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Live. Good evening. I'm Scott

Bevan. On tonight's program Bevan. On tonight's program -

10 days of royal pomp 10 days of royal pomp and

ceremony have started, with the Queen touching down in

Australia. Dressed in blue,

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived at an Air Force base in Canberra late

this afternoon. It's this afternoon. It's the Queen's 16th visit to Australia

as monarch and quite as monarch and quite possibly

her last. You're watching 'The

World'. It's

build-up to the royal tour, in dramatic contrast to the monarch's first monarch's first visit in 1954. Also ahead - 1,000 to one,

Israel and the Israel and the Palestinians

reap the rewards of yesterday's controversial prisoner swap. People must renounce People must renounce violence,

they must give up arms, they

must be committed to a

democracy that respects the rights of all. Hillary Clinton pays

pays a surprise visit to Libya.

And rescue workers in Thailand

struggle to prevented Bangkok from being inundated by

floodwaters. The Queen has

arrived in Canberra for what

could be her last visit Down

Under. Queen Elizabeth Duke of Edinburgh landed at

Canberra this evening after a

long chartered flight from London. The Governor-General,

Quentin Bryce, led an all-female welcoming committee that that included the Prime Minister and the ACT Chief

Minister. Hundreds of Minister. Hundreds of school

children were allowed in to

bring a touch of colour to the

formalities. The Queen and Prince Philip are in Australia for a 10-day visit to

officially open the

Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. couple will spend a week in the

nation's capital, staying at Government

Government House in Canberra. Here's ABC correspondent Greg Jennett. Well, this is about as

close to a palace as Canberra

can manage, but for the can manage, but for the next

week the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will call Government House home. The Governor-General herself has

moved aside from her regular

living quarters so the Queen

can have the run of the house to conduct all her to conduct all her official business there. That will

include visits on Friday by the

Prime Minister and Tony Abbott

and helping usher in the meetings in the drawing room,

the Queen has a new member of staff, an Australian ecory,

trained in London

for this visit. He spent

last week in London becoming part of the Queen's household.

He will announce the Prime Minister and then invite her to

sit down here and the audience

will proceed. At age 85 for the Queen

Queen and 90 for the Duke, the

royal couple aren't exactly

setting a cracking pace on this

the Queen's 16th visit to Australia.

only one to two official events

in each day, so we'll certainly in each day, so we'll certainly see much more of the Queen than

we'll hear from her, as

protocol dictates, she doesn't

give media interviews. means the biggest question of

this visit may just go

unanswered - will it be her

last? Greg Jennett there

outside the gates of Yarralumla

in Canberra. She's reigned

over the Commonwealth,

Australia included, for almost

60 years. In fact, Queen

Elizabeth was Australia's first

monarch to set foot in this country.

country. Nick Grimm reports on the significance of particular trip. It was

six decades ago when Queen Elizabeth and her Elizabeth and

Prince Philip first came to

Australian shores. Early

morning, the Queen and Duke had responded to the cheers responded to the cheers of

welcome. Now they prepare to

leave the liner, their home for

so many miles. And in so many miles. And in the royal barge they continued across the

across the huge harbour. In

doing so, the Queen became Australia's first ruling monarch to set foot in

Australia. I want to tell you

all how happy I am amongst you and how much I amongst you and how much I look

forward to my journey through Australia. In Sydney alone, Australia. In Sydney alone, an

estimated 200,000 turned out estimated 200,000 turned out to catch a glimpse of the Queen.

That's a happy picture of this

Queen, who has, it seems, come imagine cli amongst us. In 1954, Queen Elizabeth was greeted by the then Prime

Minister, Robert Menzies, for

what was her biggest and most

celebrated tour. It was nearly

10 years until Australia 10 years until Australia saw its monarch again visited for Canberra's jubilee

celebrations, marking 50 years since the naming of

since the naming of the capital. More celebrations

marked the Queen's return to

Australia in 1973 to open the

Sydney Opera House. She was

back the following year to open

Parliament. International air

travel helped the 70s witness

more frequent visits. On

occasion the royal heirs came

too. It is with great pleasure

that I have returned to

Australia in this the Silver Jubilee

Jubilee reign of my attend the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane and in 1986 in Brisbane and in 1986 the Queen signed the Australia Act

severing the severing the final constitutional link between

Australia and the United Kingdom. Soon after

Australia's 1988 bicentenary,

the Republican debate gained

momentum. But it's been momentum. But it's been the

Queen who has quite Queen who has quite literally

held on to the key to the Australian Parliament. More recent visits have included the recent visits Government Meeting held at

Coolum in Australia in 2002.

It brings people together and enrich s lives. As long as we

never lose sight of this goal,

I am as sure of the future as I

am proud of the past of this

great organisation, which it

has been my privilege to serve

since 1952. After CHOGM in

2002, the Queen returned for the opening of the opening of Melbourne's

Commonwealth Games in 2006.

Over the past 57 years, Australia has become a very

different place to what it was

in 1954. Its monarch has

remained unchanged. Now at 85, it's being speculated this

visit could be the Queen's

last. Joining me live from

Canberra is Valentine Lowe, Canberra is Valentine Lowe, a London-based correspondent for

the Times newspaper, he's

covered many royal tours abroad, including Prince

William's recent visit to

Australia when he also spoke to

'The World'. Good to see you again, Valentine, thanks for

your time. It's a pleasure,

Scott. With all these tours

you've seen in the past and

covered, how did the start of

seem to go in terms of Queen

Elizabeth's reaction to it?

Well, what struck me was when

she got off the plane, she

looked very smiley, very looked very smiley, very happy,

delighted to be in Australia.

She's in top form. For a woman

of 85 who's just been on a 22-hour flight, she looked

really pretty remarkable shape.

I arrived in Australia after I arrived in Australia after a similar flight the day before and, frankly, she was looking better better than I did. You're still

looking pretty remarkable

yourself. Given

age, how does she do it, why

does she do it, travel halfway

around the world for a fairly intensive royal tour? She's got this incredible got this incredible deep-rooted

sense of duty. It's her job.

Unlike the jobs that you or I or

or anyone else does, there's or anyone else does, there's no retirement plan. She can't

give up. She gives up when she

dies. She carries on doing it dies.

as long as she's physically

able to. Like her mother, the late Queen her age she's in remarkably

good shape, as indeed is Prince Philip. Philip. At the moment Philip. At the moment they're

going to carry on doing this.

The question constantly asked is will this be the last is will this be the last trip?

It's hard to say, but in five

years time you've got to ask

yourself where they are going

to be. She's going to be

older. Will he even be here?

He'll either be in a state where I would have where I would have thought he's

just too old to make that kind

of journey or he won't around anymore. Will she around anymore. Will she go

without him? She's without him? She's never undertaken any major trip

without Philip. He's been her absolute

absolute rock. incredibly important part of her her life. So you wonder.

incredibly important the other hand, there is this

sense of duty that she has, so

I guess if she can, she can surprise us. From your

perspective, what do you see as

the key events of this particular tour, of the event s

she'll be attending over the next ten days? It's

undoubtedly going to be

undoubtedly going to be CHOGM, because CHOGM is very close to

her heart. The Commonwealth and the Queen are practically

synonymous. She loves the

Commonwealth. It gives her a

chance to meet all the

Commonwealth heads of

government. Of course that raises another raises another interesting

question of where will the

Commonwealth be when the Commonwealth be when the Queen goes? Being such a

Commonwealth, when she goes,

you wonder will it slightly

begin to disintegrate? begin to disintegrate? From your perspective once again, there's a term that a former

BBC correspondent uses about

Australia's almost dual vision

towards the monarchy and to

Queen Elizabeth. He says Queen Elizabeth. He says there

are more Elizabethans in Australia than Queen other words, people mightn't

care about the monarchy, but they really like Elizabeth the

plays into and will continue plays into and will continue to

play into the Republican debate

here? That's a good question, because because the Republicans here

know that the person amounts involved play against them.

There's a huge devotion to the

Queen. As I witnessed when I was here earlier this year,

there's a great affection to

prince William. In between of

them of course is the other

generation of Charles where

there's possibly less affection

here towards him. personalities have worked

towards it. What struck me

when I was here with William was

was that people in the flood

areas, say, when areas, say, when he came to

visit him were incredibly

touched that he'd gone to the

effort of going there, they

were impressed with him as a

person, they thought he was a

good bloke. He is a good

bloke. He's a decent human

being, William. He's open and

honest and cares about people. Yet these people impressed with him and like him

have come all the way to see

him, half of them couldn't care

about the monarchy. They were

Republicans. So there's this curious sort of dichotomy

between people's personal

beliefs about what they think about the royal family as

people and what they care about

as an institution. This is as an institution. This is the Queen's 16th visit to

Australia. How do you think

think those visits over the

years, over the past 57 years, the purposes of them mood surrounding them, have chartered that changing

chartered that changing relationship there? I'm no expert expert on the history of expert on the history of these visits, but it's obvious that

in the early years there was quite a different relationship

between the Queen and Australia

and the monarchy. There was a

sense of gratitude. It was a

first monarch to step foot in

Australia. Now all that has

changed. She's become, as someone said to me in

conversation the other day,

part of the furniture. They

expect her now. So the sense

of excitement has gone. Of

course the sense of glamour has

gone. When she came in


she was young, you could say

she was beautiful. It was

incredibly exciting to have a figure

figure like that here. figure like that here. Now

she's a great grandmother. There's There's not much excitement surrounding great grand

mothers. You get a bit of that star quality when someone like

William comes here. To an

extent it will be revived, extent it will be revived, but Australia's a less sycophantic,

less naive place, in the sense

that we're all less Australia's we were 50, 60 years ago. We

all question institutions far

more. They're aware of that. Valentine, if we can tap into the levels of excitement

from the London side as well. As I understand it,

you're the only correspondent

who's travelled out to cover

the royal visit. What does

that say about the level of that say about the level of

interest in Britain about visits to Australia these days? Well, the only newspaper

correspondent who's come out.

The television companies have

sent their crews, and the other newspapers have sent

Sydney bureau reporters.

There's two feelings. One is

it's another royal visit not the most exciting thing in

the world, but we also know it

could be the Queen's last, so

there is a sense of poig Nancy.

Certainly my office, the Times

is very interested in this.

That's why we've gone to the

expense and effort of sending

me over here. We think there

sz a resonance, this idea that

the Queen has been on the throne

throne for half a century,

could be making her farewell tour of Australia. Valentine

thank you for your incites

about this historic tour. Much appreciated. Get some appreciated. Get some sleep

and have a good time

and have a good time here. Thank you, Thank you, Scott. After a

night of euphoria across Israel and the territories, and the Palestinian territories, daylight has

brought a reality check. The

elaborate prisoner swap between

the Israelis and Palestinians

has done little to ease decades

of conflict. of conflict. Uncompromising talk on both sides left world leaders

leaders with few illusions protest. They'd hoped protest. They'd hoped the

release of the Israeli protest.

Gilad Shalit and hundreds of Palestinian prisoners might

help bridge the divide. Middle East correspondent reports from northern Israel. After more than five

years in captivity, without so

much as a visit from the Red Cross, Gilad Shalit Cross, Gilad Shalit was suddenly the focus of

international attention. Just

before he returned to Israel,

he was interviewed on he was interviewed on Egyptian

television. Did you think the

day would come

you could walk free? you could walk free? I believed there was a chance,

but you never know. He was met by the Israeli Prime but you Benjamin Netanyahu, who Benjamin Netanyahu, who made

the deal to secure his release.

Only then did Gilad Shalit get

to see his family. The price

of his freedom is 1,000

Palestinian prisoners, including convicted terrorists.

TRANSLATION: This is still a difficult day because even though the price was lowered, it is still heavy. Gilad it is still heavy. Gilad Shalit was captured while on patrol

near the Gaza border in 2006

and held hostage ever since by the militant group Hamas. the militant group Hamas. Like

most Israeli soldiers, he was a conscript, which is why Israel goes

goes to extraordinary lengths to bring its soldiers

alive or dead. But Hamas has

recently been losing support. This was a media moment it

needed. In the West Bank,

there was also an ecstatic welcome for welcome for the freed prisoners. TRANSLATION: I'm from my people. I think that 30 30 years of suffering in 30 years of suffering in jails

will be thrown behind me. In

Gilad Shalit's home town, hundreds gathered to welcome him home. As evening fell, the soldier worth 1,000 prisoners

arrived in an army chopper,

before being escorted back to before being escorted back to the family home to wild

celebrations. After five

years, Gilad Shalit is finally coming home to spend coming home to spend the night

with his family and sleep in his

his own bed. His life will be a lot more difficult from here, but certainly no-one here in his home his home town of Hill Hill is questioning tonight the price

of bringing him home. A Sydney Muslim leader has been killed in Libya, the new regime. Sheikh Nasar

Zuway was killed in the city of

Sirte, where fighters are

trying to flush out the rest Muslim

Moammar Gaddafi's supporters.

Sheikh Nasar had been in Libya

since the uprising began in

February. He's an Australian

citizen of Libyan background

who took the ultimate risk to

win their liberty and win their liberty and freedom.

He is still a hero of the

national resistance of Libya. Keysar Trad says it's unclear exactly how the Sheikh

died. He is survived by his

wife and three children, who are all in Libya. Mean time, the US Secretary of State,

Hillary Clinton, has made an

unannounced visit to Libya to

offer her country's support to

the Libyan people. Clinton is

the highest-ranking US official

to visit the country since the uprising which Moammar Gaddafi ousted Moammar Gaddafi ousted from

power. Hillary power. Hillary Clinton announced new funding for care for wounded fighters for wounded fighters and

another initiative aimed at finding and finding and destroying weapon stockpiles. For security

reasons, this visit was kept as

a surprise. Mrs Clinton coming

here offering a number different here offering a number of different things to the Libyan people. She said that the United States United States will help those

that are wounded with medical care. She says that those

who've been injured during fighting, the fighters who've

been fighting on behalf of National Transitional Council

who've been wounded, who've

lost limbs, they will be retrained by the United States

so they can find new jobs. She talked about

talked about a country that is

now littered with weapons. She

said the United States will

help with that too. I help with that too. I am

pleased to announce that we're

going to put even more money

into helping Libya secure and

destroy dangerous stockpiles of weapons and the administration

working with Congress is going

to provide $40 million to support

support this effort. We will

also work with Libya to destroy chemical

chemical weapons stocks. We

want to expand our economic

cooperation with Libya to

create new educational and

cultural exchanges and cultural exchanges and deepen

our engagement with civil society. First, we will launch

this new partnership to care to your wounded. The

Secretary of State said there will be cultural and

educational links to students,

will be allowed to stud ine in

the United States, the US

Government will pay for English

classes to be carried out here

in Libya. At the end of her time here, she made an

impassioned plea for the women

of Libya. She said she didn't feel there was enough representation in the national transitional council for Libya.

She said this country can be She said this country can only be a proper democratic country if all the people are

represented, and that includes

the 50% of the population the 50% of the population who

are women. James Bays reporting there.

there. A massive strike has begun in Greece, as

workers protest against the Government's austerity

measures. These are measures. These are live pictures of a pictures of a mass demonstration in the capital, Athens.

Athens. The latest Athens. The latest measures agreed by the Greek Government

with the EU and the IMF include

more tax rises, more tax rises, more spending

cuts, lower wages, lower

pension s and tens of thousands

of public sector job losses. The EU leaders are meeting this

weekend amid urgent calls for

decisive action to overcome the

crisis in the Eurozone and

these austerity measures, as

you can see there you can see there by the thousands gathering outside thousands gathering outside the

Parliament in Athens, are not going

going down well with a good deal of the

deal of the population. Coming up

up in the program, the captain of

of the ship spilling massive

amounts of oil off New Zealand

appears in court.

Thai authorities are racing

to complete a new flood wall on

the eastern side of Bangkok

ahead of a tidal surge ahead of a tidal surge later

tonight. Bangkok weathered high

high tides over the weekend,

but is now facing renewed risk

of flooding as barriers struggle

struggle to hold back floodwaters

floodwaters from the provinces,

flowing into the north of the

city. Thailand has seen its

worst monsoon season in worst monsoon season in decades

and cities north of Bangkok have been completely merged. The Government is

trying to divert that water around Bangkok towards the sea

to protect the capital. But as

Zoe Daniel reports, it's proving to be a huge task. This

is part of the 7.7km flood wall

that the Government is building

in an attempt to keep this

water out of the city of Bangkok.

Bangkok. In parts, the wall is

already one to 1.5 metres high,

but in parts it's still only

one sandbag high. The

metropolitan government is saying that

wall completed by 9pm tonight,

at least to 60 to 80

centimetres. In its centimetres. In its highest

sections, it will be up to 1.8 metres high, to try to keep

this water that's flowing from

the northern provinces out of

Bangkok's city. This is one of

the last lines of defence for

Bangkok, particularly for the

city's east, but it's not the only line that the Government's defending. We're still hearing

of canal walls of canal walls breaking, of

embankments collapsing and of communities being

city as well. Really the

crisis is continuing and the

Government's stip grappling

with how to keep with how to keep this wall of water out of the metropolitan area. Our South-East Asia

correspondent Zoe Daniel

reporting there. The captain of

the ship spilling massive amounts of oil off New amounts of oil off New Zealand appeared in court today. He and the ship's second officer

face charges under the maritime

Act and there could be an extra

charge coming of environmental

damage. The ship, called 'Rena', is still holding together, but the weather is

bad and once again that means

no oil can be pumped off it. New Zealand correspondent Dominique Schwartz reports. This is all that New

Zealanders are allowed to see

of the captain of the 'Rena'.

His name and image and that of

the second officer have been

suppressed so that they cannot be identified by be identified by potentially angry locals. All that would be achieved by the publication of the photographs and the

names of the defendants, in my risk. They've been charged

under the Maritime Act for operating a ship in a manner

causing unnecessary danger to other

other people or property. Oil and container and container debris has now

washed ashore more than 250 km away. We also have just initiated a coastal navigation

warning right out to east cape

on the basis we have that extended debris field. Coincidentally, another

seaman appeared in the seaman appeared in the Tauranga court today, but he's hailed a hero by his Maurie

tribe. He was charged with

disrupting an oil company

survey off the east cape. Offshore oil drilling, particularly deep-sea drilling,

is a contentious issue here in New Zealand. The New Zealand. The 'Rena'

disaster has made it only more

so, particularly with a general

election just six weeks election just six weeks away.

We already know now that we

cannot handle an oil spill.

The Government has a The Government has a moral obligation now to New Zealand to

to rescind the licences that

they have already issued for that exploration. Prime Minister John Key is not about to do

that. New Zealand earns $2

billion a year currently from oil exploration, it's our fourth-largest longer the 'Rena' recovery hangs hangs in the balance, the more uneasy New Zealanders feel. A

Tibetan nun near a monastery in south-west China, the ninth

such incident in recent months.

Supporters say the 20-year-old committed

committed the act of ongoing repression of Tibetans to protect against China's

in the country. A peaceful

protest in support of a nun who

was driven to an extreme was driven to an extreme act.

Tibetan monks gathered to honour her and eight other

monks who have set themselves

on fire since March. We are of

the firm belief that the

situation in Tibet and the policies and programs of the

Chinese Government drives the

Tibetans to such desperation to

resort to such encouraged by the Tibetan

movement, the acts of self im lation have been seen as desperate attempts to draw

is the attention to what they insist attention to what they

is the repression and erosion

of Tibetan culture by China.

The latest incident, which hasn't been independently

confirmed, happened in Aba

Count bey, home to the monastery which has been monastery which has been the subject of protests against

Beijing's rule. We call on

China to invite, as I repeat again, independent Tibet and, in particular, the delegations again, independent fact-finding

monastery. The Chinese

Government has condemned the

believe the encouragement of latest act. TRANSLATION: We

such behaviour at the cost of

human life is immoral. Tensions have run high across the region, since widespread anti-government protests in

2008. China has maintained a

heavy presence in sich Juan

province, home to a large

three monks accused of were

gaoled by the authorities. The United States says it's

says it's concerned about the

spate and has joined campaign

groups in calling for China to respect the human rights

respect the human rights of all

Communist Party has ended its

major annual meeting, one of

the final gatherings before a

begins generational changeover that

begins next year. The

country's leaders have decided to hold a party Congress second half of 2012 which will

install the successors to President Hu Jintao's generation. The five-day meeting of the central

committee also passed a committee also passed

decision on the Government's push to invigorate State-run publishers, broadcasters and

performers under the guise of

cultural reform. Let's get the

latest world weather now with

Graham Creed. As we head into Thursday, the heaviest of

rainfall should be confined to the north-eastern tropical

coast of Queensland. Still heavy totals possible around by the evening we should start

to see the heavy falls begin to

become very isolated. We also

the have a band of rain moving into

the south east. Only light

falls in association with this.

That's with the trough,

warm ahead of it. Cooler

Victoria and Tasmania behind it south-westerly change for SA,

and generally clear conditions through the remainder of the

country. We also have country. We also have showers

mostly confined to the northern

half of the south island of New Zealand and fairly widespread over the north island, so

temperatures a little bit cool. We also have fairly widespread

activity about the northern

parts of the Pacific Islands.

We could even see moderate

falls in association with rain

and thunderstorms. Across South-East Asia, nothing showing up as overly significant at the significant at the moment,

still fairly widespread showers and

and storms, also expecting to see

see those showers pretty much anywhere across Indonesia. We

really are starting to see a

bit of a change in the weather.

As we head into the western

parts, again, it's the east

coast of Vietnam likely to pick

up heavier false, isolated it's thunderstorms through Thailand, it's around the central north

that we could see that we could see isolated moderate falls, but most other

areas looking at relatively light

light totals. We're also expecting some of the heavy

rain to future in towards the

far southern inland of far southern inland of China,

but through the remainder of

China relatively clear. This

band of cloud sitting to the

east of Japan could trigger an

isolated coastal shower, but

the heaviest of the falls

sitting just east of the country. So relatively clear forecast conditions there. As

we head down relatively clear, but the area

of significance is here, this is a tropical disturbance pushing into the northern parts

of Burma. It will bring

significant rainfall. In fact, rainfall totals over a 24-hour

period well in excess of 100mm.

The good news is most of The good news is most of that

rain should stay in Burma and

not affect Thailand at this

stage. As we head into ourop,

also a broad area of rain fall,

light across the north, but in

around the Italian, Swiss and

also the French alps we could see moderate there, fairly cold conditions

also as a pool of cold air sits

right across the western and northern

northern parts of Europe. northern parts of Europe. In

Africa, we once again have a band of fairly consistent

widespread showers and storms.

It's sitting across the central

parts. We could see isolated heavy falls about the

north-east coast of north-east coast of Kenya, but

not much in Somalia or

Ethiopia. Also a band of

thunderstorms about the north-eastern parts north-eastern parts of South

Africa. Across the US, some

significant weather as well.

It spreads from the Carolinas

all the way through to the

regions around the

Significant weather, heavy rainfall, possible

thunderstorms. Also cool er air

air moving in association with that

that low. Further south, that low. Further south, the Caribbean Caribbean countries also are

looking relatively wet. A band

of fairly widespread rainfall

through Brazil, but the far

eastern parts are likely to see some of the some of the heavier

falls. Graham Creed there. Still

Still ahead on the program,

Kenya and Somalia formally

agree on a strike to try to

flush out Al-Shabaab militants. You're watching 'The World'

on ABC News 24. A reminder now

of our top stories. Queen

Elizabeth II has Australia Elizabeth II has arrived in Australia for her 16th tour of

the nation. The Queen the nation. The Queen was

greeted by the Governor-General

and the Prime Minister Canberra and the Prime Minister in Canberra earlier this Canberra earlier this evening. The tour will include several

days in Canberra, with trips to Brisbane and Melbourne, before the Queen travels to Perth to open Canberra Government Meeting. The US Secretary of State has made a

flying visit to the Libyan

capital to call on militia groups to unite behind the transitional Government.

Hillary Clinton's visit to Tripoli was not announced in advance due to security concerns.

concerns. Ms Clinton is the most senior US visit the country since the uprising started against

Colonel Gaddafi. And the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit

has spent his first night at home with family after being

released from five years of

captivity in the Gaza Strip.

Earlier he was welcomed by

thousands of people who spread

white flowers on the road

leading to his house. exchange for Gilad Shalit,

Israel is releasing more than

1,000 Palestinian prisoners.

In Gaza, many of those freed

Palestinian prisoners have been

welcomed home as heroes. Many

had been serving life sentences for murder, as Al Jazeera's Nicole Johnston reports. Arriving into reports. Arriving into Gaza

after a long journey that began

in an Israeli jail. These Palestinian prisoners travelled

from Israel into Egypt and then into Gaza through into Gaza through the Rafa Crossing. Hundreds

relatives were there to greet

them, even the very young.

This victory is a victory for

all the Palestinian people, all

the Arab nation, all the Arab

revolutions, and we hope from

God that all our friends God that all our friends in prison will be free. The military wing of Hamas, the Al

castam brigades, put on a display

display of strength as well, with thousands of with thousands of armed fighters out in fighters out in public. After

Rafa Crossing, the prisoners headed to the largest square in

Gaza City for a massive welcoming home party organised by Hamas. This is

Hamas has been waiting for.

It's parading almost 300 freed

Palestinian priz ners in front

of a very grateful crowd of tens of tens of thousands of

Palestinians in Gaza. Hamas

says the prisoners' deal is a victory

victory and a turning point.

It also says it included all

Palestinian factions in the list of freed prisoners. TRANSLATION: This movement, supported by movement, supported by this

Government, doesn't have a party agenda or a personal

agenda. The negotiations of

the movement didn't talk only

about Hamas. We've talked

about the values of about the values of the humanity. For Hamas, prisoner swap has put the group centre

centre stage at a time when it

was looking increasingly

sidelined. Hamas opposed the bid in September by the Palestinian for statehood in the United

Nations, so now this landmark deal has made Hamas appear

relevant again. And these

former prisoners have come home

to Gaza, where they're regarded as freedom fighters who've sacrificed years of their life for the Palestinian cause. A

the foreign ministry in the

Somali capital, Mogadishu,

killing several people. The attack

attack came as Kenya 's defence

and foreign ministers were

holding talks in Mogadishu with the Somali transitional Government several

away. Kenyan forces away. Kenyan forces entered Somalia on the weekend to fight the Islamist insurgent group

Al-Shabaab, which it blames for a spate of kidnapping in Kenya.

The offensive is in response

raids to. It's on these plains

the Kenyan military says it has

been making good gains, taking

control of significant villages

held by the Islamist group Al

shabab. The main resistance

here was in here was in a village about

60km from the Kenyan border.

When we arrived, Kenyan groups

were engaged in a battle with

what they say were pockets of Al-Shabaab fighters. It Al-Shabaab fighters. It was

too dangerous for us to land.

Kenya's border town of Liboy is where

together for what has been

dubbed Operation Protect Kenya. The operation that we undertaking The operation that we are undertaking currently is intelligence

identify where the militia group is, move undertaking transitional Federal Government

forces. Heavy rains in the forces. Heavy rains in the last two days have made troop movement difficult, but they

are advancing. The situation

in Somalia is still very but the Kenya military and Somalia transitional Federal Government forces are still

pushing ahead towards the last major town before getting

there. The cities in

Al-Shabaab's stronghold on

Somalia's east coast and is

believed to be the place where

several foreigners are held, including two female tourists

kidnapped on Kenya's coast.

Back in Liboy, this woman, like

many of the residents here, is worried.

the other day they came here

terrorising us. I don't know

if it was Al-Shabaab or

bandits. The whole town is in

fear. Kenya says it has a right

to defend itself and operations

like this will like

long as Al-Shabaab threatens to attack

attack its territory. Turkish troops have killed 15 Kurdish

militants in clashes near militants in clashes near the Turkey-Iraq border. Turkey-Iraq border. The Turkish army was

Turkish army was reportedly retaliating to rebels which killed 26

soldiers. At least 100 Kurd

Stan workers party militants are believed to have taken part

in the attacks across in the attacks across several locations in locations in Turkey's

south-east. In the UK a civil service

service inquiry has found that

the former Defence Secretary,

Liam Fox, broke the ministerial

code by allowing a personal

friend access to meetings and overseas trips, but the inquiry

concluded there was no evidence

that Dr Fox had financially

gained from the relationship or

that he had risked that he had risked national security.

Rachel Brown reports. Liam Fox

has admitted his working

relationship with his best relationship with his best man Adam Werritty blurred the lines between the official and the personal. A cabinet report has found the lobbyist often

accompanied Dr Fox on overseas trips and trips and international contacts would have been

forgiven for thinking he was a

government adviser. Dr Fox has

been criticised for ignoring warnings from the Ministry of

Defence and for putting Defence and for putting his

staff at risk by allowing his friend access to friend access to his sense, it's a warning to all

Ministers that the ministerial

code is there, it's to be

honoured and if you breach it,

there are serious consequences. Dr cleared of the more serious

claims: But But the Labour opposition

says the brief report barely

scrapes the surface and says serious questions remain. Which other government ministers

ministers met Mr Werritty ministers met Mr Werritty and

who was giving Mr Werritty all

of this money and for what

purpose. What did they expect

and what did they receive in return? Mr Werritty is

expected to launch High Court

action on lible grounds. The Labour opposition is

unsatisfied. It siz for a

review supposed to be looking

at 18 months of a cabinet minister's professional

behaviour, the brief report barely

barely scratches the surface. Labour

Labour wants to know who funded

Mr Werritty and who else had

meetings with Street has accepted the report's recommendation that civil servants accompany ministers on all official visits and meetings overseas. Staying in Britain,

two men gaoled for four years

for using Facebook to incite

the recent violent riots have lost appeals against their

sentences. The judge said that

even though the men did no more

than post a comment online and

no riots took place as a direct

result, decent citizens had

been appalled and frightened by what they'd read. What should be the appropriate penalty for

this, this or even those this, this or even those who broke the law not on streets, but in front of their

computers? The most

controversial cases in front of

the Court of Appeal were those

of Jordan Blackshaw and Perry

Sutcliffe, both gaoled for four

years for inciting riots by

posting on Facebook. The

judges decided Blackshaw's call

for a smashdown in Northwich Town, was designed to encourage criminal

criminal damage and rioting.

Sutcliffe claimed he had a

change of heart and taken down his. The lord Chief Justice Lord Lord Judge said: Appeals were dismissed. What the Court of Appeal have the Court of Appeal have done today is make it

committed by computer, however

distant that crime is from the

scene itself, it will be taken very,

very, very very, very seriously. Stephen

vaf earn, David bessic vaf earn, David bessic and Stephen Carter had Stephen Carter had their sentences for being caught sentences for being caught with

looted televisions and shoes

reduced by half. The reduced by half. The court decided they were guilty of "opportunistic involvement",

they hadn't actually taken part

in the riots. Some charities and lawyers are sentences will result in

offenders caught up for perhaps

just a day being drawn towards

a lifetime of crime, but

today's judgment firmly argues that sentencing has to that sentencing has to deter

potential future rioters. Hundreds

Hundreds more of those arrested

in the riots are working their

way through the criminal

justice system. Today's decisions

decisions suggest they can also

expect tough sentences. Julian

Barnes once described the

Booker Prize as a game of posh

bingo. Now the 65-year-old

English author has won it for his novel 'The Sense of an Ending'. It was the fourth

time he'd been nominated for

the Booker Prize. He used his acceptance

acceptance speech to argue for

the preservation of the printed

word, which is being threatened

by new electronic readers. If the physical book, as we've

come to call it, is to resist come the chalenge of the the chalenge of the e-book, it

has to look like has to look like something worth buying and keeping. Along with a cheque for $76,000, Julian Barnes will

also enjoy a massive spike also enjoy a massive spike in

sales of his novel.

Moody's is the latest agency

to downgrade Spain's debt rating, lowering it rating, lowering it by two

notches to A1, with a negative outlook. It says no credible resolution to resolution to Spain's economic crisis has emerged. Poor's crisis has emerged. Standard &

Poor's recently made a similar

assessment. An inflation in Britain has hit a three-year

high on the back of surging

household energy bills.

Official data for September

showed inflation hit

from 4.5% in August. The rise was above economists'

expectations and comes amid

concern over the fragile British flatlined in the nine months to June.

June. But analysts are warning

that inflation may rise even further before the end of the

year. In Australia, it's

illegal to receive or make any type of payment for type of payment for human tissue, including donated sperm

and eggs. But in the UK women

and men who donate their reproductive cells can reproductive cells can receive

as much as $500 per donation. Authorities are considering tripling that amount tripling that amount for women donors, but critics are outraged, as Jane Hughes

reports. A baby is many

couples' ultimate dream, but

for those who can't conceive themselves, using another woman's eggs is one of the few

alternatives. Some resort to online appeals in their search

for a donor. There's a nationwide shortage of women

who'll help and some couples

wait years. Lesley Spencer

knows that all too well. She and her husband long for

children and she's had early menopause and donation is menopause and donation is her only hope. It's totally devastating. It's heart-breaking, really painful and isolating. all our friends and family have

their children. We just know

without the help of donors, we won't won't achieve our lifetime

dream of becoming parents. Egg

donation isn't straightforward.

It involves hormone injections

every day, scans every every day, scans every couple

of days and then day surgery to recover the eggs. At the

moment women are compensated maximum of $250 for doing that,

but the HFEA is expected to raise that to ?750. We basically don't want to lose

the principle altruism as the

main reason they want to donate

eggs to patients. eggs to patients. However, I

think the level of compensation

needs to be increased so that's its commensurate with what patient has to go patient has to go through,

donor has to go through, to donate eggs. Critics warn about

the potential health risks of donation and say higher compensation

women to give away their eggs

for the wrong reasons. The BBC's Jane Hughes BBC's Jane Hughes reporting

there. To sport now there. To sport now with Amanda Shalala. Amanda,

Wallabies are in line for a top honour Good consolation prize

maybe. Will Genia and David

Pocock have been shortlisted

for the player of the year award.

award. The other nominees are

Jerome Kahner, Nonu, wepu and French captain. Meanwhile,

Nathan Sharp will become just

the fifth Wallaby to play 100 tests against Wales on Friday. He's one of six the team and replaces the

injured Dan Vickerman in the

second row. I don't know how

it really feels just yet. It

hasn't quite sunk in yet. I think the opportunity to play

this weekend against Wales in

what's a really important game

for Australian rugby is something

something I'm very excited

about Fullback Kurtley Beale will return from a hamstring

injury. The Wallabies surprise spectator injury. The Wallabies had a surprise spectator at training today, with Johna Lomu on. today, with Johna Lomu looking

on. The All Blacks are

preparing for this weekend's final against France Park, despite carrying the

overwhelming hopes of an expectant nation, the expectant nation, the team hardly looks like it's feeling the pressure. It's school holidays, so little holidays, so little wonder

there was juvenile All Blacks

behaviour in front of behaviour in front of the international media. The two

Williams boys deciding it was

cute to answer each other's

questions, until Ali exception to Sonny Bill being

quizzed about his yellow We don't have much to say on

that. That frustrated that. That frustrated you, didn't it, Jim. Try to be

professional and we expect the

same from you guys. Oh. same from you guys. Oh. Let's

talk about the game then. Why

about one incident? We'd like

to ask him about it. It was

just a tackle gone to

All Blacks are expected to name

an unchanged starting 15 on

Friday, with the only likely

change to come on the bench of

Adam Thompson is able to shake

off a lingering ankle injury.

Coming along well, it

how it pulls up over the next

couple of days. Those days are sure to

sure to see tensions rise as

kick-off nears and even the

more mature All Blacks more mature All Blacks can't wait. You've really got to

take it as a grand final and

probably the biggest game of

your career. You've got to really

really enjoy it. One of the

keys to victory, as always

against France, will be the

scrum. The All Blacks is going

pretty well. The difference

between a good and bad scrum

can be very small. we need to go up another notch

from the weekend, because from the weekend, because the French pack definitely

will. Some commonsense from at least some of the All Blacks. American surfer Kelly

Slater has all but clinched his 11th world crown. 11th world crown. The

39-year-old finished runner 39-year-old finished runner up

in Portugal overnight, putting

him in sight of another title.

Slater needs to finish only 9th

or better at the next event in

San Francisco to wrap up the crown. Kelly Slater is crown. Kelly Slater is already

an icon of his sport, what many expect to be his farewell season, he's set to

finish on an unprecedented

high. His 11th world title is

now almost as sure as the tide

itself, after the itself, after the 39-year-old finished runner up at the Rip

Curl pro. Brazilian Adriano de

Souza defeated Slater in the

final, his Third World tour win and and one that looked like it was

on home sand. It was the best

moment for me, make it more

special, because he's so great, you

you know? He's unbelievable. He's

He's going to be an 11-time

world champion for sure. All eyes

he needs to finish 9th or

better to clinch the title better to clinch the title at

next month's second-last tour event

event in San Francisco. Cycling's Cycling's grand tour unveiled next year's stage changes in

Paris overnight. It was confirmed confirmed the race will commence in Belgium for the

fourth time. Next year's 99th edition will entail almost

double the amount of time trial

kilometres. Bigger mountains

and of course longer and probably flatter time trials,

I'm assuming, a different style

race will cover a toil of

3,479km. The English Premier

League's leading lights were on

show in the Champions League,

it was City who impressed by securing their first points

with a 2-1 win over Villareal.

This is much better. This is much better. He's

given the penalty. Wayne given the penalty. Wayne Rooney

struck twice from the penalty

spot in the second half to spot in the second half to give Manchester United an important

2-0 win. United leads in Bucharest. While Real Madrid

stamped competition with a 4-0 victory

over Lyon. The pinnacle over Lyon. The pinnacle of American baseball,

series, is fast approaching with the St Louis Cardinals

taking on Texas rangers. St Louis host the first game tomorrow morning, though tomorrow morning, though the teams will be hoping the rain

stays away. The Cardinals stays away. The Cardinals made

a late run to the world series

and left it until the final day

of the regular season to make

the playoffs, while it's the

second year in a row the Rangers have made it to major

league baseball's biggest

stage. I expect it to be stage. I expect it to be a

great series, two great teams are playing against each are playing against each other.

I know the Cardinals got through the wild card, but they

earned it, or they wouldn't here. earned it, or they wouldn't be

here. They went through pretty tough falls to get tough falls to get here. For

the second year in a row, a

French horse has taken out the

Geelong Cup. Bauer was third

in the race, which has become a

reliable form guide for the

Melbourne Cup. The French do

it again. He'll be far better

suited to Flemington, his best

distance. Couldn't be happier

really. Done a great job, the

team here, trainers back in

France. His best distance is 3,000

3,000 and above, going

good. Last year Americain won

the Geelong Cup en route to

winning the Melbourne Cup.

Media puzle also took out the Geelong-Melbourne double in

2002. Paul Gallon has resigned

of 2015. There will be cheering

in the shire tonight. tonight, the album Smile by the

Beach Boys was heralded as a

masterpiece, but arguments between members of the band led to

to the project being shelved.

Now the man who wrote Now the man who wrote the

songs, Brian Wilson, is

allowing all the material

recorded in the 1960s to be

released for the first released for the first time. At their peak, the Beach Boys

were America's biggest band. Clean-cut, wholesome music

written by Bryan Wilson. Then

in 1969 he began to create the

album Smile, a new sound under

a new influence. Good vibrations ... Heroes and Villages and other stranger recordings. Mrs O'-Lear''s cow, which

helped set a nearby house on

fire, and this little interlewd, Brian falls into a

piano. Bryan, where are piano. Bryan, where are you?

I'm in the piano. I'm in the piano. Come out of

there, man. Bryan falls into a piano,? Those drugs got us

going, you know? Do you regret

what happened in the mid-60s?

In some ways I do, yes, I do

the 60s, yes. In what way?

Like I say, we overdid Like I say, we overdid the drugs. It took us so into the

music we couldn't finish it. the We were so stoned, we We were so stoned, we were going like let's make this

take, hold on. We'll make

another take. It unbelievably drug-related. 45

years on, the effects years on, the effects haven't entirely worn off. And while

we've heard songs from that

lost album, they even recorded a version of Smile in 2004, much

much of what was recorded in

the 60s has stayed in the vaults

vaults until now. It really is

a happy album. Why did it never

come out? Well, me and my

collaborator did not think it was time for it to come out.

We thought we were too far

ahead of our time, it was to understand. So we put it on

the shelf for a year. the shelf for a year. Do you

have good feelings or feelings when you hear that

music again? When I hear that

music, I have good feelings

because I say how in the heck did we ever create that kind of

music? I don't know. We did. Drugs, mental illness,

feud s broke Brian Wilson.

these years later, he's

choosing now to hear the happy

side of Smile. To date on all the stories we're following, you can log on to

our website. The address: That is 'The World' for this

Wednesday evening. Up next Wednesday evening. Up next the latest news. I'm Scott Bevan. Thanks for your company. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned

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