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Live. A woman arrested in Live. A woman arrested in Yemen over the international parcel

bomb plot. Now it's

planes were the targets.

Also this morning - the Prime

Minister wraps her visit Minister wraps her visit to

Vietnam as the East Asia Summit

draws to a close. Next stop

in the Perth Malaysia. A man hailed a hero

he the first person to pull a in the Perth shark attack. Is

Great White off a snorkeler? Australia scores a last-minute win over New Zealand in the fourth Bledisloe Cup

fourth Bledisloe Cup clash in

Hong Kong.

Good morning. Welcome to Sunday I'm Joe O'Brien. First a check of the weather -

Yemeni officials have arrested

a suspect in the international parcel bomb plot that was foiled yesterday. Security officials say

officials say the woman who

mailed the two bombs was mailed the two bombs was found

at a house in the at a house in the capital

Sanaa. Yemeni authorities now examining more than 20 Sanaa. Yemeni authorities are

suspicious packages. Meanwhile,

the UK Government says the

plane at East device found on board a cargo

yesterday was viable and the

plan was to bring down a plane.

Today new pictures of the two

devices at the centre of a

global security alert. initially look like normal

printers, when opened, revealed

modified circuitry and then,

hidden inside, a hard-to-detect

explosive PTEN, as well as a modified phone card likely to

have been the detonator. These were, officials say, professionally built devices. Today the Government's emergency committee met to be briefed

of forensic and intelligence

inquiries. I can confirm that

the device was viable and could

have exploded. The target may have been an air it detonated, the air craft have been an air craft and, had

could have been brought down. We do not believe that the

perpetrators of this attack

would have known the location

of the device when it was

planned to explode. Our

investigation remains

sensitive. We are closely sensitive. We are working partners to increase our

understanding of this case and, of course, to bring those responsible to justice. We know

these devices were in original ly sent from Yemen as

cargo. But a tip-off from Saudi Arabia alerted western

intelligence to the presence of

the bombs. One was intercepted

by the authorities at Dubai

where the where the carefully-hidden explosives were found. Another

of Friday at East Midlands was located in the early hours

airport. Initial tests failed

to spot the explosives but its presences

presences were later confirmed.

The packages were addressed to

Jewish institutions in Chicago

but investigators believe they

explode on route. This may have may have been designed to

been to high light a weak spot in aviation security. US officials are also talking of

tightening their procedures. We

were able, with the systems we packages, immediately identify the

packages, to segregate them, packages, to segregate them, to

begin looking at them from begin looking at them from a forensic standpoint. Really

analyse what's in them. And go

further and put in place rules

for the enhanced protection of cargo and passengers particularly coming out Yemen. These devices may have particularly coming out of

failed to detonate or kill failed to detonate or

anyone but they have succeeded

lead to more in causing alarm and may well

lead to more restrictive checks

and highe costs. They are also a sign a sign of continued

determination from al-Qaeda and

its affiliates to carry out attacks. As you have heard,

authorities believe the

were probably the work of

al-Qaeda. David Loyn examines

why the West believes Yemen has

become such a threat. Yemeni

place training to take on a

growing threat that has spread

beyond their borders. They're

already fighting a worsening

insurgence in the north and now

face a new enemy. Under the name al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the organisation

here has ambitions far beyond

these shores with a Islamst agenda written by a US-born cleric. Al-Qaeda Yemen has been growing US-born cleric. Al-Qaeda in

capacity since gaol break last Yemen has been growing in

year. There was a merger

between al-Qaeda networks in Yemen and Saudi Arabia create a trans national Yemen and Saudi Arabia to

organisation. Increasingly organisation. Increasingly it seems al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is a problem without Peninsula is a problem without The year before 9/11 17 US

soldiers were killed on the

boat moored off Yemen. There

has been an attempt on the life of a Saudi Prince last year

using the same explosives as

used in yesterday's foiled

attacked. It was also used by

the so-called underpans bombers last Christmas. Yesterday's bomb showed a

We're in mor trouble than we

realise because what we are seeing now is exceptionally good scanners and monitors

yesterday not identifying a parcel that was

travelling from Yemen are intelligence-identified. Passengers

screened as at any airport.

The Yemeni government is trying

to show it can be responsible but direct flights to the UK had already been stopped had already been stopped even before yesterday's incident.

As Britain reviews its policy of supporting a government that failed to prevent attacked

being launch add broad. Here in Australia, Wayne Swan says all air cargo from Dubai

and Doha in Australia will be heavily screened. Australia's

security agencies are working closely with the US information authorities. There is no

information that Australia is a target as far as these matters

are concerned, but the office

of transport security has issued a direction to the

aviation industry that all in-bound cargo originating Dubai and Doha must be

screened. That's an important precaution but we have no information at all that Australia is a target.

Acting PM Wayne Swan. It turns out there is an turns out there is an amazing

story to the shark attack near story to the shark attack near Perth yesterday. Eyewitnesses

say one man pulled the tail of

the shark as it bit into the

young woman south of Perth. 20-year-old Elyse Frankcom is

in a stable condition in hospital after the left buttock. Witnesses

say two men immediately went to

her aid with one pulling the 3m

shark off her. It's understood

the woman was swimming

3m-deep water as part of a

charter boat dive group. Ms

Frankcom was taken to Garden

Island where she received preliminary treatment before being taken to Royal Perth hospital by helicopter. It is

believed the shark was either a

graet White or a whaler. A graet White or a whaler. A boy is feared dead after falling

from a cliff from a cliff into a water near Lismore. He was with his father and football team-mates when he fell 10m into the water

hole. Police will continue the

search today. Fire fighters have been have been working through the

night to put out a big factory

blaze in Sydney. Two-thirds of

the 10,000 square metre

hardware storage facility has been destroyed. Winsome Denyer

has the details. It took helicopters, 20 fire engines

and close to 100 to bring the massive blaze

under control. Fire brigades were called to the scene in Smithfield Smithfield south-west Sydney late yesterday afternoon.

Already the blaze had taken a strong hold on the sprawling

factory. Walls started to

collapse so fire fighters had

to withdraw. The fire then

moved into a second factory

unit that contains dangerous

goods. We have had some

explosions. Light chemicals stored

stored on the site caused some concern

concern for authorities trying to manage the fire. to manage the fire. Hazardous material specialists making

sure the smoke plume isn't

toxic and monitor ing the water run-off run-off and there are

specialised command staff here managing the operation. Fire

fighters battled the blaze fighters battled the blaze from

an inside in an effort from

keeping the whole building destroyed. No-one was inside destroyed. No-one was inside at the time and no injuries have

been reported. As you can see it is an intense fire it is an intense fire and

dangerous to fight. The cause of

Investigators will move in once

the fire has been completely The Prime Minister Julia Gillard will travel to Gillard will travel to Malaysia later

of talks at the ASEAN summit in

Vietnam. Yesterday she made her debut at her first major

meeting in the region meeting in the region holding talks with US Secretary of

State Hillary Clinton and

China's Premier Wen Jiabao. I

am joined by Julie Doyle in Canberra. What have been the

major achievements so in this summit. There's been a

few of these meetings going on

in the sidelines where all the real

real work gets done. We have

seen the Prime Minister have one of one of those meetings with

China's Premier. She has

accepted an invitation to visit

China next year. She has had a

meeting with India's Prime

Minister, with the UN Secretary

General where she talked about Australia's proposal for Australia's proposal for a

regional processing centre for

asylum seekers. She's also had a meeting with Hillary Clinton,

the US Secretary of State,

who's coming here in about a week's time. As well as the conference has wrapped up

with some funding commitments

from the Prime Minister for the

region. She is talking about some funding for infrastructure, for

scholarships for students to come to come to Australia to study.

She's also looking at money to

combat infectious diseases and

pan demics and also to stop the

exploitation of migrant workers. She will have workers. She will have some discussions with discussions with Vietnamese officials today before she heads

heads off to her next

event. She's going to a couple

of other countries? Yes. heads off to Malaysia after this and then Indonesia before

returning to Australia. Be in Indonesia,

Indonesia, there will be more discussions about the regional processing centre for asylum seekers

East Timor. We'll see what comes out of those. comes out of those. Further

discussions at the next country

she visitses. Lots of foreign

policy work for the Prime

Minister. There have been more

volcanic eruptions in Indonesia forcing villagers to leave

their homes. It comes as

authorities are still trying to cope

which killed more than 400 people. The

people. The twin disasters which struck within 24 hours of

each other have severely tested

the country's ability to Almost a week since the

devastating tsunami hit the

shores of these remote islands

and thousands of and thousands of Indonesia's most vulnerable are barely

holding on. Ships carrying holding on. Ships carrying emergency aid have had to

battle bad weather to get here.

When they do, the supplies When they do, the supplies they have with them

enough. TRANSLATION: We need

oil to cook, access to hunt for

food. Mosquito nets, bowls and

shelter but the Government

gives us rice and this is not adequate for us. Rescue

workers are doing all they can.

But it's a tough job. But it's a tough job. They have to get these supplies to

people across this people across this chain of islands. One village, islands. One village, another village, it's far village, it's far away. It's really difficult. There are really difficult. There are no tools or equipment here to help survivors look for loved ones buried on the beaches or in the

jungles so they have to use

their bare hands. For their bare hands. For many,

the trauma is just too many to

bear. But in the midst of all this

this grief, a miraculous tail

of survival. This 70-year-old

was swept towards a tree by the

force of the tsunami. He hung

on to it for five days until he was

now been taken to a shelter for

treatment. Meanwhile, another disaster hundreds of kilometres

across the country is adding Indonesia's burden. Mount across the country is adding to

Merapi erupted again on

Saturday spewing hot ash Saturday spewing hot ash into the air. Although it was smaller than the first eruption on Tuesday, witnesses say the

explosions were much louder.

nation are Thousands of people across this

nation are still struggling to get the care urgently require as much help

as they can get. Still to come - Tulsen

Tollett joins me with the weekend sport and Wallabies win. Plus Lebanon weekend sport and the amazing

Wallabies win. Plus Lebanon say

vours the sweet bu ka of vours the sweet bu ka of the world's largest glass of Today's top stories -

authorities in Yemen have arrested a woman with suspected

links to that parcel bomb links to that parcel bomb ploit - plot that was foiled yesterday. Two devices were

intercepted on planes in the UK

and Dubai. The

Minister says the device was

designed to explode

mid-air. Julia Gillard wraps up

her visit today. In rugby union, the Wallabies have ended

their losing streak against the all blax winning a thrilling

test in Hong Kong last night.

James O'Connor scored after the

full-time siren and kicked full-time siren and kicked the

conversion to give Australia a

26-24 victory. Look at the weather

In Panama, local police have

destroyed almost 7 tonnes of

drugs in a controlled burn. The drugs in a controlled burn. The seized shipment made seized shipment made up largely

of cocaine was burn in a

of the capital. It is the

fourth patch of drugs destroyed

by police in the last month. It

was a tall order but Lebanon has done it. The the Middle Eastern country has claimed the world's biggest glass of wine.

No-one was rushing in to drink

the giant tiple which contained

dozens of red, white and dozens of red, white and rose

whites all mixed in together. Lebanon

Lebanon is making breaking world records. It currently holds a trophy for the world's biggest servings of

kibbeh and tabbouleh and world's biggest bowl of

hummous. Some like it hot but

mangos do not. With temperatures set to temperatures set to rise,

growers are concerned their

crops will be decimate ed crops will be decimate ed but

scientists may have come to scientists may have come to the

rescue. If the weather is

enough to send you crazy, spare

a thought for the humble mango. The tem pre-emptal - the fruit

likes a consistent climate and this year's crop is reeling from the heavy rainfall. The

Darwin region seems to be

30% lower than last year. As a

region, we are slightly down on

what we'd normally

expect. Weather researchers expect. Weather researchers put the unseasonal conditions down to the La Nina effect. Temperatures in northern Australia warmer northern Australia particularly warmer than warmer than average,

particularly the temperatures. That's what we

have seen this year. That's a

sign of things to come with

climate change expected to

result in temperatures result in temperatures rising

by one degree in by one degree in Darwin by 2030. For the mango it is not

good news. In Darwin, the

temperatures are already quite

high. We are talking about 32, 33 time. Scientists have found 33 around flowering

once temperatures rise above once temperatures rise above 32 fruit. So they are trialing this cooling irrigation system.

Early results look promising. So far the trial has produced heavier mango So far the trial has produced a

heavier mango and more of

them. We have had an exciting

result. We need to figure out

how to put that into a commercial procedure. Further

research is needed but growers

remain optimistic that despite

a drop in production, the fruit

is as popular as ever. They are confident the challenges of

nature can be

Time now for sport with Tulsen Tollett. That sounded

like an amazing game like an amazing game last

night, the Wallabies win. Yes, fantastic stuff. have ended a 10-match losing

streak to win their test match

in Hong Kong. It ends an unbeaten run by New unbeaten run by New Zealand against all nations. against all nations. But New Zealand fought back with Jimmy Cowan darting over

from close range. The All

Blacks looked to be heading for victory before James O'Connor

scored late in the corner.

Then this happened. I don't

think there was any definite point. Obviously Drew's try

was a crucial one. We obviously

got off to a great start and they

they hit back hard. We stemmed

that flow and that was the most

important thing for us. Trust me,

me, though, James O'Connor did kick goal. Another magnificent run

from So You Think stole the show. While tame tame upstaged

the faflts. There's been one

essential accessory year's spring carnival, and

it's not a fascinator. it's not a fascinator. Those

who forgot their umbrella s made other arrangements. If crowds were down, it didn't

show in the betting ring. We

know what the weather is like,

it is volatile here event, there's event, there's not much better. It's spring racing but spring has disappeared. With

Melbourne Cup starts on the line, there is plenty to race

for. Maluckyday earned a spot on Tuesday. Bart Cummings

watched from his hospital bed

as So You Think lined up in the MacKinnon Stakes. The 4-year-old performance was breathtaking. It's beautiful to watch. So You Think wins by about three. It's back into

favouritism for Tuesday and Melbourne Cup win. Hopefully could deliver cum cum his 13th

I'll be there. Is 13 an unlucky number for you? No, it's my lucky number. If it's my lucky number. If the

result of the ma kin none was

easy to pick, the derby wasn't.

It was billed as a race between Rekindled It was billed as a two-horse

race between Rekindled Interest and Retrieve. Tame tame and Retrieve. Tame tame edged

in front and never looked back.

He will win by about six

lengths. A lovely pose for the before he crossed the line and photo. Hugh Bowman was happy

Bjorn Baker was determined to celebrate whether he got

drenched or not. Couldn't care

less. We hope it keeps raining until Tuesday. A super thrill. The Baker stable will run Harris Tweed in the Melbourne Cup. They Melbourne Cup. They are

probably alone in preying for

more rain. Tame tame secured victory in the derby but all

eyes were on the barrier draw for the Melbourne Cup. So You Think fared well. The favourite drew

favourite drew barrier three

but Shocking will have to jump

from the outside barrier.

There were two matches in the

A-League last night. Sydney FC

drew 1-1 with the Brisbane Roar

with the Queenslanders missing

a chance to join Adelaide at

the top. No problems for the

Central Coast Mariners in their

5-0 win. dominated proceedings but

didn't get on the board until

the 33rd minute. Two the 33rd minute. Two more

goals were added before

fifth was struck as an own goal

by Perth. A lot more strauked than defence and once we get into the final, we've got the

freedom to express ourselves.

I think combined everything,

English Premier it's doing well for us. In the

English Premier League, top

three sides secured victory

over night. Robert Green

wasn't able to maintain a clean

shot with Alex Song handing the gunners a win. Manchester United defeated tot nam

2-0. While England shores for the Ashes series 2-0. While England are on

there's still chef field shield

backs are on top and will get cricket to be played.

going on 7/405. There was

basketball action in the NBL and WNBL last night. Australia has completed clean sweep of Australia has completed a

clean sweep of the international

winning at Croke Park. Back to international rules series

the game last night, the

Wallabies did have trouble with their kickers. It could have been a stronger victory. Three kickers

kickers were used in the kickers were used in the match. Kurtley Beale started off, Kurtley Beale started off, he

missed, then we had Matt Giteau

they were one from six. That's who missed a few. At one point

a problem heading to Europe but

also looking at the World Cup

next year. The form has shown us they are a good team. It is

kicking right which New Zealand consistency but getting the

have. Just on So You Think,

we've had the first comparisons

with Phar Lap. If he does win,

he will be the first horse

since far lap to win. Even at

the height of Tasmania's

forestry wars the State's

quality timber furniture has always been highly prized. The

sector's value is recognised in

the recent forest peace deal

but some working in the

It's been stuck in a vicious

circle for decades. But Tasmania's forestry debate

appeared to break through two weeks ago when a statement of

principles was signed by

industry and environmentalists.

One element of the peace deal

has been all but over overlooked - the future of the

speciality timber scek tore.

Forestry Tasmania estimates it employs 2,000 people and

generates $70 million with a small volume of wood.

The timber is what makes the

huge difference between this product and something that could be made anywhere. Speciality timber is

exempt from the agreement.

That hasn't soothed the anxiety

of many. Hugh Maclaine sells

timber flooring

timber flooring including product from iconic species.

He doesn't know whether his

I'd like to think we would be

because I see what we do as

specialised and I think we specialised and I think we can selectively log native forests

for saw log. The available for saw log. The available and

cost of suitable wood is also a

concern. Designated high

conservation areas will still

be off limited and there be off limited and there are

concerns the cost of selective harvesting will be too great.

We are looking at much less

availability, at a far greater cost, and that's a real

worry. The raw material up and so that means obviously

we've got to get that at the

other end of our products. Our

customers have to be able to pay that price. Environment

Tasmania says which

qualify as speciality is yet to

be decided. But the sector currently accounts for less

than 1% of the trees cut than 1% of the trees cut down

in native forest. Clearly the

sector is exempt but not immune from the uncertainty facing the industry as a

Scientists may have a solution for northern Australian beef

producers worried about a burp

tax on their livestock. They have

have found cattle that eat have found cattle that eat the leaves of a Mexican fodder tree

emit 20% less methane. As Landline's Pip Courtney report,

not only does methane go down,

the weight gain goes up. Being

taxed on your livestock's gas

output might sound like a joke but beef producers know it is a reality. Beef industry reality. Beef industry is under

the gun for trying to emit methane emissions. Each day the

average cow burps out up to 300

litres of methane. Now

researchers at the CSIRO in central Queensland are using

lasers to measure just how much

methane comes out. The cattle

is fitted with GPS collars so

we know where they are in the

paddock. As the laser goes kroogs

that laser, wrou get a methane

plume as they bell p. I'd suggest anywhere between 10 suggest anywhere between 10 to 20% reduction versus a diet without it. significant impact. There's

200,000 heck tears planted. It

fattens cattle. Now there

might be another reason to plant it. If scientists show us the plant will improve what's going into the atmosphere, I think every thinking cattle person has to be considerate. It is to double plantings in Queensland. It is obviously on the right track. If we the right track. If we can intensify our beef intensify our beef price, hopefully we can reduce the carbon footprint. That's good news for the sales pitch. A band of cloud over the east in a trough is causing in a trough is causing heavy rain over Victoria and showers through Queensland. Thick cloud over the Northern Territory and moist unstable area is triggering triggering widespread thunderstorms. Around the States

It will WA, apart

WA, apart from isolated showers over coastal parts.

For more details on the

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our web site. I might take

this opportunity to read a couple of the comments on our web site big issues this week, there

were a flood of commeps on it,

when that guy threw his shoes

at John Howard. Two of the

comments on that during the week were "The ongoing pettiness of the Liberal pettiness of the Liberal Party

is hi lars. Maybe it's calma. Whatever it is they deserve all the criticism, husband millation and flying shoes they

get". Then there was this "I

thought John Howard showed why

he was PM so long. He his beliefs and judgments but still respects everybody still respects everybody else

for their own". Then finally

one of the other major events

of the week was the death of