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(generated from captions) Labor regains a narrow

lead 2 weeks out from the Federal election. Julia

Gillard offers schools cash

incentives for good

performance. Pakistan appeals

to international help as 15

million people are affected

by floods. The Kookaburras

thrash England 4-nil to win

the Champions Trophy in

Germany. Good morning it is

Monday 9 August. The top

story -this could many political observers by

Labor has regained its lead

over the co-his according to

2 polls out today. The latest

shows Labor has an

election-winning lead of 52 to 48% than a two-party

preferred basis up from last

week. The galaxy poll shows

a to party preferred basis. the ALP with a narrow lead on

Both show Julia Gillard leads

Tony Abbott as preferred Prime Minister. For more we

are joined from Canberra.

After a week of what some may

have described as chaos for

the Labor Government how do

we explain this outcome? It

is a very close run to last

week's poll although the

movements we have seen in the

very small last three-weeks have been

very small but because things

are so tight a very tiny

movement even in the margins

of error can radically change

the outlook of who is in

front. The polls show a shift

from last week of 50-50 to

being 52-48 in the ALP's

favour so it is in the margin

of error but nonetheless it

makes sense if you look at

the primary voting figures

because there has been a

small shift in that according

to the news polls which show

ALP's primary vote is up 1 pint to 38%

has dropped 2 points down to

42% so the Coalition has the

lead and it is over that

crucial 40% mark in the

primary vote which seems to be flowing through be flowing through to give us that different 2 party

preferred basis. The other

interesting figure is the satisfaction and dissatisfaction ratings with Tony Abbott. It seems there

are some people who are

making up their mind about

Tony Abbott in the last week

or so which is surprising

given as you said a lot of

the attention has been on

Labor's trouble this week. Tony Abbott's satisfaction

righting is righting is down 3 points and

points so there is a shift in dissatisfaction rating up 3

the last week of people

deciding they are not so

happy with Tony Abbott. So in

this political world and campaign you never know what campaign you

to expect. Unusually by this

take the leaders are going

their own separate ways. We

interesting match-ups and are going to see some

debates in the next 2 days.

Today we will get the economic debate Julia Gillard

wanted to have with Tony

Abbott but it is being done

by the Treasurer by the Treasurer and Shadow

Treasurer Wayne Swan and Joe

Hockey. They will debate each otherality the National Press

Club at lunchtime and given

how much the economy is at

the forefront of this

election campaign it will be

a very important moment. The

Government is trying to make

sure the economy stays at the front of the campaign because

one of the big things they

can campaign on is their

record through the financial

crisis of the last three

years and one of the major

points that the Coalition is

promoting as a reason for

voting them in is saying they

deal with debt and deficit so are the ones who know how to

both sides are making the

economy a crux of their election campaign so this head-to-head

head-to-head moment for Wayne

Swan and Joe Hockey is a important one. As much Julia Gillard is not getting important one. As much as

the economic debate she wants

she is almost getting a

second debate because we have

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott

meeting face-to-face but not debating head-to-head later this week. They will both attend a Town Hall-style

meeting in Western Sydney on

Wednesday where they will

same audience which is being each be questioned

picked by a polling company same audience each be questioned by the picked by a

to be representative of the voting public and each leader

will be questioned for about

audience members so an hour by this - the

audience members so they will

not be debating each other

directly they will just take turns in taking the platform

for an hour each. But given

there was not much back and

forth in the debate between

the two leaders in the official televised debate

this is probably a good

second proxy debate. Julia Gillard appearing on 'Q and

A' tonight on ABC1 which will be interesting and I

understand the offer and as

it was for Kevin Rudd and the

rest it will just be Julia

Gillard and an audience in

Adelaide and that offer has been extended to Tony

Abbott? That is interesting

because you may recall when Kevin Rudd had his one-person-only appearance on

'Q and A' it was a turning

points against the Kevin Rudd

because he was seen to have not handled the youth

audience well so given its record in the past this could Julia Gillard too. be a Julia Gillard too. The

bodies of 10 aid workers shot

dead in Afghanistan

flown the Kabul. 6 Americans,

2 Afghans, one German and a

Britain were among the group.

The Taliban said it attacked

the medical convoy but police

in the east believe robbery

was the motive. They have

arrested one of the convoy drivers. Mudslides triggered by torrential rain has engulfed a town in north-west engulfed

China killing 127. More than

1 3000 resident are missing

and local officials say thick mud is hampering the effort. mud is hampering

More than 45,000 people have been evacuated. Jury notes

from the Northern Territory have revealed why Lindy

Chamberlain was convicted of murdering her daughter. The

notes say the female jurors were tougher on Lindy than the men. The the

mother-of-two was convicted

much killing her baby in

1980. She was released 6 jacket was found near where years later when the baby's

the baby disappeared. A man

at the centre of a siege in

Melbourne's west will appear

in court today.

28-year-old has been charged

with attempted murder after

firing on police when he was

holed up in a factory in sunshine. The

sunshine. The siege ended when he surrendered two hours

later A Russian man trying to win the world's sauna

championships in Finland has

died from severe man in his '60s was in the

last stages of the event. The

witnesses say the men and his

fellow contestants were

pulled from the sauna shaking and bleeding. Police and bleeding. Police are

investigating the death.

Pakistan's Prime Minister is

appealing for appealing for international

help for up to 15 million

people affected by the nation's worst flood on

record. Water is pouring into

the south of the country

where up to 1 million have

been evacuated. Survivors say

the Government is not doing

enough to reach those in need. The Pakistan Prime

Minister arrived to see the

power of the power of the flood waters

pouring in from the north.

The Government says it is

doing all it can to help the

millions in need but it is now requesting international help to deal with the scale of the disaster. TRANSLATION:

The destruction of these

floods is greater than the

2005 earthquake which is why

we are trying to contact the

world to help. The losses are vast. The flood stretches

across to the north-west.

Those who survive do not have enough to eat and the

children are most children are most vulnerable

to hunger and waterborne

disease. TRANSLATION: Flood water reached our village. The children are dying and others are dying due to hunger. Our situation is very

bad. Even worse, three of my family members are still stuck in the flood. There is hunger on the plains of Punjab. Entire villages been submerged. There is little help. TRANSLATION: More or More or less 500 houses have been destroyed. I cannot tell the sea. It is still unclear how many lives and livelihoods have been along the way. Millions much Pakistanis hope the record flows will start to subside. The family and fiance of one of the aid workers murdered in tribute. They say the death is a loss the people. The bodies of the aid workers have been flown the Kabul as the hunt for their killers continues. From continues. From the far north of the country two helicopters brought the bodies of the aid workers back to Kabul. 6 Americans, a German and the body of the British doctor Karen Wu all foreigners who made Afghanistan their home and helping their people their goal. They were meant to be married. He spoke of leaving for Britain to married. He spoke of his and Afghanistan's loss. She was quite extraordinary. You do not find too many people like Karen Wu in this world unfortunately but agree garus, loving, caring, are

person. Those skills were

much-needed medical skills. Her passion for Afghanistan will be missed by the people here and in the aid

community. What will you miss

most about her? So many different about her. I will miss her

love for life probably the

most. The fact that anybody

who met her could not who met her could not help but

but smile. The fact that she

just - she, you know, made people happy. She helped people wherever she could. Do

you think because of this

attack that aid agencies, the people involved in this work

will start to reconsider the

work here? Those people are

strong, they are driven

people. They want to help. I cannot see individuals

cannot see individuals being

deterred from doing what

Karen was doing and certainly

she would not want that to

happen. The police said today a driver from the medical

team's convoy had been

arrested. He us suspected of assisting the Government who

am bushed the group. Robbery

is thought to be the is thought to be the motive.

There was more on the

extraordinary life of Dr extraordinary life of Dr Wu. A statement if her family said she was a unique individual.

The front pages - Tony Abbott signalled the

Coalition is on target to win

the election but has warned supporters to expect

supporters to expect a fear

and smear campaign. At the Liberal Party campaign launch in Brisbane the Opposition

Leader promised a grown-up

Government. Tony Abbott has

urged the voters to soap opera the Government has become. If the Coalition was

elected it would outline a

timetable for tax reform in a

year. The 'Financial Review' said the said the Coalition would act on tax reform proposals

on tax reform proposals Labor ignored. Tony Abbott set a

modest manifesto for his

first 100 days in office. The 'Courier-Mail' says a poll

shows half voters do not

believe Tony Abbott is up for

the top job. 30 years on from

the Chamberlain trial the

'Northern Territory News' examines if the file show female yourors were tougher on

yourors were tougher on Lindy

than men. Notes show why

police thought

when she said a dingo had

stolen her baby. A photo

shows Lindy he examining the

jacket her daughter was

wearing on the night she

disappeared. The photos shows

deep suspicion Lindy help for

police and jurors and looks

at cash rewards Tasmanian schools

schools will be offered they can approve grades and

attendances. A fair bit to

talk about. In particular talk about. In particular the

launch yesterday of the

Coalition's campaign. A very confident Tony

much so that some of his

ministers or his members of the front bench were doing

what might be described as

stand-up comedy yesterday

before they introduced their

leader. There is a buoyant atmosphere.

atmosphere. Delegates were delighted, emerging if the

hall buoyed about the

prospects of the 2 weeks

ahead but you Truss and Julie Bishop

brought the house down. It

stuck me as being straight

out of the Sarah Palin

handbook. Sarah handbook. Sarah Palin notoriously lampooned Barack

Obama, sent him up. Her

audience was laughing as

well. It is not usually

well. It is not usually done

in Australian election

campaigns. It is focused on

what we offer to you. So that was a different approach and

one that seemed to come

straight from the successful

campaign Sarah Palin has offered. confidence the Liberal Party

has close to the election A

buoyant Tony Abbott who spent a lot of his speech attacking

the Government saying a

Coalition Government would not be

not be the soap opera the Rudd Government has been over the last 2 and a half years.

You can send your responses - The top stories - two polls

out today show Labor has

regained an election-winning lead

lead over the Coalition.

Newspoll shows the ALP leads

the Coalition 5% to 48% on a

two-party preferred basis and

a galaxy poll has Julia Gillard leading Tony Abbott

as preferred Prime Minister. The Gillard Government is offering cash grants the

schools who improve their

performance. Primary and high

schools will be eligible for up to 100,000 for achieving better literacy and

better literacy and numeracy rates. Floodwaters country's south forcing the

evacuation of up to 1 million

people. Second housed

survivors say the Government

is not doing enough to help those in need. Police

investigating the

disappearance of 6-year-old

Sydney girl Kiesha Abrahams

say her immediate family are

all being treated as suspects. It is a

suspects. It is a week since

the girl's mother reported her missing from their Mount

Druitt home. Police have suspended the After 7 days of scouring

bushland and waterways for

Kiesha Abrahams police have

called off their search but

they are still looking close to home. They have confirmed

her mother, stepfather and by logical father are all suspects. When

suspects. When are nominating suspect s. Everybody is a suspected. The

6-year-old's family have

moved from their unit to

escape the crowds that keep

coming. I have a little girl and

and it breaks my heart. We

come here to pray. I hope they find her well and

of sight sings from as far

away as the Central Coast but they have come to nothing.

The premger says the case has touched

touched many people. It is extraordinarily distressing

for the community as a whole

and for particularly her

family members. Police say

the little girl was last seen wearing

wearing pink pyjamas and a

purple jacket the same colour

as balloons locals released

in her honour. in her honour. It is just a

hope of her coming home. It has been

has been a week now, it is

too long. Many people say they hope Kiesha Abrahams

will be found safe. But it looks and feels like a memorial service. I do

entertain some hope but as

the day goes on the worse it is. Police say they will

continue door knocking but

for now the search for Kiesha Abrahams will remain suspended.

suspended. Aboriginal leaders hope the Labor Party's pledged Indigenous people in the

constitution has substance

and not spin. Former Prime Ministers John Howard and Kevin Rudd have previously

made similar promises which amounted to nothing. The

festival is one of the most

festival is one of the most

colourful event on the Top

End calendar. 2500 are here

to celebrate Indigenous

culture. There is one issue on everybody's list. This country needs to reform the

Constitution of this land.

And of this people. It could be one step closer to being realised. After

realised. After being ignored

of accuse King Aboriginal affairs Jenny Macklin visit

would a promise. If elected

the Government will set up a panel

panel including Indigenous leaders and members of the public to consider how the Constitution should be changed. We have to

recognise as a first step that constitutional recognition of Indigenous peoples in the preamble is the most peoples in the the most likely place the start. But there is a catch. The Government says it

The Government says it cannot

act without wide support and

it will not say when the

issue could go to referendum. The Australian

constitution is only been

changed 8 times in 44

attempts. There has been a

lack of recognition from the Constitutional side of

things. Former Prime

Ministers John Howard and

Kevin Rudd made similar commitments which came to nothing but nothing but Indigenous

leaders say they are not going to let

going to let this going to let this latest promise be broken lightly.

In finance news, new figures

out show national online job

advertisements fell in July.

The advantage job index fell

by 1.3% due to a fall in the building and construction centre. The index recorded a

small rise in job

advertisements in me and

June. Queensland was among

the worst-performing states with

with a de keys in

advertisements of more than

4%. On Friday the Dow Jones

closed down 21 points. The Nasdaq lost 4. The S&P was 4 points lower.

The Australian men's hockey team

has won its third consecutive

Champions League in Germany.

Before we talk about that with someone in Germany we will to go the goals

will to go the goals and the

final score was 4-nil. They

did it easily. COMMENTATOR:

England fall behind to the

first penalty corner. Given

away by Jack stofnlt be careful in that 23 metres.

Turner did well. Abbott slams

it home. England are

it home. England are 2-down.

Desperate defending again by England.

Goal number 4 for


for nothing. All part of ancient history. Australia are once again the champ ons

trophy winners and just as 25

years ago they have beaten Great Britain. They have done

Great Britain. They have done

it again. This time against

England. And the team manager of the joins us live on the phone

from Germany. David, congratulations. Can you talk

us through that final. It

looks to be a very looks to be a very easy victory. Well that may have been

been how it looked but

England are a very, how do I

say this, tough side who

never give in and you cannot

underestimate their scoring potential. They have come

back from some perilous situations during the week

the make the final so even

at the end being 4 goals up I

suppose was a good buffer but

we were still always concerned and

concerned and very vigilant independent our defence so we are very are very happy to win gains at worthy opponent. It looks throughout the tournament

Australia won 6 of its 6

matches. It looked to be that

defensive pressure that

really stifled the opposition before you took advantage and

scored. Is that how you saw

it? Was that the major

advantage Australia had?

Yes, I think it is like Australian football.

a very, very good midfield

that defends and attacks that defends and attacks well

and they helped our deep defence but at the same time they fed continuus

opportunity the our strikers

and the are the engine room

of the team and they set up most of the chances again

today and people like Jamie

Dwyer were brilliant

Dwyer were brilliant today.

It must be a very exciting

time to be part of this team because

inexperienced team. Can you

tell us about the development

and the evolution of this team in the past 12 months?

This is Richard's method of

doing things. He likes to set

up as wide as possible a squad

squad to give Tuesday opportunity to pick inexperienced players to

match with experience. This

team contains 8 people who

were not at the World Cup which ago in India which we won

ago in India so 8 players

have now got another

important competition under their belt and this keeps

pressure on everyone within the squad to perform well.

the squad to perform well. We

will pick a different team

for the Commonwealth Games in

October. But certainly the

young boys that came well

equipped themselves well. We had a good experienced

nucleus in the midfield. We

were the most least

experienced team but we ended up with

up with a positive goal

difference so that was measure of our domination so we are very pleased. What

work do you have to do

between now and the

Commonwealth Games? I know

they will play the matches in

the middle of the day in the

heat and you have a reduced

squad so what are the

obstacles between now and

then? The boys will be getting conditions. The National League finals be held in August or later this month then

this month then we play a

series against Argentina in

Sydney and Perth and onto the Commonwealth and you are

right we are not happy with the scheduling of the

or the matches themselves in

Delhi because it is likely to

be 35 degrees or warmer and

that will not suit anybody.

We are as fit as any other side but

side but I think it is the

scheduling leaves a bit to

scheduling leaves a bit to be

desired but I suppose there

are other factors the organisers have to take inti account. Good account. Good luck and enjoy your celebrations there in Germany. It has fantastic and thank you for

your support. From yesterday

in the NRL St George has moved

moved closer to its second successive

successive minor premiership

with a win over the Roosters and Newcastle Knights flashed

the bulldogs the 30-6. latest sculpture before survivor the bulldogs the 30-6. The latest

survivor from the 57 St George and East grand final

and 38,000 0 fans welcomed the teams. The video referee

the teams. The video referee gave this the benefit of the

doubt. Just as their grip on

the minor premiership was

slipping the red and whites

worked their way into the

game. A field goal was a decisive play.

Carney notched his 14th try

of the season. Dean Young

crossed to snuff out the

crossed to snuff out the

Roosters challenge. Is five

years since the Bulldogs won

in Newcastle. The Knights scored three first-half tries

as they attempted to keep their finals hopes alive.

The Bulldogs have had a win

over the Crows. A slog in the

end P but they

end P but they won of the goals end P but they won by 8 points. of the goals from the match. points. Let's of the goals from the match. COMMENTATOR: Opportunity


now. The Bulldogs winners.

now. The Bulldogs winners.

The other winners from

yesterday were the Melbourne

Demons which won the battle of the up and comers, Melbourne v Richmond with two

of the best groups of young

players. I was tight into the last were able to sprint ahead,

kick goals and win easily. St

Kilda took care of Port

Adelaide. Port Adelaide reeling from a tough

last week and a emotional win against Hawthorn beaten by more than 15 goals by St

Kilda which was perhaps stung

by its recent poor form. The

netball. Australia has beaten

Jamaica in the fifrts three-Test series yesterday this. Was a 21-points victory

the Aussies. Jamaica fielded an under-strength

an under-strength team but they would have expected to

do better than this. do better than this. Aitken

did not play great game and

the Australian shooters were

very good as was their

midfield. We will tell you

about Tiger Woods later. He

continues his poor form but

we will talk about that later.

Good morning. It is

another cold morning across most of the nation but 2 east

is in are for a wet week

thanks to a low and a

pressure trough inland.

Rain will increase in Tasmania in the north-west

but mostly sunny everywhere

else including Hobart. Across

South Australia a few showers

for most of you especially

around Adelaide and Murray Bridge and

Bridge and a cool day. We

talk to Nick Sherry as Labor

tries to add momentum. Labor ahead on a two-party preferred basis after a week

of chaos. We will get the Assistant Treasurer's views

on that. We will have a

review of some of the newspaper this morning

newspaper this morning with Crikey senior journalist Andrew news - it could surprise many political observers but Labor

has regained the lead over

the Coalition according to

two polls out today. The

latest Newspoll shows Labor has an election-winning lead

of 52-48 up from last week's 50-50 result. The galaxy poll shows Labor

shows Labor ahead. The Federal Government is

promising cash grants for

schools that improve their

performance. If the Gillard

Government is re-elected high schools will get

improvement in attendance and literacy and number say.

Primary schools will be

eligible for $75,000. The

Prime Minister and Opposition

Leader will take part in a Town Hall-style debate on

Wednesday. Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott will be quizzed

Tony Abbott will be quizzed

by 200 voters in Sydney. The Tony Abbott has refused the

Prime Minister's call for a

second debate on the economy. Jury notes in the Northern Territory police files have

revealed why Lindy

Chamberlain was convicted of

Azaria. The handwritten notes

show female jurors were tougher than the men. The

tougher than the men. The mother-of-two was convicted of killing of killing Azaria in 1980.

She was released 6 years

later when the baby's jacket

was found near where Azaria

disappeared. The bodies of 10

aid workers shot dead in Afghanistan have been flown

the Kabul. 6 Americans, 2

Afghans, one gerp man and a

Britain were among the group.

The Taliban said it carried

out the attack on the medical

robbery was the motive. In

Pakistan more than 15 million

people have been affected by

the country's worst floods on

report. The Prime Minister is

appealing for international help. South Asia correspondent filed this

report. The Prime Minister

has been here to look at the

damage. He has met with local

officials to understand what the problems are in

the problems are in the

immediate term and to meet some of the flood victims

those who have lost their homes, have livelihoods and who are in

temporary relief camps here.

This area has been hit very,

very hard. The water is

spreading out t water that

has come from the north come

down through the Punjab and

here where it has submerged

many hundreds of thousands of

hectares of farming land.

hectares of farming land. The

Prime Minister is not only

here to deal with this issue

of the flooding he has been

in Karachi to deal with a lot

of unrest. Last week there local politician which has triggered violence in the south. There has been south. There has been dozens of murders as rival political

groups trade out attacks. The Prime Minister

has been meeting with political leaders to try to

political leaders to try to bring an end to the

bloodshed. You get a sense of

the suffering here at the

moment. A place which is poor

in the rural areas dealing

with this flood and now with

terrible violence in its capital city so the Prime

Minister has really made this

has so many parts of this

disaster to deal with at the moment. Landslides

moment. Landslides have been

triggered by heavy rain triggered by heavy rain in north-west China killing more

than 100 people. State media says many more are out of

contact in the isolated

Tibetan region. More than 45,000 people have been evacuated. The landslides

began at midnight when most

people would have been at home

home in bed. These pictures

show how a river of rock and

mudslide down the mountain following rain. It engulfed buildings in the main town in

the west of China. The landslides blocked the main

river running through the

town. Causing the river to

burst its banks and flood the town. Residents report buildings several storeys

buildings several storeys

high submerged. Rescue

workers and medical teams

have been sent to the area.

But it But it is mountainous and isolated. Roads were block

$making it difficult to get

heavy machinery through. Many people

people were reported to be

missing. But with telephone lines down it is unclear

whether they have been caught

up in the disaster or just

out of contact. Hundreds of people have

people have died in China

this summer because of

heavier than usual rainfall.

But in an indication of how

serious this disaster is the country's Premier immediately

through the the scene. He

says no effort should spareed to find those who

might still be alive. Back

home, during the campaign we are

are heading out to towns around the country talking

about a local. We visit the Northern Territory. I'm

Sharron. I live here in

Sharron. I live here in Alice

spring assist in this housing

flat. If lived

years and it was a really

peaceful area but because of the housing crisis situation

in Alice Springs which is heightened you have excess

people coming to live in the

suburbs and it is overloaded

and because of that it has

and because of that it has created anti-social behaviour. I have seen and heard people fighting and screaming, people getting stabbed. Alcoholism, drugs.

The only thing that has kept me going from losing my

sanity is my faith and getting

getting the church to support

me to live thin place and to

pray for the situation to change. we pray the

violence will stop t drinking and fighting will stop in the

name of Jesus. We

the name of Jesus. On the

build up to the Federal

election my vote will to go

politicians that will deal with housing and anti-social

behaviour. As part of a

prayer group that pray for this country and the Government we believe

Government we believe by faith that Government can

change, politicians can

change and do the right thing

and you can have positive

outcomes. After so much

money and attention still

such a neglected area of the country.

Alice Springs and is worried about housing and violence

and anti- social behaviour.

If you would like to look at what others

what others say visit our

elections page. Julia

Gillard's pledge to rip up

the rule book is likely to be

remembered as a defining

moment of the 2010 campaign.

Russell Barton has trawled

through the campaign vault to

relief some of the other big electoral moments of 50 years. Here is what happened electoral moments of the past happened in 1966. January 1966

1966 an event as rare then as

it is today, a Prime Minister

in this case Robert Menzies

chooses the time chooses the time of he is

going. Sir Robert bows out

of the Australian political scene. This is how it was

today as Sir Robert arrived

at Parliament House to attend a meeting of the Government

parties to tell them of his

intention the resign and so

the Victorian barrister who

rose to the country's highest

rose to the country's highest

political office and held it

for longer than anyone else brought his career brought his career to a close. On Australia Day he

hands over to his deputy

Harold Holt. Mr Holt's

period was dominated by Vietnam. He declared

Australia had no intention Australia had no intention of

increasing its commitment on

taking office. A month later he trebled the it

he trebled the it to 450

troops including 150 con scripts. Reinforcing the

Vietnam stance he visited

Washington in July where he made this declaration. That

you have an ad mireing friend

a staunch friend that will be

all the way with LBJ. Six

days earlier the Labor leader Arthur

Arthur Caldwell was shot at

and injured as he left a

rally in Mosman. The bullet

lodge hinge in his coat lapel. By mid-August the Vietnam issue was white-hot.

18 troops were killed in Long

Tan and 26 wounded. Every

American and LBJ is with Australia

Australia all the way.

President Johnson's visit in October was greet would both well-wishers and fevered protests. The accompanying

the President in his

motorcade through Sydney streets the NSW Premier tells

his driver to "Run over the bastards". But for all the

volatile division on the streets when Australians went to the polls in late November 1966 the result was

1966 the result was a landslide to the Holt Government winning 56% of the two-party preferred vote

giving it a record 41-seat majority over Caldwell's

Labor opposition. 1966. For

the rest of campaign we will

look at other big political

moments. On Wednesday we look back

back at 1972 the fall of

back at 1972 the fall of Billy McMahon and Gough Whitlam's It's Time campaign. And

at famous handshakes. A

homecoming 40 million years

in the making. Some of

earth's most in a species are being threatened

by climate change. But a Tasmanian researcher has been

travelling the world to bring

them back to the world where they once thrived.

they once thrived. As jungles

goes Dr Tim has just about seen them all. I have spent

a love time chewing a love time chewing beedle

nut and drinking kava and

asking people to walk to the

top of mountains they would

not usually go not usually go up. This

modern-day Joseph Banks has

modern-day Joseph Banks has

spent the last years

collecting endangered

species. One found only on a

Fiji island. There are only

a few plant left, they are on the top of a hill because it

is cool. If it gets warmer

there is nowhere go. Before the evolution of

flowering plants conifers

dominated. Climate change drove

drove many species to

extinction while others retreated north to the tropics

tropics where today their

greatest enemy is human

encroachment. The ideal spot

is an abandoned Tasmanian mining town in the wilderness

one of the world's wettest

places. I want to bring

home. The fossil record says

they were here 40 million

years ago. This is the best collection of

collection of these plants in

the world. Scientists hope these these dinosaurs of the plant world will help modern world will help modern

research. These trees have

been driven to the bring by

past climate change so if we can can understand that process

that gives Australia tool for

understanding how plant in general can

general can respond to

climate change. Work has

started and all the conifers

should have their the ground by spring. The

top stories - two polls out

today defy expectations and

show Labor has regained the

lead over Newspoll shows the ALP leads

the Coalition 52-48 on a

two-party preferred basis and

a galaxy poll has Julia Gillard

Gillard leading Tony Abbott

as preferred Prime Minister.

The Gillard Government is

offering cash grants to

schools that improve their performance. Primary and high

schools will be eligible for

up to $100,000 for achieving

better numeracy and literacy

results. Floods in Pakistan

have forced the evacuation of

1 million. Survivors say the

Government is not doing enough to

enough to help those in need.

What are you starting with

Andrew? I saw a story in the

financial review on page 3 routes, Melbourne to Sydney is the worst example. When you

you rock to the airport the

flight is cancelled. Sometimes 4% of all flights on Tiger Airways on that

route are cancelled and you

see it in reality TV shows,

it has happened to me

recently and it is not

pleasant. What is the

background? They do not get

enough bookings? It is

unclear and the story does

not make it clear but

not make it clear but you

would assume it is under-booking. In under-booking. In the US they routinely over book flights

and you have a ridiculous negotiation at the gate

before you get on the plane. Otherwise known as

screaming matches.. yes, you

work out if you are going to get a cheque from the

airline. But not at that

level but 4% is troubling and

people are considering maybe going back to more

going back to more premium operators which in Australia

is Qantas. Julia Gillard does

not just have Kevin Rudd and

Mark Latham to worry about

but most fearful John Singleton. Singo is back! He has been back twice already and he had an advertisement

ready and Gillard did the compromise with the miners so

it never went to air and he

did a subsequent one from a smaller group but this time

smaller group but this time

he is going into baton Primary Health Care. The

quote is "Don't let Labor's

cuts be the at the end of the

day you". Hi not heard of

Labor's health costs. I know Abbott ripping $1 billion they complained about Tony Abbott ripping $1 billion out

of health in the '90s but

this has a shovel metaphor

throwing dirt into a grave of Labor's policies Labor's policies which I

think I saw last week in the Gruen Transfer so that

advertisement is a good

example. Hat had are the

health cuts the primary health providers are

complaining about? The focus

of the '80s was Pap smears a woman did not get the Pap

smear in time and died of cancer and I

has an interest in that field with medication. with medication. I'm not sure

if it is disclosed that the Primary Health Care is the

private operator behind private operator behind it but it is a very funny

anti-Labor campaign. He is a

potent force John Singleton.

Yes, he has beer brands and

continue to pop up and exert himself. Good on him.

have to do an analysis of the

transcript.. in the Age there

is a story? Yes, a is a story? Yes, a new

biography of Raoul Daahl came

out he was a spy in the US working with in the British

Embassy in PR. There was a quote there he bedded quote there he bedded every

woman on the east and West

Coast with a salary of $50,000 so he emerges as Coast with a salary of $50,000 $50,000 so he emerges as a bit of a cad. These

revelation haves not come out

before so before so interesting. An incredibly dashing figure and well-known as a wonderful

children's book author but as a writer

a writer of wonderfully dark

tales for adults. We know about his troubled family

life. He has had difficulty

with children and there has

been more than one wife o wives

wives but this part of the

story comes out of the blue.

Where has it come from? It

and it has just been

released. I suppose when

these books come out they

automatically get scanned for

the most juicy bits and that

produces the news story. He

looked quite dashing back looked quite dashing back in the day and the sort of image

you do not identify with him

but he was over there working

for the British Embassy and getting the intelligence back

to London. 'The Telegraph' in

the UK has caught your eye?

Yes, a story in an opinion piece but piece but funny. Before the

UK general election David

Cameron attended his sister's

wedding, the UK Prime

Minister. He did not want to get photographed wearing

tails because when you attend

these weddings the

expectation is you have to

wear the tails suit. He

rocked up in a lounge suit.

Everybody else wore tails. He

was smarting over this early incident

incident from 1997 where he was pictured wearing plus-fours so the hunting plus-fours so the hunting

garb and that re-emerged in

2007, 10 years later to his embarrassment because of the class divide in the class divide in the UK. As a Conservative Prime Minister

you do not want to look like

part of the top. But he is

Prime Minister it does not matter. Yes matter. Yes this is 2 days to go and he did not want this

headline in the tabloids

wearing this Regal attire. It

comes out he was the in the lounge suit but I'm

sure he looked great. If we

can get a shot of this on the

screen t front pages of all or most of the tabloids in

the News Limited stable going the News Limited stable going

with that story which is some interesting information that has been released from the

police files like into the

trifle Lindy Chamberlain so

many years ago and many of those photographs will be familiar to so many out now and publishood in the mild of a heated election

campaign. I have not read too deeply to know about deeply to know about the

timing but news limited

papers have access to files from the Northern

Territory for the first time

since the case. The most compelling photograph is the

one on the cover and that is

Lindy Chamberlain examining

that notorious jacket with a

police officer and that was

the thing that in the end

probably did not appeal to

the jury t fact she was

capable of doing what seemed to them to be such cold and

forensic examination of a

situation that involved the

death of her own child. The

notes show that female jurors

were tougher on the men which is being extrapolated as one

reason she was guilty and

that conviction was

subsequently overturned. In

the era of current spin you

would be made by your spin

doctor to key on cue and that might have solved that

problem. Paul is back with sport. sport. The Kookaburras have done it again in the Champions Trophy. They have

won three in a row. They beat

England 4-nil last night. The

Australians came into the town with the the most

inexperienced team and then

went onto win 6 of their 6 games, an

games, an incredible

performance really but

perhaps an example of where

they have such a great coach.

Now the team will ready themselves for the Commonwealth but have some

issues to overcome A squad of

only 16 players allowed and they will play matches in the

middle of the day perhaps in stifling heat but they stifling heat but they look

good. The AFL - the western Bulldogs

Bulldogs overcame the Adelaide Crows Adelaide Crows which if look at the ladder positions

you would not be terribly

impressed but the Crows have

been good and took care of

Geelong at home a few weeks ago so the western Bulldogs

will be delighted to win that

match and sew up virtually

fourth spot. There were a

couple of young teams on display at

display at the MCG in the bright Richmond and Melbourne

overcame Richmond. They are perhaps perhaps ahead Opposition in their development and St

Kilda despatched Port

Adelaide Power easily yesterday and Nick Riewoldt

kicked 4 and so did Stephen million and the Saint look to

challenge Geelong and the

Bulldogs. In the NRL St

George overcame a determined

Roosters who have been going well and well and would have fancied

themselves but in the end it was was the dragons by 7 points

and Wayne Bennett's 600th

game so a great result and it

looks like his team may sew up their second premiership and in the other

match a less inspiring dual between Newcastle Knights and

the Bulldogs. And waits the

Knights that thrashed the Bulldogs

Bulldogs 30-6. In news from

the golf world, Tiger Woods

has bombed out overnight. He

has finished 78 out of 80 players. He shot the worst round players. He

round of his life and was

sink he may not play in the

Ryder Cup which is the

Americans v the Europeans

the upcoming tournament so he

is feeling bad. is feeling bad. If his

personal life was in disarray

now his golfing life is too.

Scientists are worried about

the future of some of

Australia's most largest island. They say climate

change is accelerating the

natural pattern of change

while human activity is compounding the effect. Here in Ireland Here off Central Queensland is a Queensland is a natural coral

cave made up of sand and core Ralph. Over hundreds of years

it has gradually built up but extreme weather

extreme weather is playing

havoc with its fragile is

ex-answer the. The basic

shape stays the same but

anything sticking out can get

wiped out. Some scientists have concerned about have concerned about the future of the the

With growing evidence of more future of the the island. With With growing evidence of more extreme weather studies

indicate that some may not

survive down the track. The

question is in the future

whether that reduction of second meant and the supply

to the island will keep pace

with the rise. The work is internationally recognised.

Places like Herron

Places like Herron are

resilient but rising sea

legals ever levels pose biggest threat. Think of the sand on a reef then there is

a points at which the sea

rises and sand is not going

to continue the stay

there. As it stands today Heron Island is 800 metres

long and 300 metres wide but

every year those dimensions

change. That combined with change. That combined with increased human impact like

tourism intense noise the

risk of. The island has done

well to cope with the stress

put on by visitors but it is

doing well really. That is thanks the all resident who are doing their

best to keep it intact.

best to keep it intact.

Around the States in Queensland a few showers

along the east. Showers in

the southwest as well and

showers developing in

Brisbane. Across NSW mostly

sunny apart from the far west

and the north-east where rain

will develop. Sydney should become sunny and sunny in Canberra

Canberra where it is minus. Light rain Light rain in Western

Victoria, it will contract west during the afternoon.

Melbourne cloudy

afternoon sun. Light showers

in Tasmania's north but dry

elsewhere. Sunny for Hobart.

Across South Australia a few showers around Adelaide and

Murray Bridge and it will be

a cool Monday. The West, a

few showers along the south

but no rain in Perth, just but no rain in Perth, just

another sunny day after a cold across the state's north. In across cold morning. Clear skies across the state's north. In the Territory fine in the south but a light shower the Top End and the Gulf Coast.

Fine in Darwin but cloud will

build. For tomorrow it should stay sunny in the west.

Showers in Adelaide will ease

but across the south-east

there is good rain on the

way. State aheal t opposition's opposition's environment

spokesman Greg Hunt will join

us to tell us about a Coalition promise Coalition promise to develop

safety investments after the safety investments after the Government's roof

installation program which caused so much grief.

A horror week but a bump

in the polls, Labor slips

ahead. 30 years after Azaria

Chamberlain went missing jury

notes from the trial are unveiled. Pakistan appeals

for international help as 15

million people are affected

by floods. The Kookaburras thrash thrash England 4-nil to win the

the champions trophy in

Germany. The top story - it

could surprise many political

observers but Labor has

regained its lead over the

Coalition according to two

new polls out today. The

latest poll shows Labor has a

lead of 52-48%. That is lead of 52-48%. That is up

from last week's 50-50

result. The poll with a narrow lead on result. The poll shows Labor with a narrow lead on a

two-party preferred basis. Both polls show Julia Gillard leading Tony Abbott as

preferred Prime Minister. The

results would come as welcome news for the Labor Party

trying to move on after a bad

few week once the trail. Today Julia Gillard hopes to

focus on schools with a plan

to pay cash bonuss to schools to pay cash bonuss to schools

that show they are improving

students attendance an results. Nick Sherry is the

Assistant Treasurer and joins

us now in the studio. Firstly

let's start on the two Interesting two-party preferred

preferred figure there but

when it comes to Labor's

primary vote it is down below

where some pollsters say that

is the danger zone. Ly leave you to comment on the I have seen many in my I have seen many in my political life. They come and go

go and the important poll is

on election day and the

closer we get to the election

the more and more Australians

will see Tony Abbott as a

risk to our strong economy

and a risk to our Education and Health system and the modernisation that we plan

for our economy and in those areas. some political pro, can any party win party win a vote below

40%? We focus on exposing

Tony Abbott'sries took the Australian economy t unplugging of flat broadband

and hisries tock health and education. They are the

issues we are focused on and the closer we get to the

polls slightly less than 2

weeks away we believe those

fundamental failures of Tony

Abbott will be more and more exposed. That is where the exposed. That is where the

fight will come down to in

the last 2 economy, on who as to saying went in John Howard's time

who you can trust more to

deal with that? Look at our

record. We have one of the strongest economies in strongest economies in the

advanced economic world. We

have the lowest level of debt

and deficit. We move back

into surplus in three years time.

time. Three years early. Look at at the

at the spend-a-thon Tony

Abbott is engaged on, $26

billion worth of promises

many not costed or inaccurate

and he is a risk the our

economy. Why has it taken you

so long the start the argue

your record? We have been talking not just about the

our record about keeping our economy strong in the most difficult time. I do difficult time. I do not

think you have made the

focus.. I and my colleagues

and the Prime Minister and

Wayne today at the economic debate have been focusing on

keeping our economy strong,

making it stronger. and education, moving our

economy forward. National

broadband that is a fundamental communications improvement

improvement and it is

strengthening our economy. That That is where we are going to keep the focus. Can you

safely say the distractions from leaders pass are the

over for Labor? They are always colourful event.

Malcolm Fraser and John

Howard were outlast week, want to by back work choice was Tony Abbott. What is

interest binge the focus on leadership that is leadership that is the Liberal Liberal Party has had three changes in leader changes in leader in less than three years, they have been the revolving door of Australian politics. But they

are a united force when

count two weeks before the election. They have had three leaders in less than

three years. You would be

hard pressed to find any

political party in any democracy in the world in the

last three years as unstable

as the Liberal Party. It has been

been a revolving door. When

we talk about who can be trusted and be more credible. At the Coalition party launch

yesterday in yesterday in Brisbane Tony

Abbott said when it comes the

tax reform to major reform

that in Government they will

embrace the Henry review and more to

more to the points he will

publish the internal models

for reform options which is something the Labor Government has refused to Government has refused to do.

Why have you not published

that and doesn't that put

Tony Abbott ahead of you when

it comes to the bigger

reforms this country

needs? What Tony Abbott

promised yesterday was review of the review. Where

the specifics? We have one

specific on tax from him at

this election and that is

increasing company tax extraordinarily decreasing

company tax at the same time

t increase in company tax to pay for parental

pay for parental leave. That

is their only reform an

increase on tax for Woolies and Coles. That is one

element but the resting to

the great complexities that

you asked Ken Henry to look

at and he did but you have

not done anything about it?..

Tony Abbott has presented one change to the tax system I

have just mentioned. That is

the beginning.. where is the detail? He is promising detail? He is promising a

review of a review. We have outlined outlined a comprehensive

package. Sure the issue of

the mining resource rent tax

but we will improve super,

reduce the tax for low and

middle-income earners. We will decrease company tax and

introduce a new minimum

standards tax reduction and

improve the de appreciate raise where

raise where off from $1000

$5000. Last week I announced

we would introduce a private

sector-type oversight board

of the Tax Office and the way

it operates. We have outlined

some very comprehensive tax

reform. Where is his reform

tonight is a review of a

review. Will you revisit

Henry as Tony Abbott says he

will do if the Coalition

wins? He will not say in one detail. The he detail. The he request is

for you, will you revisit

it? We have outlined

agenda for the next 3 years.

But will you look at Henry

and the myriad of other

proposals you rejected before the election? the election? We will not revisit those proposals we

will not adopt. We have

outlined our clear agenda for reform, on company tax, mining mining tax, improvements, reduction of company tax, superannuation, it is a

superannuation, it is a very

comprehensive package we have

outlined. We have outlined the detail. Where is Tony Abbott's territory branch of the Australian Education Abbott's detail? The Australian Education Union

has slammed the proposal made by the Government to ban children from playing sport

if they skip school. That is

something that has been said

by the Prime Minister Julia

Gillard. She has promised Gillard. She has promised to implement implement that policy if

re-elected. The education

union in the territory says

that is simply going to put

children at risk in a

terrible position, they may

bailout of the lot if they

cannot do the one thing we

love which is playing love which is playing sport. Are you going to stick with

that in places like the

Northern Territory? We will

stick with it because u is good sound policy. If kids slip stick with it because u is good

slip through the system will

you own the consequences? you own the consequences? We

are not going to be dictated

and told what to do by the Education Union. The Prime Minister when she was Education Minister showed

clearly with the MySchool and

publishing the outcomes and

the results of schools we are

not going to be told what to

do by the Education

Union. The kids here are

become in pawns in a battle

of Julia Gillard to try to

show she is tough against the

unions are they? No, it is a unions are they? No, it is a matter... People say

children are at risk who the one thing children are at risk who may slip through the one thing they love playing sport they are banned

from doing. You are not

taking that seriously? We are

taking it very seriously that

is why Julia Gillard as Prime

Minister later today and in

the past as Education Minister has outlined

education reforms that are

good for kids strengthening

our education system,

delivering better results for

kids and we will not be dictated

dictated to or told thin case

by the education union what

to do. We believe our reforms are good from the economy,

good for the country and most importantly good for students. Nick Sherry you are

not listening, you are

sticking to the message, this