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Live. Tonight - more first aid

for the economy - now there's

talk of tax cuts. Deal or no

deal - secret talks over

Japanese whaling. Australia

remains absolutely and completely opposed to

commercial whaling and

so-called scientific whaling. A

bridge too far - Sydney drivers

hit with peak-hour penalties,

and Andrew Symonds in trouble

over an off-field sledging.

Good evening, Juanita

growing evidence that Phillips with ABC News. There's

growing evidence that the

Federal Government is planning Federal Government is

to pump more money into the

economy to try to stave off a

recession. And this time it

might come in the form of tax

cuts. Just before Christmas the

Government handed out $10

million, encouraging people to million, encouraging people

go on a spending spree. The

economic outlook is

economic outlook is gloomy,

there are hints that a second

stimulus package is not too far

away, political editor Chris

Uhlmann. A handy metaphor for a

flatlining economy Go as hard

as you can. We are ready to act

as necessary to make sure that as necessary to make sure

the Australian economy keeps

moving. Billions of dollars has

been pumped into an ailing

nation since October, and there

are signs that more is being

planned. The Treasurer joined planned. The Treasurer

the Prime Minister on a daytrip

to Papua New Guinea to discuss to Papua New Guinea to

the economy on the journey, and

no-one is talking down mounting

speculation about a second

stimulus package. Tax cuts stimulus package. Tax cuts are

one of the series of options

that one would look at to

stimulate domestic activity.

Bringing forward tax cuts makes

sense, there are some due in

spending this financial year July, more in July 2010. Extra

adds up to 1% of Australia's

gross domestic product. Probably somewhere

around $14 billion. Along with

the $10.4 billion economic

security, the States are given

$3.5 billion, local councils

have $300 million to spend on infrastructure, the Government infrastructure, the

has banks stumping up $2

billion to fill the void left

by the retreat of car finance

companies, and a $4 billion

fund is planned to cover the

possibility that foreign banks

will flee the commercial

property market much There's a

strong sense that Australia is to see the worst of the

economic slowdown, and the

Government is trying to

anticipate where the country is

headed by consulting widely.

The Queensland Premier will

come to Canberra, part of come to Canberra, part of a

procession of State leaders

Deputy Prime Minister has asked for a local state. The

Deputy Prime Minister has been

talking to welfare groups

for their anticipating a rise in demand

for their service. Governments

must do what the market

cannot. We stand ready to do

more. The Prime Minister Kevin

Rudd and other Pacific leaders have ended a meeting have ended a meeting in Papua

New Guinea, held to thrash out

further sanctions against Fiji.

The special meeting was called

after Fiji's military ruler Commodore Frank Bainimarama

broke a promise to hold

Democratic elections by march,

there's no details of the

outcome. From Port Morseby Papua New Guinea outcome. From Port Morseby ,

Papua New Guinea correspondent

Steve Marshall, not quite a big

happy pacific family, interim

Fiji leader Commodore Frank

Bainimarama absent. He sent his interim Attorney-General to

faze the music. The issue in faze the music. The

relation to Fiji needs to be

resolved. Leadership needs resolved. Leadership needs to

be shown to persuade Frank

Bainimarama to return Fiji to

Democratic rule. What method

would be used was thrashed out

in a leaders-only meeting We'll have discussion

with friends from around the

forum. One possibility,

suspending Fiji from suspending Fiji from the

Pacific Islands group. Fiji's

representatives said electoral

reforms need to take place

before elections could be held

and the leadership is

legitimate. There's a High

Court ruling saying the interim

Government is legally reported

by the Republic of the Fiji

islands. It doesn't impress the

latest foreign publisher to be

booted out. News limited Rex

Gardner is the third to go in a

year, and he wanted action. I'd

like them to look

like them to look them square

in the eye and give him a

touch-up, asking him when the

elections will take place. If

the Commodore ignores the

message sent by his regional

peers, the forum will look to the Commonwealth and United

Nations for help. Fiji risks

sanctions like terminating

peacekeeping roles for troops peacekeeping roles for

and being cut off from vital

funding programs. The Federal

Government has been forced to

deny that it is ready deny that it is ready to

compromise with Japan over

whaling, Australia has been

part of international

discussions about a proposed discussions about a

deal to allow Japan to kill

more whales, but only in its

own waters. In exchange would kill fewer in own waters. In exchange it

Southern would kill fewer in the

environmentalists and Southern Ocean,

Opposition say the deal is not worth worth considering. Japanese

whalers used to be firmly in

the sights of the Federal

Government. We want to see a

permanent cessation Japanese

commercial whaling. Australia

hasn't come to the Whaling

Commission to compromise at

all. These days the Government

prefers diplomacy. All we have

a a series of proposal put

forward in a discussion paper.

The US-appointed chairman of

the whaling economies is

promoting a deal, Japan to

reduce or abandon Southern

Ocean hunt and kill whales in

its own waters instead. No

whale, no way, not ever. whale, no way, not ever. This

is a retrograde 19th century

proposal in the 21st century, proposal in the 21st

it's a secret deal. Environmentalists warn

it's a dangerous step. All the

countries that oppose whaling

should be focussing on

preserving the global ban on

whaling, and shutting down

loopholes, and should not contemplate opening new loop

hols, caving in to the whalers.

The Minister insists Australia

will not do a deal but the

Government is part of a

discussion and contributed to a

draft paper outlining the

option options. Reports we

have seen are about a range of

options not supported by this

Government because our policy

is clear - and that is that we

are opposed to commercial

whaling, killing of whales for

money, and opposed to money, and opposed to killing

whales in the name of

science. A compromise on

whaling has been on the cards

for more than a decade, in

fact, these talks have been

going on for more than a year.

The Government's dilemma is not

whether it should sit at the

table discussing a deal, but

whether Australia could be part

of a decision approving Japanese whaling. There'll be

talks on the compromised plan

at a special meeting of

at a special meeting of the Whaling Commission in

March. Yesterday he cut off his

little finger, now serial

killer Ivan Milat has gone on hunger hunger strike. Corrective

Services Commissioner Ron

Woodham confirmed that Ivan

Milat started receiving food

this morning, Mr Ron this morning, Mr Ron Woodham

doesn't spect the hunger doesn't spect the hunger strike

to last more than a couple of

days. Ivan Milat was treated days. Ivan Milat was treated in

hospital after severing his

little finger, putting it in an

envelope, addressing it to envelope, addressing it to the

High Court. Surgeons High Court. Surgeons weren't

able to reattach the

finger. Sydney drivers are

slugged again, pagan extra $1

to cross the # Our during peak

hour, called time of day

tolling, some drivers will pay

less, but those travelling at

busy times will pay more, the

Government says it's aimed at

easing congestion, others call

it a cash grab. It was a bleak

and wet first day back at work,

the mood dampened by the peak-hour congestion peak-hour congestion tax. It's

going to add up. Before you

know it you'll spend a fortune. From fortune. From today drivers

using the bridge and tunnel using the bridge and tunnel are

charged $4 during peak morning

and evening periods. The toll

staying at $3 during the staying at $3 during the middle

of the day, falling to $2.50

during the night and early

morning. This is about seeking

to reduce congestion on the

busiest road corridor. As busiest road corridor. As long

as it keeps the traffic down,

I'm for it. It looked as busy

as normal. The government's

figures show compared to the

same day last year morning same day last year morning peak

hour traffic was down 9%. We

won't judge effectiveness on

one morning. For many the increased tolls weren't increased tolls weren't a

deterrent People that need to

drive to work need to drive to

work. They don't have

flexibility. That's right. Who

will go to work before 6:30 to

save a dollar. Others dodged the crossing using the crossing using the

Gladesville Bridge on to the

congested Victoria Road. Are

you more likely to come this

way. More often than not. The

RTA spects time-of-day tolling

to raise $12 million to be

spent on buses, opponents say

it's not about easing

congestion, but about grabbing

money It's a tax hike dressed

up as a measure to deal with

congestion. It's illogical congestion. It's illogical to

tax people for congestion, they

should spend on solutions. The

Opposition says that shouldn't

be congestion taxes until public transport has improved. Reducing your risk of

the Alzheimer's disease could

be as simple as getting your

blood pressure checked, a

decade of clinical and scientific research scientific research found

treating blood pressure treating blood pressure could

half the incidents of half the incidents of dementia,

rates of high blood pressure

are going up not down in

Australia 699-year-old Sandy

potter loves gardening --

69-year-old Sandy Potter loves

gardening, he knew something

was wrong when he couldn't

remember the names of his

favourite plants All I a

sudden, I'd look at a plant I

couldn't say the name name. He

was diagnosed with

Alzheimer's. He's had a healthy

lifestyle. None of the lifestyle. None of the risk factories but the

hypertension. A review found

evidence keeping your blood

pressure under control pressure under control can

halve the incidents of

Alzheimer's, it can help

prevent the development of

dementia, that's the final

conclusion from the

research. It gives some hope.

We have been struggling in the

dark up to a point that we

don't know what causes Alzheimer's. Scientists believe

high blood pressure causes

reduced blood flow in the brain

causing mini bleeds, many of

the same genes switched on when

patients j Alzheimer's and high

blood pressure. 70% of

Australians over 65 have high

blood pressure, a third don't

know they have it. It can be

controlled through diet,

exercise and medication. We

have to take this seriously,

and not avoid treating even

mild blood pressure, we should

aim for healthy blood pressure. The number of people diagnosed

with Alice Springs are is set

to double in over 10 years --

Alzheimer's is set to double in

over 10 years, tackling blood

pressure may reduce the

number. The United States is

reeling after a round of job

cuts, in one day cuts, in one day struggling

companies shed tens of

thousands of workers, the new

President says extraordinary

times require extraordinary

measures, and as Washington

correspondent Mark Simkin

reports Barack Obama is moving

to overhaul the country's

energy policy. Greg Perry has

gone from riches to rags, shoe

rags, he lost his high-paying

job in the mortgage job in the mortgage industry

and cleans boots for a lively.

Shock, dismay, what am I going

to do. Many Americans are

asking the same question after

a labour market bloodbath.

Every sector of the economy was

hit. The world's largest maker

of mining equipment shopped

20,000, General Motors making

reductions, and America adds

biggest home supply change axed

7,000 employees. We know what

is going on in the economy. I

can't blame Home Depot, it had

to be somebody. All up, more

than 60,000 jobs were slashed

worldwide in a single day These

are working men and women whose

families have been disrupted

and whose dreams have been put

on hold. We owe it to each of

them and to every single

American to act with a sense of

urgency and common

purpose. Barack Obama wants to

create millians of jobs, by

building -- millions of jobs by

creating what he calls a new

energy economy. He signed directives reversinging directives reversinging some.

Bush Administration policies,

they could force car they could force car companies

making new fuel efficient vehicles. The days of

Washington dragging its heels

are over, my administration

won't deny facts, we'll be

guided by them. The new limits

won't create jobs in the

short-term, so the President is

stepping up his push for a

trillion economic stimulus.

Tomorrow he makes his first

visit to Capitol Hill since inauguration. The new President

will sit down with Republican

leaders, sceptical of his plan.

They can't derail legislation

but they could delay it, it's

the first big legislative test,

millions of jobs depending on

the outcome. Tonight's top

story - there's growing

evidence that the Federal

Government is planning a second

economic stimulus package in

the form of tax cuts. And still

to come, a lizard love match

that's been 100 years in the


A 40-year-old is being

questioned by questioned by police in

relation to the murder of a

convicted drug dealer 8 years

ago. Terry Falconer was on day

release from jail, about to

give evidence in an inquest

into two deaths when he was

abducted by men posing abducted by men posing as

police. His mutilated body police. His mutilated body was

found in garbage bags 10 days

later of the strike force Tuno

linked his murder to several

others. A man is held tonight

in Green Valley police in Green Valley police station.

Last week two men were arrested

and charged with conspiring to murder Terry murder Terry Falconer. A Northern Territory police

officer has been counselled for

posting a video of posting a video of an

Aboriginal man on the Internet.

The video was filmed near

Katherine as police tried to

move the drunk man on. The

officer can be heard officer can be heard telling

the man to sing and dance. Good

work, Chappy, do a dance, brother. There are enough

issues in the Northern

Territory to do with alcoholism

for Aboriginal and

non-Aboriginal people without

the police turning it in to

some really, you know,

offensive event on

YouTube. Clearly it's

unacceptable, and unacceptable, and something

that we cannot tolerate here in

the territory. The Opposition

says while it doesn't support

the video, territory police

often have to encourage drunk

people to sing or dance to

diffuse aggression, getting

them to cooperate. The them to cooperate. The the

video has been circulating on

the internet for a year, the

officer investigated only last

month. Police believe that road

rage may be behind the fatal

shooting of a han on the Gold

Coast. The 32-year-old driver

was killed beside was killed beside the Gold

Coast Highway at North Burleigh

moments after a minor traffic

incident. There were extra

people and traffic on people and traffic on the

street from Australia Day

celebrations when a ute and celebrations when a ute and red

car travelling south on car travelling south on the

Gold Coast Highway had a minor altercation. It wasn't anything

particularly dramatic about

that. But it certainly

escalated quickly, resulting in

the death of the male

person. Police believe one car

crossed in front of the crossed in front of the other,

there were no collisions. We

heard a few skid marks, the car

skidding, we thought it was a

backfire, we heard two bangs,

two gunshots and the cars

receivering. According to

police the driver of the ute

with two passengers got out with two passengers got out to

talk to three people in the

other vehicle, there was an

argument, shots fired from the

red sedan. A nasty event, and

obviously well are concerned

for other people's safety and

these types of things. A nurse

and offduty policemen gave the

man first aid until the

ambulance arrived. He died at

the scene. A young fellow dead on Australia Day, another guy

up for murder. Police say they

don't believe the occupants the

two cars knew each other, and

they don't thing the incident

was related to Australia Day

celebrations. The UN

Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon

expressed deep concern over the

fate of civilians caught up fate of civilians caught up in

fighting in North Sri Lanka,

government troops seized

government troops seized the

last large town held by Tamil

Tigers separatists, Tigers separatists, fierce

battles are continuing in a

patch of jungle controlled by

the rebels. The UN says dozens

of civilians are killed or injured, and a number have injured, and a number have been

hit by artillery shells, hit by artillery shells, the

military is trying to root military is trying to root out

the last pockets of rebel

areas. There was an eclipse of

the sun, the only people able

to see it were in Indonesia, despite cloudy skies keen

observers gathered in the

western coastal town of Anyer

as the moon passed across the

sun's path, it's known as an

annular eclipse, it doesn't

completely blackout the sun,

and it happens 66 times a

century. The State Government

has accused the Opposition of

being reckless and

irresponsible by calling for

cuts to payroll tax. The

Coalition says the state can

afford a $1 billion tax cut to

help businesses and protect

jobs. There is capacity in the

state finances to state finances to provide measures such as this that

provide a stimulus to the

economy providing jobs. The

measure would push the state

Budget into deficit for a

second year. It's a billion second year. It's a billion out

of the recurrent Budget, that

doesn't benefit 92% of

businesses in NSW. NSW hags

Australia's second highest

unemployment rate of 5.2%. On

to finance, and a rare day of

good news on the markets.

good news on the markets. As Alan Kohler reports, business

confidence picked up in

December, and the local share

markets today produced a solid gain. Yes, business confidence

went up in December, went up in December, thanks to

the Gough's stimulus package,

let's -- government's stimulus

package, it couldn't have got

worse than November, in worse than November, in that

month it was below recession

levels, now it's at recession

levels, here is my rough

summary of the detail.

Conditions and trading Conditions and trading better

in December. They are still

sacking people, export sales

have collapsed. The NAB survey

for January will be

instructive, to say the left.

We have the wholesale price

index from the ABS, they fell.

Imports jumping 15% because of

the falling Aussie dollar. The

6.4% rise in the annual

wholesale inflation rate

suggests the CPI might be a

positive number, rather than

the deflation that everybody

has been expecting. Whatever,

interest rates are coming down

next week, the All Ords closed

2.8% higher, largely because of

buying among the big buying among the big resources,

BHP Biliton going up 7%, BHP Biliton going up 7%, two

months ago BHP Biliton was $20,

it's gone up 50% since it's gone up 50% since then,

Rio going up 10% and Newcrest

up 8.5% because gold prices had

a huge run over the Australia

Day weekend. Up $50 and 325 today. The Australian today. The Australian dollar

edging up a bit to 66.5 US

cent. Here is a graph of global

pension fund savings, as pension fund savings, as the

baby boom generation is getting

ready to retire, global

retirement savings dropped by 5

trillion dollars. From 80% to

60% GDP. We'll have to keep working. The heatwave working. The heatwave down

south continues to take its

toll on the Australian Open,

defending champion Novak

Djokovic pulled out of the

tournament sending Andy Roddick

through to the through to the semifinals.

The match was locked at a set

all, Novak Djokovic started to look unwell unable to look unwell unable to cope in

the heat. The fourth player to

forfeit. With seven of the top

eight men's seeds though to the

quarter fines, every match-up

shapes as a chasic. The

thunderbolts were traded thunderbolts were traded by

Novak Djokovic, and Andy

Roddick. The linesmen were

ducking for cover as the serve dominated. Novak Djokovic

struck first in the tie

breaker. Wow. He entered the

match with a 2-1 head-to-head

record against Andy Roddick, he

looked arrogant, toying with

his opponent en route to the

first set. It took 18 games

before a break of serve and it went to Andy Roddick, who

levelled at a set all. The

players traded winners and

service breaks to start the

third set. Novak Djokovic

looked sick, calling a

time-out. He persisted, not for

long, becoming the tournament's

fourth retiree in two fourth retiree in two days. I

tried my best, but sometimes

you can't fight against your

own body. The own body. The women's

quarterfinals got under way

with vooer rar up with vooer rar up against

Marion Bartoli. -- Vera

Zvonereva up against Marion Bartoli, Vera Zvonereva Bartoli, Vera Zvonereva took

control of the first and the

match. Despite an ice match. Despite an ice break

Marion Bartoli wilted as Vera Zvonereva applied the Zvonereva applied the heat.

Progressing to her first Grand

Slam semifinal with a backhand

winner. I like it when it's

warm, for me it's perfect. Vera Zvonereva will play Dinara

Safina or Jelena Dokic who is

confident her strained ankle

won't affect her chances It

looked worse than it was. A win

guaranteeing Jelena Dokic

$365,000. In Cricket - Australian all-rounder Andrew

Symonds is in trouble again,

this time for sledging an opponent. It wasn't on opponent. It wasn't on the

field of play though, Andrew

Symonds is accused of Symonds is accused of making disparaging comments about New Zealand's Brendan McCullum

during a radio interview. Andrew Symonds

appeared to be slurring his

words last week when he made

the remark about the Blackcaps

wicket-keeper. He's the

subject the lump of (bleep)

sorry, the lump of cow dirt

that people are thinking

of. The New Zealand Captain of. The New Zealand Captain was

circumspect when his team

arrived in Sydney for the

one-day series against Australia. I think everyone was

disappointed by the actions, we

all understand that now Cricket

Australia - it's in their

court, they'll deal with

it. Andrew Symonds faces a fine

of more than $5,000 if found

guilty, a suspension is

possible, the Queenslander

isn't part of the Australian

squad, having had knee squad, having had knee surgery

last month. Andrew Symonds

refused to comment today, but

his Australian team-mates are

supportive. He's a lad, a great

lad. He's enjoying having a

good time. Hopefully he gets back playing good back playing good consistent

cricket for Australia, he is a

phenomenal player. The team

appears to be missing Andrew

Symonds, Australia never

threatened South Africa in last

night's one-day match, the

Proteas chasing a victory

target of 223 with eight

wickets and 12 overs to

spare. That's the worst

performance of the summer by a

long way. The South Africans

say the Australia Day win has

extra significance. We asked

for a special performance, and

the guys delivered brilliantly,

we said that this will make a

real sweet on Australia Day. I

believe in what goes around

comes around, we get comes around, we get another opportunity to play in South

Africa, the boys will use it as

motivation. If the Proteas motivation. If the Proteas win

the final in Perth on Friday,

they'll displace Australia as

the world's top ranked one-day the world's top ranked one-day team.

Now if ageing rock stars can

do it, why not reptiles, a

lizard-like creature from New

Zealand has become a Zealand has become a first-time

father at the age of 111. Henry

is a Tuatara, and he used to be

a grumpy old male with no

interest in breeding, that

changed when a tumour was removed. Aggression is gone,

compatible to the girls, he's

eyeing them up. The elderly but

spritely reptile fell for the

charms of an 80-year-old

female, Mildred, the love match

sparking media interest. We

had 200 overseas media approach for photographs and information

about Henry getting it on at

110. This is the result 11

banies hatched yesterday. The

father is kept away in case he

eats them. He is eats them. He is cold-blooded.

We on the other hand feel the

heat. It may head our way

again. Certainly is over the

inland. The southern inland of

the state exceeded 40 and will

remain at these levels for the

next five days, north-east

winds keeping the coast

bearable. In Sydney late summer

periods pushing the periods pushing the temperature

to 24, up to 30. Drizzle

patches over night, temperatures dropping back to

the high teens or low 20s. A

trough over the north-east

producing showers and producing showers and drizzle,

basically anywhere north of

Nowra, isolated storms about

the Central Tablelands and

upper west. Temperatures in the

southern and central inland hot

due to northerly winds.

Adelaide had its hottest day

in five years, and authorities

warn the heat in Adelaide and Melbourne could be deadly.

Cloud in the west is the Reims

nans of Tropical Cyclone

Dominic, offering no hope of Le

leaf to the south-east. It's a

stationary, -- relieve to the

south-east. A strengthening

high is the dominant feature.

Producing stable dry weather,

drawing hot dry air over drawing hot dry air over the

inland and southern half of the

coast. Along the North Coast

winds onshore producing lying showers through to Sunday.

We are going to see hot

weather through the inland,

more comfortable in

Sydney. Tonight's top stories:

the Prime Minister the Prime Minister and

Treasurer are putting a

finishing touch to the second

economic stimulus package,

welfare groups are acting for

more help for society's most vulnerable and the Federal

Government is not preparing Government is not preparing to

compromise with Japan on

whaling, it says, one deal

allowing Japan to kill more in

its own waters in exchange for

killing fewer in the Southern

Ocean. That's ABC News this

Tuesday, I'll be back with

updates and the late edition

news. We'll leave you with last night's Australia night's Australia Day

celebrations in celebrations in Sydney's

Darling Harbour. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

This Program is Captioned Live.

Welcome to the program, Welcome to the program, I'm

Ali Moore. The collapse of the North Queensland based Storm Financial has Financial has affected

thousands of investors

throughout Australia. Last

month we reported how the

company encouraged investors to

borrow against their homes and

life savings to punt on the

stock market. With disastrous

results. Today the owner and

founder of Storm Financial founder of Storm Financial gave

his first media interview since

the company was put into the

hands of receivers this hands of receivers this month, Emmanuel Cassimatis Emmanuel Cassimatis maintains

there was nothing wrong with

the Storm model. His company

has been Unley de-- unfairly demonised blaming demonised blaming the global

financial crisis, and the intrance gens of

intrance gens of the