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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live Fresh flood

warnings issued for several

towns in Victoria's north.

after a series of freak waves

hit a beach on the New South

Wales south coast. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair admits he disregarded warning from his top legal Blair admits he disregarded a

adviser during the Iraq

invasion. And Australia makes

it two-nil in the one day

series against England. good morning, you're watching ABC morning, you're watching ABC

News 24, I'm Jane Hutcheon. A quick look at the weather. It

will be cloudy across most of the capitals today. and Darwin can expect a shower

or two, storms in Canberra.

Sunny in Adelaide with a top of

32 degrees. Checking

international markets, at the end of trade in the US, Jones and the S&P 500 are both up. The Nasdaq is trading lower. Several towns in north

and north-west Victoria are waiting and watching this

morning as rising rivers move towards them. In the at north-west, the Wimmera River

at Jeparit is expected to peak

some time today potentially flooding 20 homes. In I

Loddon River as floodwaters impacts are expected along the

make their way from the

isolated Kerang to Swan Hill. Residents in Lake Charm, Mystic

Park and Fairly have been urged Park and Fairly have been urged

to leave. The floods are expected to threaten

communities in Victoria's north

and north-west for 10 more days. Lachlan Quick is the

spokesman for SES Victoria and

Good morning to you Lachlan he joins us now on the phone.

Quick. We've heard that some

communities have been leave. Can update us communities have been asked to

latest situation? Yes, Jane.

We did send out some emergency evacuation messages yesterday afternoon between Kerang and afternoon

Swan Hill. There are concerns

as the Loddon River makes as the Loddon River makes its way around Kerang whether those

levees continue to hold. It

will impact on a in many of

those small communities reaching Swan Hill some time those small communities before


until it peaks Sunday and begin impacting then

number of days after impacting Swan Hill for a other areas of danger? . I think you

mentioned Jeparit. We have to the town sandbagging has been undertaken. We have undertaken. We have army

resources there with a access if those roads do cut, but after reaching Jeparit access if those roads do get

the Wimmera River will into Lake Hindmarsh which the Wimmera River will flow

give the area a recreational

boon for some time. What about

for the weekend as a whole and into next week because of course there's the day holiday mid-week? We've course there's the Australia

remaining around Kerang where

protect the town. It is important to remember that a peak of flood water necessarily where the peak of flood water is not

subsides. Kerang saw some three days ago and the water has only dropped

since then. The levee solid at this stage, but we do have some close monitoring do there. We have some close monitoring to

to be impacted probably do there. We expect Swan Hill

to be impacted probably around

Australia Day. We are trying

to do as much work with the

community we can before the holiday because we are slightly different. Lachlan people's patterns of behaviour

Quick. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Queensland flood crisis estimated to have already the State's estimated to have already cost

$2 billion. Tourism the State's economy more than

suffering and $2 billion. Tourism is suffering and business in rural towns has ground to There are fears some retailers they won't reopen floodwaters recede. Apart from

about 6 shops, Kerang is closed

to business. In these

difficult times, no news is not newsagency, but it has good news for the town's

promised that a pile newsagency, but it has been

promised that a pile of papers

will be on the next plane in. The supermarket is stocked, delivery trucks have managed to get through, but

with most locals evacuated, there are no queues at there are no queues at the check out. Our staff in Mildura

have come down because all our staff from here town. Just to try and keep

things going. The only reason

Garry McCluskey has kept Garry McCluskey has kept his fuel business open is to provide

fuel to farmers. All his are fuel to farmers. All his staff on their farms trying to save machinery and livestock. I'm the only person here at the moment. Everybody is doing their bit to save the town and

every business is the economic impact of across Victoria. In houseboats sit across Victoria. In Echuca

houseboats sit idle. off by the

off by the reports of flooding.

Some Some tourism operators say business is down by at least a significant, that flows employment. Then you add employment. significant, that flows on into

employment. Then you add the the supply chain impacts, housing and on so on. Overall

cost of $2 billion plus. It is very significant. The Tourism Minister surveying the damage at haul gap in the Grampians which was ravaged by floods. We have substantial long-term problems

here in making sure that the Grampians are safe again.

We're going to look at

festivals in the short-term,

attractions to try to keep the

tourist flow coming. The Loddon River here in Kerang is dropping rapidly. We bridge behind me heerp 24 hours ago and the

bridge behind me was covered

with water. Now you could

Townspeople say their thoughts almost drive across it.

are with the farmers who

suffered the most financially.

To think we've had all this

beautiful rain and it's never

been better and to end up like

this, just don't know how it is

going to end up. We'll

survive. There's a big volume

of water out there.

amount of water, more water thafn's ever seen area. Locals won't forget this

flood for a long time. Ritchie, Kerang. A man is Ritchie, Kerang. A man is dead and two other people are in a serious condition

swept off a sandbank on South Wales south coast. South Wales south coast. They

were among more than a dozen people who had to be pulled

from the water after a series of freak waves hit the

beach. Up to 70 people were in the water at Stanwell Park north of Wollongong when

tragedy struck The tragedy struck The conditions

of water changed. There was a

sand bar there. It was a bit rough.

changed. A lot of people changed. A lot of people got

into difficulties. A man in his 60s drowned after large waves swept the group of swimmers swept the group of swimmers out to sea. to sea. Three ambulance helicopters rushed to the beach, but paramedics beach, but paramedics were

unable to save the man who died at the scene. He's a 63-year-old male from

Perth. The man's daughter has been treated for shock and breathing difficulties from swallowing water. swallowing water. A 20-year-old man is in a

critical condition after having a heart attack.

girl was taken to hospital with

respiratory problems. Lifesavers at the

scene say everyone was swimming

between the flags. Most people got out of the people got out of the water themselves. I believe there

was one of the lifesavers had his rescue board, four people attached to that at one

statement, four young people, but most of them got themselves

out of the water. It is not

known what caused the waves to crash with such force or

frequency, but locals say strong rips are common in the area. I I don't swim very often but I won't swim a bad name for the beach for

the rips Police have praised the efforts of lifesavers

saying their quick action saying their quick action saved more people more people from drowning. Let's have a lock at some of the other stories

making news on the front pages of Australia's Saturday papers. In the weekend In the weekend Australian, Assistant Treasurer Bill

Shorten lays down the law Shorten lays down the law to insurers saying he'll be seeking reforms to the

insurance industry in the wake

of the Queensland floods. The Age reports that Victorians are being shrugged more than a billion dollars a year for Melbourne's privatised trains

and trams. That's apparently

six times more than the

system's architects predicted

11 years ago. The Herald Sun reports the median house price

in Melbourne has broken through

the $600,000 barrier for first time. The Adelaide

Advertiser says that South Australia's desalination plant

the water is needed or not. A threat

threat of severe weather in the paper reports a cyclone is brewing in the Gulf while

another threatens to form. And

a story of new life amid the

floods in the Courier Mail. The former

questioned for a second

denied that the Cabinet was kept in the dark during discussions in 2002 about whether

he admitted disregarding a wrn warning from his top warning from his top legal adviser that attacking Iraq would be illegal without further UN backing. Arriving hours early, hours early, the former British leader knew he was Questions about why in the lead

up to the war he ignored his January 2003 that invading Iraq resolution. I was making basically a between what he was saying and

it not in a sense as a but politically. What private letters to George W Bush, documents the inquiry has seen but has been barred from

publishing. Tony Blair publishing. Tony Blair was

happy to discuss the basic

message. What I was saying to him is I'm going to be with

in handling it this way. I'm not going to push you down this path and then back out when it

gets too hot politically

because it is going to get politically. For me very much so. For Tony Blair this wasn't all about the past. He this forum this forum to warn the West that Iran had to be confronted, not

negative, destabilising, it is supportive of terrorist groups, it it is doing everything it can to impede progress in the

Middle East peace process Middle East peace process and to facilitate a situation in which that region cannot embark

on the process of modernisation it urgently needs. Outside, the former British should be facing not an

inquiry, but a war crimes trial. I think trial. I think the man is a criminal and he's on the run. I think he should be I think he should be sent to

the Hague for war crimes trial because I think he perfectly well that the war was illegal. Tony Blair illegal. Tony Blair did what he said he'd wished he'd done

during his first appearance during his first appearance for the families of soldiers who died in Iraq listening intently

he spoke about those killed in the conflict. Of course, I the loss of life, whether from our own armed forces, those of

other nation, the civilians other nation, the civilians who helped people in Iraq or the Iraqis think it is right to say it and it's what I feel. Off camp remarks angry relatives shouted

remarks angry relatives shouted

"it's too late and" and walked

out What he done was an act of

treason because he lied to

Parliament, he manufactured the

lies to send us to an illegal

war. Tony Blair left as he'd

arrived, admitting mistakes had been made, but utterly convinced the war was legal and

morally just. When the morally just. When the report

is finally made public, it will

no doubt spark a lot of no doubt spark a lot of debate. Passions always run Passions always run deeply

whenever the name Tony Blair is mentioned. Luke Wilkshire, A Meanwhile the British Prime

Minister's communications chief, Andy Coulson, has resigned after new details emerged in the News of the

World phone tapping scandal.

Mr Coulson had faced pressure hacking while he was editor the tabloid. He quit the newspaper

in 2007 saying he took ultimate

responsibility for the scandal.

But denied knowing phone

hacking was taking place. He

now says coverage of the widening scandal has made it difficult to continue his

current job. The Prime current job. The Prime Minister praised him as a

brilliant member of his team. Chinese President Hu

Jintao is wrapping up his four

day visit to the United States.

Earlier, he came face to face

with US politicians criticised his country's human rights record and the value of

the Chinese currency.

President Hu has meanwhile called for US cooperation on economic and security issues.

And restated that China has no

interest in pursuing an arms race or exerting military

dominance over other nations.

For more on that visit I For more on that visit I spoke with Washington with Washington correspondent

Lisa Millar a short time

ago. Jane, most people have

considered that this trip has

been a success for both sides and of course both the US and China would have come into China would have come into it wanting to getting is out of

it. Here in the US China is considered a bit of a bogey man. The opinion polls suggest

that most Americans think that

China is stealing jobs and is contributing to the country's

high deficit. The talk about $45 billion worth of trade

deals being signed and the like

would certainly have made Americans feel slightly Moree

laxed. On the US side of it, they got they got a few concessions

certainly on North Korea from China. The big issue of course was human rights and even

though Hu Jintao said that he recognised China recognised China had more to do, most of the analysts are saying that was China's paying

lip service to the US. lip service to the US. At the

end of it certainly as he

prepares to leave Chicago and

fly home, most people are

giving the score card a bit of a tick Sanning a it was

probably a success for both

sides. Three people have been killed during a

Albania. 20,000 people have rallied Minister's office in the capital Tirana calling for Minister, Sali Berisha, has been tied up in a scandal over alleged alleged corruption. Witnesses

say a section of the crowd threw rocks at police threw rocks at police who

responded with tear gas and water cannon. Albania has been

in political deadlock of the 2009 elections. In a show of unity, police have joined with protesters in the

Tunisian capital Tunisia. officers said they've been oppressed under president Ben their brothers. Protests have been

been almost daily in the been almost daily in the past week by those who caretaker government is still dominated ousted president. The government says 78 people have been killed since the start of the uprising. The UN puts the The country has three days of mourning. A senior

mourning. A senior army

republic of Congo has been

arrested over a mass rape Lieutenant-Colonel Kibibi Mutware is Mutware is accused of orchestrating the gang more than 50 women in the fidz in the east. He in the east. He dismisses theal fwations as rumours. It follows the arrest of 10 other soldiers over the violence. They'll go on trial as early as when a mob lynched when a mob lynched a soldier who'd shot a mass rape in the east of country, but this is to be the largest single incident allegedly involving the army. The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, under intense pressure over allegations he allegations he paid for sex with underaged prostitutes. Pope Benedict has entered Pope Benedict has entered the controversy saying public officials should rediscover their moral roots. The woman at the centre of the accusation, known as Ruby the Heart Heart Stealer, insists they're untrue. Wild parties, underaged sex, payments sex, payments to prostitutes, no wonder Silvio Berlusconi the most the most damaging accusations of his premiership. is the girl at the centre of

the claims. Facebook name Ruby the Heart Stealer. Prosecutors say the Prime Minister say the Prime Minister paid to

at his home near Milan. Rue bee has told interviewers she never had sex with Mr

Berlusconi or was paid for sex. She assisted 6,000 pounds gave her was because she needed help. Mr Berlusconi himself has twice been on

this week to deny the claims. prostitutes and didn't have with ruby. It was a lurid line by linery prosecutors and published in different version. Rue bee different version. Rue bee is recorded as saying she would

receive as much money if you want if

want if she quept quiet. want if she quept quiet. One girl was ordered to dress girl was ordered to dress up

for Mr Berlusconi. Put on a

nurse's uniform. You nurse's uniform. You know how much he likes that much he likes that sort of

thing. Playing the patient. Today Pope Benedict appeared to make reference to the scandal

during an audience in the Vatican. The Pope spoke of

Italian society losing its soul and its spiritual

and its spiritual and moral

roots. Other figures in roots. Other figures in the

Catholic Church have gone even

further, with bishops calling

the scandal a devastating tore day day dough, whilst political opponents of the Prime Minister say he must now resign. Even in

the face of such pressure, Mr Berlusconi says he won't prosecutors to answer their questions. The

questions. The Burmese

pro-democracy leader has been given Internet access two

months after she was freed from 7 years of house arrest. Her

security chief says it has been

authorised by Burma's military

government. Until last

November she was confined to

her home in Rangoon without

telephone or Internet access. The Nobel Prize laureate says

she wants to use

she wants to use social

networking and microblogging contact young people in Burma

and all over the world. Time now for sport with Tolsen

Tullet. A few injury concerns

after last night's cricket

win. Yes. A win. Yes. A couple of concerns

for the Australian team heading

into the third match tomorrow.

Australia has beaten England Australia has beaten England by

46 runs to take a two-nil lead in the one day series, but the

win has come at a cost with

more World Cup squad members injured. Shaun Marsh made the most of his return to the national side with a match winning century after Australia

had made a disastrous start to

the match at Bellerive Oval. Set

dismissed for 184 in the 45th

over. A sellout crowd saw

Australia sent in and there was a bit early a bit early swing and seam. He's gone. The

seam. He's gone. The Melbourne

match winner and his opening

partner, Brad Haddin, partner, Brad Haddin, were

copycat offenders. He bowls

him. Another inside edge. England bowled with venom and Australia slumped to 3 for

21. Michael Clarke gave away his wicket on 10. It was one. Aparter in ship was desperately needed. desperately needed. Cameron White and Shaun Marsh provided

White and Shaun Marsh provided it. That's four. With Mike Hussey battling to be fit for

he'd make the perfect the World Cup, Marsh showed

replacement. Another powerful

strike. Michael Yardy ended the pair's century stand. Cameron

White fell for 45 and Australia

collapsed. Doug Bollinger offered more than tail end

With successive fours and a footwork than the resistance, displaying better

six, Marsh posted his second

one day century. It does. That is making the most of an is making the most

opportunity. Happy to be here

and we've put on a decent

now. Brett Lee now. Brett Lee made Matt Prior's return to the England

opening position forgettable.

Doug Bollinger removed Andrew Strauss. That's worth a shout.

He's given him. Kevin Pietersen

next ball. He's gone as well. Ian Bell wasn't willing to concede. Beautifully timed. England couldn't find a

match winning partnership. Right to where the

man is. What loomed as a man is. What loomed as

took a twist with World Cup memorable night for Australia


squad member Nathan Hauritz injuring his shoulder. Shaun Tait appeared to strain his

groin. Australia's second win

Alister Nicholson, ABC News. In of the series a costly one.

the Australian Open tennis

fourth seed Venus Williams was forced to retire after forced to retire after six minutes when

minutes when she aggravated a and Maria Sharapova were groin injury. Roger Federer Williams suffered other players to progress.

Williams suffered the injury in other players

her last round fourth round encounter Maria Sharapova. In other Monfils went down

Warinka the Swiss player while number nine Verdasco was too strong for his opponent Japan's Miclelle has has claimed the leader's ochre jersey winning stage

Australia. The national time

trial champion was part of a off a fast the run to the line in the hills town of Matt Wilson in the break with hills town of Strathalbyn.

me was unbelievable. I

wouldn't have stayed away wouldn't have stayed

without him. It was a perfect

ride and I'm very happy to take my first pro my first pro tour victory. Meyer leads Dutchman Laurens ten Dam which tend seconds overall

Matt Goss a further two back. Thomas de Matt Goss a further two seconds

back. Thomas de Gendt lead the

race and Luke Roberts colours. the King of the Mountain

striker Tim Cahill as the Socceroos prepared to take on defending champions Iraq in the quarterfinal of the Asian Cup

tonight. Already through to

the last four, are Japan and Uzbekistan after they secured wins earlier. Cahill hobbled seen training in the last group match and was

team's training session in fancied three Doha. Iraq upset the much

winning the tile tell four

years ago. We have to take

game. Iraq are this seriously as the last

team to play against they've got great results. thing we have to at the cus on got great results. The main

our positives that we keep playing good led Adelaide United to a van Dijk and Marcos Flores have

thumping. It was led Adelaide United to a 8-1

goal thumping. It was the highest the car ninl in the fourth

minute when he knocked home

Sergio van Dijk got Sergio van Dijk Sergio van Dijk's cross and

the score Sergio van Dijk got himself on of the evening just moment

noose the second half, whilst second and third came second and third came within the next half hour. They're the next half hour. They're in

7th heaven. Adelaide 7th heaven. Adelaide United, the first A-League

7. And it didn't finish at that as an as an 8th goal was scored completing a

leaving the Fury what's happened while the Reds roll on. The Sydney Kings have broken a 14

with a 81-71 point win with a 81-71 point win in their NBL match at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The

Perth Wildcats had a convincing 88-68 over top four rivals the Townsville Crocodiles in Perth.

Canberra Logan and Bulleen all had wins in the night. Let's go back to tennist for a moment because Samantha Stosur Tomic are the two remaining

Australians in action and Bernard or not, Rafael number one. We'll certainly or not, Rafael Nadal the world

hour. Many thanks. talk about that in the next

displayed exquisite skills on the national stage Macexplode is global stage. The recently Macexplode is to perform on the

retired Adelaide Crow is

Geneva to address a UN forum in sport. Next week he'll be in year freezing Switzerland sharing his experiences on tackling racism. What tackling racism. What better way to spend Australia Day and representing the

people. The veteran of games began his AFL career at a people. The veteran of 340

turbulent time for race relations. His pointed show of cultural pride was fresh in the football relations. His pointed show of cultural pride football world's consciouses news

to make his public stand

against racism. Macexplode

retireded from a get tition which developed a very different attitude to racial vilification. the change rooms you used to

hear a lot of banter around the place, you certainly don't that any more. Macexplode place, you certainly don't hear

that any more. Macexplode says

racism can never be truly

defeated. Education is the

best defence. He believes all

sports can learn from the AFL's

fearless footballer admits to vilification policy. The

some fear about addressing 80 nations. It is exciting though. My about biggest

concern is I've never been to a

place that cold before. I'm

worried about what I have to wear. He's also keen to I have

a first try at skiing if trough is bringing stormy a first try at skiing if time

wealth other inland and

south-east New South Wales and

to eastern parts of Victoria. Low cloud showers over eastern Low cloud is causing isolated


Queensland. An active monsoon

across the tropics is triggering showers and storms.

Taking a closer look at Taking a closer look at the States, the odd shower over the

east coast of Queensland,

monsoonal rain moving to the

northern tropics. Isolated

showers and thunderstorms over

the western interior, fine over

the southern interior. A few showers and storms over far

north and south-east New South

Wales. Expect a weakening cool

change through the south.

the east, dry elsewhere, Victoria can expect a

becoming clear and warmer throughout. Fine across most throughout. Fine across most

of Tasmania apart from isolated

showers about Flinders Island.

It will be mostly sunny throughout South Australia. In

WA, late afternoon showers developing south-west

developing south-west and

extending north to Perth. to the Top End, extending north to Perth. And

to the Top End, monsoonal showers across the tropics are

easing. Hot over the easing. Hot over the south,

humid throughout. Looking

ahead to Sunday, patchy showers in Brisbane and Perth, cloudy Easing storms over Darwin and

fine in Sydney with a top of

27. For more details on the

stories we're following today

and to send us your comments and pictures, you can log-on to

our website. The address You're watching ABC News 24.

News. Several small towns in Victoria's ready as floodwaters make their way to the Murray River town Swan Hill. In way to the Murray River town of

the Wimmera River at Jeparit Swan Hill. In the north-west,

expected to peak today, potentially flooding 20 homes. Residents in Lake Charm, Mystic Park and Fairly have also been

urged to leave. The

expected expected to threaten communities in communities in Victoria's north and north-west for up to 10

more days. Investigations are a man at Stanwell Park beach on the New South Wales south drowned after being swept off a sandbank in what police are

describing as a series of freak waves. Two a serious condition. They were

water. water. Former British Prime

Minister Tony Blair has been

questioned for a second time at the inquiry into the Iraq war. Mr

Mr Blair denied that Mr Blair denied that the Cabinet was kept in the Cabinet was kept in the dark

during discussions in 2002 about whether to insaid Iraq. He also admitted disregarding adviser that attacking Iraq would be illegal without

further UN backing. And a brilliant century to Shaun Marsh has led

run victory over England in the second

second one day international in

Hobart. The tourists bowled out for 184 in reply

Australia's total of 230. The

result puts Australia two

up in the one day international

series. The Queensland

housing massive task of trying to find housing for the thousands of people left homeless by the as James Kelly discovered, family has different needs and

been a tough life for Tame Kidane, his wife and

children who asked for help at Brisbane's QE2 Brisbane's QE2 evacuation centre this morning. Very hard for me, for family. Four years ago the Brisbane suburb of the Brisbane suburb of Oxley. They again lost almost everything last week, everything last week, like thousands thousands of others. Very, very flooded. You can't go

back? No, because this house very old. For 10 days they have who took in other flood

victims. I'm happy to them, but you can them, but you community's department has

found the Kidane's a new home

on Brisbane's north side, more

than 20 kilometres away. Tame Kidane is relieved but says settling in a new area again

won't be easy. It is not

understand this area, it is a

little bit hard. Hard on his

children too. I'm going to miss

my friends at school. I really

liked that. The government says

more than 900 homes are for many months. There are a

lot of people living in dicht

difficult circumstances with

family and friends. family and friends. We're sourcing factory built housing for some people. The

relocatable homes are going

into communities like and the Lockyer Valley. I'm

confident the government is

doing the best they can in very

difficult circumstances. A rare

show of political solidarity for people facing the most

trying of times. James Kelly,

ABC News, Brisbane. Joining us for our for our first Newsmakers session of the year are McKnight, the Associate

Professor University of New South Wales, and businesswoman Kerry Chikarovski, who is a former

New South Wales Liberal leader.

Welcome to both and happy New Year. Same to you. As the clean-up begins in Queensland,

and parts of northern New South

Wales and Victoria, the debate

over who will foot the bill for

the damage in the floods has begun. Let's first hear from Julia Gillard. This is going to

require some difficult decisions. There will be

spending cutbacks and there may

also be a levy. I'm working on those decisions

them at the appropriate time. We obviously We obviously have more work to

do. We don't have the total damage bill yet. I want to be very very blunt with

We have a lot of flood damage

to repair in Queensland. There will be some economic effects

on GDP growth, short-term effect on inflation, with food

prices and the like, but our

economy is strong and we will

get through this by pulling

together the same way we got

through the global financial

think when we have major events

like this, that disrupt not

just one state but Victoria as

well and we're seeing that disrupt the entire economy, I think we do have to ask ourselves whether there is

a better way of doing T I'm

certainly interested in seeing

some more detail. Queensland

accounts for one third of Australia's exports and economists say the damage toll

could be as high as $20

your billion. Kerry Chikarovski,

for all Australians. your views on a potential levy

for all Australians. I want to help and they want to understand that Australians

contribute and that certainly

been the case when you lock at

the amount of money going into the Queensland flood the Queensland flood relief collections. I'm not

sure they want a levy. I'm not

people believe they need to entirely sure that's something

contribute. I do they they think the government should be contributing this. Is contributing this. Is a

government which they know have

been collecting substantial

sums of money. A lot of people

out there will be saying what

we might be doing re adjusting

the priorities of government. I... I'm Opposition's policy. I know Opposition's policy. I know for example perhaps we defer

some of the NBN. I think at

this particular time whether

people are going to have to be asked

asked to pay more, particularly affected, you can't have a levy just for New South Wales and

South Australia. The affected areas. It is going to everybody that this levy is areas. It is going to be for

going to

going to be imposed, one

assumes, if it is going to be a

personal levy. David knack

night McKnight a lot of night McKnight a lot of people are saying the floods around

avoided. Why should the Ipswich and

country have to pay for the

clean-up? Because they weren't

avoided. We have a small

situation charity is really not national crisis and in that

enough. You need a government

to take steps. That doesn't mean they can do anything, but

cutting back I don't think is

good. I don't to cut back on the investment

in the national broadband. in the national broadband. I think we have to do what think we have to do what always happens in a crisis and that's pull together. You need a fair

something like that. something like that. How do

you put that on to people you put that on to people who have already suffered as much as they've suffered? Also people who haven't suffered and didn't contribute to it, should problem people they pay? I have less of a

suffered because they're in a position. If you look at all those business people up who've lost their businesses and lost everything going to stay we're going to and lost everything and we're

levy you to pay problem. It is going to be an levy you to pay for your

People who are has to be ETA equitable.

If Australia is under attack in

a war, you done say a war, you done say they're

only attacking to pay for it. Do you levy is the most to pay for this? levy is the most equitable way

to pay for this? Charity is

good and inspiring and it is very erratic and probably not

in the long-term. We have to

see what or the of levy they're talking talking about and the time and how much and how it is going to be equitable. That's going to be talking weeks and weeks and weeks and Parliament is anyway, New South Wales, hearings have been taking place in inquiry into the place in the State Parliamentry

electricity sell-off. This has inquiry into the $5.3 billion

ramifications for a lot of

states in terms of how Labor government is faring and also the whole privatisation I wonder, David McKnight, sell-offs ever in the interests I wonder, David McKnight, are

of the of the public? That's a pretty

big question. Maybe sometimes. privatisation of electricity of course because it burns coal that is a Charles Zentai tral central question for many decades to they're not talking about the

final privatisation of the

whole electricity industry in

New South Wales, it's getting closer and closer.

there is a good case for

South Wales is in a sense

remote from that. It is the sort of government slowly

twisting in the wind as it faces its March to its execution in execution in March. That's right. Obviously that's right. Obviously that's going to be a elections. Can Kristina Keneally possibly hold Kerry Chikarovski? Briefly before I need to say as someone who before I comment on that, I

advocated privatisation back in privatise things. Having said that, it needs to be done in

the right way and to get the

right price. Do I think this is a good deal? The answer is

she hold on? I think the

problem the Premier has she has

been very badly advised. The

worst thing that's come out of

of this privatisation deal

she's looking shifty. She's

scrutinised. Shed been not prepared to be properly

scrutinised. Shed been

threatening people to go to an

inquiry. When you get taxi

hide? Which is what they've drivers what are they trying

been saying to me you know they're trouble. You can get

away with incompetence. You can't get way with people

thinking you're not upfront and honest. Can we fairly say

people have been badly advise.

Surely a politician's job is to talk to people, to read, to have that insent. The problem this premier has she's not been

long enough to have long enough to have the corporate history. She

things would play out in other circumstance or how they may have played out have played out in other circumstances. She has to take

advice. I'm not entirely she getting the best advice at

the moment. WikiLeaks continues

to steal headlines. We talk

about WikiLeaks a lot on this

segment. Julian Assange works

with the Old Media in getting his stories across. I suppose if he posted the information

and no-one took any notice of

him, we probably wouldn't him, we probably wouldn't know

general still need I wonder does the new media in a lot about what goes on there.

Media to operate? David

McKnight? I think it does. McKnight? I think it does. I

think that's demonstrable. newspapers and in a sense

that's the question. We may not need newspapers, print

media, but we certainly need

journalists. That may be a

little bit incestious and self

flattering. You need somebody

to assess and contextual lies. It is sometimes not done very well by true the information which is

posted up in a wall of static

noise doesn't stand out. It

needs some kind of needs some kind of cooperation.

It is an It is an interesting reflection on the Old Media just on the Old Media just how in a

sense they need the new media,

they need the leaks, they need the investigations. It is a

event two way street. I if Julian Assange had put

everything on the Internet it

still would have been out and you wouldn't have needed still would have been out there

the News of the World or because it would still have

been out there. Everybody would have been Tweeting about

it. The new media in its would

disseminated the it is critically assessed, information. Maybe. Whether information. Maybe.

that's a different question. The actual information would

have been out there anyway. To look at the straight documents,

you don't know what is I go

significant. . That's what I'm

saying. To get the information

out that wouldn't have been a problem. To contextual problem. To contextual lies

them and say this is how they're reflecting on this government or that government

or this particular politician

or whatever, I to do that. Briefly, Australia

Day is coming up next week.

Alcohol bans are in place in

many beaches and public areas and on the mid-north

powers where police can they've actually introduced

confiscate and tip alcohol. I confiscate and tip alcohol. I

that kind of action to tip just wonder how effective is

alcohol or take it away from people? Certainly the police

the top Australia Day have had a problem with over

celebrations. I think there celebrations. I think

need to be a balance. It was need to be a balance. It

commentary we had around the kind of like

New having areas which were an

alcohol free and others where

people could have a drink. The

police said the new People are capable of need to be be careful we don't get to the stage where we take

all the fun out of. Not everything who has a drink

a problem. Not everything's

who has a drink going to who has a drink going to be violent. Tempering some sense with the police, but giving

them the powers that's fine. Make sure tempered. David McKnight, do

you think as a nation we have a

drinking problem? I think do. I think alcohol

sensational. But we have a

free trade in alcohol now and I think the kinds of things that

happen on some days, national

days, are indicative. I'm

males rampaging around, because they're fuelled up on grog. Whether the cops should tip it it Whether the cops should then

that's provocative and that's provocative and silly

silly, we do have something about. Are we different from other western

nations. The UK for example? Binge drinking is discussed

in probably every western country. put more for cus on it or is it a bigger problem. I a bigger problem. reports to demonstrate that particularly amongst

people. Maybe Europe and Britain have a

they can handle it. Maybe the

move to smaller bars to Australia will weighing from that thing. I hope so. I think

there's a problem in the UK.

If you look at lot of their advertising moment

trying to trying to help people stop binge drinking, there is a problem problem there. I'm not quite convinced it is as problem in Europe. Having that, if you go over to any owes places, like the island Spain, not British backpackers getting thanks so much for joining thanks so much for joining us

on Newsmakers. I'm Jane

Hutcheon. Do stay with us on ABC News 24. I'll be back of the hour. Closed Captions by CSI.