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(generated from captions) sixth silver medal as the

women's relay team finished

behind a dominant

quartet. They were four seconds behind the Americans. And

Australia missed out on the podium in butterfly. Emily Seebohm podium in the women's 200m

finished fifth in the final of finished fifth in the final of

the women's 50m back stroke and America's Ryan Lochte shattered

his own world record as he a thrilling individual his own world record as he won

medley. Let's get an update on

the weather with Paul Higgins.

It is all happening in the

west at the moment,

active week of weather. A cold front whipped through southern

Tasmania in the early hours. A front will bring a bit of rain

to SA and Tasmania today. It

should remain fine and settled

across the north apart from a

weak trough sitting over South-East Queensland.

A shower or two for the NSW A shower or two for the

far north

sunny day after early fog. After a rather frosty

morning in the west, Sydney

should be mostly sunny. It is only minus 6 now. Fog in eastern Victoria

will burn off this morning

leaving a sunny day.

A strong north wind in Melbourne and high cloud. Patchy rain cloud. Patchy rain across

western and southern parts of

the last few hours. In SA, Hobart this morning. 2 mm in Tasmania. Rain around

light rain west of Ceduna will

spread to the south-west by

this evening. Thundery showers

about the west coast and

Adelaide can expect light rain

this afternoon. Showers in the south-west of the WA. south-west of the WA. Those

showers could be heavy

triggering flash-flooding and damaging 6 mm overnight and they increase this afternoon. 6 mm overnight and they will

sunny over southern parts of increase this afternoon. Mostly

the territory and areas of morning fog morning fog in the gulf

country. Here's a sneak peak at


It's been a very chilly week

in the Australian alps. The snowy mountains had a minus 16 snowy

degree morning on Wednesday. It

is all good news for the

snow-making. Carol sent this report from Mount Hotham. We have had all sorts of

at the resorts this week at the resorts this week from

snow right through to sun shine with

with strengthening north-westerly winds. Temperatures were minus 5.

Here's come's going on around

the mountains. In Victoria, at mouth Hotham, all open, snow cover and mouth Hotham, all lifts are

cross-country cross-country all the way

through to dinner plain through to dinner plain village with lifts with lifts running. Mount Buller, all 22 lifts on the go.

Falls Creek, you will find good

to excellent conditions across

the resort with full ski in and

ski out conditions and 55km of

cross-country trails. At Lake

Mountain, has good coverage for all disciplines. At Thredbo, 100% of the mountain open with all lifts in operation and top

to bottom skiing for all

standards. Friday is the place

to head to for the first

timers. At Perisher, all 47

lifts are expected to turn

across all four resorts. All

five terrain parks are open.

The forecast is for snow

showers throughout the weekend with strengthening with

north-westerly winds and back

to fresh snow next to fresh snow next week. Have a great weekend. We're great weekend. We're still

waiting on a news conference in

Sydney from the shadow

treasurer Joe Hockey. It treasurer Joe Hockey. It is due

to start at any moment. We will

cross there as soon as it

begins. The PM Julia Gillard is

back selling her carbon tax

plan this time at a carpet

manufacturer in Geelong. She

spoke on a number of issues including her thoughts Victoria's former including her thoughts on Commissioner Christine Nixon

and Ms Nixon's criticism of the Royal Commission in her auto biography. She dressed Commonwealth biography. She dressed the Commonwealth ombudsman's

concern over the harm of

Australia's detention. This is

test. This is a captions test. This is a captions

The Commonwealth Alan Asher says his investigation into self-harm investigation

immigration detention centres investigation into self-harm in

will examine there's of funding and resources. Mr

Asher is preparing a report into suicide

into suicide and self-harm in

the centres. Tensions within

the US Republican Party are

reaching breaking point amid

disagreements over raising

America's debt ceiling. A vote

on a Republican Bill to

slightly raise the debt limit