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Industries under the pump Industries under the pump -

meeting on manufacturing. If unions and the Government

you don't manufacture steel,

you can't have a value-adding manufacturing industry. Labor's

leading lights, past and present, gather to farewell

Lionel Bowen. A man of total commitment, integrity and courage. Retailers in the hunt

for a new phone plan for a new phone plan to hang onto shoppers. How you're giving her an experience

online, to get her coming back

to your online environment and also your business. And also your business. And full steam ahead to Romney steam ahead to Romney as

Santorum drops out of the Republican race. Miracle miracle, this race was as

improbable as any that you will ever see for President. Hello

and welcome to ABC News across

Australia. I'm Ros Childs. The

local share market is

struggling after a sell-off on

Wall Street and in Europe:

More finance later in More finance later in the bulletin. The hard-hit manufacturing sector is

pleading for more help to

cushion the effect of a high

dollar. Unions and industry

group as like are pressing the

Government not to let

manufacturing wither, a point they've made at a meeting in

Melbourne today and one union

leader is using the opportunity

to renew his call for to renew his call for a shake-up of the Reserve Bank's

charter so that it factors charter so that it factors in

the value of the dollar setting interest rates. Here's the value of the dollar when

political reporter George Roberts. Unions and big business have found something

they agree on . If you don't

manufacture steel, you have a value-adding manufacture steel, you can't

manufacturing industry in this country. Steel has to remain competitive. It is important

for Australia to be a diversified and sustainable

long-term steel industry in economy that we have a

Australia. Time to pre-empt the

Federal Government's own manufacturing taskforce. The

man who is stepping up to run

the Australian Industry Group

says the story of manufacturing

is now one of jobs being

haemorrhaged, but that's not

all. It does not tell us about

the manufacturers that are all. It does not tell us about

operating at about 60% of

capacity, it does not tell us

about the businesses that have been holding onto staff for

dear life. It's no surprise dear life. It's no surprise the

industry's problems are linked Opposition thinks all the

to something that's yet to

begin. Well, if you want to

help the steel industry, take off the carbon off the carbon tax. The Federal Government has confirmed it

will put in place new rules to

give local manufacturers a

better chance of winning

contracts on big projects. Oftenly this interfere with commercial projects. Oftenly this doesn't

dynamics, that is businesses

are going to have to be competitive to be successful. But that's not

enough for the unions. They

want the rules governing the

interest rates can be Reserve Bank tilted, too, so

interest rates can be cut and

the value of the dollar

reduced. Paul Howes thinks it's

time the RBA board feels some

pressure, just as his members

do. They do get it wrong

sometimes and at the moment

they are getting it wrong consistently.

Paul Howes represents a very Paul Howes represents a

small part of the economy in terms of the union members and industry, trying to drive the

national policy agenda and it's

very dangerous if governments

are influenced by these types

of minorities. That's not to

say there isn't a case for a cut next month. cut next month. The Chamber of Commerce wants a cut of half a percentage point and the

pressure on the dollar, industry wants downward

too. There is a growing case,

if not compelling case, for

next month or two. Hoping for interest rates cuts over the

pre-Budget next month or two. Hoping for a pre-Budget gift perhaps. The

Labor Party faithful past and

present have farewelled one of their favourite son this

morning. They attended a state

in Sydney for former Deputy funeral at St Mary's Cathedral

Prime Minister

Prime Minister Lionel Bowen. He

died just over a week ago aged

89. His friends and colleagues

have paid tribute to him as have paid tribute to him as a man of con vision, and

humility. He served all of Government over four humility. He served all levels

decades, note notably 7 years as Bob Hawke's deputy An

affable, active, shrewd man

with a delightful self effacing

sense of humour and an uncanny capacity for accurately judging

character. After the funeral,

Lionel Bowen's body was taken

to be buried privately at Randwick cemetery near his life-long home. Well, life-long home. Well, they -

will they, won't they? The

are now rethinking their group of Chinese asylum seekers

decision to leave Darwin and

seek refuge instead in New

Zealand. The 10 Chinese

nationals arrived by boat several days ago but several days ago but didn't

want to go into mandatory

detention. Now they may seek detention. Now they may

asylum in Australia, but

reportedly don't want to live in Darwin. Reporter Iskhandar

Razak who is at the Cullen ferry term nal where the Razak who is at the Cullen Bay

why the asylum seekers have group's boat is moored explains

apparently changed their mind

about sailing onto New

Zealand Well, Ros, it appears that immigration and Customs

and other people have drummed

it into them that making this

trip to New Zealand from Darwin

would be utter folly. We would be utter folly. We spoke

to yachties yesterday who said

it would be a recipe for

disaster and one of the people

who came to their rescue a who came to their rescue a few

days ago has described that

they were actually

they were actually going

backwards when he found them.

They had run out of food and

water and the winds were water and the winds

pushing them back to Malaysia.

It's too dangerous, they will

probably lose their lives if

they attempt this voyage any further, so it looks like they're edging towards staying

in Australia. What's happened there this morning? Well, they've met with they've met with immigration officials, in fact, officials, in fact, still

meeting with them as we speak. It is an interesting situation

because they were told that

immigration would come and meet

them at a certain time this

morning, they told the media

that, their refugee that, their refugee advocates

that as well and it appears

immigration scooped them up an

hour or so earlier than that

which has angered refugee

advocates who say that they

wanted to go in with wanted to go in with them, give

them proper translation, give

them proper advice on them proper advice on their behalf, legal advice and they're trying to get lawyers

in to see them right now T

appears in these talks appears in these talks that

some f not all, will apply for

asylum here in Australia. asylum here in Australia. We've heard that from a number of outside secondary sources that

some of them will apply officially for asylum in

Australia. We have also heard,

though, that the group say it

is doesn't want to stay in

Darwin. Can they choose where

they are accommodated in

Australia while their application is processed? No, application is processed? No, I

don't think they can choose

where they want to stay. I think they've said that they

would like to be in detention

in Sydney or Melbourne. I don't think immigration will allow

them to choose where they stay.

Perhaps the small family Perhaps the small family group that's come together, the

mother, father and the children

might be able to stay together,

but I think the group will go

wherever Im greenhouse gas

emission decides that they, -

wherever immigration decides

they should go for their processing. Thank you. It's

finally over, Rick Santorum has

quit the race for the Republican presidential

nomination, ushering in an

election showdown between

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Mr Santorum was on track to

suffer a humiliating defeat in his own State of his own State of Pennsylvania but he also had but he also had personal

reasons for pulling out. Jane

Cowan reports. It was the day reality caught

reality caught up with Rick Santorum. Miracle after miracle,

miracle, this race was miracle, this race was as

improbable as any race that you will ever see for

President. With this President. With this 3-year-old

daughter sick, the former Pennsylvanian senator bowed

out, finally handing Mitt

Romney a clear path to the

nomination. This has been a

good day for me and a...


Thank you. The only time Thank you. The only time I

typically get a standing

ovation is when there are no

chairs. But when Mitt Romney was self deprecating, Barack

Obama was in high gear You have faith in America. You know it's

not going to be easy, but you

don't give up. The remaining

primaries are now just primaries are now just a formality, but someone forgot to

to tell Newt Gingrich Obviously

we would like to get his delegates and frankly on delegates and frankly on values

and on conservativism I'm much closer to senator Santorum's

delegates than Mitt

Romney's. And the damage

inflicted in this bruising

battle will likely lintion Ger. Pick any other Republican

in the country. He is the worst

Republican in the country to

put up against Barack Obama. Mitt Romney's main rival

might be out of the picture but his worst enemy has always been himself.

himself. A new poll shows Americans find him much less

likable than Barack Obama,

trailing the President a

whopping 38 points on that

front, and particularly weak amongst amongst women. The United Nations Security Council has accused the Syrian Government of failing to meet the Tuesday

deadline for a ceasefire. There

were reports of clashes in at least three cities with more

than 50 people killed. Kofi

Annan, who brokered the

ceasefire, says he is still

hopeful it will take hold. If peace is about to dawn, there

is no sign of it in Homs.

GUNFIRE. This is the voice of

a cameraman recording violence. TRANSLATION: This is Homs. It's

being destroyed by random

shelling today, the 10th of

April. God is great! In Homs

and in other embattled towns,

the destruction seemed, if

anything, to be escalating. And

with time running out on with time running out on his

peace mission, Kofi Annan came

to visit the refugees of

Syria's violence. CHANTING. Here there was

Here there was a welcome. Most of these people have fled from

the north of the coup tri-with

stories of killing and torture. "Maybe something will happen

in Syria," this woman told us,

"and we can go back to our families and children." The

mood of militancy is growing.

These men told us they These men told us they were

from the Free Syrian Army and

had little faith now in Kofi

had little faith now in Kofi Annan's mission.

TRANSLATION: We want NATO to come

come into Syria and give

weapons to the Free Syrian Army

and we want a liberated zone so

we can free our country. But the clock ticks on the the clock ticks on the UN's deadline. Kofi Annan's mission

looks increasingly forlorn,

though he continued to increasingly press increasingly press Damascus to pull its forces back Let pull its forces back Let me appeal to the Syrian appeal to the Syrian Government

and the Syrian parties to cease violence in accordance with violence in accordance with the plan, and I believe there

should be no pre-conditions should be no pre-conditions for stopping violence. Kofi Annan

asked today what the world would do

would do if his plan failed. It's a question now bearing

down with growing urgency.

When it comes to doing

business online, it pays to get

mobile. An explosion in smart

phone technology is seeing

shoppers buy anywhere, time. Retailers are scrambling to adapt, making phone-friendly

websites to keep up with fierce

competition from overseas, but

one expert is warning one expert is warning local

regulations are outdated and

without urgent action, mobile

commerce could become the wild

west. ASOS is the British re- tailer that's shaking up shopkeepers. It has been

exporting two jumbo loads of stock to Australia every week. We

week. We are ravnged as No. 1

most visited apparel site in

Australia. Australia has

eclipsed the upmarket site

Net-A-Porter in online sales, turning over half a billion

dollars last year and a

Christmas sales spike from

shoppers using mobile phones and portable computers. Globally we saw 18%

of our traffic come through a

mobile device. EBay says will be mobile device. EBay says 2012

will be the first year its

2,000 top sellers will invest

in ee commerce and they're not

alone. David Jones is working

on a mobile-specific version of

its online store and Sportsgirl

are working on interactive

mirrors that allow shopper it is buy

is buy an outfit, post a

picture online and get instant

feedback from their

friends. It's no longer just a

website, it's how you're engaging with engaging with her, communicating with her, her

experience online to get her

coming back to your coming back to your online

environment and also to your

business. But buying on got can

be a minefield. Cyber criminals

earn a trillion dollars a year

by fraud and denial of service

attacks and other kinds attacks and other kinds of

cyber crimes. And with new

shops and apps available every

day, consumers are facing an

uphill battle, working uphill battle, working out which sites are safe. which sites are safe. One expert says the law is lagging

15 years behind the

technology. So we have to find

a new structure for manages

these technologies, otherwise

it's just a wild west and

consumer also be

harmed. Sydney's University of

Technology is developing an

industry code to encourage best practice and crack down on

rogue operators. Penalties

could include fines or naming and shaming, but and shaming, but any regulation is a long way off, and in is a long way off, and in the meantime, business can't meantime, business can't afford to ignore mobile to ignore mobile sales. The

customer wants to be able to

shop how they want, when they want, where they want with you,

and if you don't provide that,

then they will shop with someone else. The message is

clear - if you're not mobile-ready, you're missing

out. Home loan approvals are

continuing to fall. February figures released in Canberra

today show the number of loans

granted to build or buy granted to build or buy homes

fell 2.5% and that's the

steepest slide in almost a year. Fair Work Australia has adjourned a hearg adjourned a hearg into a long-running dispute long-running dispute between coalmine pers and BHP Billiton.

For the past 15 months the union has been trying to

negotiate a number of points

with the company, including

equal pay for contractors, and

an extra break for workers on

12-hour shifts. In February,

3,000 workers staged rolling

stoppages for a week to try to force a solution. Fair Work Australias that ordered the company and the unions company and the unions to

negotiate directly today F they

can't reach agreement, another hear lg be held late they are

month. To some of the other

stories making news in stories making news in business

- workers at a car part's factory at Coburg in

Melbourne's north are expected

to find out today whether they

will lose their jobs.

Administrators are talking to staff at APV Automotive Components, which went into receivership yesterday, citing

a lack of sales since the global financial crisis. At

least 25 of the plant's 126 workers may need to workers may need to take

redundancies for the company to

remain viable. Consumer confidence, as measured by a

Westpac survey, has slipped to

its lowest level since August

last year. The bank's chief

economist Bill Evans says economist Bill Evans says the

result sends a clear message to

the Reserve Bank that Australia needs lower interest rates. And

CommSec says petrol prices CommSec says petrol prices are

set to head towards 3.5-year

highs by the end of the week. highs by the end of the week.

It blames a rise in the Singapore Tapis crude price and

tension over Iran's nuclear program. The national average

price of unleaded petrol price of unleaded petrol is

around $1.51. Taking a check of

the markets with Alicia Barry. Worries about Europe's Worries about Europe's debt

problems are back? That's

right, Ros. Spain's borrowing

costs rose sharply overnight because investors are worried the country's austerity

measures don't go far measures don't go far enough. That along with fears That along with fears about

China's growth after its

imports slowed by more than

expected have dented confidence

of the mining and energy stocks

have slipped the most in line

with commodity prices. BHP

Billiton is off 1.7% and rival

Rio Tinto is down by a similar

amount. Oil and gas producer

Woodside is off 1.6%. There Woodside is off 1.6%. There is talk about interest rates around today, Alicia. How are the banks the banks looking? Major

business groups have backed

union demands for the Reserve

Bank to cut interest Bank to cut interest rates

further and and they want the

banks to pass on any cuts. The

major lenders are tracking a

sell-off in their overseas counterparts. National

Australia Bank is the worst of

the big four, off around 0.04%.

Westpac is tracking the best,

but still off over a third of but still off over a third of a percent. The banks and miners

are weighing heavily on the overall market and overall market and the All Ordinaries is

Ordinaries is down 0.9%. The

ASX200 is 38 points lower as

well. Is the fall in Australian

dollar helping retailers as

well? Ros t may be. The dollar

has slipped around a cent

overnight to 102.5 US krentds.

It has ticked up a slil since

then. It's possible traders are betting that an easing local currency will stop the currency will stop the offshore

online shopping. Also of note

toz Tasmanian timber company

Gunns is considering changing

its business name and moves its business name and moves its headquarters interstate. It

remains oen a trading halt. A

check now of the domestic

market's other big movers market's other big movers in

the ASX top 100:

Thanks Alicia, to a fifth day day of falls on Wall Street,

partly fueled by those fears

about Spanish and Italian debt:

Scientists say the birth of several bottlenose dolphins in

the Swan River shows the Swan River shows the health

of the waterway is improving.

In 2009, the river's dolphin

population was severely

depleted when six of the mammals died from a rare virus.

Since then, the Swan River Trust

Trust has been monitor rg the

colony and says the recent

addition of four calves is positive news. It is encouraging that those 20

dolphins that regularly use dolphins that regularly use the river and those four

mother-calf pairs. I think the

thing to understand is because

there are so few dolphins that

use the river, that makes them

quite vul nerl, so those six

deaths in 2000 the were really quite a kerb. It's unclear

exactly what has led to the

improved river conditions, but scientists are hoping a year-long study on year-long study on the dolphin

colony will shed some

light. The sale of Instagram to

FaceBook for a billion dollars

has given renewed energy to

entrepreneurs all over the

world. Instagram was started in

the US, but a whole band of

designers hooer in Australia

whose websites and apps are getting more and more devotees.

Suzanne Tindal is the Director

of ZD-Net It is an industry

that anyone can get into because it doesn't necessarily require a lot of require a lot of start-up

capital, all you knee is a

great idea. So Australia is up

with the rest of the world.

Down here we have our own

Silicon Beach, as opposed to Silicon Valley. Could be on the

Gold Coast, could be in

Brisbane, but our own Brisbane, but our own thriving start-up business down start-up business down here. Which are some of the

biggest phone apps developed

here in Australia One of here in Australia One of the

famous ones bought famous ones bought out by Evernote last year is called

skitch. It was very popular and

scvp every Nose felt that

Skitch could provide them with

an extra feature for their own

app, so they were brought up.

The developers of them had

signed a deal previous to that,

so they've had had a reasonable

amount of success. Two types of

phone apps or websites, one

like Skitch which is just a bit

of fun, and then others with more more practical application? That's true. A developer created a thing

called Trip You which is very

useful for commuters who want

to go to A to B and wants to

know which buses or transport

to take. It uses government

transport data which is free to anyone and anyone could have

developed that. He developed it on a train bakecily during out-time from his job,

travelling there and back, and

now one of the top apps on the

apps store. Is there a

billion-dollar app amongst billion-dollar app amongst them or did Instagram just get lucky? I definitely think there

is a possibility for an Aussie is a possibility for an

app to be out there, that is

worth a billion-dollar valuation, however, they need

to be globally applicable, need

to do what they do extremely

well and they need to do it so

well that a company would want

to buy them out to stop other

companies buying them out, and this was the case with

Instagram, that FaceBook wanted

to remain the social king and

so therefore is needed to buy

out Instagram for its photo

application which does things

very well with very minimal

clicks and that's what it did.

That's what led to the $1 billion billion valuation. Suzanne

Tindal, thank you Thank you. The European court of

human rights has ruled human rights has ruled that

Britain can extradite five terrorism suspects to the United States, United States, including

radical cleric ab but Hamza.

The move is an example of

Britain outsourcing justice to the Americans. Philip Williams

reports. For years, the brings tish detainees have been

United States. Their fighting extradition to the

based on a fear that if United States. Their argument

convicted there, solitary

conditions in Col rad do would

amount to torture Everything is

controlled by computer. You

exercise alone, you live alone,

there is a CCTV camera in there is a CCTV camera in your

cell 24 hours a day. There is small cell 24 hours a day. There is a small black-and-white

television and you just never

get to interact with any other

prisoner for as lock as you're interest. Bab ba Ahmad is

suspected of running a jihadist

website. He spent 8 years in a

military jail facing extradition. His lawyer and brother-in-law says the court

decision is a travesty of

justice. It is a sign of the

times that Great Britain has

become sub serverient to the

United States in such a way

that it cannot administrate that it cannot administrate for

crimes committed in its own

country Obviously this permits

the extradition of ab but Hamza

and other prisoners to the

United States. Radical preacher

ab but Hamza is the highest ab but Hamza is the

profile target for profile target for the Americans, wanting over the

kidnapping deaths of tourists

in Yemen and many other offences. In bab ba Ahmad's

case, not before time according

to law expert. He could have

gone to America, gone to gone to America, gone to trial

and found not guilty. The

length of time he has spent in

prison I'm afraid is his fault. This still isn't the end

of the local process for the

men, they have one avenue after

peel left, but the British and

American governments can stee

some light at the end of this some light at the end of

long and expensive legal

tunnel. Let's have a quick look

at other stories making news

around the world. China's ruling Communist Party has

suspended a high-profile

politician from his remaining

positions and named his wife as

a suspect in the murder of a British businessman. State

media said Bo Xilai had been suspend ed from the suspend ed from the party's 25-member Politburo on

suspension of serious

discipline violations. A small

town in north eastern Spain is

voting in a referendum on

growing marijuana to pay off

its debts. The mayor of the town said it would town said it would benefit

locals and eliminate organised

crime and tax evasion linked crime and tax evasion linked to

the cannabis industry. And an

American invent or has come up with an alarm clock that with an alarm clock that is

guaranteed to get you out of

bed. Once it's been activated,

at alord mayor clock requires

the sleeper to go to another

room and punch a code to stop

it from ringing. A surprising tactical move from Michael

Clarke has paid off in the first cricket Test against the

West Indies. Ryan Harris helped

the Australian tail wag after Australia began on 5/248.

Harris ended up with an

unbeaten 68, his highest Test

score. Clarke decided to

declare while trailing the West

Indies first innings score Indies first innings score by 43 runs. It was a bold move

from the skipper. Fast bowler

Ben Hilfenhaus then took three

early wickets to give Australia

the upper hand. COMMENTATOR:

Bowled him, right through the

gate, and Australia looking to justify that aggressive justify that aggressive move by their captain. The West Indies

will resume tonight's final day

with a lead of 114 runs. North

Korea says its controversial

rocket launch could take place

tomorrow. The US and others

have denounced the space shot as a step towards North as a step towards North Korea

gaining nuclear arms, but

Pyongyang say it is will carry

a satellite helping to mark 100

years since the birth of its founder Kim Il-Sung. A few

Western journalists have been

allowed into the country to

witness the anniversary, but

are finding that much of country looks anything but are finding that much of the

happy. Vast,

happy. Vast, empty street s,

not a shopfront or advert anywhere. Welcome to the

world's last Stalinist state,

preparing a party for its dead

but eternal President Kim

Il-Sung. Even the walls are

being washed. It's like travelling back in time. Today we were whisked past we

grim-looking villages we were whisked past

grim-looking villages and

people toil by hand in

people toil by hand in bare

fields to shall shown this. A

thousand-hectare fruit farm,

North all perfect rows. It's the way

North Korea wants to be seen -

ordered, efficient, a modern

Socialist miracle. This woman

says she is very happy working here and it's thanks to the

have ruled North Korea since it leaders, the Kim family, who


was founded. But there is

always the impression always the impression nothing

is quite as it seems . The

workers didn't actually look to

be doing much, and right in the

middle, she is putting the box

going round and round. But back online, cartons of juice

North Korea says it's

misunderstood. That's why it

showed us another brand new

farm, breeding turtles, an

expensive delicacy. It cost

millions so I asked, "When will

it make a profit? "It's hard to explain to you capitalists,"

the manager said. " To

the manager said. " To us,

profit doesn't matter." But

not far away, more bare not far away, more bare fields. A theme park under construction and lines of and lines of shabby huts, the contradictions of a country

that struggles to feed its

people, yet whose leaders dream

grandiose dreams. To the

weather now and the satellite

shows mostly clear sky as cross

the country thanks to a stable

high generating dry winds.

There is patchy There is patchy cloud over

southern Tasmania and along the eastern seaboard with brisk

southerlies and a few showers. Cloud in the Northern Territory

in a weak trough is causing just the odd shower. just the odd shower. Tomorrow

the high will bring a cold

morning and mostly sunny day to the south-east. the south-east. Moist

south-east winds will trigger isolated showers on the east coast. A broad region of low pressure should generate thundery showers over the

tropics and a trough may bring

a few storms to the west. The

capital city forecasts:

And that's the news for now.

There is continuous news on ABC

News 24 and there is also news online. Our

online. Our next full bulletin

on ABC1 is at 7 o'clock this

evening. I'm Ros Childs. evening. I'm Ros Childs. Thanks

for joining us, and have for joining us, and have a

great afternoon.

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