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of radical, pioneering teachers 'Three ordinary schools and a group in a groundbreaking project.' have agreed to take part Apostrophe. If I shout, "Starboard", this side. (ALL MAKE TONGUE-WAGGLING SOUND) (MAKES TONGUE-WAGGLING SOUND) underachieving 'The aim, to turn around and badly behaved schoolchildren.' to save your fuckin' life. You're shit. You can't teach 50% of you have no focus. Back inside.

Sorry, you want a fucking word? just like these 'Last year, around 140,000 kids were suspended from British schools.' Don't shout at me. that's at fault...' 'So, is it the system Tournez a la page 90. simply unteachable?' '..or are these children Wait for me. I'm coming home. Will you turn round? 'It's week two of study camp, of the original 16 kids left.' and there are still 13 OK. CJ! of starting last week, 'Within an hour and was out.' Dale ignored two warnings and what you've done, Dale, in light of what I've said, permanently from the group. I'm now removing you the private bar was broken into.' 'Four days later, to be closed down tonight. This whole production is going We haven't finished yet, though. I'm not pissed. I had a sip, I've told everyone. because I've had a sip. I just might smell of it a bit a tiny sip. But that's all I've had, you're disrespecting me. I'm respecting you, Please don't shout. Not at fucking all, William. 'Two more kids were sent home.'

We don't even get an education, is chucking 'em out for no reason. because all you're doing more and more. (SLAMS DOOR) It gets you hated 'With study camp at crisis point, while the experts had a rethink.' the kids got a weekend break, challenging, in the same class, Putting 15 young people, highly we prefer it to be one teacher

youth worker supporting, and the occasional for what we basically got. was a recipe a number of things went well, Last week, but a number of things went badly. what we need is a refocusing. And in starting the second week, of the important rules, A reassertion the work they're doing now, so that they really step up but we can't have we had last week, the examples of behaviour that won't do and won't be allowed. to come to the chapel, please. OK, folks, if you want Sharon would play with anything.

(SQUEALS) but the plan this week 'The children don't know it yet, to get much tougher.' is for study camp Hello. Good. Hello, how are you, Grace? Good to see you.

to say to you is, welcome back. All right, the first thing I'd like I want to share with you The second thing is an update on the rules... just take one and pass them on... Thank you, if you would, punctual arrival at all sessions. All students will, one, ensure You need to be fit for work. that means you need to sleep. Number two, when the teacher or the instructor Three, you need to avoid talking is actually speaking to you. Stay in lesson for the full duration by the teacher. unless given specific permission Sanctions. detentions with me. Sanctions will include

who are not following the rules Those youngsters as set down during the lessons, they will study in silence with me. they will be taken out by me and to share with you this morning, The final bit of information to split the group into two is that we've decided during the study day, and when you're working, in these two groups. you will be operating Any questions? and put your stuff away, OK. If you'd like to go and wait for the whistle. To me, he talks out of his arse. He talks a load of crap. he knows what he's doing. I don't actually think Detention? many of us there are here, Does he really think however is going to turn up to detention? with all these rules now. Seriously, I think I'm so bored in all the rules. I don't see a pattern

the rules as he goes, Therefore, I reckon he's making on a bit of paper. he's only put six rules 'To everyone's surprise, Shane rolls up just in time for his first lesson. Last week, he lost his best mate when Dale was sent home.' I told you, to stop the madness. You didn't listen to me and now look what's happening. You really want to stay. 'Shane said he wanted to go too. He's been excluded for 25 days this year and hasn't been in an English class for a whole term. His volatile behaviour has stopped him making any progress.' Fucking dickhead. Excuse me? Tell me, you want a fucking word? Hey, hey, let's go outside and let's have a chat about it. 'But from early on, English teacher Phil Beadle thought Shane could do well

with the right encouragement.' This is exactly what I asked him to do. Whatever came into his head, he wrote down. I ain't been to an English lesson for, like, four months and I'm starting to learn things in English what I normally just go on the computers. 'For Shane, returning is a personal triumph.' I just thought, might as well come back cos I ain't really finished anything in my life and I thought I might as well finish this to show I have finished something. I'm just going to try and put my head down and learn. 'Before classes begin, headmaster William Atkinson, tells Phil the plan for the week ahead.' One of the major changes that we're bringing about, Phil, which I think will really facilitate the learning and individualising, personalising the service we can offer, is that we're going to split, we've decided, and have, in fact, split the groups into two. My only thought would be that it would be interesting to see this morning, whether there is any difference with there being 12 of them. The only problem is that already we're saying, we're backtracking from something that's been laid down. It's up to you, you know, you're the boss. I wouldn't mind trying it, but really, it's your decision entirely. 'Phil must adapt his teaching and it's thrown him completely.' It's not the environment I'm used to. I'm used to working in front of 30 kids, in a huge room, it being a performance and being knackered at the end of the day. Full stop! Ha! A question mark. Sh, sh, ha! Question mark, sh, sh, ha! Full stop, ha! Question mark. Sh, sh, ha! This is a totally different skill. One which I probably don't have. Right, have you got a chewing gum in? No, I ain't... Good, that's fine. We're going to do some serious work on descriptive writing. One of the key characteristics of really good writing is that it's got a lot of different sentence lengths. Let's look at the key words. Adverbial start. What's an adverb? What's it end in? ..LY LY. Usually LY. LY. Well done. Now, can you think of instances where... ..can you think of instances where you would start a sentence with an LY word?

Usually...? Usually, I would not have gone down to the woods. Well done, right. You two are talking when you shouldn't be. Yeah, all about the work and writing. Right, first of all, a crap song. This is the... Oh, here we go. Here we go. Can we have music? This is the how to use a comma song. Yeah, it's quite tough. # Commas for connectives It is the golden rule # If don't put a comma before "because" # Then you're a blinking fool. # Commas before connectives

# Can really do your nut # So pop a comma on before "then" and "so" always before "but". # How am I going to learn English from singing a stupid song? Yeah, I know. I don't get why you're being so anti.

Because this is a blinking silly old rule. Acknowledging that your learning style is different to Natalie's, I want to give everyone a chance to learn the same thing. Here we go. # I am a wandering comma # I don't know where to go. # Nah, this isn't, this is fallen flat on its arse, hasn't it? Flat on its bum. Next. I want to, I want to sing. OK, we'll do it at the end. Last week was exciting. Hmm. It was exciting for all of us, for everybody involved. Um, yes, there were behavioural infractions. And, yes, it was a... fairly lawless society, but people were engaging of their own volition. And it seems this week, we've tightened up on the rules and, you know, I'm finding it very difficult to to be myself

and the kids don't like me anymore. I'm not being rude, but I haven't learned anything here. And I haven't done anything that I wouldn't do in normal school.

Me neither. Why am I here? To see us. Right, Faye, could you go out please? Why? She only said... Because you're continuing to talk over me, cos you're chewing gum, cos you're taking the mick. Right, out you go, please.

Come on.

Everything's bollocks, he don't suit being strict at all. Phil's gonna be strict. No chewing gum, you're not allowed hats. You have to take your coats off. You're not allowed to do anything, basically, apart from drink water and sit and do your work - he's really changed. They couldn't handle it. It's good, in a way, that we've improved, cos we won't be doing much when he's being like that, but we're not used to him like that, we're not gonna like it, or get used to it. Oh, yes, they're kicking again but they're here because they're used to kicking against everything and winning and getting their own way. They may kick here, but hopefully they won't win too often. Even if it means that we have to ask them to leave. 'It's the second week back at study camp. Grace is about to learn that all actions have consequences.' What are the two dashy things called? Er, speech marks. Grace, are you awake? Right, OK, it's just a stupid little tune. Speech marks say...right, hold your hands up like that. Right... Wakey, wakey. Finished. Speech marks say, Speech marks say, "Go round the outside." KIDS: Go round the outside. And dosey-doe your partner. 'By falling asleep in class, Grace has broken one of the new rules.' I'm not doing a detention with you. At 3:30, you come back in there and you'll get the work from me. 'Grace doesn't like authority and her biggest problem at school has been arguing with the teachers.' What? Where are you going? Where am I going? Yes. You don't need to know where I'm going. I need to know why you're leaving the classroom without permission. Cos you're having a go at me for no reason. Ah... MOCKS: Ah... That's probably the hardest thing I have to deal with, the fact that my daughter's a nightmare. Grace, go. Oh, my God. Laugh out loud... 'But at study camp, Grace has behaved herself and realised that she can do as well as everyone else.' I thought the lesson, I thought the lesson was really good, actually. I understand it, so it's easier for me to do if I understand it. She's taken everything with an absolutely positive attitude and been a brilliant, brilliant influence on everyone in the group. 'But her biggest hurdle remains, dealing with authority.' I hate him. He needs to get a life. He puts us in the worst moods. You know, when we go off on one, it's all because of William. Why was that the last day, the last time? It was because of him. If he chucks me out of study camp, that's it, I'm going tell him everything I think about him. And he better listen well, because I mean every single word. OK, Grace, the situation is, as I said this morning, the youngsters who come to the lessons, they're there to work. They're not there to sleep, right? They're there to work. And you needed to be You weren't misbehaving... I weren't in a working mood. No, you weren't. Yeah, but you need to be, Grace. And you need to come with me. Why? Because we've got to finish this off, Grace. I don't want to.

OK, Grace, if you don't, there's nothing I can do about it. It's frustrating. OK, but you can't say it. I'm going to go back there and I'm going to wait another five minutes for you to come and join me, Grace. OK, please come and join me. Gimme ten minutes. No, please, Grace, we're not going to do... Ten. We're not doing this on your terms. I'll give you five minutes to come and join me, Grace. I'm going to have a fag and then I will come down. William, quite rightly, in my view, is trying to lay down boundaries and say, look, there are rules of conduct and there's nothing unreasonable about saying,

"I'm afraid that if you don't follow the rules, then you may have to face penalties, ranging from being kept in to being sent home." 'It's the job of teacher Ed Thorp, to get kids like Kirsty involved in science classes.' Whoah. We're not doing science, are we? There's no way I'm doing science. INTERVIEWER: Why don't you like it? Because it's just bollocks. I don't see the point in it. 'At school, Kirsty's known as a loner. She can be a bully and hasn't attended some of her lessons

for almost a year.' At this point in her life, everything is seen in a negative light, particularly anything to do with school. It's either boring or it's useless, it's a waste of time,

and she won't face up to anything beyond, like now. 'At study camp, Kirsty's been confronted on a daily basis about her behaviour.'

Do you like that top you're wearing, that nice white top?

Yeah, why? I've got a pen in my pocket.

I'm going to come across there, Kirsty, I'm going to write WSA all over it. What do you feel about that, Kirsty? You're not doing it. Why shouldn't I? I'm going to have a laugh doing it, though. Why shouldn't I do that, Kirsty? He's got you there. Why shouldn't I do it, Kirsty? Cos it's not your property. I'm just going to have to take part in more things. Not drawing all over the walls. Kirsty, you go first, yeah? It's going to take longer than anyone else's. Why's that? Will, you're dead. This is the funnest science lesson I've ever had in my life. You should be able to stand on this, no worries. You're gonna need more water in there.

Because we need to keep some just right. That's a liquid, isn't it? But when I'm rolling it, it's a solid. You can't roll a liquid into a ball, can you? Yeah, they're all pretty engaged. she's getting into it. Um, you know, even Kirsty there, Yeah, it seems to be working. When you put pressure on it, like in a solid all the particles jam together

it's a liquid, exactly. and then, otherwise, Science is a practical subject everything that's around us. in that it just sort of explains or whatever. You know, why is the grass green, ever since they've been born, Now, these guys have been, taking in, you know, seeing things they've been taking in information, about what's going on. and making their own ideas

and talk about it, you're... If you just sit there in a classroom I'm watching my back. ..then it doesn't work. All right, guys. Um, we've been looking at these things, particles, OK? And we found that particles are in three main states, yeah? What are they, Kirsty? What? Three types. Three types of particles. Particles. I don't know what you're talking about. Yeah, you do. Oh, solid, liquids and gases. So solids, liquids and gases. Exactly, you do know. at, like, teacher college? Is this what they teach you with explosions and custard? Is this how to entertain kids It's teaching you, isn't it? Er, no, no. It's subversive teaching.

fun, but actually you're learning. Now, you think you're just having No, it cannot be! That science teacher is so cool. He's a nice man, he's a nice man. I enjoy the work actually talking about real life. and I enjoy the fact that he's that most of the time, I don't like the fact that it's usually written work. no offence, Mr Wills, "Here, stab this heart." And with him, it's like, Or, "Play with this custard." We're learning loads and it's fun. The whole science, basically, with the rockets and everything and little poppy things, it was all class. I've never enjoyed science as much in my life. Thought science was just a waste of time. But if our teachers at school do science like that, I'll definitely join in. Cos when you do things that are more fun, they stick, makes you remember, like, when they done about the rockets and solids you remember it, and shit like that,

the rocket up, didn't ya? cos you remember shooting

work. So, it's much better. Instead of just all this written 'Educational psychologist Vivian Hill in Kirsty.' has noticed a radical change to feel comfortable being Kirsty. You can see that Kirsty is beginning Today, she told me 15 minutes in a science lesson that she hadn't spent more than in school in years, two solid days of science and she's just done she's really enjoyed it. and the worst thing, well, actually being in and participating So, I think, Kirsty is learning that

than being outside of things. is a lot more fun Brilliant. My day's been brilliant. It's the best day so far. 'From the best day to the worst night. The chaperones and youth workers are meant to keep the children entertained after class and get them to bed on time, but they're faced with anarchy. The kids stay up until 4am, and Grace ends up arguing with the youth workers.' Hello, girls, the world's waiting for you out there. See, if you stay up all night, the day, aren't you? you're going to be knackered during two minutes, then we'll be back. That's what's happened. All right,

the girls' behaviour to William.' 'The youth workers report I mean, the activity and everything, Last night, in particular, after, I've never seen them this bad. the girls were really, slamming doors at about 12:30. Very, very noisy, running about,

with a mobile phone yesterday. Grace was caught "Just give us the phone. Anthony was asking them, Give us the phone."

"I want to get changed, get out. And Grace was, like, and we'll leave." So, give us the phone to pull her trousers down And then she threatened if Anthony didn't leave the room. This was Grace. This was Grace? the day in a very negative way. OK, well, that actually starts to William's office 'Grace is called in to discuss last night's behaviour. in trouble in the last 24 hours.' It's the second time she's been when I'm trying to make a decision One of the considerations, about what action to take when somebody's done something wrong. Would you mind sitting up straight, please?

Why? Put that cigarette away. No. Not even lit. for you to remain here. Grace you're making it impossible How? Because of your behaviour. on a piece of paper. I am not being done for bullshit That is all bullshit. I didn't do nothing of that. and everything in my room. You said I had smokes in my room midday, I never did. Rosemary said I fucking smoked in the minibus, I didn't light the fag to Anthony. I did not pull my trousers down OK, let's... No, you didn't, but you threatened. I threa... Oh, my God. is outra... The way you're presenting, Grace, You're making life so difficult for yourself. How am I making life so difficult? Because of the way you're responding, Grace. Everything about the way you're responding. This is like my life. Sorry? I'm making life so much more difficult for myself. Here at study camp, absolutely.

So what? You don't care? No. You just want to... I don't help you? You don't help me at all. it was fun. No. Last time, the weekend thing,

I enjoyed myself, yeah? you're it, strutting your stuff. Then you, you come along thinking to save your fucking life. You're shit. You can't teach You're shit. get a social life or something. You should go home, as if you're our dad or something. You boss us kids around

tell me what to fucking do. You're not my dad, you can't Send me home if you fucking want.

with my suitcase, my head high But I'll walk down that fucking hill and a smile on my face. fucking take that away from me. Cos I'll not let you OK. and get her stuff. Can you please take Grace And tell the production team she's just made a clear declaration that she's going home now, please. You're a fat (BLEEP). Don't follow me, fuck off. I'm going in my room, to clean out the cupboards. When young people have done something that they know is wrong, they quite often are quite angry with themselves. And so, in the process of debriefing the incident, even more anger, you can actually trigger well, she was relatively contrite. and what happened with Grace,

Cos it's shit, I want to go home. I want to stay. But because of all the people, in such a way that was saying, She was in denial, but in denial

I've made some mistakes here, "Well, actually, OK, but leave me be for now, and then come back to it later." I'll calm down It just couldn't be like that. And when she was really pushed, was completely lose her temper. all she could do what she needs to work on some more. I think it flags quite graphically permanently from the study centre, Grace is now to be excluded behaviour - today, principally, as a result of her outrageous but also yesterday. Last night, I was playing up, yeah, but not enough to get sent home and that.

Then, what Anthony said and then they said I was smoking out my window and I weren't. 'Grace desperately wants to stay. Her best mate, Faye, decides to leave with her. Their departure unsettles the others.' What? Why are you going? that's why everybody's leaving, It's all cos of William, because of William. kids leaving, there's chaos. 'With two of the most popular is about to collapse.' The entire project on us, right, sent our mates home. This dickhead called Willie started one of our best mates over here And, like, Faye, Faye's and they just like sent her home. and Grace is well all right. Sent Grace home So I might go home. And they're being dickheads. Yeah, being here, I give up. Give up a bit. So, can't hack it no more. the physical states, everything, So it's, like, the emotional states, it's just, like, all to much. Wait for me, I'm coming home. Goodbye. John, what's happening? John, please don't. John, John. John, see you later. Sammi, Sammi. Kirsty, come here. You're not in the right place. 'With two kids sent home from study camp, there's a rebellion. Youth worker Tony tries to stop the other nine leaving.' The only people that got them two sent home were themselves. We can always pass the blame.

There's consequences to actions. You've all changed. Things had to change after last week. It works both ways, guys. You can't keep taking all the time. and they sent... Yeah, but we're family here now Why do you think we're so angry? They've broken us all up. now they have to send us all home. Because they brang us all together, That's why we're pissed off. Fair enough, Phil. the only reason. Phil's the only reason I'm staying - The only reason why I'm staying is Phil and these guys here.

He's coming down here. Please tell him to go away. Don't touch, eh. I know the other route. Come on, don't be cowards, you can face up to it. You ain't scared, are you, Zack?

She wound me up. Yeah, fair enough. But what we want to do is carry on, continue with the lessons, yeah? We want to get on with the lesson, otherwise, we're going to be having these conversations all day. Yeah? What they can't do is decide they're going to hijack the day, yeah? I'm not. No, you're not, you're doing fine. 'At school, Vikki gets sent home nearly every week for bad behaviour. But here, she's the only one who hasn't threatened to leave.' Grace and Faye have been sent home and it's upset everyone. So, like, they're all a bit annoyed and they're refusing to do stuff and that. But I'm just carrying on with the day, cos I don't want to be chucked out. I want to see if I can achieve something. One of the things that you have to be aware of with teenagers, is their moods and their reactions change and swing very rapidly. So, within minutes of 11 people announcing they were all going, nine were back in the classroom.

I think the message is not to get too sucked into the drama, because they do move on very quickly, and they do often reflect back and say, "I was just having a bad day." I expected it on a day-to-day basis to be hard and it was a question of fighting for every inch. What is frustrating is when you think you've achieved an inch, you then lose half an inch. Or you lose a full inch, yeah? That is a frustrating bit, but that is also part of the improvement process. 'With classes cancelled, the youth workers try to raise spirits.' A bit of fun, I think is needed after it's been quite an intense morning again, and so we thought rather than kind of doing more problem solving, we'd just have a bit of fun this evening and end it on a good note. Kirsty! Kirsty! You're on my team. On the pitch, only on the football pitch! ALL: Yay! You're going have 10 or 15 minutes to make up your catapults, yeah? And then you're going to have to hit over. Play, man.

Or you're going to have to hit me. (CHEERS) (SCREAMS) (ALL GROAN) Three, two, one. Go on! WHISTLE BLAST Go on, go on! Yeah, it's been proper fun doing all these activities with the youth workers, cos, like, they're stupid, but fun. Greens! The Greens have won! It's a knockout. They worked in a team, they actually, worked together quietly without swearing, without the arguments. And every game, everyone participated in.

I did want to go earlier, I was so tempted to go, but no, because, like I say, they say,

"Don't think about other people. If they're leaving, it don't mean you have to leave. Think about yourself. Think about why you're here." I thought about it and I'm still here, so... 'Next day, science with Matt Morgan.' What I want you to do now, guys, is make a heading and I want your heading to be - Maximum Heart Rate. We do underline it? OK? Yeah. Please underline the heading. That's perfect. 'But science's new star pupil is missing. Kirsty's in trouble and has to see William. Despite her progress, she still dislikes being confronted.' Now, last night, you were involved in an incident. Can you tell me about it, please? What about it? You tell me what you did and why you did it. I set off a fire extinguisher. OK. Why did you do that? Just thought it'd be funny. OK, but you knew you were breaking the rules? Clearly, from what you're saying, you didn't think about the consequences. It just occurred to you, you thought this is going to be a laugh. Is that right?

Now you've had time to reflect on your action, what do you think about it? I think I shouldn't have done it. What I really should do, is that I should send you home. But because of the progress you've made, what I'm going do, I'm going take today to think about it. And if I see a massive amount of engagement,

working with the adults, working with your teachers and see good work coming out of you, I'm going to use that to help me make my decision. You show me today that you mean business, you show me that you really want to stay

by the extent to which you engage your work today. OK? I mean, it's the second time I've had to sit down and speak to her about inappropriate behaviour. Ah, this time, what was good about it, she owned up to it, that she did it. Ah, she's now saying that it was wrong and wishes she hadn't done it. Especially now, she understands the consequences - that I could ask her to leave the camp, and she clearly does not want to leave the camp. 'Kirsty goes off to join the rest of the class, who are halfway through Matt's lesson on the human heart.' Kirsty, can you guys come over here soon, yeah?

Can you join in with these guys? No sleeping, you two. Well, we need to get you involved. Cos I think you'll benefit from this, Kirsty. I think you'd be good.

I don't care how low my heart rate is. I don't care how high it is. But it tells you a lot about your heart - that's a good thing. Do you want to go and sit on the chair, do it on the chair? Anyone got a lighter? No. Vikki! 'Within minutes, Kirsty's playing up again.' If I find out from Matthew that you've not participated, then I will be speaking to you and you'll really need to question whether you're going to continue to be here, right? So, unless I get a good report, you're then packing your bags and that's it. Ohh! (Shaking!) Kirsty has, at a personal level, made an enormous investment in this project. And I know that she has this sense of loss for when it comes to an end. Today, was a lot of behaviour that was about trying to go. Because it was better to go now,

than to invest any more and then have it all come to an end. Yeah, we are doing this all lesson, and then we got... It's all right. But then we've got to go and... 'Reassured the project isn't over yet, Kirsty's encouraged back into the classroom.' That's all right, that's all right. 'The kids are working harder than ever. Last week, lessons were 30 minutes long. Now, they're an hour and a quarter with no break.' Where you're drawing the heart, do you think that's the left side, or the right side of the body? So, if you pull it up... If I can take that from you and if I put that up against you, like that. It would be the left side or the right side? The left. The left. So, the heart is actually more on the left, or more on the right? More on the left. Perfect. So you've drawn it in the perfect position. How ya goin', Zack? Have you started your... No, it's perfect. I don't see a problem in that, to be honest. Zack and Shane have actually taken me by surprise. I didn't realise, um, I haven't had much to do with them until now, but from what I've seen, they're taking things quite seriously and they've got quite good knowledge from before today. You know, that's something that I didn't expect. What we've got is one heart and it is from a lamb. And the idea is we want to try and dissect the heart, so I can show you what's inside. Zack, Zack, come on, Zack. Zack was screaming like a girl. (HIGH-PITCHED VOICE) Oh, my God, this is so gross. Nah, I wasn't screaming like a girl. I just didn't... I felt sick and don't go lying. Zack, catch! Think of it as a muscle... ..just as meat. I feel sick, I need some air. Come on, matey. Oh, no, you're sick, you're perverted. It's a animal heart. You're perverted, just sick. Ooh, noo! 'Despite his initial reaction, Zack sticks to the lesson, something he would never have achieved a few weeks earlier.' 75% of it would be cos I get very distracted a lot, and my mates, because they think it's funny and everything. And around about 25% I think it's cos I think I can't do it. (SCREAMS) 'But nine days into study camp, there was a big improvement in his confidence and concentration.' I think he wins a battle over himself when he actually gets up and does something. Cos he's fighting back, that anxiety about he might not do well

and he's got to grit his teeth and do it, and often he does. 'Matt uses a quick-fire quiz to see just how much of his lesson has actually sunk in.' What gas is in clean blood? Aw, I think Zack got it, actually. Oxygen. Oxygen. Zachary. Well done. Next one - how many chambers in the heart? Shane? Ah, four. Nice. This last question is going to decide our winner. The white, stringy bits inside the heart - two questions. What were they? And what were the function of them? They're called connective tissue, aren't they? Yes! And they pump the heart, so the blood goes around the body. Nice, you got it. You got it, well done. 'As the end of study camp approaches, Phil comes up with what appears to be another madcap idea - reading Macbeth to a field of cows.' Can I have everyone in a line and pick a cow - in your head.

We're just each going to have a go at this. Right, pick your moo-cow. Give it some. "Well, then now, have you considered of my speeches? Know that it was he in times past he which held you so under fortune." It's more easier and it makes you more confident to talk to a cow, the cow can't talk back and tell you it's crap. Can't read it now. You're doing really well, go on, Shane. Reading Shakespeare to cows, it's really not how I want to spend my mid-week. Better than school, though. "And so of men. Now, if you have a station in the file, Not i' the worst rank of manhood,

and I will put that business in your bottom." In your bottom? Bosom. Bosom. Great stuff. Well, it was hilarious, sitting there,

and there listening to everyone talking to cows. How mad can you get? Fuckin' hell. "Grapple you to the heart and love of us, who wear our health but sickly in his life, which in the death were perfect."

And give that boy a round of applause. Brilliant, absolutely superb. Is that it? Yeah, unless you want to give it a poem. Better if you read a poem to a cow, cos then you feel more confident. You feel more confident saying it to a cow instead of a person. "Shall I compare thee to summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate." "Sirrah, a word with you. Attend those men our pleasant?" (MOOS) The cows are actually listening to you, Vikki. Yeah, I know, it's cos I look like them. There wasn't much educational reason for reading Shakespeare for cows, it just seemed like a fun thing to do and quite often in schools, I think, doing things cos they're fun seems a reasonable thing.

'After two intensive weeks, it seems everything's finally coming together.' Rock it, rock it, it's a storm. I'm proud of myself, being able to do that, level two rockclimber. If you've got something that's less dense than water, it's going to float. Right, 70% of our planet is water. When you look at how far they've come and when you bear in mind where they started and when see what they're doing now

and how excited they are about what they're doing,

how successful they are, how engaged they are in it, you can hardly believe it's the same people. And I must say, that's one of the very exciting things about this. And I feel very pleased about it. If I shout out, "Port", everyone leans this side, if I shout out, "Starboard," this side. Right, everybody go to starboard. Everybody going to port. You'll see that I can put my finger, I can actually put my finger right inside the heart, ladies. I've seen the students work, I've seen them engage with their teachers. I've seen them learning. Especially, when they've been allowed to make and do. Because most of them are learners who like to handle things, do things that are practical. They can also take some theory,

but they need to apply the theory very quickly. And through that application, they get the reinforcement and a deeper understanding. I think there's been a tremendous amount of learning going on. I just wanted to say that my day with you has been nice and I think you've taken stuff away from the day, even though I don't think you were going give yourself much of a chance, but you've done it and you've done it well. So good on you. Yeah? You deserve a round of applause, I think. You've done very well. Even you, Zack, you've done very well, guys. You've done fantastic. They've come away learning something and that's the whole point, really. That's the be all, end all. And, you know, and the place isn't blown up, which is nice. So there's not too much mess. You get a sense, after the amount of time they spent playing up, that they're, kind of, now, at the end of study camp, ready to learn and we could do some really good stuff now. If we had a year together, you'd see amazing things. As it is, I s'pose you've just got a hint about what could be done. It's the car. Your mums are 'ere. I swear, your mum's are here. 'It's the end of study camp - who gave up their Easter holidays an important day for the kids to study English, maths and science.

for a special graduation ceremony They're joined by their families

their first taste of success.' to celebrate of Macbeth to cows. We had to read lines How did the cows react? to be honest. They were a bit scared, it was a very different story.' 'Four months ago, You're doing my fucking head in. You shut up, will you? because I'll go down, I know I will. It's going to be hard for me,

and I really would like to go up. And I'll go to these lower groups But that's like a dream. You're shouting in my ear!

I'm not shouting. You are!

I think school's absolute rubbish. You're disturbing the rest of the class, which isn't very fair, is it? Can I welcome everyone to our final session of study camp?

All of us had a reason for being at study camp. The teachers had a reason for coming here, the young people had a reason to be here. All the young people wanted to improve back at school. What I'm going to do this afternoon, to mark the graduation, a goodie bag. is to give each graduating student will be a report from myself, Inside that goodie bag is identify the good things and what I've sought to do that young people have done. that are a bit dodgy. I've left out the things on the positive I've focused entirely I want them to think about, because that's what to take away from study camp. that's what I want them that Phil has put together. There's also a report So, today, we say, well done to you. We say congratulations to you. please, please But we're also saying to you today, continue to build on your success. Take it forward, take it into your homes, and take it into school.

All of you are capable. OK, the first person is Natalie. Natalie, if you'd like to come up. (ALL CHEER)

Well done. Kirsty. (ALL CHEER) I hope school could be like this. In a way it's so much more enjoyable than our school. Vikki. I'm going miss William in some respects, because he might be strict, and that, when you get to know him, and that. but he's all right, Now, it's Ryan. achieve it, I know I'm smart. I know I can do it. I know I can I will be able to do it. And I know I'm intelligent. (ALL CHEER) Sammi. Well done, Finbar. And, Finbar, well done.

You did extremely well.

Well done, Shane. Shane. (ALL CHEER) to do without Zack calming me down. I don't know what I'm going (ALL CHEER) Zack. We're going to miss each other, Used to it now.

with each other more. because we're getting along we have John. And last, but certainly not least, (ALL CHEER) You can really tell, the fact that the teachers had actually made a proper effort.

That is a lot of the reason that a lot of us worked. OK, that concludes the formal part of our celebrations, our graduation. You're free now to mill around and talk to each other. Thank you. Well done. 'For such underachievers, Phil's glowing reports

are unexpected.' and initiative to do well. "Kirsty has all the ability to a far higher standard And is able to concentrate than many of her peers. for herself. But she must decide this an absolute beautiful smile. Also she has to see it more often." It would be nice I feel for Kirsty. the life opportunities I don't think maybe she's had inside her has probably deserved. that the delicate little spirit Very proud, really am proud. on the phone all week. We've been telling him proud of me my whole life. She's proud of me, she's never been to run and we just said, like, no. It is so difficult, his instinct is We're really proud, but stick with it and go with it. And he can take that back into school and say, "I actually stood there and I stayed." Shane, in the initial writing exercise was the only person capable of really lateral thinking. He did exactly what I asked him to do. Whatever came into his... He's obviously got a lot of intelligence. It's just not harnessed, or probably not even recognised. He was a really gentle soul. I've really warmed to him very good memories of Shane. and I will take away I really hope he does well in life. actually here, I thought, I don't know, when I was "Bollocks, mate, no." I don't want to go. But then, now it comes to going, Really proud of her, I am. right to the end. And that she stuck it out I really, really, really am proud. at study camp. "Ryan has made excellent progress and enthusiasm He has worked with determination in all of his lessons, of leading student, often playing the role and respected member of the group." he is a very popular This is from William, saying, and popular I am." "Just how great an individual to live with now. He'll be unbearable Yeah, I'm going to be the cockiest little twat ever now. "I would suggest Zack focus when he gets back to school, is to work him away out of the bottom set into one of the most intelligent human beings I've met, and the bottom set is no place for a genius. He is not aggressive, his respect that he richly deserves he just needs to be spoken to with what he is special." and made to feel Zack. What do you think of that? positive report.' 'It's Zack's first-ever

I got to say thanks to Phil, though. I'd never change. If it weren't for him, (SOBS)

and everything I'm going to miss my mates feel happy and upset, and reading this report makes me

at what he said about me. I don't want to talk no more. and caring human being. Zack's an extremely loving

he's very bright. And Zack doesn't think Now, that's probably a fault of the education system. Cos he is. Love you, Shane. Ooh, yeah. Oh, with pleasure, there comes pain. You did it, well done. Still hanging on. You're going top make me cry now. As a school teacher, who's used to working in an ordered environment,

their behaviour is totally and utterly unacceptable at all points, pretty well. It doesn't mean that they're not nice people and it doesn't mean that they're not capable of engaging for small periods of time. But I'd want a year with them. to all of you again. It's hard saying goodbye who finished the course The nine young people all benefited and all progressed. when they go back to school. My great concern is what happens The improvement is at the moment, it's a very thin crust it's very thin, and it could shatter very easily. the kids are back at school 'Next week, and Kirsty's up to her old tricks.' so I don't care. Yeah, but I don't want education,

Kirsty, you are very feisty. haven't given up yet. 'But the experts one more surprise in store - They've got the kids will see just how it feels to be a teacher.' A fucking nightmare, excuse me saying. A nightmare. Many times in their lives they've been irresponsible, we're saying to them, now's your chance to be responsible.

If you can pull this one off, you've done pretty well. Can't even say 'bum' or 'wee' in front of them. If they're rude to me, I'll pick them up and throw them down the toilet.

without a paddle. I'm kind of up a certain creek This is really uncomfortable. Closed Captions by CSI

This program is not subtitled Previously on MDA... Be nice to know you had one. Are you trying to break my heart? between nine and five - like yours. My heart's on holidays What's your attitude to euthanasia? No, I mean are you pro doing it? Do you mean am I pro-legalisation? what are your views on euthanasia? So, Mr Tench, can you tell the court I find the concept...horrifying. THEME MUSIC

an Andy Warhol - Kevin Heeley's just done he's got his 15 minutes of fame. cracked a mention? The coroner's inquest Page 5. Pity Kev's not alive to enjoy his celebrity status. What's the angle? Euthanasia. Did you know there was a journo there? We're not talking about a man of note. People like Kev don't usually have journalists taking an interest in their passing. It probably leaked. Just because euthanasia's mentioned. I don't think it's a matter for the tabloids. It's only a short article. major feature tomorrow, Short article today, with Murray Tench's name all over it. they've charged him with anything. It's just an inquest. It's not like The whole thing's mad. They can print what they like. years ago. It should have been legislated Have you thought about the impact on the medical profession? legalising euthanasia would have that doctors practising euthanasia So, you'd prefer were left hanging in the wind - no precedent, no legal protection? To the best of our knowledge, a doctor practising euthanasia. Mr Murray Tench is not isn't going to go away. But he's a doctor, and the issue There I was thinking that "Thou shalt not kill" was the precept underpinning the legal and medical professions. Oh, Hap, you're just conservative. Some of us are old enough to have had friends who were terminally ill. Jamie Lawless here from MDA. I'm ringing to confirm that you got those reports I sent over yesterday. You're very quiet. Talk of euthanasia's a bit close to the bone. Oh, sorry, your grandmother. It was thoughtless of me. How is she? She just lies there. She's being fed through a tube into her stomach now. And what do you prefer - that they just let her die? I'd prefer that she was left alone so that nature could take its course. JAMIE: Unless I speak to you before then, I'll get your response after that. Simon, what's happened to you? Where's Bill? Sorry I asked. Sorry for giving the illusion of caring. Looks to me like a lateral twisting injury to the ankle. It's a common bushwalking injury. Slipped on a damp, rocky surface. I'd say he fell outwards onto the right of the ankle and strained the lateral ligament. You got all that just by looking at him? We had coffee downstairs. Ah, Bill, can I have a word, please? In private, please. I'd like to withdraw my resignation. What's happened? What's happened is I've changed my mind, and I've decided not to go. Is this a permanent state of mind, Simon? How do I know it won't change again?

You have my word. What about your wife? How do I know she won't change her mind? She won't. You do realise, Simon, I've got an office to run here and I need staff who are 100% committed to the job. I assume you're not trying to be offensive.

No. No, of course not. Actually, a marriage stretched over two continents may well have all the ingredients of success. Let's hope so. I think I envy you. Fingers crossed. I told him. I said, "I can't afford another kid. I got two already." Adam and Phoebe. They're great kids. He knew I didn't want more. I said to do whatever he had to. I just wanted a guarantee that I wouldn't get pregnant. I'm assuming this is the result. Cody. He said he clipped the wrong tube. How many tubes can there be? I don't understand. It was the way he said it, like, "These things happen, bad luck." It's my bloody luck, not his. He hasn't got a kid he never wanted. He's a good baby. He's very easy. I know he is. I'm not complaining about that.

You know, I've spent all weekend going over the brief, and Tench was clearly out of the hospital before the death was reported. He did have access to the drugs, but so did hundreds of other people. There's nothing that connects Tench with the giving of these particular drugs. No-one saw him with the drugs and no-one saw him give anything to Kevin Heeley. But isn't the assumption that Heeley was smothered? Yes, as well as being dosed up with diazepam and vecuronium. But you just have to prove that Murray didn't do it, you don't have to prove who did. Correct. Simon, I'll tell you what. Leave that report. Why don't you come with me? I need you to ride shotgun on Murray. God knows, I can't control him. Sure. Thanks, Kia. We're expecting a High Court decision that, if it supports the plaintiffs, should be very useful for us. These cases can often take a long time to settle. They can be very stressful for even the most robust of souls. That's what I keep saying. I don't care how long it takes. He should suffer for what he did. We're doing it really tough. We need the money. What's the name of the gynaecologist? Dr Hugo Willard. Amanda, Dr Willard's here. He wants to speak to someone. Thanks, Layls. And I think Simon might have just un-resigned.

Well, at least we won't have to find someone to replace him. Dr Willard. Hi, I'm Amanda McKay. What seems to be the problem? That's just it. I'm not sure I have a problem. It's one of my patients. She's always been difficult. Now I deliver a perfectly healthy baby, and she's harassing me again. Amanda? Will you excuse me for a minute, please? Layla, would you show Dr Willard into the interview room? I won't be a minute. What is it? We represented Hugo Willard last year. Post-partum uterine infection.