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(generated from captions) plan for a processing centre in

editor Chris Uhlmann spoke East Timor. And our political

Opposition frontbencher Peter

Dutton about the Government's

asylum plans a little earlier today. Peter Dutton, good afternoon. Good afternoon,

of detention centre beds. What has just announced an expansion Chris. The Immigration Minister

do you make of that? Pretty

amazing when you consider only

a few short weeks ago Julia Gillard was denying that there were

were any plans for expansion at Curtin in particular. I think

she has a lot of explaining to

do to try to reconcile her two

statements T seems not just in

this area, but in a number of others, including in relation

to the price on carbon that the

Prime Minister had a position before the election and

conveniently now she is trying

of those positions because the to squirm her way out of

reality of many of the failed government policies has come

home to roost. The Government

has said there will be an

expansion in the Scherger Air

Force Base near Weipa in

Queensland. There has been complaints in Western Australia

that they're getting most that they're getting most of

the detainees. Do you think that's to alleviate the political pressure in the West? Well, most of what Julia

Gillard is involved in at the

about trying to address moment is about politics, spin,

about trying to address the

policy failings. No doubt she has a in Queensland in Anna Bligh to try

try to find some space because Western Australia quite Western Australia quite rightly

has complained about the

situation in the west. But this will be a concern for Queenslanders. Queensland Queenslanders. will be a concern for all

population in the last spoke very clearly about their population in the last election

message that they wanted to send on the issue of asylum

Government to toughen up on seekers. They wanted the

Government to toughen up on its

policy, not to continue this

open-door policy, and at the

moment, the Government

lot of answering to do, and now moment, the Government has a

in Queensland as well, they

Bligh, need to explain, as does Anna

and the reasons as to why

they've committed to opening up these extra places. Well, Peter

Dutton, to your own portfolio. We know We know there will be a tax

review. Isn't it high time

took a long, hard look at the

$4 billion a year that's spent on the private health rebate? Chris, is it an on the private health insurance

opportunity, you're right, and

we should look at the multiplier effects. multiplier effects. We should

look at the benefits of look at the benefits of having

people out of an inefficient

public service that is at the moment and we should in an inefficient public system

recognise the fact that if we collapsed our private health collapsed our

insurance industry like Labor

insurance industry like Labor

wants to do, then we will see a flooding of people,

particularly those younger, healthier healthier people, the lower

risk people who are insured in

private heat, moving from the

private sector into the public

sector and the stamp peed would

mean huge additional queues and

hospitals waiting times in our public

Labor collapse under the weight. The

Labor Party don't wish to

recognise that. I'm more than

happy to have a debate the good the good balance between private and public private health services instead of this

path. Is it an ideological

attack, isn't it a reasonable

idea that something like this

be means-tfted? Chris f you

look at Labor's history when

they were last in Government,

insurance coverage down to they reduced private health

about 34%.

last 10, 11 years, save the

last three years of Labor in

power, we were able to increase

that to about 45%. One private remarkable things about the

private health insurance market

in this country is that of the

11 million people who have private health insurance, private health insurance, about

1 million are on incomes of

$20,000 or less. It is not a playground for the rich. It is

about those people who see,

perhaps if they're ages, they

want the safety and security of

having private health insurance and if we we drive out health insurance industry, if

we drive out those people who

are the low-risk ones and we are the low-risk ones and

will see an increase in premiums for those people who remain and that is situation for remain and that is an untenable

population that has private situation for almost half the

health insurance. Isn't there

at least a better way of doing

this. There are multiple ways

of claiming this at the moment.

Shouldn't that at least be streamlined? If the Government

wants to talk about different

measures, presumably if they

are wanting to talk about means

testing support if private

reasonable to draw a conclusion health insurance,

that they want to somehow means

test the public provision of

health in this country as well.

If it is OK to say to people

private health insurance that

you're earning too much and we you're earning too much and

want to slug you extra, those

insurance tomorrow people can leave private health

insurance tomorrow under

Labor's pro prosal and go into

the public system and receive a

level of care for absolutely nothing. So if you're going to

drive those people out of

private health insurance into

the public system, they are,

regardless of their income or their station in life, as

entitled to Your Honour up to a public hospital or to join a

waiting list with every other

Australian and that to me just doesn't make sense. insurance when they were last were against private health

in government, and, yes, this

he are clearly are against

private health insurance now

and really they are only and really they are only being fueled at the moment by Bob Brown who advocates a complete

of the complete abolition of

the 330% rebate. I don't think Australians who at the moment with huge cost of living pressures living pressures can afford

those sorts of increases in the

household budget. Peter Dutton,