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(generated from captions) Tonight - out with the old,

in with the new - Barry

O'Farrell sworn in as the O'Farrell sworn in as the 43rd

Premier of New South Wales. This Program is Captioned Live. Mission Libya - rebels make extraordinary the help of coalition air against Gaddafi's regime with

strikes. The crisis at Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant continues while the country is rocked by another powerful

spreading aftershock. And they have been

spreading the news, now they're

spreading the news, now they're

making it. As professional

interpreters become more

visible, sign language is

becoming a sign of the times.

Live across Australia, this

is ABC News 24. hit the ground running after Phillips. Barry O'Farrell has

being sworn in as the 43rd

Premier of New South Wales. Mr

O'Farrell took the oath with

his deputy Andrew

saying he wanted to get

straight down to work. Of has promised an immediate audit

of the State's finances after

16 years of Labor 16 years of Labor rule. He is

no ordinary commuter, but the

man who spent 16 years in

Parliament, the past 4 as

Opposition Leader, the highest office in successfully manoeuvring into

matched a low-key swearing-in. State. The humble commute the highest office in the

The Government House was

substituted for a 10-minute ceremony at Secretary's building. I Barry ceremony at the Chief

Robert O'Farrell do swear I

his deputy Andrew Stoner will form... He was joined by

with their wives, Rosemary and his deputy Andrew Stoner along

Crathie. The rest of the

Cabinet won't be sworn in until

at least Friday, so for now these two men run New South Thank you, Premier. First Wales Well

priority was a braefing on the

staet's - State's finances. Mr

O'Farrell also wants an done by someone outside O'Farrell also wants an audit

Treasury, but he it won't be used as an excuse. There will be no gotcha moment, no announcement that because of the state of finances we won't deliver or

can't deliver our promises. But

taking it out of Treasury is

seen as a slap in the face to

department head Michael Schur. If

should do so. to get rid of my sell Schur, he

A pretty standard

thing. Adrian Piccoli says

and when he bombs the minister Michael Coutts-Trotter will be

dumped as dumped as Director-General. A

spokeswoman for John Robertson spokeswoman for John

has confirmed he will seek the

leadership of the ALP at a

ballot on Thursday. A

potentially challenger Michael potentially challenger

Daley is not commenting. Labor might have South Wales, but the Prime

Minister is not bothered by it.

Julia Gillard says voters a ban

donned the State's ALP long

insisted they weren't passing before the weekend and she before the weekend and

judgment on her plans for a

carbon tax. From Canberra, political correspondent Greg

Jennett. From the safng tri-of

Capital Hill The Leader of the Opposition... Everyone is to take something from Labor's electoral wipe-out in New South

Wales. Mr Speaker, I tell you what has caused their destruction in New South Australian people. they have walked away from the they destruction in New South Wales,

Australian people. His

judgment is simply wrong. This

man is an extremist. Labor is

unfit to be in government. But

this Labor luminary sees fit to

call it how he see it is. They

had lost their focus on call

over voters. They spent too

much time gaying at their own talking about a doesn't go that far. We're

talking about a State election

after 16 years. I think New

South Wales voters had made up

their mind a long time ago. In

other words, the die was cast long before the carbon tax. I

don't think that they made up

their mind on the basis of

events in the last few weeks. I

think they had made up their

New South Wales brand of mind a long time ago. But the

cut-throat politics is damaged and few outside it and few outside it are

are a party that throws your to the parliamentary wing f you mourning. If you are


leaders out every couple of are a party

years, then you're trouble. Whatever message might have been imbedded in Gillard isn't stalked about I South Wales result, Julia

it. She says progress and she is determined

to deliver some on her carbon to deliver some on her carbon pricing agenda. As

Independents she is relying Independents she is on... Unless they want to Independents she is relying

become carbon dioxide on... Unless they want to bombers and destroy themselves as damage on the to reconsider their position.

I'm quite happy to I'm quite happy to be nudged

on what happens in two and a half years some time, what happened on Saturday at a

State election. My position has not changed. Shaken, but unmoved. Rebel forces in are moving swiftly into Colonel Gaddafi's heartland with the

opposition saying his home town of air strikes, the rebels control. Helped by coalition

reclaimed key town as air strikes, the rebels have

correspondent Ben Knight reports from the rebel capital, Benghazi. This is not that stops to plan its next move carefully. the city of space of a day, towards four more towns on the road stunned by their own success, racing through and moving on almost without a shot being fired, and they believe this Gaddafi from power. Remove him, advance will drive Moamar

don't Moamar Gaddafi's home town of now claims to have captured

Sirte, a heavily fortified city that lies halfway between the opposition capitals of Benghazi yet to be and Tripoli. But that claim is

yet to be confirmed. What the

rebels do have is Ras Lanuf, an

oil port that was a major source of revenue for Moamar

flow Gaddafi. Now its riches could

opposition has held opposition has held these towns

before and quickly lost again because they had gone too far, too them the city of Benghazi

itself, and the entire revolution. But Colonel

Gaddafi's forces retreat. There have reports of air strikes in the city of fighters and helicopters have

been busy on the other side been busy on the other side of Libya in Misrata hitting Libya in Misrata hitting army vehicles that are vehicles that are still attacking the civilian

population there. The rebels clearly want the continued help of the allied air strikes, but

NATO is about to take over control of operation, and getting its 28

members to agree to clear a

path for the march on Tripoli will be difficult, to say the least, especially rebels are flouting the rules of war themselves by parading This was a This was a hand-fisted

propaganda exercise. This man

said he was a mercenary, being

paid $10,000 a month paid $10,000 a month and supplied with drugs, whisky and Viagra for his services, but the fear on the men's faces makes their testimony questionable. A few hours questionable. A few hours ago, just before massive bursts of gunfire

across this city of Benghazi as

people celebrated the news that Sirte had been captured. As far

as people here are concerned Moamar Gaddafi's home town is won, then the revolution has as well, but their claims have

proven to be premature in the past. And in Tripoli,

authorities now say they've released a woman who was forcibly dragged away by undercover undercover police as she was talking to Western journalists. She was by government Knight has met her family. Iman

al-Obeidi's story went around the world on Saturday when Tripoli and tried the journalists there. She claimed she had been tortured and raped to and raped to 15 times while in prison. While she was trying to

talk to the journalists, there

was a very quick reaction from the hotel staff and also

security people who tried to

get directly in between Iman

al-Obeidi and the journalists and she quite knew where. Where are you going her? Overnight, I spoke Iman al-Obeidi's family. They the Libyan Government offering

her money, a car, even her money, a car, even a house if she would change The family says that that won't

be happening and in fact this morning we're now hearing that Iman al-Obeidi has been released. It was an Ange thus

morning across Japan as another powerful earthquake shook powerful earthquake shook the eastern coast T triggered or injuries. It came as once again workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant were

because of high radiation. Mark Willacy reports. Once a thriving town

of 70,000 people, Kesennuma was

swallowed up by the tsunami

within minutes. This new video

shows how the unstoppable force tore the place apart, byings, then entire thousands dead or missing, many believe this community will never be never be rebuilt. Further south at the Fukushima at the Fukushima nuclear plant, workers

That's not being helped by

confusion from the plant's

operators who yesterday reported they found radiation

in a puddle 10 million times higher than later corrected times higher than way, it is a catastrophic

highest figure we've observed

up to now. A key concern now is how to safely pump away this

highly radioactive water, and on that score, the government is

patient, saying it will take time.

TRANSLATION: Of course there is

a need to ensure the safety of

the workers as there are high

levels of radiation. We cannot

just remove it and throw it

out. There is a need to out. There is a need to remove the radioactive matter and put it somewhere else. This will take a certain amount of time. Time operators of Fukushima allegedly ignored when

designing and building this plant. An investigation by

Associated Press suggests TEPCO dismissed important

data and all but disregarded

3,000 years of geological

history. In other words, the company should have known a tsunami of this size was not

only possible, about you had hit the coast before. Keeping

the population on edge are more

earthquakes. This 6.1 magnitude

quake shook the east coast this morning warning which was later

cancelled. This is cancelled. This is a country that is rattled in more ways

than one. A Melbourne father who threw his

West Gate Bridge has been found

guilty of murder. The jury of

five men and seven women took five days to reach five days to reach their verdict. 37-year-old Arthur

Freeman had pleaded not guilty

to murder on the grounds he was

mentally impaired when he

killed 4-year-old Darcey. Le be

sentenced at a later the Daniel Morcombe inquest in

Queensland , a former

girlfriend of a person of

interest testified she

about his whereabouts because

she was blinded by love. After

a three-month break, the

Morcombe family was hopeful

this week would bring important

new information to light about their son's suspected abduction

and murder. We're expecting a

couple of very ugly customers

to provide evidence to the

court and of course we're

associates. The court heard

from a woman who was living

with a man known as P5 on the day Daniel Morcombe disappeared

in December 2003. The pair met

while P5 was in gaol. The woman

told the court: The woman initially told

police the pair had spent all day inside their house arguing.

Later she admitted that P5 had

been away from the house for a

couple of hours. Today in court

she revealed that he could have been

been away for up to five hours. When the Morcombe's lawyer Peter Boyce demanded the woman explain why she lied, she

said, "I don't know. I was

probably blinded by him. The witness told the court

she didn't know P5 had been in she didn't know P5 had been in gaol for attacking gaol for attacking children,

but allowed him to continue

living with her and her children after she found

out We're not too concerned about what's happened in the

past. The truth is being told

in front of an open court and that's what's

that's what's important to

us. P5 is due to give evidence

tomorrow. In times of crisis,

information is critical. Recent

disasters in Japan, Queensland and Christchurch have produced

an unlikely hero, the sign language interpreter. Demand

for such professionals is on

the rise, inspiring a new generation to become generation to become a voice

for the deaf. When wild weather

battered Queensland, they were

there, giving vital information

to the deaf community. And when

disaster struck Christchurch, in Libya. Sign language

interpreters are the in Libya. Sign interpreters celebrities. Jeremy, who is signing for us here, he is now signing for us here, he is now the subject

fan page where he has

described as Hot Jeremy. The growing acceptance of interpreters as

interpreters as a necessary

part of the news cycle is a big

boost for those who have always depended on depended on them. The deaf people can access information on

on the ceremony fantastic. Brendan Harding hearing people can. It's

in training and wants to make fantastic. Brendan Harding is

signing his career To see

interpreters on TV and people to have access interpreters on TV and for deaf

especially with the Queensland

floods t makes me proud to

think I'm on that path. If you're looking bet. Demand is so Deaf Society can't always fill bookings. Definitely, We've seen interpreting increase over the past few We've seen interpreting demand

years at blessed with Baby sign language tots communication skills before they can talk For them

to tell me they're

thirsty or tired, sign language

is great. It takes away the

temper tantrums. As professional become more visible, sign

language is becoming a sign of the

In Tasmania, there are hopes that a deadly group of that a deadly group of wild

cats has been wiped out. The feral animals are been killing sea but but due to an eradication

program, it has been 10 months since one was spotted. They started out as pets, but in the end, killing tens of thousands killing tens of thousands of sea birds on Tasman Island

every year.

exclusively on vulnerable fairy pryons and

be kept as pets and

they developed a feral population. When the light was automated in the

the cats stayed. Two years ago the State Government began planning an eradication program, backed with funding from tourism from tourism operator Rob Pennicott. We Pennicott. We had photos of

cats with birds in their cats with birds in their mouths and also when you went walking on there were dead and hunting began finished breeding and there was

less for the cats to feed on. began Cats got used in and out of them, we had food

in them. Brush cuttered tracks across across the island so the cats got used to lines we wanted them to walk on, so basically we tried to

get the cats to come to us get the cats to come to us and that worked that worked out quite well. Motion and dogs were that we haven't found anything on searching. The last cat was seen

after the baiting began. It's

likely the eradication declared a success in May. Once that happens, the team will return from time to

return from time to time, but

the focus then will be on

monitoring the thousands of sea birds that nest on the Time for sport now with Amanda Shalala. Darren Shalala. Darren Lockyer calling

it a day a man da Yes, decided it's time. After 17 playing at the top

at the end of the season. The Brisbane Broncos

first grade debut in 1995,

going on to become the most He has been tipped to move straight possiblily alongside long-time mentor Wayne says he wants some time says he wants some time away from the game. I have no desire to be to be involved in the operations of any for the short term. change after I clear my mind and a bit of time away. Lockyer

North Queensland Cowboys have a

surprise surprise 10-6 lead over the

Melbourne Storm early in the

second half of their NRL match in Townsville. The Storm defence couldn't contain Will

Tupo as he went over for the first. A COMMENTATOR: Bowen gets the ball back on the inside and the Cowboys will go Cowboys will go back to back. The back. The Storm got one back just through Gareth Widop. The through Gareth Widop. The first round of the round of the AFL has proved costly for some clubs. Brisbane

skipper Jonathan Brown had

surgery today for multiple face fractures and mark Le Cras is facing a lengthy lay-off with a serious groin injury, but

not get ago carried away with

its impressive start to the

the Bombers a top 4 the Bombers a top 4 contester,

but Patty Ryder is having

nothing of that Probably get

ago carried away. James Hird

says Essendon hasn't handled

the big wins in recent

years. We know it's years. We know it's only one

week. We know it's only Round 1. It's all about taking every

week one step at a week one step at a time. West

Coast star mark Le Cras will

battle it take a step at all today after the Eagles' 4-point win over North win over North Melbourne. Le Cras' injured groin is being

assessed but he is likely to

miss several weeks. Brisbane

will be without Jonathan Brown

for at least 8 weeks as a result of his clash with Fremantle's Luke McPharlin Obviously missing a

fantastic player like Browny is a

a big loss for us New York

doubt about that. Richmond's

Alex Rance could be missing for three weeks after the Match

Review Panel took a dim view of

his block on Jarred Waite.

Matthew Scarlett has been offered a one-match ban for

striking Nick Riewoldt. Farren

Ray has escaped penalty for his hit on Joel. Joel Selwood. Karmichael Hunt will

make his AFL debut this

weekend. Suns coach Guy McKenna

says Hunt has earned his spot and is looking forward to seeing the 24-year-old in

action. He has been our third best defender throughout the

pre-season. He has had some big

jobs, played on talls, played

on small. Again his advantage

is he has got a body of a

of a 30-year-old, and so he has

dop a great job. Sprint cyclist

Anna Meares has won a third

gold medal, helping the Australian team to its best

performance at the World track Championships. She added the women's keirin to women's keirin to her individual and team sprint

titles. Australia topped the

medal count winning 8 gold from

the 19 on offer. Anna Meares

captured the individual sprint

medal and being part of the

sprint team she relatively relaxed 27-year-old in the keirin, the same

discipline in which she suffered a broken neck in a

2008 fall. This time a Cuban rider collapsed with two laps

remaining. Meares gritted

teeth and went for gold No. 3 She will have to fight hard.

She has got it! Anna Meares is world champion.

Oh, my goodness I just had Oh, my goodness I just had to

dig deep. I stopped and the

only reason I went again was I

looked over my shoulder and saw Clara Sanchez going for it and I thought it's game on. Cameron

Myer and Lee Howard fought off stern opposition 400km event. Australia finished

with 8 gold, 2 silver and a

bronze. Also on Alberto Contador has Alberto Contador has shaken off any concerns about any concerns about another hearing into

test at last test at last year's Tour de

France. He has beaten France. He has beaten a classy field to win the Tour of Tait has announced his retirement from one-day

to concentrate on the Twenty20 form of the game. He took form of the game. He took 62 wickets in 35 He was in the winning World He was in the winning World Cup squad 4 years ago and in Ricky

Ponting's beaten quarterfinal side on the current Cup tournament. Socceroos will play Germany in a friendly We want

want to prove to

that we can play against It has all been about really putting on a good show building on building on our performances at

the Asian Cup as well the Asian Cup as well . It's Australia's Australia's first match since

the Adelaide Thunderbirds the Adelaide Thunderbirds have lost clash to the Southern Steel in New and the local share market eased back today after the Australian dollar hit Australian dollar hit a 29-year

high over the weekend. Here is currently is currently trading at 102.6 US cents but in New York Saturday morning our time it got to 102.9, a seen since March 19 # 2 seen since March 19 # 2 nine months before it months before it was floated and sank like a It's exporters and those competing with imports,

motorists. Here is a graph from

CommSec showing what the petrol price price is now price is now and what it would have been if the dollar stayed at 83 average national price is 1.43

a litre but it would have been

28 cents more. BHP fell two-thirds of 1% and the uranium producer Paladin lost some of last week's gains. Aquarius Platinum Aquarius Platinum shares

dropped 6% because the Zimbabwean Government Zimbabwean Government has

passed a law to force all

companies to sell 51% of equity to native Zimbabweans

triggering a

was the across South Africa. Telstra

globally Japanese down 1% this afternoon, while Chinese shares Chinese shares were up about

the same as Wall Street rose gold and oil are trading a bit

lower today. Finally, you might

have thought that since American have thought that since the it might have had the decency to suffer more than manufacturing. In manufacturing. In fact, manufacturing industry

sharply as a share of sharply as a share of the US economy at the turn of the century century and then kept falling in share. It was a thid of the economy in 1950. Paper shuffling meanwhile is now at

18% of the economy. And that's finance. Australian dollar hit a new

mark. It has topped $1.03 US, the highest against the greenback in 30 greenback in 30 years. Entries are flooding in to the New South Wales Art Gallery for this year's Archibald

The prestigious award 90th year. The gallery expects to receive more Graham Creed with the outlook and the tropics is Graham Creed with the two-day

action at the moment. Two where we are seeing all the

tropical lows, one sitting well out off the West Australian coast and another one sitting off the Territory. This is one off the far north of the

worthwhile watching because it was to develop further t won't chance of developg into a

tropical cyclone by mid week.

Some of the models the coming days, about you it will help re-invigorate the monsoon trough to move back

and onshore winds ploughing plenty of moisture along plenty of moisture along the

Queensland tropical coast. North of around North of around Mackay can

expect moderate to heavy falls to about Thursday at this stage, but the southern states relatively and you can see by the forecasts plenty of sunshine

about. A weak cool Tuesday but not expected to have a the weather. Across the the weather. Across the east, onshore winds, possibility showers, similarly for Brisbane, but not expecting anything anything in the way of significant falls there. As

head into Wednesday, move up into New South Wales. helping to trigger possibly deepening a little,

heavy fall as cross the Top helping to trigger further

upper level falls again eastern Queensland, so heavy

falls again around that

in the in tropical coast, but as the high

dominant feature t will south-eastern states so

see a drop in temperatures, this air mass is Still have the shower as Still have the shower as long

the east coast. Again, most of those fall also be Really not until we hit the area south of Townsville all

the way to Cooktown that the way to Cooktown that we're looking at the heaviest of the

falls and also up across the Top End where a flood watch is current isolated heavy total as cross that region. I will be back with an update in a Then stay with us News 24. Business'. You're watching ABC

This Program is Captioned

Live. The top stories from Live. The top stories from ABC

News - a Melbourne father who

threw his daughter off the West Gate Bridge has been found Gate

guilty of murder. The jury of

five men and seven women took

five days to reach their

Freeman verdict. 37-year-old Arthur

Freeman had pleaded not guilty

to Murph den on the grounds he

was mentally impaired when he killed 4-year-old Darcey

Freeman. Le be sentenced Alt a later date. Barry O'Farrell has

had a series of the State of New South Wales' finances. He was earlier sworn

in at a ceremony in Sydney. Mr

O'Farrell says a review of the

State's finances and fixing public transport are his top

priorities. He is also calling

for a face-to-face meeting with

the Prime Minister to discuss issues including infrastructure. In Libya, opposition forces have taken control of more towns in the