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(generated from captions) to add to his overnight score of 20 and several other

still needs 25 to win. The

newly announced Minister for

workplace relations Bill

Shorten is holding a media

conference in Canberra. Let's

go live to that now. I would go live to that

like to acknowledge the

significant work done by our

Prime Minister in terms of her

work and setting up the system

we have today in industrial

relations. Personally, it's

very early days. Haven't sworn in yet but I just State very early days. Haven't been

now for the record that my

personal philosophy to industrial relations and that of the whole Government

which is that of a moderate

viewpoint of seeking a fair

balance for people at work and

making sure there's opportunity

for all. Finally, might I

say I'm pleased the Prime Minister has seen fit to Minister has seen fit to keep

some of my existing work that I

was performing as Minister for

financial services and superannuation. I might just

take questions now. Fair work

act isn't perfect. Going into

to be seen change? As I to this role, what would you like

haven't even been sworn in, I

think it would be premature to

start getting into the

of changes or otherwise to the

system. I am aware that the Government has committed to a

review of the act and certainly that process will continue

under way, the work started by

my predecessor Senator Evans,

but it's not even being sworn

in, it's a bit early to start

saying what it is that saying what it is that you'd change. But let me be clear,

between the there is a very stark contrast

and that of the Opposition. The

strongly, not only in creating Government believes very

jobs but making sure the jobs

that are created, good-quality jobs where people get a fair go

all round at work, both

employer and employee, both independent contractor, small

business, large business, union

member and nonunion member.

Tony Abbott often tries to

portray you as a faceless man.

Why do you dev this job? It's

a bit rich of Mr Abbott to talk

about these things. Tony Abbott

is the industrial relations and he has

faceless policies. But faceless policies. But we all know they exist. We all know he'd like to turn

clock. We all know the only

division in the Liberal Party

is when they announce when

they'd like to go back to back to WorkChoices. You're WorkChoices, not if they go

becoming recognisable. Do you think you'll be able to shake the title of faceless man? Tony Abbott only ever has

people. I think Australians in negative things to say about

2012 want

Nearly all Australians are

organising their lives to take

advantage of life in the Asia Pacific century, to Pacific century, to take advantage of longer life, to

take advantage of the fact they don't exist to work but they've got things to do outside of

work. They're taking advantage

of the fact twha want to be

able to retire with some

measure of decency. 3 the issues that matter, not Tony Abbott's mindless negative name-calling. Would you like to lead the party one to lead the party one day? We

have just moved to the issue in

terms of reshuffle. I am Prime Minister has given me this privilege. I this privilege. I completely

and utterly support our Prime Minister. Minister, do you see

this as reward for your support for Julia Gillard? Is I think

what we're seeing is, as the

committed to making sure Prime Minister said, she's

Australia is prepareded for the

future. If you look at the

line-up she's gone through future. If you look at the

great length in the press line-up she's gone through at

conference, lot of her material

speaks for itself and doesn't

need me to supplement it but in

the significant areas of responsibility she's allocated

Australians to me, let's be clear,

than they ever have Australians are living longer

than they ever have before. Australians don't get up in the

morning consumed about some of the arcane arguments about industrial relations. They want

to make sure they're earning

decent enough money, they can afford a

who go to work want to make

sure they earn enough money

that they can afford to retire.

Australians who go to work ever

day want to make sure that they're not just living to

and that they have a life they're not just living to work

outside of work. These are the

issues of the future workplace

and a lot of the current debates which Tony Abbott and the Liberal Coalition want to make make as issues are just not the

issues which most Australians are focused on for their future. Is the logic keeping workplace relations future. Is the logic of together with financial services, they're two very

different areas. Why are they

together? In fact, Minister has given the together? In fact, the Prime


Financial services Financial services is the

Australia. It forth 4th-largest industry in

Australia. It will be a significant and

employer in the future. Not that covers industrial employer in the future. Not all

relations is smoke-stack and overall, although they're a

legitimate part of the also important as Australian workforce. It is

also important as the Prime Minister said in her press conference that people don't

work for 40 years of their work for 40 years of their life

and retire poor. It's important

we have an efficient and fair financial services system

capable of managing the wealth

and retirement saifrbish of Australians efficiently and

equitably in the interest of

Australian those they have

enough money to retire upon. It is also tree true with our

reforms which have passed the House of Representatives said that they can increase savings

from 9 to 12%. There is ag inextricable link between the

success and operation of financial services system, sponsion system and workplace

and employment systems. How How long ago How long ago did Julia Gillard

discuss this with you? Was it

during the ALP national

conference the do you see the

promotion as recognition of had

work you did kruring do earth the Qantas dispute and are you

happy to see the disability insurance scheme handed over to

Jenny Macklin? Ium trying to

make sure I recall all of the questions. I'mler fought going

to go into every blow by blow discussion I have had with our

Prime Minister. Suffice to say

the discussions triggering the press conference were very

recent indeed. More broadly, in terms of disability terms of disability and its

being allocated as the title

being allocated as the title of a portfolio, I think absolute black-letter day for disability

disability that it's now attached to the title of attached to the title of a

Cabinet Minister, of Jenny Macklin's status. you'll find people in the

disability sector and people

with disabilities will be

pleased disabilities is being recognised as a Cabinet

portfolio status issue indeed

along with a significant

announcement about aged care

and mental health for Minister

Mark Butler going into Cabinet. People with disability will be

very pleased to see the growing

the national political stage.

Minister Macklin has in fact

always had carriage since the

last election of promoting the national disability insurance scheme and I will continue to work with her in the area of

insurance which is participate

of financial services and it's

all of the Government who are committed to the promotion of a

better deal for better deal for people with

disabilities. Is it your understanding that at least two Ministers refused to go Ministers refused to go and

that's why we're left with the

22-member Cabinet and do you

think that a 22-member Cabinet is unwieldy? First of all, there was a second question

between the first between the first and third

questions I got asked before

and I can't quite remember what that was. ...because of your work during the work during the Qantas

dispute. Not at all. Again,

the people who organised the Qantas grounding was the Qantas

management to say that this management to say that this was some sort of Government

strategy would be allocating responsibility where it doesn't lie. Albanese, plenty of people were

involved in making sure we got

Qantas planes flying again and

we actually saw the Fair Work Australia

legislation work as it was

meant to work so Qantas was -

the Qantas grounding was not of

the Government's making. It was

in mure opinion a mistake. But

having said that, there was having said that, there was the

Government who managed to get

the planes flying again through the success of our

applications. Sorry, to go back to terms of size of Cabinet and

all those other sort of things you're driving at. I think the Prime Minister Prime Minister answered all of

those issues. Certainly not

privy to any of the

What I do know is for the areas of responsibility for which the Prime

Prime Minister has indicated at the press conference some 30

minutes ago, it is a great

privilege to be serving in the Gillard Cabinet. It is a Gillard Cabinet. It is a great

privilege to be serving alongside

alongside 21 others in this

Cabinet. It is great privilege

to shensure we - ensure we workplace and work in financial services, superannuation and

employment. How workable to

you think the Cabinet Ministers

will be with you and Kevin Rudd around the table? Guys, around the table? Guys, you're looking for arguments which

aren't there. I'm sure it will

work well. You spoke about

employees. Do you have a

message for employers today? message for employers today? My view is very clear My view is very clear about Australian business. You can't have employees have employees without

employers. I do not have a catastrophic view of industrial

relations. I don't have a that being industrial relations

Minister is all about fire

fighting. I actually believe, ask I know from personal

experience of doing thousands of

of enterprise agreements,

having been an employer having been an employer myself with people, having sat on

funds, superannuation funds, investment boards of pension

having been a parliamentary secretary and a Minister in

this Government, that most

Australians go to work and

they're happy at work, that

most employers are happy with

their employees. You cannot

have a workforce without employers and we need employers there are many different forms

of employment. There's direct

employment and there's the very

important world of independent

contracting. Some businesses are large and some are small. I have great respect for people

who risk their capital and give up their weekends running businesses, managing businesses and I have great respect for employees. I do not believe it

is too difficult to be pro

employee and pro employer at

the same time. If IR becomes a

big debate next year as people expect, how are you

going to avoid that leading to

neglect of How much time can you devote,

how much of your time can you devote

devote to IR and how much to financial services? This Government's done a great deal already in financial services. financial services. We're implementing the committee's report in terms of implementing the Johnson


international investment. Each making Australia a hub for

budget since Labor was elected

in 2007 we've seen new initiatives to encourage

financial services. We are

putting through a raft of

reforms to increase the amount

of money which our financial services industry handles Australia. If we pass the 9

through the Senate, not only 12% superannuation legislation

will literally will literally 8.5 million money to retire upon, Australian employees have more

money to retire upon, it's

something like $100,000 extra

for a 30-year-old at work today, but we'll also see the increasing in Australia's

savingsings pool by an extra

half a trillion dollars by

2035. This is a Government who

is doing more to create the financial services industry in Australia than any Let's not forget the Conservatives that were against 3% superannuation, they were against superannuation going to

9% and they voted against the increase from 9 to 12%. Our

opponents voted against us abolishing the aged discrimination for people over 70, their employers to superannuation. Our 70, their employers to get haven't even indicated if superannuation. Our opponents

they're going to support the

tax concession for 3.6 million

Australians who earn less than

$37,000 a year. Believe me, in

a beauty parade on a beauty parade on financial services, the other mob aren't even on

you manage two big portfolios? even on the catwalk. How will

If the first part of my answer shows lack

shows lack of interest in

financial services I'm happy to

expand on it. Anyone covering

the work we've been doing in

financial services knows the whole Government is involved in it. In whole Government is intimately

involved in it. In addition,

let's go to industrial

relations. We've got to beyond the old black and white

TV picture idea of industrial relations is between people

wearing top hats on Juan side

of the argument and people

wearing cloth caps on the other side. Most people go and do not have an argument

with their employer. Most

people go to work and what they seek is not seek is not just to live to

work but to have a life work but to have a life outside of work. Most Australians who

are going to school and

university and taf now know

they'll have more than one they'll have more than one job

in their life. It is only the Labor Government who understands the full value of workplace relations. By industrial relations policies

they have is to be negative, is

to try and have the old-fashioned arguments about where regulation should sit and gnat where the pendulum on

it. We believe in fairness it. We believe in fairness in

the workplace we don't believe you have to choose between

flexibility and fairness and

that you can have both. If the Government's doing so well, why

isn't it being reflected in the

polling? It looks like the

coals's going to win in a landslide at this point. Polls

go up, polls go down. What go up, polls go down. What I've

conveyed, I think, in 10 minutes is that we're a Government focused on the

future. The world doesn't know

Australia are living. We to make sure we're creating Australia are living. We need

jobs. There's been 774,000 jobs

created since Labor was elected

Asia Pacific century. We in 2007. We know this is the

understand our services sector

is important. We understand that having fair work places

and dealing with the issues of

work-life balance, of dealing

with the future organisation of

work and making sure that

people have a say, to make sure

that women that women aren't discriminated against and paid ecwale and people with disabilities people with disabilities get an opportunity- That's not

getting through to voters? I

have to say to you I think you

can have all the polls you

like, what matters is what we like, what matters is what

do every day

every month and what we will do is we will break this cycle of relentless negativity which the Opposition's pushing and I have

got No Doubt that our egenda for the workplace, for employment, for financial services our vision retirement savings, at the end

of the day Australians want a positive view of the future not just constant negativity. The thinking about a thinking about a reshuffle for

some time. When was the some time. When was the first you heard about it and why you heard about it and why do

you think it's a good time have

too have a reshuffle. Prime Minister soak spoke to me very recently. Beyond that the Prime Minister's answered that question. There's nothing else

I can add to. It There's been lot of talk about low

productivity outcomes. Have you got initial thoughts on how

you'll boost product tavety in workplace s? Yietsedz a day

tafl to go before I'm sworn

in. I would like to leave something for the conference. In terms of my general flosty, it's very

clear. In my experience, one

should also be suspicious of

the extreme and my of the workplace and I've the extreme and my experience

beenen of the board of sheering

sheds right through to

underground mines to oil rigs

to hospitals, what I know is

that people are - work is an

important part of people' lives

but not the only part. I want to censure people have a good work-life balance and have safe

and secure jobs. We've got to

make sure people have a employers addition we want to make sure

employers are achieving

prosperity, we want to make sure that the sure that the economic

essentialses are right so that Australian business can grow

and prosper and we can create

more jobs. Anyway, thanks

much. That was live from more jobs. Anyway, thanks very

Canberra, the soon to bee Minister for employment and Canberra, the soon to bee new

workplace relations Bill Shorten and he also retains

financial services and

superannuation. The key message

of the former union boss seems