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(generated from captions) Police have resumed

searching for a 6-year-old

girl missing from her home in

Western Sydney. Kiesha Abrahams's mother said put her daughter to Abrahams's mother said she

Saturday night but yesterday

morninging she was gone. It

is unclear had she wandered

off or as taken. More than

150 people are involved in the

the search. Wayne Cox have

you resumed the search?

Yes. We have got assistance

from our police and SES and are looking at bushland and water pipe infrastructure

through so we are looking those areas. We through so we are looking at those areas. We understand that when the mother found

her daughter was missing she also realised front door to

the home was unlocked. What can you tell us about that can you tell us

and whether that plays any

investigation so far? That key role in your

is confirmed the door was

ajar when they stroke and

that was not the condition of the doorway when they retired

is a key points in our to bed the evening before. I

investigation hence we crime scene police looking at investigation hence we have

looking to see if we can

uncover tangible physical

evidence that will cyst us in our investigation. Are there any people of want the speak to in relation

to this? At this points we to this? At this points we

are still gathering a range

of information from members

of the public and family and

relatives and we certainly relatives and we

encourage the more information we can get the

better idea we will have better idea we will have of

what has occurred with the

young girl and I encourage

people to keep on phoning the

Crimestoppers. Was information through to alone with the girl information through to

alone with the girl in the

house that night when they house that night when

went to bed? I believe the whole family was at home that

young girl night. They were putting the

include children and young girl to bed. Does that

include children and a father? Yes it does include

a father and two other

sibling whose are younger. The family has younger. The family has not

been able to share with you

any insight into people who

might not wish them well or

might have a problem with

them? As you can appreciate this is a fairly broad-scoping investigation young girl has wandered off avenues in respect of had the avenues in respect of had

by herself or if there are more sinister things in place

is something such as an abduction and that

the gating from is something we are invest it information we are the gating from the

serving. Have neighbours shared any information shared any information that

might lead you down the path?

Yes t community has been very

supportive of our efforts to locate her and the

information we are getting is

very helpful to very helpful to our

investigation. Are you

assist with requiring more manpower the requiring more manpower

this stage we have adequate assist with the search? At

resources deployed and they

will be on their feet doing the search until dark this evening and arm is Wellmaned as well. Was evening and our investigative

it particularly cold last night? Are you worried about the state of the girl's health if she was out and Yes about?

We need to push up to

locate her for her welfare. We have been welfare. We have been show in

it up her pictures and we will get

the little girl was wearing it up again but describe lot

when she was put to bed last

night. Sure, on Saturday

night when she was put to bed

she was wearing a one-piece

pink pyjama set which

consisted of a few pictures

with Dogs with bones on the

front. Additionally there was a

she went to bed with so they were the lost pieces of

closing. She is 140 centimetres in height and has

lovely wavy brown hair and is

quite a pretty little girl

see we are hopeful of getting

her back. We level workers in Pakistan say more than

million people have been affect by the devastating floods. Rescue affect by the countries

workers say it could take

days to gauge the full-scale of the disaster as water

borne disease begins to spread. We report from

displaced Pakistan. Many of the

the north-west Peshawar. Schools have been

turned into relief centres

for those who have lost

everything. TRANSLATION: almost

everything. TRANSLATION: I

have come from Jaba. We have lost everything. We could not

save anything. We have no

shoes even for the children. No

No clothes. The children are naked. When the children cry for food these people say it will be provided a time schedule. We only want shoes

shoes and clothes, nothing else. Help has reached the shoes and clothes, nothing

people of this area where people of this area where the

effort in some of the most army is leading the

dangerous parts of Pakistan's

volatile border region. This

is whose style territory and

it is still unclear how many people are waiting for

assistance. Twrans transthis

relief camp has been set up by the by the Pakistan army for flood-affected people and we

are are distributing dry good to them. Today I have four

tonnes of food for

distribution including show

flour, sugar and cooking oil. The floods have

destroyed the livelihoods of some of some

some of Pakistan's most

vulnerable people. Thousands

of farmers have lost their stock. TRANSLATION: My two

oxen, 8 buffalo and two cows

have died in the floods. I

just found one alive. I'm coming back from a safer place where the water level

was low. This buffalo has

been kept in the second floor

of a house for three days. The

The bodies of animals and debris have contaminated the water and

raised fear of disease. In

the shorts term those the shorts term those already

in debt do not know how they will start again. The worst floods in memory have

affected more than 1 million people across the

country. TRANSLATION: I have not covered my losses in 10 years. We are buying this

wood on credit. I do not know how will I pay it back. Rescue workers are now

bracing for more rainfall and increasing river levels in

the next 24 hours. As some the flood waters surge south many other parts many other parts of Pakistan are expected to be are expected to be drawn into this disaster. The Netherlands has ended its 4-year military involvement in

in Afghanistan. Coalition troops including Australian soldiers will now take over operations operations in Uruzgan province. NATO wanted Dutch

soldiers to extend their

mission but the request

triggered a political triggered a political row which brought down the country's Government in February. 24 Dutch soldiers

have been killed in Afghanistan since Russia 240,000 Russia 240,000 emergency

workers are fighting fires in the country's west. 30 people have died and more thgan100 0 homes have been destroyed in

the fires. The blazes during Russia's heatwave and

have been fanned by strong wind. Thousand have been

evacuated. In Victoria those involved with the Royal Commission into the Black

Saturday bushfires say the

State Government must now implement all the recommendations. While

recommendations. While the Government has apologised for its mistakes Emergency

Services Minister Bob Cameron Services Minister Bob Cameron said further still needed. When you look it is the first time the Premier has put that directly

but... You mean he had to be asked to say asked to say it? What we

have said is as a result of while such a terrible,

terrible event things did not work. I was with

work. I was with the Premier.

We said it is very clear and

very much unfront. What we

have was a system which really was overwhelmed and

that is why there has to be

substantial change. That is

why there has been a lot of change since the national emergency alerting system and that is

why a lot more change has to occur. If the Government

chooses not to accept all

recommendations we are going

to jeopardise the chance of that that being successful. We

cannot pick and choose from

this. I think the commission

has been very measured.

Comprehensive in the way it

has looked at the whole has looked at the whole range of issues without any

political interest or any

vested interest on anyone's

behalf so it is difficult to

see how the Government can

come up with a better plan than what the commission managed to do. Kinglake

ranges recovery leader says the cost of rebuilding the cost of rebuilding weighs heavily on small communities. There has been

a lot of rebuilding a lot of rebuilding across

the shirt and that is not

only in this community but

with Mulundindi and there has been a lot

been a lot of concern with the rate base with ongoing commitment about maintaining these facilities

and I believe it is something of the order of of the order of 6% rate base, sorry a 6% increase, no I

think it is a 1% increase for

every 90 to 100,000 dollars so it is a significant increase in rates upon the community. I believe they

have been talking about a 6%

or 9% increase in the years

to come. So there is a lot of impost on ratepayers. I of impost on ratepayers. I do

not think they should bear

the cost alone. You touched

on that regular process more generally. We hear a lot

moving around the community of people having problems of people having problems with their speed of

rebuilding various areas

which they would like to see

work on, roads that have

copped a lot of traffic as a

result as they are clearing

and rebuilding processes,

these sorts of things. How is the processing go generally? Like believe there are Like believe there are some

people who would want

everything fixed in the first few months. There are others

and think you are and think you are aware that

we have a strategic planning process underway process underway and there

are those that would like to

see things wait until the

process is completed so it more complex than people

imagine but on balance we are

moving ahead as quickly as reasonably possible. For reasonably possible. For

Sydney 17 and windy. Melbourne 14, rain easing and Melbourne 14, rain easing and windy. Brisbane fine and 20. Perth can expect a sunny day and 24. and 24. Adelaide fine and 14

degrees. Hobart a shower or

two and a top of 13 degrees.

Canberra a shower or two Canberra a shower or two and 11. In Darwin 32 mostly sunny

and a windy day. That is a round-up of the news. ABC News continues right

throughout the day on ABC

for contact sport with Paul

Kennedy. Welcome. I'm Paul Kennedy.

Coming uply talk rugby are Adam Freier and a young

Australian two days away from entering preseason camp one of America's biggest football programs. Yeah, what

happened is all the football

players go into apartment

areas, three-bedroom apartments, kitchen and

so I will be roamed up with two other guys that got

scholarships for scholarships for football there as well. That is Brad

Wing and we will meet him but Formula One and Mark Webber has won the H u,z ngary Grand

Prix and taken the lead in

the championships. There was

chaos in the pits but no one was hurt. finish and his team-mate Sebastian Vettel had difficulties with the pace

car and had to settle for

second place. Let's look at

the highlights. COMMENTATOR: They are under way. Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber move

away. Hamilton is having trouble. Felipe Massa is

buzzing on the inside service

Mark Webber. Sebastian

Vettel. Fernando Alonso gets pushed wide but he gets away with it. He does split the

Rudd Bulls. Right - that is a clear mistake from the

Renault lollipop is the right rear wheel taking a break from making a

bid for freedom

bid for freedom there from

Rosberg's car. Me we are

going to see, oh! Here comes Mark Webber. Sebastian Vettel

was on pole on Sunday. But it

is Mark Webber winning then. He now leads the world championship. The winner of the Hungarian Grand Prix. From Germany where the

Kookaburras, night in the

Champion's Trophy. They came

from behind to beat the

Netherlands down 2-3 with 7 minute remaining the

Australians found their

attacking rhythm and scored four more times. COMMENTATOR:

Australia on attack into the

deal. Great finish. Throws

the ball through the the ball through the middle.

There is a chase on here A

real chance. It is 2-2. real chance. It is 2-2. Here he is the big man. Great

strike A goal! To keeper got to it. A ball in This is Abbott. to it. A ball in though. Lovely This is Abbott. Abbott on his

reverse stick. reverse stick. Reverse-stick

shot goal. Desmond shot goal. Desmond Abbott! Here come us again. They have

done it! There you go,

momentum with the

Australians. Focus will about

be 2012. Here is a chance be 2012. Here is a chance for dwie yet that is the fifth for Australia and that is game over. I in just a few

minutes we will talk about the Bledisloe Cup match between the Wallabies and the

All Blacks but firstly a teenager in Australia who has been drafted to punt for one of

of the most famous football programs in the US. Brad Wing

wanted to be an AFL wanted to be an AFL player but when that did not happen he used his father's contacts to go to high school in

America. This week he will enter preseason camp preparing to play for LSU preparing to play for LSU at the famous Tiger Stadium

which seats 95,000 people. Soon those punters will be watching this punter all the way from outer suburban

Melbourne. The first

out and the bloke that did it

the year before me was doing

it and he was only kicking 20

yards and I looked yards and I looked around and

said "Is he the one that did

it last year?" And they said

yes and I was kicking 60, yes and I was kicking 60, 50

so I knew I was awe so I knew I was awe above everyone over there in the everyone over there in the kicking! Brad kicking one of kicking! Brad Wing has kicking one of these, an

Aussie Rules boy since he was a boy. Back then his father David kicked the American

ball in the US and ball in the US and Europe. Much later it was Much later it was David

Wing's expertise in coaching and his contacts that saw his son able to cross codes son able to cross codes and continents and start kicking in the American high school

system. It was a family trip has Christmas and trip has Christmas and the

situation was Brad was on situation was Brad was on the cusp but of the Sandy dragons

and got cut and my mate

make it with your Australian

football come her and tie American football. One thing

led to another and we got led to another and we got the stars the line-up and he

entered a great program and

he was able to display his

wears and now that is wears and now that is all his

industry. LSU have come

knocking. Will you miss

Australian Rules? Obviously you dreamed perhaps of

playing in the AFL? Yes that

was my dream for 17 years up until the day I got the cap

from Sandy. Yes I miss it. I

watch my brother, watch kids

on TV I used to play junior

footy with. What as the task

for you in going from kicking an Aussie Rules ball the an American football? When I

first start I would kick the

Aussie balls because we had Aussie balls because we had a few American balls but we had

to get hold of a few more.

The size of the ball is different. The American ball

is smaller so you have to hit

it on a smaller spot to it on a smaller spot to get it to spin

Just a Drop, you have to have the same drop every time whereas in Aussie Rules whereas in Aussie Rules you can be on the run kicking, do

snapshots or set shots at goal but with the American

football kick every drop has

to be the same so is getting that consistency and that drop was the biggest thing I

had to work on. It is coming towards the end of the

season are the recruiters knocking on your door at knocking on your door at that stage or do they wait stage or do they wait until

the cess one is over? They can come wherever they want. We have a coach made a highlight video of my kicks and sent them to colleges and LSU was the big

one. They came the one. They came the week before the before the state championship, they phoned me

and said they wanted me to go

there. I went to my first

game at LSU, I thought it game at LSU, I thought it is

a college game there might be

10,000 and the first game of the year there was 95,000

people and the atmosphere was crazy. Outside Tiger crazy. Outside Tiger Stadium there are 200,000 watching on

the big hard to explain to people who

have not seen it because it

is a grand final every week

and to be an LSU player is

such a great honour to walk

around LSU. Where are you going to live? What is going to live? What is the situation with accommodation,

is it a dorm? Yeah is it a dorm? Yeah what

happened is all the players go

go into little apartment areas, three-bedroom apartments, kitchen and stuff

so I will be roamed World Cup two school or ships for football

there as well. How do you

feel about living away from

your mum and dad? How has it been? The first

was tough but I met a lot of

new friends and the coaches

and stuff and I was pretty

occupied with footy for the

rest of time so it is rest of time so it is not too

bad and I speak to them every day

Essentially he will get a day so that's alright.

college education. That is all schools, all books, tuition, food, accommodation, tuition, he gets all his

everything A full athletic

scholarship. People try to

pit figures on it but tutor

at $50 it might be one hour,

10 hours a week. You don't

know but any amount of money

has been put into it. has been put into it. The reason is the year LSU won

the national champion ship

the income to the the income to the school

through the football department was in the tune of

$70 million so it is a big

best that helps offset best that helps offset the

cost of running the so they look for the

footballers and athletes footballers and athletes to come through and prop up

their program. What are you

thinking about your performance? Is there any

apprehension on had you are

able to perform well? I

should be alright if I stick to what I do. The biggest

front of 95,000 thing will be playing in

front of 95,000 because I

have only played in have only played in front of

20,000 this year in allowing yourself to think

what could follow that? Not

yet. It is early but I'm

confident. If I keep my head

I have been doing in the last on state and keep doing what

12 months everything should line-up pretty good for me. Brad Wing will go into

preseason camp on Wednesday F

you want to read more about

LSU read It Never Rains in Tiger Stadium by John

Roar of the crowd out of his head. All the All Blacks on

the week went the Bledisloe

Cup and I'm joined by the new

Melbourne Rebels signing Adam

Friar. We will talk about the Wallabies in a moment but

let's get the All Blacks. Can you tell me why they are so

good? I went to the match. They seemed to have so much

time and so many tricks? A

few reasons. If you are in

Melbourne this weekend black scarfs everywhere. The support for rugby New Zealand built for this built for this moment for the is support for rugby New Zealand

a young last two years. Australia has

a young side looking to

challenge for spots. New Zealand have been doing this,

they have been pioneers at it and the best players thin

squad are the elder players.

Australia do not have any

experienced players so there

is no one to draw on. Corey

Jones that chip did not have

the 'X Factor' the Wallabies

on the weekend. New Zealand are just oozing are just oozing with talent

all across the part and can

put in left foot kicks. The captain lead by example. not say too much to the

Preston weekend but comes out

and has an absolute blinder so so it shows you there is daylight between the

Wallabies and the All Blacks at

at the moment butt is

closing. Can you see them

being able to keep it up for

another 12 months that

cohesion and I guess their players are not going to get

too much older in 12 months? That is the boogie play

fail at World Cups so we need because New Zealand always

is building to be ready to the make

at that World Cup. New is building to be ready to go

Zealand may have peaked too early but at the moment I think their second-string side could beat many of the top international

around the world. What can

you say about the Wallabies this weekend in Christchurch? What can they take out of


that Melbourne match? Not too

much. The score line

reflected how hard it was for

the Wallabies to get tries.

It was impossible. We had a chargedown there by Drew

Mitchell and a shame he Mitchell and a shame he was

sent off but so hard sent off but so hard to find a try for the Wallabies. All Blacks a try

Blacks defended incredibly well and Australia looking lacklustre in attack. Rocky

Elsom did cross late but it

was a consolation try. Adam Ashley-Cooper's preferred

position is fullback. There

is a lot of work to be but Australia are rebuilding. is a lot of work to be done

The one thing they did lack was the underdog status because they did so because they did so well against South Africa. Now

they have their backs against

the wall and to be fair a lot of Australian fans myself gave them a lot of of Australian fans including

hope for this game but only due very poor t all black are due to South Africa being

sensational. We do not have much nor time your time in Melbourne? You much nor time but how was

are going to be a are going to be a Rebel next year? Many into rugby? Yes,

this town embraces sport and not just rugby talking from locals Box Hill and Melbourne

rugby clubs are so excited so

I'm thrilled to be here. We are happy the talk to you

about the Bledisloe Cup. The

Wallabies will be playing the

All Blacks and a chance

all places. Robbie Deans goes

home to see if he can get a

win for the Wallabies. Thank

you for your company. That you for your company. That is

all we have for Contact

Sport. Check us out on i View

or pod cast the program.

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