in central Queensland

although restrained a bit by tourism, because of tourism, because of the high

Aussie dollar. New South Wales

really it's got to get going in

terms of new home creation,

homes and units. You start to

get building work happening

like that, you could have like that, you could have a development just like we've got

in Victoria where you have the multiplier effects working through the economy, through the economy, and really, I think in terms of tarz it has got tarz it has got low unemployment, just unemployment, just needs to kick that one on in terms of

the other sectors particularly in terms of retail spending and in terms of housing and

Northern Territory, well, it's

been a significant showdown in

population growth. If you population growth. If you have

less population where you don't need greater demand for homes

and units, for shops and factories. That's

factories. That's got to be a

focus for the Territory economy, getting more people

coming into the Territory. A

new report is forecasting Australia's resources industry

will reach its highest rate of

growth in more than 20 years by

2016. BIS Shrapnel's mining in

Australia report is tipping

production will soar by 45% over the next five years. It's

also predicting annual mining

investment will reach more than

$80 billion by 2015. The report

warns shortages in skills and

equipment, a lack of infrastructure as well as

rising construction costs to

see major projects see major projects experiencing

large cost blow-outs. To the

markets. To sport now. Paul Kennedy,

you have all the wash-up from

the Rugby World Cup final? Yes,

I thought it would be nice to

show you a couple of comments

from Graham Henry the coach.

It's a fine line being hero and

villain at World villain at World Cups. New

Zealand were able to hang on against a gallant French team.

They won by one point. This is

what Graham Henry said what Graham Henry said after the match. Ja Personally but got some peace . That's a great feeling. This thing was feeling. This thing was about winning. The guys have won the World Cup. And that World Cup. And that is

outstanding. We've been through a got together. A lot of the

guys played in the last World Cup and fell at the

quarterfinal. To win this is quarterfinal. To win this is -

there's not words for it, quite

frankly. We prepared to frankly. We prepared to play with a situation which was

unexpected. The French played

particularly well. For long periods of that game

periods of that game and controlled the

controlled the ball. To play

in those situations and hang in

there and come through with a

win is something we wouldn't

have done perhaps two or three

years ago. The Moto GP world

is mourning the death of

Simincelli this morning. He was

hit by the likes of two riders

as they slid across the as they slid across the track

after crashing. He was in

Australia just a week ago and

cut short his very, cut short his very, very promising career. It was at the

same time where he had a great

victory a couple of years victory a couple of years ago

in the 250 cc to. The netball.

New Zealand has had a one-point

victory over Australia in the

first match of that series.

This one was in Perth. Caitlin

Blas set was the dominant

Blas set was the dominant

shooter for Australia, but it

was the shooters from the New

Zealand team that were able to

see their team home after

Australia came back, bridgeed a

big deficit, even hit front.

Lisa Alexanders a first loss as

the coach of the Diamonds. To the English Premier

the English Premier League.

Here is a look at the goals

from what was

from what was a remarkable match between Manchester United

and Manchester City. Manchester

City worst 6-1. Self Alex

Ferguson said it's the worst

day of his career.

A big shift in power. Paul Kennedy, thank you. Let's Kennedy, thank you. Let's check the weather now

the weather now with Paul Higgins. Good Higgins. Good morning,

Michael. It's been an unsettled

weekend across much of the

nation. It will be again today

thanks to pressure troughs thanks to pressure troughs over Victoria and Tasmania. Another

one through the Northern Territory down Territory down to South Australia, and a third Australia, and a third one

siting in the west. Even now siting in the west. Even now we

have widespread thunderstorms

across the interior A cool

change for the south-east

today. Mostly fine over eastern Queensland and northern New

South Wales, that ridge is

South Wales, that ridge is

sitting there in the west

actually in the east so fine over most of Queensland.

That's a round-up of the

Morning News. Up next is Business Today. A reminder 'ABC

News Breakfast' back bright and early at 6 eastern tomorrow.

Have a terrific Have a terrific day. See you then.

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