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(generated from captions) Hello, I'm Andrew Geoghegan. program - the battle for a key

of oil port could mark the start

of a real war in Libya.

Colonel Gaddafi's forces launch their first counterattack their first counterattack on protesters in the east. He is still far from

regaining control of his

watching The World. shattered country. You're

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TRANSLATION: We will fight

to the last man and woman to

defend Libya. Will the Western

world intervene? We will have

reports from our correspondents in the region.

Korea is helping Burma to build

long-range weapons. We will

speak to the man who has

uncovered startling evidence. On patrol in Christchurch as authorities try to prevent

looting in the authorities try to prevent

earthquake-ravaged city. Ma lasha's Prime Minister visits Australia pledging a free trade

agreement within a year.

Suffering in silence, veteran actor's Mickey Rooney plea to a US Senate hearing. actor's Mickey Rooney desperate


elderly abuse. I mean stop Now! We

escalating crisis in Libya.

The country now appears to be

government forces continue to on the verge of a civil war as

launch attacks on rebel

strongholds. In two weeks of unrest, Moammar Gaddafi has lost control of significant

parts of the country. In the east, Tobruk, Benghazi and Ajdabiya are under rebel

control. Opposition forces control. Opposition

also hold Misrata in the West.

Colonel Gaddafi has a firm grip

on Tripoli and the desert town

of Sirte. Today the flamboyant dictator arrived in a golf buggy for a televised speech.

Addressing a loyal audience, he

railed against the media, the

West and al-Qaeda, accusing

them of a conspiracy to take over

Opposition forces have called over Libya and its oil.

for foreign air strikes to help them them oust their ruler of 41

years. But Moammar Gaddafi is threatening thousands if the West intervenes. threatening thousands will die

TRANSLATION: We will fight to

the last man and woman to defend Libya. A loyalist land

and air assault on Brega has been repelled by the rebels.

Ben Knight is inside Libya travelling with

anti-government forces. This travelling with some

was the first call to arms was the first call to arms for the opposition forces in the the opposition forces

east of Libya. It didn't take

them long to get moving.

Hundreds of men rushed south to this staging point 70km away

heavy weapons have only just

been taken out of storage and

there was a frantic effort to

put them together. As put them together. As they

did, word came through the

Gaddafi forces had already been Gaddafi forces had already

pushed back out of Brega, the

oil port town they captured overnight.

overnight. This is the front

line of Ajdabiya. You can hear

the gun fire in the background

of people celebrating, water

being sprayed in the air. They

believe they have won in Brega.

There are more fighters on

battle. their way down to join the

civilians and are dry driving battle. Most fighters

to the battle in their own

at a university. I am not cars. This man normally works

scared. I am happy now. I scared. I am happy now. I

want to fight. This

as the fighting has come to the

opposition stronghold of

Benghazi since the revolt

began. Holding on to territory, especially a major

oil port like Brega is as important to these rebels as proving they can beat Moammar Gaddafi's army.

be well prepared has the Air Force and he has the Air Force and he used

it. A massive weapons near the staging point was it. A massive weapons store

bombed early in the day near the south. Ambulances sped the

other way. Some of the injuries were taken to hospital injuries were taken to the all could be

you go to take them they will all could be evacuated. Once

shoot you, okay. They are opposition militia appears to have won its first will is out of battle. But taking on trip

After a week of hesitation, the will is out of the question.

it wants foreign powers to like this. Ben Knight is back in the city of Benghazi where it is

just after midday local time. He filed time ago. It is morning in Benghazi but every

now and then the morning is pungated with the sound

anti-aircraft fire and some

larger explosions we have been testing the equipment they hearing. It is the people

have. There have. There is a weapons

store near here and the guns have been brought out storage. Yesterday when this guns have been brought out of

battle was going on as you saw they were still being degreased and put they were still being unpacked, preparing for degreased and put together preparing for the battle. That

is still going on. People I telling me there are training

camps going on in Benghazi at

the moment, more organised they have been, preparing the moment, more organised than

Benghazi and Ajdabiya, but I told also to prepare for attack on Sirte, which is about birth place. That is going to surprised operation. In fact, I am

talk of that at the moment.

Libyan Here in Benghazi, there are two

Libyan navy ships in the

couple of weeks ago. I am told

defence systems so they are using their radar to

will be alerted. have are shooting down Libyan fighter jets but there are other weapons that have emerged are sophisticated than weapons that have emerged that

are sophisticated than that. Tech nal advisors I to say they have the capability

to withstand or at most to take

They are well down a Libyan fighter jets.

Ben Knight in Benghazi. As the

situation worsens, world aid organisations are steeling themselves

almost 3 million people. We

will have a special report from

a refugee camp on the border

with Tunisia later

prompted the leader of Burma's Pro-Democracy Movement to draw parallels with what's happening

in her country. She

hesitated in opening fire on protesters. There are indications that Burma's indications that Burma's junta

is ramping up its military 578

ambitions. It is claimed the

North Korea is helping Burma to build missiles. In an article

penned by Bertil Lintner joins factory is in the process factory is in the process of producing scud-type missiles with the help of information coming from? The

information is coming from information is coming from very solid sources, inside sources. I cannot reveal the I cannot reveal the exact

nature of the sources but I am

confident the information is correct. On the other hand, what I what I wrote doesn't contain anything new because anything new because it has been community for more than a year that Burma has been trying or

of missile. What I managed to

do in this article was the exact location for the exact location for the factory where this is taking place. What is the

empire which is the dream of the ruling Generals capital. It is a vision gran dur rather gran dur rather than a threat to the region. They show they are a strong well-armed nation. have weapons of mass destruction. That destruction. That will strengthen strengthen the bargaining position with neighbouring

countries . I don't think have any intention these missiles into any of the

neighbouring countries. Nevertheless, do you this could spark some sort of regional arms race? How countries like Thailand likely to respond to this? most likely spark some kind arms race in the region. their defences because you never never know what is going to happen equipped with a equipped with a scud-type missile. It will have an impact on the stability of entire region especially in ASEAN where Burma is the odd man out. If they are dealing

with the North Koreans building going to make it easier for ASEAN as a block to argue Burma's block. You are Burma's block. You are saying China is Burma's no longer main

military partner. That role belongs to North Korea.

belongs to North Korea. What is North Well, I

that is up on the web right now

in which I quote documents from the Port Authority and the other major

Burma and there is almost a North ship a month arriving in Burma

carrying thousands of tonnes of

general goods or cement or What was invariousably, the What was invariousably, the - invariably, the army of the Burmese army there to receive the goods when they arrive in North Korea.

They supply North Korea with food, rice. It has been food, rice. It has been going on for at least a year, on for at least a year, talking about substantial shipments about substantial shipments of military-related material from

North Korea to Burma. Is this

also likely to be also likely to be a strategic move from North Korea to at least have

Absolutely. You can try to

underestimate the Middle East, that's North Korea's main customers. Libya was a

customer in the past, Egypt, Syria, Iran, the united

Emirates as bought missiles

from North Korea. The going on in that part of the

world, it is natural Korea to go for new partners

closer to home and partner is Burma. You have mentioned that Singapore has there. It is not new they

have a presence there but are

you surprised at how far they

have gone? Not at all. Singapore has been involved in Burma's

years and they also have various training facilities Burma. There is nothing new

at all. course, any of the weapon shipments to Burma shipments to Burma pass through Singapore

also sold weapons to Burma. As a supplier and As a supplier and as a shipment point and it is industry. Singapore is not a

newcomer at all.

newcomer at all. They have been there for several years. Thank you for Thank you for your time. Thank you. The Foreign Affairs The Foreign Affairs spokesman of Democracy is Nyo Ohn Myint. He has been listening on the has been listening on the phone from What is your reaction to these claims? Are claims? Are you aware of a missile program aware ... we obtained that the mill tri report. It is the Burmese military is trying to show their capability to the

region because that is 500km land fall. neighbouring countries capital.

This is a major concern of the

democratic posts. The presence of the North Koreans in Burma is not new but are you alarmed

at the extent of which the North Koreans are operating there?

there? Not at all. there? Not at all. The military regime

political power in the last

election. They use that in 2011/12 budget, they located

incorporated into $1 billion US

into the defence budget alone.

When you compare with that the

education and health care for

less than 5%. This is our

concern because Burma has an

unemployment rate that is very high and a workers in neighbouring

countries. We need to fix the social economic situation,

that's our major concern. The

military budget is too high.

It is . The Burmese regime has obviously been ruthless obviously been ruthless in

dealing with protesters in the

past up until this point at

least. Would it be watching what's

East with, well, nervously? Of

course. According course. According to our people, the people are watching

Tunisia and Egypt situation and

they have some preparation,

according to our reports. They black out all the

political movement

revolution in Libya and other countries in the Middle East.

It is a point the regime is nervous because this is nervous because this is why

they feel that holding the they feel that holding the

Parliament for this time.

This is a very good situation

for the democratic movement.

This is why the middle class

and educators and all the activists right now using Facebook, Twitter and also using the using the Internet to do a campaign for Burma. Thanks for your time. Thank

Let's move on. In

Christchurch, authorities have

conceded they are unlikely to find any more survivors in the

rubble of last week's

devastating earthquake. The

official death toll stands at

161 but the final body count is

likely to exceed 200. It is a

grim blow for residents who are lives. From Christchurch, the ABC's Kirrin McKechnie reports. They are the words everyone has

has been dreading. Today we transition from transition from rescue to recovery . With no signs of life amidst the life amidst the rubble,

authorities have now all authorities have now all but given up hope of finding given up hope of finding anyone

alive. Those are the words

that nobody in this city, none

of the families, none of the friends here and imagine nobody anywhere, imagine nobody anywhere, wanted

to hear. As the earthquake

crisis enters its 10th day,

tensions are starting to fray in some of the worst-hit

suburbs. Many still have no

power or water. For some,

access to a flushing toilet is

a half kilometre walk. We use

a plastic bag and a hole in a plastic bag and a hole in the

back yard. We have to go all

the way across the other side

of town to have a warm of town to have a warm shower. That gets frustrating. But for Matthew Leech, yet be to come. Strong

aftershocks threaten to send

the house next door crashing

into his. He and his wife

have been forced to move out of their home. Instead, they are living in their car. Inside the house is the worst feeling

because of the sharp jolts.

You immediately just panic. The pair are trying their hardest

to keep their spirits up. day by day. In reality, the

rebuild effort is more likely to be year by The New Zealand patrol in the chaos of central

Christchurch in an attempt to

prevent looting. A 24-year-old

soldier who suffered a leg injury in Afghanistan has

returned to work patrolling the streets there. TVNZ reporter Michael Michael Parkin joined him. Michael Parkin joined him. He traded the dangerous roads of Afghanistan for the Brighton. The lance corporal

is glad to be back in uniform.

I wanted to be involved. I

have come back in January and it has been full-on it has been full-on since then. Just

main thing for me. The roadside bomb which lieutenant last August, also shattered Alistair baiker's

heel. It is part of the job.

You have to get through it like

the people here with this earthquake. happen. It is hard to bear

with initially but you will get

there. The sodaier is part of a joint patrol with police in Christchurch's powerless eastern suburbs. On the lookout for looters.

Especially with that night

vision, it is amazing how good that highlights, the natural eye doesn't joined the patrol during the early hours. I I looting, that's why I stay at

home at night. He's right to be worried. The vehicle search the vehicle search the silt-covered streets police cars can't access. access. We have heard a lot of people say over the last week

that Christchurch re sem nls that Christchurch re sem nls a

- resembles a war zone. I that to him. Not such

zone. You could say that. It

is a mess. I guess it does

look like a bomb

but at least there is no bullets. Hopefully

Christchurch can bounce Christchurch can bounce back as well. Two US airmen have been dead after their bus was attacked at Frankfurt A lone gunman opened fire on the

the bus carrying wounding two others. The suspected gunman has been


21 and believed to be a Muslim Kosovoan. His mow ti is worldwide condemnation of Shahbaz Bhatti. Mr Bhatti is the second Minister to be

killed for speaking out against the blasphemy laws. He recorded a message which was to be message which was to be aired in the event of his death. A hail of bullets in broad daylight claimed

Bhatti was a marked man who asked for a bullet-proof car but didn't get one. When the Taliban to stop them. No police. After that they are still some signs of the

attack here. There are bullet

holes in the sem. holes in the sem. The gun - cement. The gunmen struck the

cement. The gunmen struck as the Minister's car was coming down the road. He had been visiting family a short distance away. He refused

go into hiding though he knew

his life was at risk. In recent weeks he was concerned about security . protection in spite of the obvious threat he obvious threat he faced. Last December he recorded message and asked

sent to the BBC in the event his death. I am his death. I am ready to die

for our cause. I am living for people and I will die to defend their rights. Just two months ago, Shahbaz Bhatti ago, Shahbaz Bhatti was mourning another prominent Liberal. Punjab Salman Taseer. He was killed for challenging blasphemy laws, often used to

persecute minorities. The knew he might but he told me he wouldn't

to the extremists. Forces of darkness, forces forces of extremism forces of extremism cannot harass me, cannot cannot cannot divert my attention. So

you won't be silenced? Not at

all. But he will speak no all. But he will speak no more. The hardliners are louder as the Government looks the other way. This was hero worship for Salman Taseer's assassin, Taseer's assassin, the

Governor's family fear the extremists have been emboldened and won't stop here.

it is starting to seem like

part of a systematic plan to silence dissent in Pakistan silence dissent in Pakistan and silence voices. It is working. willing to instill fear in the society and it takes the silence of people

silence of people who should have been

will speak out now when they might be next? The fear killing off The The US military has filed 22 new charges against the soldier accused of leaking government documents Bradley Manning is suspected Bradley Manning is suspected of disclosing hns of thousands of

cables related to the wars in being held at a marine base being held at a marine base in Virginia as at the case. Hillary Clinton says plans to scrap aid money for the Pacific will encourage

China to further develop its already-growing Stephanie March reports. In

the past Pacific nations have often supported the United States on the world stage. US Secretary of State Hillary change. We are in a competition with China. The US

is worried China's now making a play for the region's play for the region's vast resources. In a briefing to the the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Ms Clin Clinton

cited a huge oil finding Exxon Mobil. China is in trying to figure out how it is going to come in behind us, under us. They are supporting is now in charge of Fiji. They have brought all of the leaders of these nations to Beijing, wined and dined them. One way the battle for the be won is through climate change funding. China, the US and the EU are huge carbon

emitters but they have means to provide Pacific states

with much desired funding to

tackle climate change. Last

month the Republican-led House

of Representatives in the US

passed a resolution

climate funding to the Pacific.

We had a small amount of $21

million we were going to spread

across many of the island countries. Obviously that is

not possible. We are in a competition for competition for influence with

China. While money helps China. While money helps it

doesn't always succeed in

getting Pacific nations on

side. In the whaling commission, we regularly see Pacific countries vote against Australia's

position on whale even position on whale even though

Australia is by far and away the largest aid don'tor to the largest aid don'tor to that countries. The US is saying Hillary Clinton is correct it is important to is important to maintain engagement with the region. It

is important if it is cutting back funding to the region

particularly at a time when the

US is trying to broaden and

increase its presence in the

Pacific and promoting itself as a Pacific nation.

To other stories making at the centre of a sex scandal plaguing Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says she is

hopeful that his upcoming trial

will bring the truth to light.

Karima El Mahroug, whose

nickname is Ruby, has described Mr Berlusconi has Mr Berlusconi has a modest

person who always treated person who always treated her

well. Prosecutors list 13

nights she stayed at his villa near

The US Supreme Court says an

American church has the legal

right to stage anti-gay protests at military Kansas claims God is Kansas claims God is punishing Americans for their tolerance of gays and lesbians. Astronauts from the 'Discovery Shuttle' have been

on a second space walk outside

international space station.

Their excursion was delayed

briefly by a leak in one of the

space suits. Let's get the

latest world weather with latest world weather with Graham Creed. Rainfall Graham Creed. Rainfall across Australia will Australia will be heaviest about the far northern tropics. We have

another through the inland of

WA. That system is breaking

down. Queensland likely to

see the most significant rainfall, a band of storms from the south-east right up into

the north-west of the State. Anywhere along that line of

thunderstorms we could see thunderstorms we could see heavy falls but the heavy falls but the north

Western district is where we

are likely to see the heaviest. A few brief showers about A few brief showers about the south-east particularly Melbourne and another windy day Hobart. For New Zealand, are looking at fairly fresh to strong winds about strong winds strong winds about the South Island strong winds about the South Island including Christchurch but any rainfall should the West Coast. but any rainfall should be on the West Coast. We will see a

few showers about the north few showers about the north but temperatures a bit milder. Up across the Pacific, we have across the Pacific, we have a disturbance that will disturbance that will be watched closely as it watched closely as it moves

towards the Queensland could develop into could develop into a Tropical

Cyclone next week and it will trigger moderate to heavy falls

about the north-western parts

of the Pacific. I across most of south-eastern

Asia. The heaviest storms

will be about new guinea

PNG. We are isolated showers

the last couple of days, falls are expected to be lighter. That disturbance is starting to move starting to move towards Vietnam. We far eastern coastal fringe, brief heavy showers about the

more likely some area. Once again looking about the

about the areas around Thailand all the way all the way up into southern

China expecting to see China expecting to see fairly light showers and possible thunderstorms. thunderstorms. Humid conditions continuing about

those southern areas. Through

the north, relatively clear.

We have got We have got basically an easterly wind so it means likely to see so it means the West Coast is likely to see some showers but the eastern parts relatively likely to see some showers but the eastern parts relatively clear as is clear as is most of northern China Russia. A little parts of India. That could trigger showers but far north of Pakistan and also through Afghanistan we are looking heavy rainfall. Cold

conditions also across Iran.

developing through northern areas. northern areas. We may see some light showers around the

will be around will be around the Mediterranean coastline. will see some will see some through parts of eastern Spain, through southern

relatively clear. The low pressure relatively clear. pressure system causing the

showers will continue to weaken as pressure system causing the as we move towards the weekend. In through Africa, it is

heavy falls. South Africa looking

Namibia we are likely to see looking at a few isolated Widespread activity through those central areas of those central areas of the continent but at this is Namibia looking at the

heaviest of the falls. deal occurring tomorrow. This cloud band will trigger a significant

will go across into Canada. That is set to bring significant rain as towards the weekend and it will spread east as Pacific low driving some Pacific low driving some very heavy rain coast of Canada. As we move further south, Brazil further south, Brazil very unstable. thunderstorms stretching all the way down the Andes, certainly through the central

and northern parts of that mountain range. Some of thunderstorms will produce heavy falls. Feathers erk see

sequins and masks are in

sequins and masks are in heavy demand in Brazil. The festivities start tomorrow Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has also been imortalised in foam, complete an incident when the protester attacked the leader. Still

ahead - is China's ahead - is China's housing

bubble about to burst? We look

at the growing discontent over unaffordable prices.

fastest century in World Cup

history gives Ireland a shock win over England.

You ABC News 24. Our stop ABC News 24. Our stop stories - there are reports Burma's military is getting North Korea to produce long-range missiles. Times says two small

factory in Burma are involved in a top-secret in a top-secret project to build the weapons. The search for survivors has been called off with to recovering bodies. The official death toll stands 161 but officials expect the final death toll to exceed Anti-government rebels Libya have been celebrating after troops loyal to Moammar Gaddafi were forced to retreat Colonel Gaddafi is restraint and is trying to find a peaceful resolution. Meanwhile, world aid organisations are steeling themselves for a crisis that could almost 3 million people. Tens of

of thousands of people, mainly

foreigners, have fled Libya but

the situation inside the strife-torn country is potentially catastrophic. ABC correspondent Tim Palmer correspondent Tim Palmer filed

this report from a refugee camp

on the border of

London Irish Libya - London Irish Libya - Tunisia and

Still they come. This time it is the it is the Bangladeshis turn to

pass through the late gate into

Tunisia. 5,000 of them awleen today. When they do they will first find thousands who came

the only the only change, the growing squalor It is insane because

yesterday I know there were more than 2,000 or more than 2,000 or 3,000 people who slept here without blankets and even more people at the border who slept even without tents.

incoming is makes us feel like makes us feel like crying

really because it is very sad

their lives from Libya and they get here and you have get here and you sad, very difficult. logistic problem. It is very sad, very

There are here to fill There are enough Egyptians

here to fill a sizeable town on

their own. They are their own. They are exhausted

and filthy for the by rain. Sleeping in the

desert, the sky heaving all the

people here. Ali Mohammed Yusuf

was robbed by Libyan

authorities as he fled.

Everybody here, he have money

when he come to here, the

Libyan take it off much Libyan take it off them. How

much did they take from you? 9,5,000 dinars. All your money? All my money. 70,000 people have

people have come across the border here already. This is

the queue for the buses out. That explains the That explains the simple equation operating here. It

is not stopping. From what we

have seen today, it is have seen today, it is not

stopping. We don't know what

will happen tomorrow. The

average is 10,000 to average is 10,000 to 15,000

coming in. 2,000 to coming in. 2,000 to 3,500

leaving. You do the math and see there is a number of see there is a number of people who are supposed to who are supposed to be

transiting for a few

are transiting now for a The bigger numbers come, the

longer the length of stay will be. Hovig Elyemezian is the

United Nations high commission

for refer gees protection

officer for this new town. He

knows the numbers are against

him. He said it is time for the western

the western countries who used

the resources to get their ex

pats out to solve

here. The Tunisians are

bearing the burden of bearing the burden of this influx. Other countries should

share the burden also. What is

happening with sanitation? happening with sanitation? It

is poor? It is. We are

trying to find local

trying to find local measures

to find water, dig some holes.

The incoming is way bigger than

the outgoing and, therefore,

the only solution is to bring

more ships, big cargo ships,

being military air Silas Barbero is working here

with the association for

cooperation in Tunisia. It is

a local NGO run by expatriates . They are cooking thousands already but they are

worried it could get worse. I think it is a potential catastrophe if everybody crosses at the same time because we don't know how many

are on the Libyan side plus in

no man's land. I saw one guy begging for a begging for a piece of bread.

That make me feel sad their

dignity is very affected. I

hope they will go home hope they will go home soon, that's what they all at the crossing as the Bangladeshis

Bangladeshis wait, there comes

and sudden and surprising sign that Colonel Gaddafi still controls this part of the

Libyan border. This is the

first time we have seen this. first time we have seen this.

Trucks crossing over Trucks crossing over from the

Libyan side to the no man's land and land and distributing some

water and some food. It

show is they are loyal to

Gaddafi. They are carrying

green flags and in some cases

they have got pictures of

Moammar Gaddafi and it is all being filmed for Libyan

television. Perhaps more a

crude propaganda tool than a

real aid effort. No civil war

in Libya, according to these

mean. The towns of Nalut,

Wazir and Wazir and and Misrata are all

under their leader's control.

Libya very very good. Then

they were gone, back along the

road into Libya, passing more

foreign workers coming in numbers numbers that not even those who

have to plan for them can

guess. Only my dream and all

of the people here, only of the people here, only my

dream to come back again to my country Egypt. Tim Palmer with that report. Zimbabwe's defiant President Robert Mugabe seize foreign businesses

starting with British companies. He was speaking at

a mass rally in Harare against

international sanctions imposed

on the country. Mr Mugabe said in retaliation, Zimbabwe in retaliation, Zimbabwe would

impose its own sanctions and take over foreign companies operating locally. He accused

several British banks of taking

money out of the Zimbabwe

economy. The MDC Party of Prime Minister Morgan

Tsvangirai boycotted the rally.

Colomboan authorities have seized another submarine

to the Equadoran border. The submarine is capable of

transporting 7 tonnes of

cocaine. The Colomboan navy has discovered more than has discovered more than 60

submersibles since first finding one

finding one in finding one in 1993. Japan is hoping to maintain its

dominance in high-speed trains

with the launch of the next

generation bullet train. The

new train is Japan's fastest

ever with an operating speed of

300km/h. It will service an

open line to the city of mar

mar 700km to the north of Tokyo. John Galliano has reportedly checked

a rehab facility in Arizona. sacked a anti-Semitic rant Galliano could face six months in prison matter

Najib Razak and Prime Minister Julia Gillard have pledged to still studying Australia's

proposal for a regional asylum seeker processing centre seeker processing centre in East Timor but Prime Minister

Najib says Malaysia will be supportive as it can be when the issue is discussed at the issue is discussed at the upcoming Canberra, Catherine McGrath reports. Australia's welcome was warm and and genuine. The Prime Minister with me is a friend of Australia, a leader Australia, a leader in our region. forward to a much forward to a much deeper relationship. Talks on

trade agreement were a priority. We today we will conclude this free trade agreement

is in the region of 10 billion

which is a good level which is a good level but we

believe that we can push it to even greater even greater heights. People

smuggling impacts on both countries and Malaysia pledged to enhance already close cooperation. close cooperation. We will do

our part to make is never a transit point these people. Australia wants support support for its plans for regional processing centre in East Timor. There is no guarantee from Malaysia guarantee from Malaysia but there were words. With respect to the processing believe this will be discussed

in Bali. We need a bit of time to study Australian to study Australian proposal but

agreements to enhance sporting

links and edge kagal enhancements. The Australian-Malaysian relationship reached a low point in 1993 when then Prime Minister Paul Keating described Malaysia's Prime Minister Malaysia's Prime Minister as recalcitrant for refusing to attend the APEC leader's

summit. Now there is a different

to the relationship with Malaysia, we stand united in our determination be recalcitrant. be recalcitrant. I also like to thank Mr Abbott. of us is very positive. Every one of us is that this relationship can only

be stronger and stronger as be stronger and stronger as we move

Minister says this is a relationship that can shape the

region. Tomorrow he heads to


New data released in the

United States suggests abuse of the elderly is far more widespread witness at a the problem today was actor Mickey Rooney. The To me. Mickey claims his stepson and

stepdaughter embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars, put a lock on his fridge and stole his emmy and Oscar. Tragically they are most often abused by

the very people closest to them. The new information says

47% of people living at neglected and up to one in neglected and up to one in 10 without dementia without dementia could suffer abuse. It of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, financial exploitation or neglect. I am asking you to stop this

abuse. I mean stop it! abuse. I mean stop it! Now! The US centre on estimates only one in six cases

comes to the attention of

When China's Parliament opens two key issues high on the agenda will be inflation and housing affordability. affordability. These have caused widespread southerly discontent.

went to a lo low-cost housing

project in Beijing to see what's being done to what's being done to address the crisis. The south of Beijing has traditionally been

the poorer part of there is a project are eager to publicise. TRANSLATION:

Residents only pay 10% of their household income rental apartments. Foreign reporters were look at blocks of low-cost apartments that were completed not applicant got a unit, lots had

to be drawn. TRANSLATION: The

government does not say

developer must developer must build projects every year. these with a lot of enthusiasm

because this is a potentially large

other cities on the mainland that have such projects have not gained much over the years because over the years because local governments depend on land

sales and private development for revenue and they have they have been reluctant to

foresake the income. Now property prices property prices have skyrocketed in many Chinese cities many locals because the cost of lasen as well. The 36 million units the government promises

to build within the

years may or may not be enough to calm those fears. Now to Now to sport with Amanda Shalala. Pakistan is good. The top order has shown little resistance to little resistance to Canada's bowlers. The Pakistanis 4/79 giving the Canadians a faint sniff of victory. The

Netherlands are lagging behind in pursuit of South Africa. The

glut of scores over 300 made The mammoth total added to the glut the World Cup.

produced a stuttering run chase produced a stuttering run produced the biggest upset of the tournament defeating

England by three wickets. A record-breaking century record-breaking century from

Kevin O'Brien helped the Irish achieve an incredible win with five balls to nine previous World Cup nine previous World Cup innings

Kevin O'Brien hadn't made a

half century. He is now the proud owner of the proud owner of the fastest century in the history of the

World Cup. His 50 -ball effort smashed Matthew Hayden's previous record of 66

deliveries and rescued the non-test playing nation from a

5./111 as they chased 328. O'Brien talked up O'Brien talked up his achievement. I think anyone is

going to struggle to beat that

innings to be honest. 50 balls in the World Cup in 50 balls in the World Cup in

front of a billion people under lights against England, it

doesn't get better. When

O'Brien was run out, still needed 11 runs but still needed 11 runs but the victory came with five balls to

spare. What a game of cricket.

It was a shock for us if I'm

honest. Terrific. It is the

biggest win Irish cricket has

had. After comfortable wins

over the Zimbabwe and New

Zealand Australia is preparing

for a tougher against Sri Lanka is coming at

an important time for Australia

because they need a hard challenge. The game is in

Colombo on Saturday. Colombo on Saturday. Serena Williams is recovering Williams is recovering after

emergency surgery to remove a

blood clot from her lungs. A

foot injury has prevented the American from playing a

tournament since winning

Wimbeldon last year. Wimbeldon last year. The

29-year-old is hoping to defend her title in June. The in English soccer, Manchester City eased through

to the quarter finals after a win

win over Aston Vila. Arsenal

made up for a lackluster couple

of wins. The tier three orient

side held the Gunners to a

in their first meeting. in their first meeting. They have returned to form and have

set up a blockbuster quarter

final against Manchester

United. Celtic beat the Rangers 1-0 in their replay. There were three

Rangers plays sent off as a football match

broke out during the fighting. A prominent NRL player agent and footballer are facing 10 years

in gaol after being charged. Sam Ayoub and John Elias were

charged in relation to betting

last season. Ayoub is the

manager for Ryan Tandy, manager for Ryan Tandy, the

Bulldogs player who gave away the the penalty. Tandy was in

court pleading not guilty to

four charges of giving false

evidence to police. Anyone who

is found to have been involved

in fixing a game or an element

of a game is going to themselves charged by the

police and their place in the game I would game I would say will

disappear. Life bans have to

be on the cards for that

thing. Todd Carney has been warned he could be sacked if he warned he could be sacked if he is involved in any more

alcohol-related incidents. The

24-year-old was charged with low-range drink driving last weekend. He was

Canberra Raiders in 2008 for a number of alcohol-related ins

deps. The Roosters have

deps. The Roosters have hit

him with a $10,000 fine, he will have to undergo counselling and community work.

Todd's failure to meet Todd's failure to meet any

aspect of the plan will be

considered a serious breach considered a serious breach of his contract which may lead his contract which may lead to termination. I understand I

have done the wrong thing once again. I have got a plan in

front of me I can work through. The New Zealand Breakers have downed Townsville in their of the table NBL clash.

Thanks very much. Antarctic scientists are

monitoring the adverse effects of excess carbon in the ocean.

Scientists on board the 'Aurora Australis' are studying Australis' are studying snails

and other creature s to measure

the increase acid fiication in

the oceans. They hope to

create an early warning system for oceans affected by climate

change. Far from virtually all human waters are altering due to

climate change. Seawater is slightly alkaline but increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is ocean more acidic. ocean more acidic. It is unprecedented for millions unprecedented for millions of years. The last time the carbon dioxide level of the carbon dioxide level of the atmosphere was as high as we have made it was millions of

years ago. The acidity of the

oceans has increased by about

30%. That acid in this case is being added by the additional carbon carbon dioxide. Meet Team Acid aboard the temporary science laboratory 'Aurora Australis'. Headed

gee - gee ol gists, Dr Ocean. Have another pteropods here. Rarely seen, these marine snails called pteropods

are vulnerable to changes are vulnerable to changes in ocean chem industry. concern is if the seawater

becomes too acidic, becomes too acidic, they won't be are at risk. help them get help them get around and as far

as pteropods go, these two

enormous. Check them out. Gigantism is common in Antarctic waters. It seems like some of the biggest

changes are in regions but the acidification

is occurring all through the

world's oceans and in tropical reefs, at great risk. Scientists want

to set a benchmark for

rarely seen creatures now to

detect changes in the future.

A reminder of our top stories

- anti-government rebels in Libya have Libya have been celebrating after from the port of Brega. Libyan army

large numbers and appeared large numbers and appeared at one but they were beaten back by rebel There are reports Burma's military is getting help from long-range missiles. Times says two small munitions factories in Burma are involved in the top-secret project to build the weapons. The search has been called off. The official death toll from last

week's quake stands at 161. Officials expect the

to exceed 200. Najib Razak and Australia's

Julia Gillard have agreed to sign a free trade agreement within a year. The Malaysian official visit to Canberra discussing trade, education, people smuggling people smuggling and defence. To keep up to date on all the

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Live. Hello, I'm Andrew

Geoghegan. Libya appears to be

on the verge of civil war as Government forces continue to

launch attacks on rebel

strongholds. In two weeks of unrest, Muammar Gaddafi unrest, Muammar Gaddafi has lost control lost control of significant parts of the country. Middle East correspondent Ben Knight is inside Libya, is inside Libya, travelling with some is anti-Government forces. This was the first call to arms for the Opposition

forces in the east of Libya and

it didn't take them long to get

moving. Hundreds of men south to this staging point, 70km away from the fighting.

Some of the heavy weapons have

only just been taken out of

storage and there was a frantic

effort to put them together. As

they did, word came through the

Gaddafi forced had already been