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The Third World War -

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(generated from captions) of the Rokeby Venus. It turned out to be a picture to pose in a similar position. He required a model if he thought I'd do that for him! I said he must be absolutely joking a successful reconstruction. to take part in what was After much persuasion she agreed She filled the role admirably. was to get Caroline into position The final fine-tuning stage were as accurate as possible. and make sure the elements were incorrect and the mirror image We discovered the angles of Caroline's body was in fact a curve

an image of a gas fire and rather more prosaically, in the room behind the photographer! was widely reproduced. and the reconstruction The exhibition made a huge impact flagrant distortions of perspective. Critics said the painting contained Venus' lower abdomen. The mirror reflected

was really inspecting her crotch! The Rokeby Venus appeared in The Times. An article about the photo to her father. The new Venus showed it that I'd taken my clothes off He was horrified like this. and made a public appearance was the arts page of The Times, I did point out to him that it and not page three of The Sun! I seem to remember, I think he put that in the fire, like that again! and asked me never to do anything seam had originally been the edge, The reconstruction had assumed the had enlarged his picture. proving Velazquez

the original edge of the picture. Now X-rays can finally reveal of the canvas painting, If we look at the X-ray into a cusping shape, of the canvas the weave is distorted we can see that along the edges over the wooden frame. where the canvas was shaped had originally been an edge, Where there's a seam, if that seam along the edge of the seam. you would see that cusping along the seam, In this case, there is no cusping so this was never an original edge. was always this size. We can conclude that the picture So Venus was not painted separately. were not later editions. The cupid and the mirror ignoring the strict laws of optics. as Velazquez painted it - The picture is just extremely obsessed with this mirror. A lot of people have gotten take photos of nude models, They've had photographers but they're missing the point. to show the mirror is angled wrong - Velazquez to show you her face of perspective and to allow The mirror is there as a trick and her backside at the same time. He used perspective to get somewhere. on top of her pelvic girdle, He was wanting to put her face as he looked at it. to charge up the male gaze And vice versa. with you - the viewer. Venus is making eye contact of the whole notion of the picture. The mirror is to do with the fulcrum and the view being returned, The sense of looking into a private chamber, the sense of being introduced being given special access. Velazquez knew all about looking. Here he was trying to concentrate the gaze of the beholder. the gaze of the beholder, to engage to get closer to her. To look at the figure from behind, and you are there in the picture. who you can't see naturally, You see the face of the woman by a tiny circle of people - the Rokeby Venus was seen In the 17th century, of the Marquis of Eliche. a few special guests is seen by everyone. Today the picture and much imitated. It's endlessly reproduced of films, of advertising campaigns. It's been the subject of cartoons, in the collective unconscious. It's a picture that's lodged itself of Venus. Websites carry bizarre versions their own kitsch adaptation. Cat lovers can get offer you the Rokeby penis. Greeting card manufacturers as their starting point. Academic painters have taken it In Sam Taylor-Wood's version, feverish sexual activity below. a 21st century girl reclines above faces a lot of competition Today the Rokeby Venus never dreamed of in the 1600s. industries of physicality painted in secret Has Velazquez's mysterious nude, the debris of postmodern been buried beneath multimedia mass culture? the cannon of great Western art. has entered into Today I think the painting and the pastiches simply add All those reproductions to its greatness. everything around it and into it. It's a comet that gathers They add to its status. when you go to the gallery, It's something that adds I don't think they take away from it.

that's what makes it great. you see the painting, copy and pastiche of it too. to that painting, and it's every It's everything that's happened still has mystery to spare. The Rokeby Venus remains invitingly athletic. The sexual charge of the body in our lustful imaginations. Yet the invitation isn't all

is lost in admiration of herself, The mirror tells us that Venus but she has taken notice of us. compliment she pays us. That is the everlasting

Lynne Bateman, BBC Broadcast - 2003 Subtitles by Gabby De Gregorio and E-mail us at

some strong language. This programme contains is interrogated by the FBI. City, a young Al Qaeda recruit Somewhere in the heart of New York They call him the Source. new terrorist breeding grounds that Al Qaeda is exploiting The source tells the FBI right across South-East Asia. and that whole region We knew that Indonesia and about to boil over. was in fact boiling, so to speak, the FBI interrogation of the Source. We have exclusive access to of a tragedy about to unfold. He warns the intelligence community bars, cafes or nightclubs The Source said the plan was to bomb explosives waiting in Indonesia. also said there was a ton of frequented by Westerners. The Source the Bali bombs. The warning came four months before but they weren't. Lives could have been saved -

the failure to heed the warning We investigate and thus prevent the devastating attack.

I'd be rewarded in the afterlife. the more bombs I delivered, the more TRANSLATION: I thought

That was the underlying principle. tourists relax and unwind... of Bali, On the Indonesian paradise island by followers of Osama Bin Laden. ..unaware they're being watched in this global war against the West. are the new target Bars, nightclubs and restaurants to this heaven on earth. terrorists brought hell On October 12th 2002, SIRENS WAIL SHOUTING There's destruction everywhere. Man, this place is absolutely fucked. This is a big fucking bomb that went off. A big fucking bomb. Two clubs packed with tourists were ripped apart by massive explosions. There's gonna be a lot of dead people. There's people we know in there. There's been a lot of deaths, man. When I first hear about the Bali bombing, those people must be crazy people. Police Chief General Made Pastika, a Balinese Hindu, faced the task of finding the bombers to bring them to justice. PASTIKA: The pressure came from anywhere. As police officers, everybody wanted us to uncover the case as soon as possible. But Bali police weren't equipped to handle an investigation this big. General Pastika needed urgent help. We understand and realise now that our technology is very far left behind. He turned to the most technically advanced force in the region, the Australian Federal Police. They set up a command centre in Canberra to help the investigation. Well, terrorism is a crime. At its base, it is a mass murder. The way to investigate terrorism is the way we investigate crime. Once you start chasing down evidence, you are chasing down terrorists. It was thought that the intelligence community would always have the pre-eminent role in terrorism. I'm not being disparaging towards the them, I'm saying that when a terrorist incident occurs, it is a failure of intelligence in terms of not knowing what was going to happen before it happened. The Commissioner sent Pastika 140 of his officers

under the command of Federal Agent Graham Ashton.

If you looked at the whole picture, you might've been a bit overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of it. The scene at the crime scene was just rubble everywhere. The victims at the hospital far outweighed space at the mortuary. There was still a lot of search and rescue to be done at the scene. There was, at that stage, no indication as to who was responsible. Pastika and Ashton didn't know there'd been clear intelligence that Bali was a likely terrorist target. The two men began the investigation together, starting from scratch. INAUDIBLE PASTIKA: Terrorists, they have a very specific motivation. Anybody can have the motives to rob somebody, but not to kill somebody. So the murder case is much easier to investigate, from my point of view. Their forensic teams painstakingly collected hair, bone and debris from the crime scene, hoping to piece the puzzle together. PASTIKA: I believe that no crime is perfect. They must leave some evidence that we can trace. I was very optimistic. Indonesia is the world's largest Muslim nation. But the island of Bali is predominantly Hindu. Local tradition dictated that the blood-soaked earth from the bomb sites had to be scooped up and cast to the waves to release the spirits of the dead. It would mean that any remaining evidence would be lost with it.

Custom demanded a cleansing process take place, that the crime scene be levelled and the rubble placed in the ocean. There was pressure for that process to begin before we were ready. The investigators won more time, but knowing the evidence would ultimately be lost to the sea, Ashton brought in 3-D laser imagery, to preserve the crime scene forever. Eyewitnesses were taken back inside the virtual nightclubs to unlock their memories. Finally, a picture of what happened that night began to emerge. Initial word from forensics was we were looking at three explosions, one at Paddy's pub, the obvious one outside the Sari club, and then another blast not far from the US Consulate. The US Consulate blast wasn't designed to kill. It was a calling card, an ominous warning to the Americans. Just around the corner, about 100m from the Consulate,

there was 1kg of TNT detonated on the kerb. That had been detonated using a mobile phone. We recovered quite a bit of the phone from the scene. The terrorists had detonated the bomb via a text message.

The forensic team hoped remnants of the phone would reveal something. But the most devastating explosion was outside the Sari club. Eyewitnesses remembered a white van driving up and then exploding. A large van had been loaded with a large amount of potassium chloride, aluminium, diesel fuel and a detonator charge. It was driven to the front of the Sari club. There was about 300 patrons in the Sari club about the time the device exploded. It had an initial fragmentation effect, and then a fireball effect. But still, no-one knew what caused the first explosion inside Paddy's bar, just across the road from the Sari club, until the forensic teams made a breakthrough. The ceiling was held up by these pillars, coated with metal cladding. Blasted deep inside, investigators found a piece of tartan cloth. It tested positive for explosives and, critically, human DNA. Locating that DNA made us think we were dealing with a suicide bomber. It wasn't something we initially thought was likely, because we'd not seen it before in the region. Then having a discussion with some Sri Lankan police that had previously had a lot of experience with suicide bombings in Sri Lanka, they provided us with useful advice about what to look for.

They were the remains of a suicide bomber. With computer imagery, they built up his picture. He'd wrapped TNT round his body and blown himself up on the crowded dance floor of Paddy's bar.

It seemed like a calculated plan to drive survivors into the line of the second, even more devastating, explosion outside the Sari club. 187 people died that night. The body count was destined to rise.

But investigators were still no closer to knowing who was involved, or why Bali was a target. But the Source had the answers. The Source is the Al Qaeda suspect held by the FBI at a secret location for two years. The interrogations are fairly successful with those people in custody. There's evidence they've trained in counter-interrogation techniques, yet the majority of them talk. We have exclusive access to his full 26-day interrogation. It's written in the words of the FBI interrogators. The Source told Osama Bin Laden he wanted to be a member of Al Qaeda. Osama Bin Laden told the Source he must fight the enemy of Islam wherever it may be. The Source's interrogation provided a remarkable blueprint for the way Al Qaeda plans and executes operations. He also revealed that Al Qaeda had infiltrated South-East Asia long before 9/11. It seems to have an infrastructure, terrorists have developed cells and found comfort in certain locations in Indonesia that cause us concern. This captured video was now proof of what the FBI and CIA suspected. Al Qaeda was moving its training camps from Afghanistan to remote Indonesian islands. Recruits came from across the world to learn the art of killing. For the head of Indonesia's secret intelligence service the video simply confirmed his suspicions. It showed how Indonesians were trained by foreigners. We clearly heard all the lessons given - not in Indonesian language - given in an Arab language. HE SHOUTS This extraordinary video, shown here for the first time, captures eager recruits to Al Qaeda's global jihad being trained in terrorist tactics. The recruits then graduate, like school prize day. They then go on to film what they've been taught for real. They are encircling a village,

their target and their objective, then they shot and they killed and they burned the village. EXPLOSIONS SHOUTS ON RADIO The new graduates draw their first blood. SHOUTS ON RADIO This was a Christian village. I warned the people, the Indonesian people, that there is a connection between Indonesian terrorists with outside terrorists, with international terrorists. And I also warn that we must be careful. This is before...? Before 9/11. It was on August 24th. General Hendropriyono also went public on what he'd uncovered. But he was silenced by his own government. It was the first in a series of dangerous denials that Al Qaeda had a foothold in Indonesia. Then came 9/11. Al Qaeda struck at the heart of the Western world. The war on terror was declared. And it wasn't just America that was in the front line. GEORGE BUSH: Every nation and every region now has a decision to make. Either you're with us or you are with the terrorists. The community of nations appreciates, after 9/11, that this is a situation

that we all need to co-operate to address. We need to pool our information in a timely, efficient manner.

We need to engage this scourge to protect innocent people.

But even as America was coming to terms with the enormity of the attacks, Al Qaeda was preparing a second wave on the other side of the world. Its jihad, its holy war, was now global. On a city warfare course, the Source was told that on entering a city, he should obtain a tourist guide book. This would provide information for travelling round the city and hotels, as well as information on potential targets. Just two months later, agents from Singapore's secret service watched as two unknown foreigners arrived in the tightly controlled city state. They followed them through Singapore to a prearranged meeting in an underground car park. One is code-named Sammy. He's Al Qaeda's money man.

The other, code-named Mike, is a notorious bomb maker. What the agents don't know is that Sammy and Mike have been sent to Singapore by Al Qaeda to blow the place up. Why was Singapore a target? Singapore is a target because firstly we have American servicemen transiting here. We have facilities which the Americans use and multinational companies belonging to America. Sammy and Mike plan to explode massive truck bombs simultaneously

against four highly symbolic targets - the British High Commission and the American, Israeli and Australian embassies. In preparation, Sammy recced the embassies. This is the actual video he made, with local help. They were divided into cells, and several cells were thinking of different plans. One was to get ammonium nitrate on six trucks, then to create a massive explosion in six different locations. Sammy supplied the cells with $10,000 to fund the operation, whilst Mike took care of the explosives. They planned to use Middle Eastern suicide bombers. The attack was only weeks away. The plan was to have six truck bombs, but they didn't have enough ammonium nitrate. How did they plan to get the amount they needed? They had four tons of the ammonium nitrate and these were in Malaysia. Then they planned to buy 17 tons locally through a trader. Locally? Yes, yes. So you can buy 17 tons of ammonium nitrate? Well, they went to the trader and asked for 17 tons of ammonium nitrate. That's what they did. According to the Source, Osama Bin Laden concluded it was acceptable to kill those who were put in the way. When the US puts their embassies in the middle of a crowded city, it is the fault of the US that innocents are killed. The secret agents kept them in their sights,

suspecting something, but not knowing what. Suddenly, the surveillance was threatened. The press had got wind of an Al Qaeda connection with Singapore. Headlines would tip off the cells. The agents had to move now. They swooped, raided the flats and arrested the cell members. Sammy and Mike's lethal truck bomb operation was uncovered. And much more. Sitting on the shelf was a video catalogue of Al Qaeda plots dating back more than five years. One showed a reconnaissance of US ships berthed in Singapore harbour. All they needed to do was load up a speedboat and ram it straight into the ship that's berthed alongside. To the FBI, this tape looked alarmingly familiar. It was a replica of Al Qaeda's suicide attack in Yemen on the USS Cole in 2000. 17 American servicemen died. That was the attack that struck against our military dominance, another symbolic attack against the United States military. The seized video was proof of another meticulously planned suicide operation. The cell had even calculated how a suicide bomber could evade radar connection before the fatal moment of impact. On another recce video, the target was Singapore's underground. It came complete with English commentary. That particular subway station is where the American servicemen transit. When they are in Singapore, they use it to go downtown and so on.

This tape held conclusive proof that Al Qaeda WAS behind the attacks.

The Americans found a copy in Afghanistan, in the house of Al Qaeda's military commander, Mohammed Atef. It's believed that the cell here that made the surveillance tape of Western targets took the tape to Afghanistan, to Mohammed Atef, to get his and Osama Bin Laden's blessing to conduct the operations here in Singapore. And there's only one person in the region with such high-level access to Al Qaeda's military leadership. His name is Hambali. He's the Osama Bin Laden of South-East Asia. He was wanted by the FBI for involvement in both the USS Cole and 9/11 attacks. Hambali was in hiding, but able to pull strings from afar. The Singapore truck bombs would've been his most audacious plot yet. Intelligence indicates that Hambali fought with Bin Laden in Afghanistan. So we know he's had connectivity to Al Qaeda, to Bin Laden. We know he was a significant recruiter for Al Qaeda, but even more, he was an operational planner for Al Qaeda. Hambali eluded capture. The local cells did not. They're subjected to intensive interrogation by Singapore's secret service. They are not poor, not disenfranchised or marginalised. They have jobs, they are married, quite a number of them. They have children. They have homes which they own. They have secular education in school. They studied English. The suspects confessed to being members of Hambali's radical terrorist organisation, Jemmah Islamiyah. Its aim is to establish a fundamentalist Islamic state stretching as far as Australia. They are dangerous. They've cells in numerous countries in the region and are being hunted for rendering to law enforcement. Connected with Al Qaeda? There have been contacts. The two most dangerous operatives in the Singapore plot, Sammy and Mike, escaped. But intelligence agencies had uncovered their true identities. WONG KAN SENG: Mike Al Ghozi is a trainer and an explosives expert. He is an Indonesian who's been in the Philippines for many years.

He is one of the key trainers. What does he train people in?

He trains them in firearms, in bomb rigging. This is Mike. His real name is Fathur Rohman Al Ghozi. bomb maker and gun runner. as an Al Qaeda-trained He makes the FBI's most wanted list in the Philippines Mike was quickly captured in a top security prison. and sentenced to 17 years Within months, he escaped. within the terrorist community - Well, he's the most - he's the respected bomb maker how to make bombs and things. and has been known to teach others So he's a very dangerous person. the crimes he's been involved in. he be recaptured and charged with It's very important that were still hunting Sammy. And the CIA They finally tracked him to Oman, Mohammed Jabarah, alias Sammy. where they arrested Canadian student. terrorist, but a 19-year-old He was not a battle-hardened but raised and educated in Canada. Sammy was born in Kuwait, all - from teenager to terrorist. His high school yearbook says it Start out in Kuwait, in Canada, end up in a small town or city

involved deeply and somehow or another become and planning and plotting them. in world terrorist activities his school holidays in Kuwait. Sammy had been radicalised during of Afghanistan. in Al Qaeda's camps in the wilds From there he'd gone to train

how big this problem is It just shows you the US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and what the issues facing, not only where these individuals are. faces - you never know every country around the world hand and made an oath. The Source shook Osama Bin Laden's all those who hate Islam The oath was to fight against until death. and stand by Osama Bin Laden Sammy is "the Source". that we have. It's his FBI interrogation somewhere in New York. at a secret location He's still held to this day two years without charge or trial. He's been there for nearly Al Qaeda recruit. his first mission as a full-blooded Singapore was to have been what damage would have been done? outside your embassy here, If truck bombs had gone off to place it in the right location. damage had they been able There would have been considerable that were talked about being used The amount of explosives to the area. would've caused considerable damage Several tons of ammonium nitrate? That's a lot. It would've done some serious damage. Sammy told the FBI that when the Singapore mission was thwarted, he fled, fearing arrest. Once safe, he contacted Hambali at an unlikely e-mail address - Sammy also told the FBI that the cells operated in secret codes.

The source stated that there were no set codes used by Al Qaeda. Codewords were generally established by the individual cells. One of the codes they used for Americans was "white meat". Hambali responded to Sammy's e-mail by calling him to a top secret meeting in Thailand. Around the table were Muklas - a veteran of the Afghan-Soviet war, and Dr Azahari a professor of biochemistry and notorious Al Qaeda bomb maker. A lot of the members of Al Qaeda are well educated. When you look at their desire to develop biological weapons, their weapons of mass destructions, they have people that sympathise with their cause that assist them with those particular programmes. At the meeting, Sammy heard Hambali order a devastating attack against Western tourists, perhaps revenge for the failure of the Singapore plot. The last contact the Source had with Hambali was in January 2002 in Thailand. His plan was to conduct bombings in bars, cafes or nightclubs frequented by Westerners. Hambali also stated he had one ton of explosives in Indonesia. We had intelligence indicating that Al Qaeda was starting to consider soft targets. Wherever you develop information indicating specific targets, you disseminate that information as quickly as you can. With the Indonesian government in denial about an Al Qaeda presence,

America turned to President Bush's "deputy sheriff" - Australia. America needed Australia to gather regional intelligence and report back.

But Australia's government had its own political agenda with Indonesia and had blocked intelligence with America going back to the crisis in East Timor. Many Americans twigged to that, in fact they were told. That's why they started to depend more on their own sources. This long-standing conflict between Australian and US intelligence had already claimed one victim. An Australian intelligence officer based in Washington became caught between America's demand for regional intelligence and the Australian government's reluctance to give it. As the pressure mounted, Merv Jenkins gave in and passed intelligence to the Americans. His own Australian bosses placed him under investigation. The respected career intelligence officer killed himself. The best of our intelligence tradition can largely now no longer help the nation

because the government will only hear what it wants to hear. We have examples with East Timor and, to a great degree, the Bali attack. It's very worrying. That's the sort of meltdown that's occurred. In the year leading up to Bali, Australia's Foreign Minister was warned twice by his own intelligence agencies that Bali was an attractive target. As far back as 9/11 he was told that "a tourist hotel in Bali" would be a symbolic terrorist hit. Suddenly, electronic intercepts known in the jargon as "chatter" - indicated something big was in the air. Did you know that Indonesia was a target? We knew that Indonesia and that whole region was boiling and about to boil over. The Source said the plan was to conduct bombings in bars frequented by Westerners. The Source also stated there was a ton of explosives in Indonesia. It seems quite incredible where you had reliable human intelligence of captured JI Al Qaeda members

in the region, being questioned and debriefed by the United States, providing us with very reliable reporting and us not acting off it. There were no warnings about Bali. Neither the Americans, nor the British and nor us had any specific warnings in relation to Bali, but we had generic warnings about Indonesia, and Bali is in Indonesia. Two days before the bombers struck, America issued a travel warning to its citizens to avoid bars, restaurants and nightclubs. Britain did nothing. Australia told its tourists Bali was "business as usual". You know, the most cardinal sin was to say, Bali was operating as per normal when obviously it was the biggest soft target, or one of the biggest soft targets, in Indonesia. It now looks like the only people who didn't know that terrorists were coming were the Balinese because nobody told them. VOICE OVER LOUDSPEAKER TRANSLATION: 'To prevent terrorism, it needs a comprehensive effort 'not only by the police but by all sections of the nation, 'the state and the government.' No-one really believed that General Pastika a mere policeman

could solve a crime of such complexity. Most Indonesians were convinced the CIA was behind the bombs. For some it was a convenient conspiracy theory. Some politicians say there are no terrorists in Indonesia. Some say it's impossible. They refuse to accept there's a problem in Indonesia? Yes.

But the evidence had a life of its own. Remnants of the phone that triggered the bomb by the American Consulate gave Pastika and Ashton their first major lead. We had its serial number, identified where it was bought and got witness accounts of the buyer. So we had photos which supported a terrorist team being involved, so it was useful for us in terms of gathering evidence. They brought in software from the Victorian State Police that produced a cascade of variable faces. They created chillingly accurate pictures of the men who bought the mobile phone. Now they just had to find them. And it was probably three weeks after the blast and, interestingly, Pastika went to pray at the temple, where he prays and practises his religion. He said to his subordinates he was going there. One of them rang him and said, "Are you praying for the success of the investigation?

"Because it worked. We found this number on a chassis rail." The chassis of the suicide bomber's white van was found nearby. The police knew it would have an identification number. From this we traced back the owners and then we come to the first suspect and that is Amrozi. Amrozi, a 40-year-old Muslim, was arrested. Pastika's men found receipts for the explosive component potassium chlorate in his house. Did he say anything when you arrested him? Yes. After 20 hours...interrogation, then he confessed. Amrozi's role was to supply the bomb-making chemicals and van. I wondered why this Amrozi... ..which looked like very innocent, could do that very cruel thing. That's amazing why there are people like this and he just smiled at the time

and that makes me crazy.

He smiled? Yes, when he saw me the first time.

He said he wondered how the police could catch him. That's the question in his mind.

Amrozi named names, including those of his two brothers. The hunt was on. ASHTON: We tracked phones and went around the country with laptops, compiling an analysis as they went, forming a picture of where these people were, where they were going. One by one, Ashton and Pastika tracked them down. These are the Bali bombers. We have exclusive access to the remarkable interviews with them filmed on Death Row. They speak with extraordinary candour about the motivation for their killing. TRANSLATION: We made the decision to bomb Bali because our target was Americans.

We loathe Americans and their allies who have created trouble around the world.

This is Muklas the mastermind of the operation. He'd been at the Thailand meeting when Hambali ordered the attack. He'd fought against the Russians in Afghanistan alongside Osama Bin Laden. TRANSLATION: Allah granted me the chance to meet Sheik Osama Bin Laden in 1987. We met face-to-face while we were staying in caves. He was leading the war against Russia. He led the war by himself. His strength was that he went into the battlefield with all his wealth.

He was a real leader.

He's the one human being I very much adore in this life. Did you meet Muklas? Yes, I met him. How did he strike you? I don't want to talk to him. I met him and I saw this man, and then I go. I left my subordinate to interview him. I didn't want to interview him. Why didn't you want to? Given his position. Sometimes, even though I try not to be emotional, but it's... For this man, I cannot do that. So I must stay away from him. Muklas appointed Imam Samudra to be his field commander. PASTIKA: This man is so cold-blooded. Very silent, not much talking, and it's very hard to get his confession. Samudra is another Afghan veteran.

His role was to recce the targets for "white meat" - Americans.

He didn't realise the tourists were mainly Australians. TRANSLATION: The Sari Club was frequented by 90% Westerners. They were our target, these foreigners. We calculated the time to ensure that we didn't harm any of our own. We calculated it so that we could minimise the number of locals killed. That's why we didn't do it after midnight because lots of local beggars and drivers come out then. But there is always human error. There is no perfect military operation. Muklas' younger brother is Amrozi. TRANSLATION: The preparations started in September. I bought one ton of potassium chlorate. I already had a ton, but that had been ordered by someone else. Then I bought the aluminium and sulphur on the 23rd and I started sending it to Bali. Five days before the attack, the cell travelled to Bali. Amrozi prepared the suicide jacket with Dr Azahari who'd been present at the Thailand meeting.

HE SPEAKS IN MALAY TRANSLATION: It was a regular vest, with pockets for the explosives. Anyone could have made it, with lots of pockets like the ones in the movies. Ali Imron is also brother to both Amrozi and Muklas. On the day of the bombing, he was in charge of the two suicide bombers, both Indonesians, known as Iqbal One and Iqbal Two. HE HUMS TRANSLATION: I headed out at around 10.25, driving the L300 van filled with the bomb. On my left was Iqbal One, who would take over the wheel. Beside him sat Iqbal Two, who would wear the vest bomb to Paddy's. Samudra said they were prepared to drive as part of the holy bombing, but they couldn't drive. They could only drive in a straight line. HE CONTINUES SPEAKING IN MALAY At this point there was already a misunderstanding. I drove the van to the junction at Legian. As the van was quite heavy, I drove very slowly. I told Iqbal One to take over on the driver's seat. I then stepped down out of the van. As it drew closer to the club, Iqbal Two, the one with the vest, also got down from the van. He then walked towards Paddy's pub. Back at the Canberra control room, Australian police talk to their team in Bali, preparing for the bombers' trials. INDISTINCT SPEECH They're leading the regional fight against a terrorism they don't understand. The fight against terrorism will be a generational fight, it won't be a sprint, it will be a long-term thing. That someone believes that they will achieve something out of killing themselves, is almost incomprehensible to us as Christians or as Westerners. We need to understand a lot more about that, understand the drivers behind this so we can re-educate those people. If convicted, Ali Imron and his brothers face death by firing squad. If the bombers are in the end executed, won't that simply be creating martyrs? That also we worry about. That is on the other side of the opinion of the public. Most of our people here want them sentenced to death penalty, but the other thing we have to consider is that if we do that right now,

these people will become martyrs and this is also very dangerous. If I'm sentenced to death, that can be considered a holy war. No matter what, we've already surrendered to Allah. Muklas, Samudra and Amrozi are to be executed. The verdict is welcomed by those who seek a holy death. SPEECH OVER LOUDSPEAKER Killing the Bali bombers will have little impact in this global war. Like the 15,000 others who have trained in Al Qaeda's camps, they're mere foot soldiers in an invisible army that is single-minded and ruthless. The Source stated that there was special training in assassinations. The techniques used were sniper, poison, bombs and remote control devices. On the specialist explosives course, he learned how to make explosives mixed with germs. Al Qaeda is a ragtag group of misfits who are being hunted by the world's law enforcement security services.

They have no justification for their objectives or their methods.

It's not an army, it's a group of criminals whose stock in trade is to kill innocent people. What can America do, do you think, to make it less likely that... the appeal to young Muslims will be heeded? That's a very political question, I think, but as a human being, I think America should... should... er... moderate their warring... warring politics. To settle all these things, all these people. Let Americans also not think in black and white. Like the terrorists? Like the terrorists. Months behind bars have given Ali Imron time to reflect. He is spared the firing squad. HE SPEAKS IN MALAY TRANSLATION: If this was a crusade, it shouldn't be such a blood bath, like the Sari Club.

They weren't the enemy, they weren't soldiers prepared to go to war and prepared to die. When I was caught, I didn't resist because I realise what I've done. I feel guilty. What I did was wrong and I regret it. It's fair to say I'm ashamed. I can't say that I have no regrets. What's the point?

You can't deny your conscience. HE CONTINUES TO SPEAK IN MALAY After the investigation, Ashton and Pastika handed the crime scene back to the local Hindu community.

They scooped up the earth and released the spirits of the dead to the waves. 202 people died in the Bali bombs.

Since then, more than 30 suicide bombers have killed around 200 men, women and children across the world.

But Australia and most of South-East Asia are now united in the war against terrorism. And it's having results. Al Ghozi - "Mike" - was killed in a police shoot-out last October and Hambali was tracked down. Hambali's allegedly told his American interrogators

that he's handed control of Jemaah Islamiya to Dr Azahari, who made the Bali bombs. Dr Azahari is still out there somewhere waiting to strike again. And so too is Osama Bin Laden threatening the destruction of the West from his hiding place. Where is Osama Bin Laden? Osama Bin Laden is in that place I don't want him to be. I am absolutely optimistic that he will be rendered to justice. As with most criminals, sooner or later, we will get you. There's a lot of effort going into this. His days are numbered. But even taking out Osama Bin Laden is unlikely to stem the tide of recruits waiting to offer their lives for the cause of Jihad in South-East Asia's fertile breeding ground. TRANSLATION: Even when I'm dead, our sons and grandsons will continue the struggle. My death does not mean the struggle is over. There will be a thousand more Amrozis. They may have different names, but they will behave like Amrozi. As the Third World War stretches before us, more chatter on the airwaves is guaranteed.

Subtitles by Dan Boutland and Jane Woodley, BBC Broadcast - 2004 E-mail us at