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(generated from captions) Mr Howard denied he was "anti-union" Liberal party's federal council, In his closing address to the industrial relations changes. against the PM's sweeping as the ACTU embarks on a campaign That's John Howard's pitch Trust me. Felicity Davey with ABC News. Good evening, on cricket's minnows. and Australia exacts revenege over airport security state police on the defence of grim times ahead unconvinced unions warn got nothing to worry about John Howard assures workers they've Tonight - This program is captioned live.

industrial action. to discuss possible will meet in the Pilbara region where thousands of workers will start tomorrow in the west - industrial campaign The first stage of the union's Jim Middleton, ABC News, Canberra. next great mission. was the Liberals' governments, he declared, Defeating the state Labor elsewhere in Australia to be slain. There are eight governments in difficult circumstances. are working very hard Look, I think the states of a raft of state taxes. over the abolition exploiting their defiance for instance, pressure on the Labor premiers - to use federal issues to put they were not doing enough he told the state leaders Behind closed doors, get their act together. the under-performing state Liberals he's also demanding over industrial relations, to do battle with the unions While John Howard prepares people's rights at work. and they will hurt changes in many generations - the biggest industrial relations These are very significant changes - is an absurdity. Commission of this country before the Industrial Relations and establish a right for it that you've got to argue for it And the very idea easing apprenticeship restrictions. in part, by boosting skills by in the face of global competition, to maintain living standards the productivity gains needed is about realising his industrial relations shake-up Mr Howard insists than it currently exists. even more heavily against the ordinary Australian, is to shift the balance is going to do And what the Government in favour of the individual worker. we'll be tilting the balance against organised labour, We won't be tilting the balance from next week. a legislative blank cheque that John Howard will have People don't necessarily know or wantonly or indiscriminately. We won't use it capriciously of the Senate. when he takes control they have anything to fear The Prime Minister denies (All chant) Shame, Howard, shame! they have everything to lose. are adamant as John Howard spoke, gathered outside The union protestors, "soberly, wisely and sensibly". his new senate majority and pledged to use

because of the fuel, If we were to try increase the rate any other industry can't do that. the price of fuel - 'cause they don't like paying another fuel levy The airlines can put on for spiraling fuel prices. to compensate on the goods they carry They want approval for a surcharge it has truckies seeing red. the pump is turning commuters green, If the prospect of $1.20/litre at to fill up the car. for paying even more there are sound reasons Some economists argue there are sound reasons Some economists argue But it's not a unanimous view. to federal fuel taxes. pressure is growing for a cut move towards $1.20 a litre, As metropolitan petrol prices Caroline Fisher, ABC News. in every State and Territory. have been arranged Community rallies and forums and industrial action. by strike action Employers will not be intimidated's not going to be painless. not gonna do, er... because it's certainly into their economic thinking, over the next several years the potential disruption that they've factored in I just hope possible industrial action. to discuss to gather in the Pilbara region where 4,000 workers are expected to Western Australia tomorrow is likely to turn The government's attention I hope they have a nice day. Ah, look, Relations Minister. from the Industrial But the protest drew little response (Crowd yells) Yes! in that fight? Are going to join with us in Canberra. drew hundreds out into the cold and workplace conditions to unfair dismissal laws The planned changes attempt to do this. about the fact that he would and how angry they are about their future how fearful people are of how deep, how concerning, John Howard will have a sense that by the end of the week, I've got no doubt and even to the football field. to the streets, the workplace Trade Unions will take its message the Australian Council of Over the coming days, (All chant) ..worth fighting for! WOMAN: Your rights at work... industrial relations changes. about the government's to raise community awareness the union movement is counting on It's this sort of passion that will never be defeated. (All chant) The workers, united, the entire north-west shelf. Their campaign could shut down

with petrol taxes, and, in fact, shouldn't have imposed its 2001 freeze on petrol excise. That's probably a mistake. Broadly, the world will ultimately run out of this stuff and we need to be charging ourselves more to slow down the rate at which we're consuming it. Well, demand across the world is super-strong for oil and supply is not keeping up, and that suggests that prices will continue to rise. But Chris Richardson says that's good news for Australia's producers of alternative energies, like natural gas, which can help fill the unquenchable world thirst for fuel. Craig Allen, ABC News, Canberra. Former hostage Douglas Wood says he wanted to stay in Iraq and help track down his kidnappers so they could be brought to justice. In a paid television interview, Mr Wood said he spent much of his time in captivity memorising details about his kidnappers, which might help identify them after his release. the government shouldn't tamper But some analysts say even though they say they are. they are not helpless They are not becalmed, giving people a decent tax cut. or indirectly, in relation to in relation to the excise, They can do things directly, it's a good outcome. and an environmentally friendly one, domestically-produced product with some of the imported product If we can replace some the impact of global oil prices. to effectively water down like ethanol, as a petrol additive short of promoting bio-fuels, to influence petrol prices it's powerless The government maintains but we have no immediate plans. it makes it very difficult, I mean, it's $60 dollars a barrel - It's tough - those levies further, for now. but sees no reason to lift up to $60 a ticket Qantas slugs passengers I'd get the ACCC down me neck. No, I don't think so. I don't think so. I think it was just an opportunity they found to find a foreigner they believed had money and they were able to entice him onto their grounds. He also revealed he saw another hostage executed right next to him. His head was maybe two inches from my foot and then, BANG BANG BANG! And even a silenced gun is very consciously a gun shot in that enclosed space. He says his kidnappers tied him up and beat him, and fed him only bread and water for much his time in captivity. NSW police Commissioner Ken Moroney has denied he ignored warnings that organised crime was rife at Sydney airport. The advice was contained in a report written by a senior detective that was given to the Commissioner in 2003. The report, compiled by Chief Inspector Jason Breton, stated that Sydney airport was not only susceptible to terrorist activity, but that it had become a haven for global organised crime. Inspector Breton wrote the report as part of a scholarship on airport security. But Commissioner Ken Moroney says while the claims certainly were of concern, they'd already been raised. Certainly the vast majority of issues canvassed by the chief inspector, in one sense, were not new. He confirmed, on the basis of his travels, that which we'd already been hearing about. As for suggestions he kept the contents of the report to himself, Commissioner Moroney was emphatic. I absolutely reject that. The report's never been a secret - it's travelled throughout the organisation, through an open mail system so it's never been stamped top secret, super confidential or anything else. Chief Inspector Breton also argued strongly for a permanent on-site airport command for NSW Police. Four years earlier, the force had sought just that but lost in a tendering process to the Australian Protective Service. But while Sydney airport falls under federal jurisdiction, NSW Opposition Leader John Brogden says the failure to act upon the report's conclusions lies with the State Government. The report prepared by the NSW Police to Sir John Wheeler, command at the airport he will put the case for a permanent Commissioner Moroney says to undertake NSW Police activities. and staffing of NSW Police for the deployment direct recommendations which is why it makes a State responsibility makes it clear it is

and identify everyone. that we keep the work going but it's vitally important amount of the deceased people We have identified a considerable to remember the victims. They took time out are still in Thailand 20 Australian personnel also continues - The process of identifying victims for at least 10 years. we suggested we'd be there it was going to be a long time - we said right from the early stages We think we're tracking quite well, as quickly as possible. It says the aid is being distributed it's received in donations. nearly half the $105 million it's spent or allocated The Australian Red Cross says with those who donated money. and we have to be accountable from all over the world because I know a lot of money comes We are committed on this after months of delays. is improving say the pace of rebuilding of the reconstruction effort Those in charge is still very evident. where the scale of the devastation in Indonesia, in the worst-hit area of Aceh facing similar problems There are tens of thousands more then we can go out to work. a fishing boat and some equipment - I would like to work and get I don't have a house or a job. temporary camps. is in one of the Thai Government's but thousands of locals are still The tourists may have returned, and a lot of people died. there was this huge wave that some months ago It is strange to think of Boxing Day 2004. difficult to imagine the horror on the beaches of Thailand - It was tranquil today to complete the recovery. local leaders have vowed and while much remains to be done, devastating quake and tsunami - It's six months today since the aren't being spent quickly enough. rejecting criticism that donations on tsunami relief are defending their record International aid agencies Sydney. Jayne-Maree Sedgman, ABC News, at Australian airports. of reviewing security who's been given the task a former British MP, living in makeshift shelters. The Diow family's home helping with the biggest forensics effort ever undertaken.

the disease spreading. to sell up and move out. forcing many producers out of the market, could price itself Austalian beef industry Critics fear the the regulation. The real problem is going to be in the overall scheme of things. are really chicken feed and the actual subsidies on tags This is going to cost a fortune, is a good idea. electronic identification Though not everyone is convinced and the farmer. including a photo of the cow and get its background - to scan the beef they're buying their mobile phones In Japan, shoppers can use about what they eat. are demanding more information Already consumers electronic ID until 2009. The US isn't expected to start using in the United States. disease confirmed with a second case of mad cow rather than later And that could happen sooner markets that we already have. and continuing to build on the benefits of securing more markets to look to the future and to the I'd probably say to all farmers the tags for six years. Hamish Munro has been using exporting to Europe. already mandatory for farmers Electronic identification is between properties. when they move stock the national database and farmers will have to notify to sell cattle without the device From Friday, saleyards won't be able to isolate them and to stop animals very quickly it means we can track and trace an exotic disease If we have the unthinkable, to protect consumers. in a better position putting the beef industry from conception to consumption, of each animal It holds the life history in Australia. as the future of food safety device is being hailed This electronic and unreliable. But critics argue it's too costly overseas. and hopefully open more markets Australian beef from disease The scheme is designed to safeguard to track every animal. with electronic ear tags will come into force next month, for cattle A national identification scheme Joe O'Brien, ABC News. could take another six months. It's expected that process alone and it's important for the families. So it's touching to us

Australian cricketer Shane Warne Rebecca Barrett, ABC News. put Australia on top. but his two early wickets of some of the loose work Brett Lee was guilty so I'm pleased. in the right direction for us, everything is starting to head but otherwise early on in our bowling innings, against England again for when we come up that we have to iron out There was a little bit of untidiness of last weekend's stinging defeat. and erase some of the memories over Bangladesh to restore their dominance just one week It's taken the Australians to reach the total in just 19 overs. posted unbeaten half centuries Matthew Hayden and Adam Gilchrist taking a career-best 5/18. with Andrew Symonds did most of the damage Australia's spinners at Old Trafford. of Bangladesh as Andrew Symonds removed Shariar, then sent captain Habibal Bashar back next ball. Symonds' tour has quickly turned from shame to fame - Ashraful became his fourth wicket of the innings. When Symonds collected is offer our support and grandparents, all we can do as parents A time like this, they were saddened by the break-up. Today Warne's parents said where he's playing for Hampshire. children recently moved to England Simon Warne and the couple's three with a 25-year-old student. this time in another sex scandal, Warne was embroiled reported a week after a British newspaper The announcement comes after 10 years of marriage. they've separating and his wife Simone have announced their critics with a 10-wicket thrashing have gone some way to answering COMMENTATOR: Edged and gone, good catch by Gilchrist. Simple stuff. Bangladesh's batting star Mohammad Ashraful quickly tried to repair the innings hitting 20 runs including two sixes off of a Lee over. Is it going to be six more? Yeah - by a long, long way. A change in tempo brought the breakthrough Australia's one-day cricketers in more than a decade. the most competitive Ashes Series in the lead-up to what's been tipped for the Australian team It's another unwanted distraction and Simone and the kids. to be there for Shane his fifth wicket, the Australians had taken 8/26 in just 12 overs to dismiss Bangladesh for 139. Australia's openers made a flying start to the run chase - Matthew Hayden belted four boundaries in an over to move past 4,000 limited over runs. Not so clever there either, that's just a length ball, but Hayden's got his eye in now. Desperate for wickets Bangladesh turned to spin but the move backfired as Adam Gilchrist posted a half century. Hayden decided to take to the air as well, to record his first 50 of the tournament. The Australians posted the winning runs without losing a wicket, and with 31 overs to spare, in an impressive warm-up for their next match against England on Tuesday night. Round 16 in the NRL has produced another series of upset results with defeats for five of the top six teams. A Pat Richards double after the break put the result beyond doubt. The Dragons 3-try finale added respectability to the score, to chance their arm and played with plenty of flair, laying siege to the Broncos line early. The Kiwis let the ball do the work as they surged to a 12-6 lead. COMMENTATOR: Remarkable stuff from the Warriors. Brisbane exploited chinks in the Warriors defensive armour. Rookie winger Steve Michaels provided the finishing touches to some creative play that levelled the scores. The Broncos looked likely to put the game in their vice-like grip when Brett Seymour cantered through after the break. And he says, "Thank you very much." But the Warriors enhanced their reputation as the NRL's mystery package, finishing with a two-try burst to give them a perfect two-from-two record against the Broncos this year. An upset was brewing near Botany Bay, with the unreliable Tigers The Broncos 10-match winning streak ended, as they succumbed to the Warriors. The Tigers put out the Dragons fire, while the Sea Eagles were beaten at home for the first time this year. Last night, Newcastle finally ended its drought by beating Penrith, The Warriors were in the mood getting a flying start against premiership pretenders the Dragons. Nathan Brown's team was rudderless for most of the game, as the Tigers injected some life back into their campaign with a 22-point first-half blitz. The Tigers are in again!

from start to finish to shore up its top eight spot. The unusual Round 16 results have added new spice to the ladder. The Broncos retain their 4-point buffer, while two clusters of teams fill out the top eight and we need to have it in the maul because there's a distinct advantage for the attacking side now. Jones was impressed with the record Italy win, but hasn't ruled out changes ahead of Saturday's clash with France in Brisbane. but in the end counted for little. Sea Eagles hopes soared for a 12th straight win at Brookvale. Manly led just after the break with tries to Chris Hicks and Anthony Watmough. The Bulldogs kept Manly scoreless in the second half. The result in the balance until two late tries blew out the scoreline. It was a night to remember for the Knights who ended a 13-game losing streak - one of the worst in NRL history. Returning from a neck injury, Andrew Johns played a hand in three of Newcastle's five tries in yet another memorable injury comeback. Billy Slater scored a first-half hat-trick in the Storm's 48-6 thrashing of the Rabbitohs. Melbourne was dominant The French team has had a tough preparation. It lost its series against the Springboks overnight. COMMENTATOR: What a try! After a draw in the first match, South Africa won the second 27-13. They'll also meet the Wallabies four times this season, starting in a fortnight. The young Springboks are also celebrating. with the Storm, Dragons and Roosters holding their ground. The Bulldogs hover just outside the eight after their second straight win. Wallabies coach Eddie Jones has called for a review of refereeing around the maul area ahead of next Saturday's test against France. Jones believes the current system is unfair on the defending team. The rolling maul is a fundamental part of rugby forward play, but it's costing the Wallabies penalties, including in yesterday's win over Italy. That's two times at mauls you've come in the side - I had one, the touch judge has six. I just think the referees need to be absolutely diligent in that area so it's a contest. And, you know, we're trying to get contests in all other parts of the game

They held off a second-half comeback from Australia to claim the World Under 21 championship. Australia scored two late tries but fell short, 24-20. The British and Irish Lions' tour of New Zealand is turning into a nightmare. Three key players, including captain Brian O'Driscoll, will take no further part. O'Driscoll dislocated his shoulder in last night's Test loss. All Blacks Kevan Mealamu and Tana Umanga were cleared of a spear tackle. It got worse for the Lions, Inspirational stuff by the Mapgies' skipper. To lay a smother or to lay a tackle that's when you feel you're involved again. It's better than getting a kick or a handball. The tackling was ferocious but both coaches were at times bewildered by the umpiring. 33 free kicks is your best player. I wouldn't be doing my players justice if I didn't make a phone call. The Swans spoilt a successful return to the AFL for Magpies' skipper Nathan Buckley as they held on to win by a single point. The Magpies arrived back in Melbourne still contemplating what might have been. It's disappointing and, yeah, the boys are pretty shattered. Sydney led for most of the night but Collingwood came storming back in the last quarter. With the Magpies just two points down in the dying seconds, it all came down to this. It's a point, the difference. Collingwood claims the time keepers allowed the clock to tick down after time-off had been signalled, robbing the Magpies of vital seconds to snatch victory. Seconds ebbing away. HORN BLOWS CHEERING Oh, how frustrating do you reckon it is? I get paid to do my job, with lock Danny Grewcock to face the judiciary for an alleged biting incident. Collingwood has claimed a time-keeping error may have cost it victory in last night's match against Sydney. you get paid to do your job. If they are not paid, pay people who will do it properly. The Magpies' comeback was aided in no small part by 28 possessions to captain Nathan Buckley. I wasn't sure exactly how I'd run the game out, but I actually felt better the longer it went. Buckley's defensive work was outstanding.

Karen Stupples is the player to beat. The English woman had six successive birdies on her way to a 2 under par 69. A pair of American teenage amateurs, 15-year-old Michelle Wie APPLAUSE Looking to extend a 31 match winning streak on grass, the 23-year-old 2-time champion's backhand became his most potent weapon. COMMENTATOR: Oh beautiful. It was 7-5 in the fourth. APPLAUSE The all England club's so-called "Henman Hill" of recent years had a name change as British fans gathered to cheer on Scottish teenager Andrew Murray against 2002 runner-up David Nalbandian. APPLAUSE Raising local hopes of a British men's Wimbledon singles success for the first time in seven decades the Scot roared through the first two sets. But the Argentinean 18th seed dug in for the long haul. Injury and exhaustion struck as Nalbandian advanced in five draining sets. and 17-year-old Morgan Pressel are alongside Stupples at 1 over par. Both have the chance to become the youngest ever winner of a women's golf major. Defending champions Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova are safely through to the final 16 at Wimbledon. The main third round casualty was two-time women's titleholder Serena Williams, who was beaten by little known American, Jill Craybas. The men's results were predictable. Argentina's David Nalbandian beat Andrew Murray of Scotland, while Federer took four sets to shake off Germany's Nicolas Kiefer. Germany's Nicolas Kiefer has been one of the few players to consistently trouble Roger Federer. Nothing changed in their third round Wimbledon clash as the Swiss struggled to take the ascendancy. Hall kicked three goals for the Swans. Adam Goodes slotted Sydney's last seven minutes from time, but it would prove to be enough. Swedish world number one Annika Sorenstam will need to erase a 5-stroke deficit in the final round if she's to win the US Open and keep her grand slam hopes alive. Reigning British Open champion

Two-time women's champion Serena Williams will miss a fourth round match against her sister, Venus, by capitulating to 30-year-old Jill Craybas. That's too good. The world's 85th ranked player, Craybas dominated set up a fourth round match against current number one and top seed Lindsay Davenport, with her 6-3, 6-4 win over Italian Roberta Vinci. In what's believed to be a first for Australian soccer, a transsexual, who played in the Tasmanian men's league has returned to the pitch in the women's competition. Martine Delaney played her first game as a fully sanctioned female player this morning. We've got the team mascot, here. It's a landmark day for Australian soccer, but Martine Delaney is feeling the strain. Somewhat nervous, almost like I can't win. If I play well, people say there's some sort of advantage perhaps. If I play badly, they'll wonder what all the fuss was about. The 47-year-old emerges from the female dressing rooms with her Clarence United team-mates - simply, one of the girls. as the fourth seed produced an array of unforced errors. The younger of the Williams sisters found it hard to come to terms with her worst defeat at Wimbledon in eight years. Another former world number one, Belgium's Kim Clijsters She's added a new dimension to our team, both on the park and off the park. She's a terrific girl. Ms Delaney's is not an isolated case. Last year, Mianne Bagger became the first transsexual to play in a professional golf tournament when she teed off in the Australian Women's Open. Transsexuals have also been cleared to compete at the Olympics, but this is new ground for soccer. I'm led to believe that ah, yes, this is a bit of a precedent for soccer in Australia. Soccer Tasmania only permitted Ms Delaney to play after checking her medical records earlier this week. It consulted the Anti-Discrimination Act and with the Football Federation of Australia. To stop Martine from playing in the women's competition would be in breach of the Anti-Discrimination Act and in breach of the FFA member protection policy. Ms Delaney possesses a longer kick than most of her team-mates

but denies any unfair advantage. One of the side effects of taking oestrogen is that one loses a lot of muscle mass and muscle fibre and I'm certainly not as strong as I was. I don't open the jam jars at home. Steve Pitchford remembers Martin Delaney, who played in the men's competition. Played with Martin at Metro in the late '70s, early '80s, he was a very good goal scorer. But Martine played in defence today and no matter where she lines up... Go Martine, go Martine! ...she's well supported. Alister Nicholson, ABC News, Hobart. Time for the weather - and the good news is this rain is going to stick around and some of it has even been falling into Sydney's catchment. In Sydney today it reached 17 degrees, right on the average. Around the State - showers persisted over much of New South Wales. Falls were most widespread though along the coast. Maximum temperatures were within two or three degrees of the average - slightly above average along the slopes and plains. It stayed mostly dry inland and temperatures throughout the State ranged from minus-7 at Charlotte Pass to 22 degrees at Grafton. In the 24 hours to 9:00am - Parts of the northern inland The majority about the coast. feature in the State's south-east. And isolated showers will also about the coast. scattered showers will linger for tomorrow, Taking a look around NSW and Brisbane. Showers for Sydney, Canberra Morning fog then fine in Melbourne. and Perth. fine in Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin Tomorrow's national weather - and for the inland. on the coast of New South Wales Plenty of rain about tomorrow over inland NSW and Queensland. while a trough will trigger storms Queensland coasts, along the NSW and to generate scattered showers easterly winds will continue On the synoptic chart, the east coast ahead of a trough. and patchy cloud is crossing and southern Queensland coasts low cloud is drifting onto the NSW To the satellite picture - but fine in Perth and Hobart. and Darwin, it was overcast in Melbourne Canberra and Adelaide got some rain, Around the nation today Sydney, Mascot received 14mm. WHile in the six hours to 3:00pm, with more than 51mm of rain. top-scored Avalon on Sydney's Northern Beaches International. Captioning and Subtitling Captions by For now, goodnight. Championships this weekend. in the National Dancesport where 300 couples have taken part in Canberra - with pictures from the dance floor We'll leave you now though in just under an hour. Join me for an update I'm Felicity Davey. this Sunday night - And that's ABC News and Thursday. rain for Tuesday, Wednesday The further outlook - knots. Winds from the east at 5 to 15 Seas to 0.5m on a 2m swell. Sunrise is at 7:01am. and a top of 17 degrees. showers to start the working week Sydney's forecast - some early fog. Thunderstorms, as well as should also get some rain.