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calls mount for Tonight - freedom ride as

calls mount for an official

inquiry. Dr Haneef's case shows

that the miscarriages of justice are occurring. Getting

set for APEC - but will it be a

full house? Taking stock - is

Australia's record run finally

over. We've had a number of wonderful years in the

Australian market. And Cadel

Evans edges closer to history

on the Tour.

Good evening. Flaif flaif

flaif with ABC News. - Felicity

Davey with ABC News. Pressure

is mounting on the Government

over the Mohammed Haneef case.

Dr Haneef is still en route to

India tonight but he has

declared his innocence in any

involvement in terrorism and

he's thanked the Australian p

people for their support. But

the Government is still

refusing to reinstate dra dr

Haneef's work visa, saying his

decision to leave the country

only heightens its

suspicions. In transit at

Bangkok airport, Mohammed

Haneef seemed relaxed, free

after weeks in detention he's

on his way home to

Bangalore. Would you like to

thank the Australian people for

their support? Definitely. What

would you like to see. Thanks,

everyone. Dr Haneef was whisked

to Brisbane airport last night

after getting approval to after getting approval to leave

Australia and flew out,

accompanied by his lawyer. In a

paid interview, the 27-year-old

has denied any involvement with

terrorism, calling the accuse

defamatory. This it's not in my

nature to ever support or

involve in such activities at

all. Here to have his fight to

have his work visa will continue,

continue, due to be heard in

the Federal Court in 10 days

time. He wants his visa back

and we have to do it in steps.

Without his business visa he

can't come back. But the

Immigration Minister is not budging. The basis upon which

Dr Haneef's visa was cancelled

remains valid. Kevin Andrews

says Mohammed Haneef's decision

to leave Australia before the

appeal only raise s more

questions about him. If

anything that heightens raesht

than lessen s my

suspicion. There's a growing

number of calls for an inquiry

into the case. The Federal

Opposition is behind the move

despite backing the

Government's actions all

along. There is is this deep

crisis of confidence in respect

of the handling of this

matter. Frankly I think Kevin

Andrews has a lot to answer for and the Prime Minister should and the Prime Minister should

at the very least be

disciplining him. The Council

for Civil Liberties wants the Federal Integrity Commissioner

to investigate. That office

should then release a full and

public report. The Immigration

Minister is hoping further

legal advice will clear the way

for him to release some of the

protected information about Dr

Haneef, possibly as soon as

tomorrow. tomorrow. The Federal

Government is facing a new

threat to its Murray-Darling

takeover from the Queensland

nationals. The party's annual

conference pass add resolution

today demanding that irrigators

rights under the scheme be

guaranteed. Senator Barnaby

Joyce says he will cross the

floor to vote against the plan

if those guarantees are nottin

into the legislation. The

warrants that were given in

regards of the protect of water

rights so that people can go rights so that people can go on

with their business are not

apparent ly. There we want to

make sure this is sorted out

before we get passage of this

legislation. The Mo comes after

the Prime Minister side stepped

Victorian Opposition last week

by invoking constitutional

powers to press ahead with the

$10 million takeover. The union

movement has launched a million

dollar advertising campaign criticising the Federal Government's response to global

warming. The union representing warming. The union representing coal miners says government

policy is putting the coal

industry at risk, as well as

agriculture and tourism. There

is no future in high emission

coal technology. There is only

a future for coal miners if we

solve the CO2 problem. So we're

deadly serious about this

issue. The unions want greater

Federal investment in so-called

as clean coal technology as well

as higher targets for solar and

wind power to achieve a 60%

reduction in emissions by

2050. As preparation s

intensify for APEC, ers have

admitted the scale of the event

won't be as great as was

previously thought. They're now

expecting 5,000 delegates and

media representatives, that's

2,500 fewer than anticipated.

The impact will be felt by some

Sydney hoet e Els, which had Sydney hoet e Els, which had

banked on heavy bookings. On a

quiet Sunday morning, NSW

police sped through Sydney's

streets escorting imaginary

world leerlsd. They're get ing

ready for the month motorcades

which will pass through the

city when APEC comes to town in

six weeks. This is about

ensuring on the day that the

motorcades cause as minimal

disruption to the community of

remain as Sydney. And that the roads

remain as open for as long as

possible. When US

Vice-President Dick Cheney's motorcade stopped Sydney

traffic earlier this year,

Sydneysiders began to worry

about the Kayias APEC might

bring. It had been predicted

that 6,000 delegates and 1,500 media representives would

converge on the city. Now that

registrations have rolled in,

big. The numbers orkers say numbers are not as

big. The numbers are now about

5,000 and they're still at

least 1,000 media. And they're

not ruing out further

falls. You invite guests to

come to an event but you never

know whether everybody will

turn up at the last

minute. Inner city hotels

preparing to house the APEC

visitors will now have spare

rooms. We actually thought that

it would be better than it is.

That's the disappointing factor. APEC factor. APEC orkers base their

original estimates on the

number of gelgates who had

attended previous meetings.

Some say the fall in attendance this time around could be due

to the extra travel time

involved in coming to

Sydney. This San inexact

science. You can't predict or say specifically how many people are going to

come. Despite the drop in numbers, the State Government

says the conference will

provide a boost to the State

economy. The Australian stock

market is expected to slide

further when trading opens

tomorrow, picking up where Wall

Street leftoff yesterday.

Analysts aren't panicking but

most agree the falls have a way

to go yet. Some are even

predict ang end to the bull

market, saying the recent years

of extraordinary growth on the

ASX may be over. Another bumpy ride is

ride is fore cast when the

Australian Stock Exchange opens

tomorrow. A realistic

expectation would be a 50 to

60% fall we believe. I think

the exchange is likely to fall

about 1.5%, which is roughly

100 pointses , over Monday's session. Australia's all

ordinaries hit a record high a

fortnight ago but in the past three trading

three trading days it's fallen

5.3%, wiping 83 billion dollars

off the market value. It's the

worst weekly performance nor

the ASX in 15 years. We've had

a wonderful number of years in

the Australian market. They're

not going to be repeated at

those levels and investor s

should be prepared for some

down years and up years. Over the weekend the US the weekend the US President

tried unsuccessfully to ease

concerns about a 4% slide on

Wall Street. The fall was

driven mainly by debt concerns

in the housing sector. That has

now come to a stand

still. Companies can no longer

rely on cheap debt and that

means any new private equity

takeover deals will struggle, particular ly for companies like Qantas. The chance like Qantas. The chance of that

type of deal comes back to the

market for the foreseeable

future is nil. Investors will

remain on edge until the

Reserve Bank announces on

August 8 whether it's lifting

interest rates. In the short

term, investors big and small

should get used to more modest

returns. A 21-year-old man

has died after falling 45m down

a sewage shaft in Sydney's

east. The accident happened on

the Malabar headlands just

before 3am while the man was

walking through the area with a

friend. Police say they were

looking for geckos to feed pet

snakes. One of them has open

add door to an old sewer

outlet. Unfortunately that male

has fallen into the

shaft. Police say the door to shaft. Police say the door to

the shaft was left open and

officials are checking the rest

of the site to secure other

potential dangers. A report is

being prepared for coroner. A

crime scene has been set up at

a house in Toowoomba in

Queensland after the deaths of

a toddler and his 4-year-old brother. An ambulance took the

body of the older boy from his

home to Toowoomba baste

Hospital late yesterday. Around

the same time, the mother of

the children took the dead

18-month-old to another nearby

hospital. Any death is a shock

to anybody. So the whole of

Toowoomba I am sure is griefing

for the poor children. The

19-year-old man has been

charged with two counts of

assault occasioning bodily

harm. He is due to appear in

the Toowoomba Magistrates Court

multimillion-dollar abalone tomorrow. Australia's

industry is under threat from a

mystery virus. The disease has mystery virus. The disease has

spread along almost 200km of

Victoria's west coast, killing

nearly all of the abalone it

infects. The abalone industry

wants urgent action but

authorities admit the disease is already out of

control. Victoria's abalone

industry enjoyed disease-free

status for 45 years. But a

mystery virus has changed that.

The herpes-like ganglioneuritis

has turned parts

has turned parts of the sea bed

near Warrnambool into an

abalone graveyard. We've got

footage of the rotten abalone

meat on the bottom, just dying where they sit on the

rocks. Australia is the world's

largest producer of wild

abalone. In Victoria alone, the

abalone export industry is

worth $75 million a year. The

consequences of the disease

spreading are disastrous. If

the disease spreads and areas

get shut down, there could

potentially be no abalone for

export. The virus was first detectived early last year Ngo now spread along

200km of Victorian coastline,

devastating the Merri marine

sanctionry. The Abalone Divers

Association has accused the

Government of responding too

slowly. It wants to see areas

quarantined. But fisheries

Victoria says quarantine

doesn't work and it admits the disease is out of its

control. We don't know exactly

how it's spreading, what is

driving the spread so we can't

speculate on how far it will

move. Dr Appleford says the

best hope is improving

biosecurity measures. If you

dive on one day, don't dive two

reefs without dis infecting reefs without dis infecting

your gear in between. Australia

has the large est abalone

fishery, it's already closed

part of Bass Strait to protect

Victoria, the Department of its disease-free status. In

Primary Industries is hoping

the killer virus will simply

run its course, before

spreading too far and wiping

out a multimillion-dollar

industry. Alice Springs

town will official ly become a dry

town this week when a ban on

public drinking comes into

force. But police police ing

the new laws could prove fiflt

difficult officers will be on

mounted patrol. This weekend,

the Darwin mounted police unit

is relocating 1,500km south to

central Australia. It's a major

end taking, packing for the

needs of the horse and riders

for many one away from

home. Mounts police patrols

have been used to combat crime in the Northern Territory since

settlement. And from Wednesday,

the team will be on the beat in

Alice Springs, combatting

anti-social behaviour: For

patrolling, it means we will be

targeting those people who are

drinking outside of their own

houses or outside of the public

bars. From the first of August,

it will be illegal to coon sum

alcohol in public place, infaud

colluding the mall, camps, except The Telegraph station.

Drinking will only be allowed

in pubs and homes. Police will

have the power to issue on the

spot fines and infringe ment

notices which could lead to

court and higher fines. Mounted

police have some advantages

over general duties police for

this role. We have the ability

to go through the river banks

and to really impact on the

social or the anti-social

drinking that is through the

town. These two stock horse

geldings may only be four years

old but already they're

seasoned veterans. They've been

chosen for their ability to

remain calm in challenging

horses are environments. Both of these

horses are very good with

them, which is crowds. Nothing seems to phase

fantastic. Mounted police will

be patrolling the streets of

Alice Springs from midday into

the evening. From A third

person has died in the floods

which have ravaged much of

Britain for the past week.

Italian rescuers who were using

hover craft to search flooded

fields in fuk Tewkesbury found

the body. It was a 19-year-old

man who went missing a week

ago. While most of the water s

have begun receding, police say

the danger remains: People

should not ventdure through

flood water. They don't know

what they're stepping into.

There are hazards beneath their

feet. There could be dislodged

man holes or stepping down into

something. It is

treacherous. More rain has

fallen in Gloucestershire. It

hasn't been as bad as last

week's downpour which caused

the flood but some river levels

are expected to rise. It was

deemed the most important art

form in the Soviet era and now

Russian cinema is enjoying a

creative Renaissance and a box

office boom. Some critics say

it's a commercial sell-out.

Others insist it's the same old

propaganda, just dressed up in

Hollywood hype. Emma Griffiths Hollywood hype. Emma Griffiths reports. Moscow's international

film festival is a sign of life

for Russian cinema. It's

bounced back from a decade of

near collapse but the

festival's president has warned

of a modern scourge. Now your

cinema will face the same

restriction we face everywhere

else. These days, Russian films

have to make money. have to make money. And

Hollywood-style block busters

have become the people's

choice, like this science

fiction movie to be released

next year. Russians

dictators, they like this. They

like to see a story about good

Russians and heroic

Russians. Thaes 50 meant plenty

of pay riotic stories and very

little that would stir little that would stir debate. They don't want to go

to cinema to see movies against

their values protected by

Government and they just don't

want to see strong movies which

can shake them and wake them

up. In Soviet times, film was

used as the prime medium of

state propaganda, like the a

classic that preached the part classic that preached the part

line. Critics say those old

habits are creeping back into

modern Russian sin ma. Even the

FSB, the new SGB, is funding

new film, with a patriotic bend

of course. Dr Haneef is on his

way to Bangalore. And still way to Bangalore. And still to

come - Cadel Evans set for a

podium finish as the Tour heads

for Paris.

A leading Australian jockey

remains in a critical condition

after a serious fall at

Darwin's Fannie Bay race

course. Scott Leckey was one of

three riders hurt in the

accident. It was close to the

600m remark in race 5 600m remark in race 5 where it

all went horribly wrong. Over

the on side of im, Rashaan has

lost a jockey. Lincoln Park,

there's another one down

too. Scott Leckey and fellow

visit ing riders Brian Johns

and Tasha Chambers were all

hurt in the race. At first

glance it does appear it was an

accident that this horse just

clicked heels and came down on

the other s the other s but there's

certainly was no fault of the

track. Scott Leckey undertook

his apprenticeship in Darwin

before move ing to SA where he

was the 2005 a pren tis of 2

year. He's been unconscious

since the accident. He has two

fractured vert bring in the

neck and a slight bruising to

the brain . The coma has been

induced now and will be for

another four days. From there they will they will take stock and see

where they go. Brian Johns has

been a top jockey in the area

for many years. Hery mains in

Royal Darwin Hospital with two

broken wrists. Tasha Chambers

has been released from

hospital, and stewards hope to

interview her soon as part of

an investigation into the fall. The Northern Territory

has got a pretty good record in

relation to race falls. This is

certainly the worst fall we've

had in Darwintor Northern

Territory since I've been in the Northern Territory, which

is 12 years. None of the horses

involved in the accident were

badly injured. The

drug-taibted Tour de France

will wind its way into Paris

tonight, with where the French

are now questioning the future

of the race limit be a personal

triumph for Australia's Cadel

Evans, who seems certain of a

second place ing and

Australia's first podium fin

flish te haven't. The leader

Alberto Contador from Spain had

to fight off a determined

challenge overnight from the

Australian and an American

leader Levi Leipheimer. Cadel

Evans went into the tour's

second last stage trailing the

leader by 1 minute and 50

seconds. Cadel Evans still

looks calm and cleked. 119th

stage time trial tradition ally

finalises the placings in Paris

and it proved to be as

thrilling as the rest of the

race has been controversial.

Levi Leipheimer looked likely

to make it from third to first

as he powered his way over the

55km course. His effort brought

out the best in the man from

the Northern Territory, with

his place being threatened

Evans road the last five

kilometres quicker than the

American, to stay eight seconds

clear in second spot. So for

now I did what I could on the

road and now I will think about

next year. In an Aussie pub in

the capital, a a few here are

back their man but they admit

the race is tarnished: It's awesome, Australia's best ever

result. I think you should run

two races - one for the

druggies and one for the

straight. Evans cut almost 90

seconds off Contador's overall

margin. The Spaniard had to

ride the time trial of his rear

to hang on to the lead. For all

the he row wicks of this pent ultimate stage there's deep

concern about the race. The

French are calling it un Tour

de chien, a dog of a tour. de chien, a dog of a tour. The

clashes are a comparative

relief after the leader was

kicked out over drug tests.

This is a race that began more

than a century ago as publicity

for a sports newspaper has been

pronounced deadly newspaper v

newspapers now. I think the

Tour de France is a national

pride and for the moment it's a national national shame. The race set to

finish here tonight, there's a

feeling that this is the

Tour'seer zero. If the

organiser s don't bring in real

change, they risk losing the

very event that symbolises the

sport of cycling. Three years

ago, Jamie Lyon walked out on

Parramatta in acrimonious

circumstances, he returned

today with his new club Manly

and starred in a thrilling Sea Eagles win. Last night, Eagles win. Last night, the

Rabbitohs and Bulldogs scored

controversial injuries. Today

the Broncos heat Beith the

Sharks while. The rivalry

between the Eel and Sea Eagles

is one of the most passionate

in rugby league and Jamie Lyon

returned to Parramatta. The Eel

fans booed every time he fans booed every time he

touched the ball and they had

plenty more to cheer about. A

3-try burst put Parramatta up

18-8 at the break in a

pulsating content Manly surged

early in the second half only

for Parramatta to reclaim the

advantage. Trailing 24 to 20,

Lyon silenced the 20,000-strong

Parramatta crowd. He then

produced a match winner to produced a match winner to keep

Manly within reach of the minor

premiership. And he has

scored his second try. Sitting

in 24th position, the Sharks

needed to role the bronchos in

Brisbane to stay in finals

contention but they conceded

three first half

tries. Brisbane was already

missing a stable of stars, and

Tony Carroll and David Stagg

joined the casualty ward. joined the casualty ward. A

second try to Isaac de Gois

gave the Sharks hope. And the

Sharks are they on the way

back? The answer was no. Two

more Broncos tries sealed their

10th win of the season. Controversy surrounds last night's win for the Bulldogs

over the Dragons. Andrew Ryan

was blaised oon report for a high tackle on Jason Ryles. Two tries to Matt Cooper put the Dragons Cooper put the Dragons in a

winning position. But the match

turned when Sonny Bill Williams

scored off a contentious one on

one strip. Sonny Bill Williams

scores! Was it a two-man

tackle? Trent Cutler then

scored the match winner from a

Dragons defensive blunder. The

Rabbitohs also need add late

surge to beat the Titans. The

Gold Coast was in control when

Mat Rogers scored on his return Mat Rogers scored on his return

from injury. But two tries in

the last minute gave south s

victory. The 'Sea Stallion

from Glendalough' have closed

the gap on the Storm. There's

six teams within two points

from fourth to ninth. The

Sharks, Dragons and Panther

also struggle to make the

finals. Sydney Swans have

strengthened their chances of a

top four finish with an 11-goal victory victory over Richmond. The

Kangaroos and Essendon had

important wins today and Port

Adelaide thrashed Melbourne.

Brisbane walloped Collingwood

and the Swans overwhelmed Richmond. Returning from

injury, Barry Hall booted six

goals and Nick Davis kicked

four. Sydney scored nine of the

game's last 10 goals to have a

handly percentage boost on a

tight ladder. Essendon may have

tight ladder. Essendon may have

been spurred on by this will be

Kevin Sheedy's last season at

the club. And the Bombers

pushed clear of Adelaide in the

closing stages, leading to an

emotional scene for the coach

and team. With five rounds

until the finals, Essendon is

in the top eight, just on

percentage. The central coast

mar iners have knocked the

Sydney FC out of the Sydney FC out of the A league

preseason cup. More than 5,000

fans watched the A league's

capital experiment and they saw

some stunning goals from the

mariners. Math you Osmond

kicked the first, and another

was added just before half-time

but the best came from and ray

to seal the Central Coast win. We were awful, absolutely

awful. They destroyed us. It's

a beautiful stadium. It's

unfortunate it is nottoused

more for football. The Mar

inniers move through to the

semifinal of the preseason cup.

Iraq will be cope hoping to

complete the feel good story of

the Asian Cup by beating Saudi

Arabia tonight. But the raigs

will have their work cut out

for them against a team that is

aiming for an us press denned fourth Asian

championship. There are mixed

emotions for the Iraq team as

it prepares for its first Asian

Cup final. In Baghdad,

celebration s of the semifinal

win were targeted by suicide

bombers. And at least 50 people

were killed. We have to be sad

of course and happy but we have

to continue because life has to

tomorrow to continue and we have to play

tomorrow to be a champion and

we hope nobody die s

tomorrow. Iraq has beaten

Australia and South Korea on

its way to the decider and has

conceded only two goals. Its opponent, Saudi Arabia, has

scored six more goals during

the tournament Sometimes

quantity is not quality. Australian Mark Shield

will referee the game. Last

night, South Korea booked its

spot in the 2011 Asian Cup, by

winning the third place

play-off against Japan in a

penalty shoot-out. The

reflexes of sind Indian batsman

Sachin Tendulkar might not be

as sharp as they used to be but

he is still a class act, making

57 not out in the Test against

England to join Brian Lara and

Allan Border as the only

players to pass players to pass 11,000 runs.

India has. Australian Steve

Allan is well placed to press

for his first title on the US

PGA tour if he can avoid the

traffic on the greens. It

just missed the goose! The

33-year-old with a world

ranking of 416 is one shot

behind the leader, Fijian Vijay Singh after three Singh after three rouvends of

the Canadian Open. And it's

time for a look at the wet

eastern day with some sun,

cloud and drizzle.

The satellite picture

shows expensive cloud crossing

the east with a trough and some

low cloud being driven across

south-west WA as well. A high

will cause showers to mostly

clear for western NSW, Victoria

and the west of Tasmania. That

high should keep the interior

and north sunny and mild.

Tomorrow's rainfall prediction

then - showers for then - showers for southern WA

and small poect s of the

south-east inland. In the

capital cities tomorrow:

Now recapping our main

stories here on ABC News

tonight - Mohammed Haneef has

thanked the Australian people for their support as pressure

mounce on the Federal

Government over the collapsed

terror case. Organisers have

revealed that bookings for September's APEC meeting in

Sydney are down by more than

30%. And picking up from where

Wall Street left off, the

Australian Stock Exchange is expected to expected to slide even further

when traitding opens - trading

opens tomorrow. That's the

latest ABC News for now.Ly be

back with an update in about an

hour. We will leave you tonight

with Darwin's annual

celebration of beer and

sunshine - the beer can

regatta. Goodnight. Closed

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