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The top stories on ABC News

online and ABC News 24,

remembering Margaret Whitlam,

politicians past and present

joined family and friends to

pay their respects to the former first former first lady. Queensland's

political leaders make their

final pitch to voters ahead of

tomorrow's election. Federal

they've and State police believe

they've smashed the Australian

branch of a major child

exploitation network and exploitation network and Lake

Eyre in pictures, the Eyre in pictures, the final

work of 3 ABC colleagues killed

in a chopper crash is published

in a new book. Your views set

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Friends and family of Margaret Whitlam have paid

service in Sydney. The Prime their respects at a memorial

Minister Julia Gillard was

among the mourners at St James

Anglican Church along with former prime Hawke, Paul Keating, Kevin former prime ministers Bob

Rudd, and Malcolm Fraser. The

wife of the former prime minister Gough Whitlam died

last Saturday. Mrs Whitlam was

92. Half a century of

Australian prime ministers and

their wives came to celebrate a national treasure. I remember

going to give her a bunch of

flowers at the curtain call and

a kiss and I thought there's

not many prime ministers' wives not many prime ministers'

you could do that to. She's a

big loss. One of the most

wonderful people I've ever met

in public life. For Gough

Whitlam this was the most difficult journey, to farewell

the love of his life. He and the love of his life. He

Margaret Whitlam would have

celebrated 70 years of marriage

next month. Gough was parliament for over 25 next month. Gough was in

parliament for over 25 years. Margaret was successively the

life of the local MP, the wife

of the deputy leader, the wife

of the leader, the wife of of the leader, the wife of the

prime minister and then again

the wife of the leader. For all

this time she was the consort.

She had no need She had no need the adjust her

behaviour for anyone. Confident

in herself she was able to take

a real interest in everyone she

met. A champion swimmer,

Margaret Whitlam enjoyed a dip

near her Beloved Bondi until

her 90s. She loved the arts

and went to every concert she could and once could and once frailty

separated them, she separated them, she took

pleasure in sharing a sandwich pleasure in sharing a sandwich

or fish and chips with her

husband Gough. She would focus her

her mind on something that

pleased her and not waste precious time on negative

thoughts. It drove us mad. She'd say, "Look beautiful day" just as we were She'd say, "Look at this

deep in discussion about the latest political outrage. This

rare equanimity not only made

her a perfect foil for my

father but was one of the father but was one of the many

qualities that drew people to

her. She was kind and warm,

generous and unaffected. She

lived her life with dignity and

courage. Attributes which made

powerful political rivals past

and present put aside their differences to honour the woman

of substance. OK, let's have a

look at some online comments on look at some online comments

Margaret Whitlam. And

15 people have been arrested

on child pornography on child pornography charges

after raids across four States and Territories. Federal Police have spent the day coming to

terms with the amount of explicit material seized explicit material seized from

properties in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and the ACT. They say it's possible the

extends wider than those in say it's possible the network

custody. The searchers have

uncover and the AFP has seized

hundreds of thousands of images and videos depicting and videos depicting child

sexual abuse with some victims

being still within their infant

stage of life. And if they

believe they can undertake this

sort of activity undetected

then they need to think again. Queensland's political

leaders have made last-minute

visits to key electorates to

shore up any undecided votes

ahead of tomorrow's State

election. The opinion polls

predict Labor will lose in a

landslide but the Liberal

National Party isn't getting

ahead of itself saying it's not

taking any vote for granted.

Day 34 of the campaign brought

an environmental brick bat for

Campbell Newman. But there

were also bouquets with the

polls predicting the race has

already been won. Good luck to

you, Mr Premier. Good on you,

mate. You're there, you're home

and hosed, mate. We will conduct ourselves conduct ourselves with humility, grace and dignity and

every single day if we're the

for Queenslanders. The Premier Government we will be working

campaigned until 2:00 this

morning and this afternoon fulfilled her pledge of

visiting 50 electorates in 5

days. She's all but conceded

urging Queenslanders to limit

the LNP's majority. A Campbell

Newman government with too much

power I think will mean the

environment will suffer. Labor has held power in has held power in Queensland

for all but two years since for all but two years since 29

- 1989. Anna Bligh took over

the reins from Peter Beattie

4.5 years ago and in 4.5 years ago and in 2009 became the first became the first female premier

to be elected in to be elected in Australia. I certainly wish Premier Anna certainly wish Premier Anna

Bligh well as she goes into

election day in Queensland. Make no mistake, the Queensland election will be

a referendum on the carbon

tax. Just who might be the new premier has been a premier has been a campaign

talking point. Last year the

Parliament to LNP looked outside of

Parliament to recruit

Brisbane's lord mayor. Campbell

Newman still doesn't hold a

seat and has to get a swing of

more than 7.1% to win Ashgrove

from Labor. OK, folks, I think

that's a wrap. If the polls are

correct, Labor might only win a dozen of

dozen of the State's 89 seats

and could be cast into the

political wilderness for the

forseeable future. Antony Green is the ABC's election analyst

and has worked on every federal, State and federal, State and Territory

election since 1989. He took

time out of preparations to

speak to News Exchange today

and I asked him how the

candidates and the polls stand

on election eve. Well the polls

are all indicating a substantial swing against the Bligh Government and everything

points to a landslide victory

for the LNP and Campbell Newman to be the new premier. Tomorrow

night you will be live on air,

plenty of information coming

through, what sources will you

be relying on? I be relying on? I rely entirely

on the data feed of votes from

the Electoral Commission. It

phones through to returning

offices who types into a web

interface and comes through the

computer system and gets fed to

the media from there. It's a

stream of data with overall

results by polling place. We

take it in, process it, turn it

into graphics, into a website

and computer screen for the on

air panel. And the election calculator is the main part of

our coverage, tell us about the

main features of that? Well,

the calculator is just a tool

to allow people to sort of

estimate while given a level of

vote what's the likely outcome

of the election. It's just an

interactive tool we designed

for the web to allow it to take an opinion poll and turn an opinion poll and turn that

into seats because as we well know with some know with some close elections it's the number of seats in parliament for each party who determined who forms government not the level of overall

vote. How do you think

technology has changed the way

we cover elections we cover elections these days? Well, by far the biggest

change is just the sheer availability of data feeds and

of the change when I started

doing elections 20 years ago

they used to phone through

results to a tally room, the

bits of paper they were written

on bits of paper and one copy

would go to AAP, one to the

tally board and one to the ABC

to type it into a computer system. It's been years since

we've done this. We're in our own stud yeses this year

because all the data is made

available on FPT sites. available on FPT sites. You

actually pull the data down.

Once upon a time you had to be

in the tally room to get a tally slip or to receive an tally slip or to receive an electronic feed which used to come out like a brint printer

poord. Nowadays the Internet

has revolutionised the quantity

and availability of information. Covering every

State and federal election State and federal election in Australia since 1989 how does this one stack up for you? Well

it's an enormous landslide. I haven't done that many landslides which were landslides which were so

predictable before hand. The

last NSW election was an extraordinary landslide. There's been a few others over

the years but this one's quite

remarkable for what looks like

it could be an absolute record

majority for the LNP. What time

do you think you will be able

to call it? I think we should

be calling it within one hour

of the close of polls, 7:00 in Queensland time because if Queensland time because if the

swing is on and they really are

talking about losing 30 seats

it will become pretty obvious early. Queensland is the only State that doesn't have an

Upper House which means it's

very much quicker to call the results because results because the results

just come in so much more

quickly because they don't quickly because they don't have

to sort around for Upper House ballot papers. Now we're

ballot papers. Now we're asking on our faze Facebook page who

you think deserves to win the

Queensland election. At the Queensland election. At the

moment the LNP is in front

followed by the Have your say on who Have your say on who you

think deserves to win the Queensland election:

A tribute in print to Lake Eyre written by a journalist

who died on uncovering its

mysteries has been launched in Sydney. 'Lake Eyre: A Journey Through the Heart of the

Continent' was completed by

Paul Lockyer days before he was

killed flying over the region.

He and cameraman John Bean and

pilot Gary Ticehurst lost their lives collecting stories about

the great lake. Today John

Olsen repaid a favour Olsen repaid a favour of

launching his exhibition. In a

suspended second a mechanical

Icarus falls from the sky,

spin, spinning, spun and then

silence. We remember them. silence. We remember them. And

God bless them. Thank you. The

book tells the story of Lake

Eyre's transformation of

drought to flood. It features

photos by John Bean and Gary

Ticehurst. The death of Ticehurst. The death of Tonga's

king has been our most clicked

story this week on ABC story this week on ABC News

online. I spoke to our online network

network editor Paula Kruger and

I asked why the story about the

colourful monarch resonated

with the audience. Ith it does

seem quite strange

seem quite strange this would be the most popular article especially because it was a

week when we had so many well

loved Australians leave us. It

was last weekend on Saturday

morning we woke up to the news that Margaret Whitlam had that Margaret Whitlam had died

at the age of 92. On Tuesday

the well loved AFL legend Jim

Stynes died after a battle with

cancer. On Wednesday we heard

that the adventurer Lincoln Hall had died in a Sydney

hospital from mesothelioma

quite surprising, given he was

the man who survived a night in the death zone on Mount

Everest. But oddly the most

popular article was about the

king of Tonga. King George took has been described as a

colourful and flamboyant

character but he is obviously

because he's royalty he is a very important part of Tongan

culture and has a place in the heart of many a proud

Tongan. Now to another story

and in NSW one of Australia's most wanted men was captured.

That generated plenty of

interest. It catches a lot of

interest and when we look at these stories that are quite dramatic it's always important

to remember this is a person

who faces some very serious

charges. But yesterday morning

the events started unfolding where we heard about where we heard about how police

had captured this man. Police

had shown us vision of him soon

after he was captured. We even

had pictures of the police dog

who helped in that who helped in that capture. His

name's Chuck, I believe. But we

might be able to point where

the more dramatic elements of

this story are behind us, those involving the fact that he involving the fact that he was

the most wanted man in the country because it's going to move back into the court move back into the court where

he faces these serious

charges. And the weather and

the devastating storm that hit

Townsville also in the news this week. Some this week. Some amazing pictures were coming out there. There were some amazing pictures and of pictures and of course these

storm stories are really well covered when you have people

taking their own photos. So it

was another opportunity to do

some crowd sourcing as some crowd sourcing as people just photographed their streets

in disbelief at this amazing storm that just whipped through the streets of Townsville. And finally, some news out of Sydney today, the Sydney today, the monorail,

famous, I guess, for the wrong reasons, it's coming down. The

monorail is coming down after

many years. There had been some

talk about this recently but

today it was actually confirmed

that it's coming down. But for

a lot of the Internet Simpson

nerd out there when you hear

the word monoo rail you think

of the best ever of the best ever Simpson episode ever which we will

leave you with today. (Sings) # Monorail # Monorail

# Monorail # A clip from the

Simpsons there and before that

Paula Kruger. Let's look at

some stories that have been

trending in social media and

that decision to pull down

Sydney's monorail has been welcomed by business groups.

The Government says the tourist

attraction has to go as part of

a redevelopment plan. Also

trending today Whitney Houston,

the Los Angeles county coroner

has ruled the singer died by

accidental drowning last month.

And quills has been trending

this evening. The Melbourne

Press Club awards are taking

place tonight. Now while the

election focus here is on Queensland's ballot tomorrow in

the US it's the race to the

White House. Mitt Romney edged

closer to the Republican nomination after securing a significant victory in the

Illinois State primary. He's

also won a key endorsement from

the former Florida governor the former Florida governor Jeb Bush. America's electoral

process is a political marathon

and there's no shortage of

material featuring on YouTube. This clip by Hugh at kin has

been doing the rounds this week. It's titled 'Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand

Up' to the tune of Up' to the tune of enem. I

drive a couple of Cadillacs. I have emotion and passion, that's a joke for the record. If you want the soul of America

restored. Come on board, take

your fair share in ever every

mor underwear lt sing the

chorus. Now barrack Obama even

makes a guest appearance in

there. One YouTube user writes

"It's been a while since I've

laughed this hard. I commend

the incredible amount of time and effort it must have taken to find all of these clips to find all of these clips and put them together." Please

stand up. I'm Mitt Romney and

I'm the real Romney... OK, time to check in with sport now.

Meredith Sheehan is with us.

Meredith, the nchblingd - NRL is in Perth is in Perth tonight? That's

right. The NRL is shaking

things up a bit with the

Broncos taking on South Sydney

in Perth. Back in Sydney the

Parramatta Eels are home to the

pen pen prit Panthers aund

it's 10-10 - 10-0 Penrith

leading there. Penrith crossed

twice in the first 20 minutes.

And some good news for the Manly fans

Manly fans which has been

trending today. trending today. Daly

Cherry-Evans has signed with

the club for another 3 years

after asking for a release and

pay rise. The AFL season

pay rise. The AFL season kicks

off tomorrow night with GWS making

making its debuts. All eyes

will be on the jooints to see

hue good they can perform. GWS

put in a gutsy performance in

its preseason games but if we

look back to the Gold Coast Suns debut AFL match against

Carlton last year the Suns lost

by a massive # 19 points so

it's obvious a tough task for a

new team to find its way in the

competition. 17 players will

make their debuts which is the

highest number since the league began in 1987 - sorry 1897.

Kevin Sheedy says his team

shouldn't be written off so

easily. I think in respect to

the Swans, they've got a very

good side, they're going that

well we are developing players

like Cunningham for them, we're going real well. In general

they're a good side. They've

been in the finals most of the

last decade and but they still

don't know how to play us because they've never played

us. Australia's head swimming coach says he's impressed with Australia's squad for the

Olympics? Yes, Leigh Nugent has

described the trials in

Adelaide as one of the best

he's ever seen. The trials

finished last night with cysters Cate and cysters Cate and Bronte Campbell finishing first and

second in the women's 50 metres

freestyle final. They're part of Australia's 44-strong team

which includes veterans Libby

Trickett and Leisel Jones and sprint superstar James

Magnussen. If Stephanie Rice

secures 2 gold medals at the

games she will equal Ian Thorpe's tally of 5. Obviously

to achieve something like that would be huge but I'm really proud of proud of what I've achieved

already in this sport and to be

compared to Ian Thorpe is it's

amazing because when I was

young he was swimming really

well and it was so great to be

in the same sort of

stratosphere as he is. And

what's been happening in the A-League tonight? Tonight's match between Adelaide United

and Melbourne Heart will start in around

in around 10 minutes time. Melbourne Heart is sitting in

5th place and is almost assured

of a lace - place in the

finals. The only way the heart

could miss out is with an

8-goal loss tonight and if

Newcastle and Sydney FC draw on

Sunday. Now, Sydney has to win

that match to be a chance of making the final. Meredith thank

thank you. It's said a picture

can speak 1,000 words. This portrait of actor Jack Charles has

has been named the winner of

the national Photographic

Portrait Prize at the National

Portrait Gallery. Let's look at

some of the other some of the other finalists. This shot is titled Frog Hunter

it's of Damien Wurrkidj. A

black and white piece here

known as the 70-year-old jetty

jumper. There it is. It was by Alex Frayne. Now this picture

is called the Chess Player by Andrew

Andrew Campbell. It's one of

the 46 finalists from more than

1,500 entries. And Australian

life is caught in this image,

caravan kids by Jen spher caravan kids by Jen spher Stocks from Canberra. The

exhibition will travel to

several interstate and regional

galleries. People can now visit

the depths of the Amazon basin from the comfort of their

homes. Pictures taken in Brazil

have been woven into Google maps allowing users to vir schully venture on waterways,

trails and on villages. trails and on villages. The

street view service allows vuz er - users to take a hike along an

an Amazon forest world. - walk. Imagine having almost $100 billion in the kitty for a

rainy day. That's the amount

Apple had stashed away. Now the

company has decided to start

paying a dividend to

shareholders and to buy back

some of its shares. It's the

first time Apple will pay a dividend since 1995. The

company shares are valued at

about $600. 10 years ago they

were trading around 10. It

eases some of the presh -

pressure the executives have of

what do you do with this cash.

In tech companies when they

initiate dividends it's not

seen as a positive because the

implication is they can't find other growth opportunities. So

what could $100 billion buy?

Well, in the US there's some

ideas of what Apple could have

done with its cash reserves. It

could have given a huge

dividend. For a cafe hit it

could buy 333 billion lattes.

Or it koub spent on 59 space shuttle endeavours rr. While

it's not quite enough to bail

out Greece, that would take

around $140 billion. around $140 billion. Now shopping online might wear out

the credit card at times the credit card at times but it's helping the world's

finances. A report into the

Internet economy has found by

2016 it will contribute a total

of $4.2 trillion to the G20's total

total gross domestic product.

On a global scale if the

Internet was a country it will

be in the top 5 economies

behind the US, China, India and behind the US, China, India and

Japan. In developed markets the

Internet economy is expected to expand at about expand at about 8% annually and

in developing markets it's predicted to grow more than

twice as fast. In days gone by

people were more likely to

scream at the television if they disagreed with what's

being aired. Now they're using

digital means to be heard.

Fingers ever at the ready, Dan McLachlan is sharing his

views online about what he's

seeing on TV. According to a

British study he's but one of a

quarter of all adults who use the web the web or their phone to

comments with others about a

show they're watching. It's

called chatter boxing. We don't

often sit around with our families and friends anymore

and watch TV so it makes it

very social if you're just sending a tweet or updating

your Facebook status and you

can find out what other people

think as well. Australian

program makers are increasingly embracing and engaging with

viewers. The ABC's 'Q&A'

program uses Twitter to

interact with its audience. Go

to our website or join our

twitter conversation. The UK

telescope research indicates

online buzz has an influence on

those who use social media and

whether they will watch a show.

All this poses a challenge to commercial stations commercial stations and

advertisers who fear eyes off the small screen and on to the

laptop, smart phone or tablet

could mean less exposure to products. Most people now

couldn't pause and fast forward through advertising breaks and

so there are ways of getting

around that. But actually the

same way that advertising

brings in revenue for websites

and people that exist only

through the Internet so

advertising through television

needs to become more clever and

more direct in marketing. Though it seems

chatter boxing and 2-screen

viewing snts taking away

audiences of scheduled programs

it's doing the opposite. One poll suggests a quarter of

people under 35 still prefer to

watch a program live because

they enjoy being part of the

online chatter. Others are worried about social media

spoilers. Now the term chatter

boxing is news to some people. Barry posted on Twitter "Apparently tweeting about a

In 2006 it was a bold yet

simple idea that's now grown

into one of the biggest social

media platforms. Twitter is

celebrating its 6th birthday. At the centre of the site, of

course, are tweets, bursts of

information up to 140

characters long. Since then the real-time information real-time information network

has grown rapidly and it's used

by the general public,

politicians and celebrities

alike. Now it all began with alike. Now it all began with this from Twitter's executive

chairman Jack Dorsey. In the

first tweet he wrote "Just

setting up my Twitter." This

week he took to the site to

post "Happy 6th birthday

Twitter from one tweet to over

1 billion every 3 days. I'm so

proud of our users and our

team." And in response to that

high profile tweeter Rupert Murdoch said, "Happy birthday,

Twitter, remarkable company

that's helped change the news

business and the world.

Congrats to all friends at


OK, let's check in with some

comments that have been coming

through. Firstly to the US Republican presidential

election campaign and jag says

Romney is consistently inconsistent. Better than being inconsistently inconsistently consistent. And

on to the Queensland election

campaign now Jeff writes "My

hope is despite the negative

tone thus far starting now all

sides will approach tomorrow with respect, grace and humility." Jonathan writes "How

did we ever do elections

without Antony Green." Indeed. And Ben writes

"It's a shame such a good "It's a shame such a good

leader like Anna Bligh will be

voted out." A voter in Ashgrove

says "Should I camp outside a

polling booth to be first in? A ". Another topic that we've been covering tonight, been covering tonight, the

monorail and that link to the

Simpsons, James Jeffries says "They could

"They could have just turned

the monorail into a giant sushi train." Now to some pictures we've been featuring on the ABC News

News website this week. First

up a spectacular shot from Sydney. Fireworks light up the harbour during a rehearsal for 'La Traviata'. The show starts tomorrow and The

runs until April 15. Feeding time The show starts tomorrow and time at the zoo, a time at the zoo, a visitor

gives an elephant a carrot at a

zoo in Germany. The zoo is constructing gives an elephant a carrot at a zoo

constructing a new enclosure

for its 3 elephants. And in the US

US the muppets have been honoured with their own star on US the muppets have honoured with their own star

the Hollywood walk of the Hollywood walk of fame. Sweet ums is here the Hollywood walk Sweet ums is here with the newly unveiled plaque. Sweet ums is here with the newly unveiled plaque. Kermit,

Miss Piggy and over favourites are newly unveiled plaque. Kermit, are in the background. Capturing one of those first moments are in the those first moments on camera. This is those first moments on camera. This is Lenin, his father This is Lenin, his father Chris

filmed him in their US home. filmed him

filmed him in their US home. As

Lennon sees bubbles for the first time. Let's have a look

at his reaction. (Laughs)

And the posting of the 12-month-old And the posting of the 12-month-old on YouTube has been viewed And the posting of the 12-month-old been viewed more than 500,000

times since it was uploaded a

week ago. And that's

week ago. And that's News Exchange for

week ago. And Exchange for this Friday. week ago. And that's News Exchange for this Friday. I'm Matt Cargill, thanks for Matt Matt Cargill, thanks for

watching. Up next it's '7:30' Queensland looking watching. Up next Queensland looking ahead to

tomorrow's election. tomorrow's election. I'll see you next week. Closed Captions by CSI

Hello. I'm Jessica van

Vonderen. After five weeks of Vonderen. After

campaigning, it's election eve.

And tonight, we're bringing campaigning, it's election And tonight, we're bringing you the program live from the election centre. the program live from the ABC's This Program Is Captioned Live. This Program Is Captioned


It's a bit slippery and it's

very steep. Are you on very steep. Are you on edge? Oh

yes, absolutely. It's a

political campaign!

This will be the This will be the toughest

fight that we have ever seen.

This is bloody unfair. Bloody