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(generated from captions) joining us. Last night,

bookies saw a flood of bet on the Coalition to win election. Centrebet's still the Coalition to win the points to a hung parliamentment points to

points to a hung

we are joined by the she dough Minister for housing Minister for housing Kevin

Andrews. A comment on how the

Coalition is travelling. It

looks like the Coalition could

scrape across the line, is that

possible? It's a very close election, which is clear from

all the polls. The results may

vary from state to state. Obviously, the polls in

Queensland and New South Wales are strong for the are strong for the Coalition,

but until the last vote is

concerned are you, koubed we won't know. How

concerned are you, given the

polls today, the voters polls today, the voters who may

have considered to lodge a have considered to lodge

protest against Labor may have

second thoughts and swing back

of the day to Labor.? I think at the end

of the day people will make a judgment about who will take

Australia in a positive direction. People will consider

whether they want another three whether

year of a government that has

wasted their money, with the

pink batts program and government under Tony Abbott school halls, or do they want a

who I think has become more

room stal has each day goes on.

That is the choice for people. That is the choice for

In the last days, Julia Gillard's

Coalition and on Tony Abbott Gillard's attack on the

has been relentlessly has been relentlessly negative. Are you getting a Are you getting a sense the

negative attack is working,

that people are starting to

view that Tony Abbott might be viewed negatively? No, I think it looks quite desperate. negative attack, the slogans

that it is looking that you guess, for Labor to do

There are reports this morning that it is looking desperate.

of internal ructions in Labor of internal ructions in the blaming Kevin Rudd Labor Party, where they are Bligh and Julia blaming Kevin Rudd and Anna

Bligh and Julia Gillardment

this is a party which seems to

me to be falling pair in the

last days of the campaign. They

have nothing positive to say, that is why they have gone on

you speck to be the brightest the negative attack. What do

prospects today for the Liberal

Party? We hope to perform well

in all states. I was in Tasmania have been out this was a good feeling there. I

the polling booths in my have been out this morning to

electorate and there is a good

feeling there. We have to win

every vote we can in every state in orement How is

Victoria looking? Victoria I

was out at some of my booths

and there was a warm

reception. There would be,

that is a seat you should win.

I hope so. If you didn't I hope so. If you didn't get a

warm reception, you would

pale faced. There are people who vote who vote both ways in every seat. The question is whether

a Labor Party could pick up a

seat or two from the Liberals.

How is it looking? We have a fight for every seat. There are seats that seats that one party thinks we

will win or lose, and vice very is a, so we need to garner every vote woe can to get every vote woe can to get rid of the incompetent and wasteful

government. What is your view

on the number of undecided voters? I think that is

leader in a reasonably short

period of time, so there may not

not be the same incumbency

factor there was in the

campaign. If we happen to win, campaign. If we happen to

that will have all sorts of

ramifications in Labor for having knock off Kevin Rudd and

rushed to an election afterwards. If you lose, will

Tony Abbott hang on it his job? I think Tony Abbott has grown enormously in the

grown enormously in the job.

He won't have Malcolm Turnbull

breathing down his neck? He has

has had great discipline and

run a discipline campaign and

shown great energy, and I have no doubt Tony Abbott will conto

lead the Liberal Party. Kevin