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celebrations in Libya as the high-profile son of Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, is

captured trying to leave the

Allah Akhbar! Allah Akhbar! country. Now we are free.

Allah Akhbar! The Prime Minister re assures regional

leaders over defence ties with defence ties with the United

States. Hailed as a hero and

then charged over the fire that

killed five people. A nurse

accused of murder. Lockyer

goes out a winner as the Kangaroos are crowned

goes out

in the Four-Nations rugby league. Good morning, you're

watching ABC News

Andrew Geoghegan, thanks for

joining us. Let's look at the

weather first. Block Colonel apparent, Saif al-Islam, has Gaddafi's son and heir

the run. The 39-year-old was been captured after months on

arrested without a fight in the desert near the town of Obari

in the south of the country.

flown to Zintan Officials say he was flown

flown to Zintan where he was

met by angry crowds. The former leader's son is the last key member of the Gaddafi

family to be captured or

killed. These are the killed. These are the first

picture of Saif al-Islam. Laying in captivity, his arm seemingly injured. Other

footage apparently shows inside a plane. He has been on footage apparently shows him

the run since the fall of

Tripoli in August. He was

captured by fighters loyal to

Libya's new authorities in the

southern town of Obari. Before

being flown to the town being flown to the town of

Zintan in the west. News of

his detention was announced by

an official in Tripoli. What

we can confirm now that Saif

al-Islam has been arrested. It

was an area outside of Obari. Once they absorbed Obari. Once they absorbed the

news, people poured on to the

streets. Have you heard that

Saif has been caught? Allah Akhbar! Down in south-western

Obari. We just heard about Obari. We just heard about it in the news - you know. Since

news of the capture of Colonel

Tripoli have been out Gaddafi's son broke,

celebrating on the streets and here in Martyr's Square we're

likely to see celebrations

carry on well into the night.

Earlier in the year, as the bloody conflict raged, Saif

al-Islam was as defiant as

ever. When asked if he was

likely to leave the

country. This is our country.

We live here, we die here. We will never, will never, ever

he will be tried on home soil, will surrender. Officials here say

but Saif al-Islam is also but Saif al-Islam is also

wanted by the international criminal court in the Hague.

The good news is Saif is

arrested. Saif al-Islam. That

is very important because we

consider and the judges

consider him the principal with

his father on the crimes

committed against Libya. Like committed Colonel Gaddafi, the man who

ruled Libya for more than four

decades, Saif al-Islam's image

transformed this year from transformed this year from the reform miss son he

appeared to be to a man

determined to keep the legacy

of his father alive. The

deadline set by the Arab League

for the Syrian Government to stop its repression of

protesters has just expired.

Damascus was given until this Damascus was given until

morning to end its crackdown anti-government demonstrations

or face sanction business Arab countries.

countries. However, reports

from Syria suggest the is continuing with one from Syria suggest the violence

is continuing with one civilian and two army defectors overnight. Amateur video which and two army defectors killed

cannot be independently verified, shows large crowds of men

chanting again the Government's men and women holding signs

crackdown on protesters. UN estimates around 3,500 crackdown on protesters. The

people have been killed by security forces since the uprising began in uprising began in March. Around

500 people have been injured in clashes with police in uprising began Tahrir Square. Egyptian TV is reporting. Police fired rubber

bullets and tear gas to prevent

protesters a long-term sit in

following a huge demonstration against the military

started after a small tent camp leadership. The

was dismantled earlier in the

day. The latest violence comes

just over a week before parliamentary elections are scheduled to East-Asia Summit has ended with

the Prime Minister having one

of the most important meetings

of her trip. Julia Gillard had

private talks with leaders of

Japan, South Korea, India and

Thailand but after Thailand but after a potentially controversial deal

Australia, it to let US troops set up camp in

Australia, it was her meeting

with the Chinese Premier that

was most significant. The work

is not over yet, though. Julia Gillard's talks with Indonesia as well. George Roberts with this report. The Prime report.

Julia Gillard, has had her highest level meeting yet on the sidelines of the East-Asia Summit. Julia Gillard met Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao,

here in Bali last night. discussed last week's here in Bali last night. They

announcement to have announcement to have 2,500 US

troops based in Darwin in five

years. I raised that issue.

My meeting with Premier Wen was

a constructive one. It was a constructive one. It was a

cordial one. It was forward looking. Did he raise any

concerns with you about the

agreement with the Americans in agreement with the Americans

any terms similar to the way in which the Chinese ministry expressed some week? reservations earlier in the

week? Look, it's not my intention to canvass the details of bilateral discussions I have with

leaders. Today, Julia Gillard

is sitting down for extended

talks with the Indonesian President, Susilo Bambang

Yudhoyono. They're to discuss

cooperation in defence and

disaster response their joint disaster response as well as

their joint efforts on stopping people smuggling. Ms Gillard says there are about 17

Indonesians in Australian detention centres who claim to

be children but are being held as people determination about whether

they are 17 or 19, you know,

this not an easy thing. In the

absence of no papers, no documents, into a indication identification. She'll look towards working with President

Yudhoyono on speeding up the

process of returning them home.

On sensitive local matters like alleged human

Papua, Julia Gillard said alleged human rights abuses Papua, Julia Gillard said she

raised the issue with the President before and President before and respects Indonesia's sovereignty there. China says it is looking

forward to cooperating with the

United States on regional matters.

matters. The comments come

after a meeting between the

Chinese Premier and the US

President on the sidelines of

the East Asia Summit in Bali.

The talks were held at a time

of raised attempts between the

two nations and signs of Chinese frustration Chinese frustration with

America's push to expand their move into the Pacific. It was an unplanned moment of diplomacy

diplomacy between the diplomacy between the two leaders. The White leaders. The White House described the meeting as a good

engagement where the two men found vast areas of The Chinese officials say the

country is looking forward country is looking forward to cooperating with the United

States on regional matters.

The main focus of the meeting

was the economy, but also discussed was the sensitive issue of the disputed territorial waters of the South

China Sea. The meeting came on the

the last leg of President Obama's nine

trip which focus on bulking up America's presence in the

region, moves largely seen as

hedges against the rise of

China. Mr Obama has now left

Bali. He was the first US President to attend the East

Asian Summit and said he saw

flickers of progress. flickers of progress. Next month, he'll send US Secretary

of State Hilary Clinton to the

region for an historic visit

that could help the country

emerge from half a century of

isolation. Back home now, and still in hospital after a fatal fire fire destroyed a nursing fire destroyed a nursing home

in Sydney's west. Police in Sydney's west. Police have

named three of the named three of the five Quakers Hill Nursing Home residents who died in the fire as Ella Wood,

Lola Bennett, and Alma Smith.

A 35-year-old nurse, Roger

Dean, who worked at the nursing

home, faced court yesterday

charged with four counts of

murder. It'slically further

charges will be laid. A charges will be laid. A huge bushfire in the United States - US

US State of Nevada has

destroyed 25 homes and forced

the area. One man died fleeing

his home and 16 people have

been hospitalised in a fire

that spread over 800 hectares.

Aid bid easing falling snow, authorities say

the fire is now being

contained. Suspected downed powerlines may have been the cause of the cause of the blaze. I was won't

won't by a neighbourer at 1.30

pounded on my door, ran down and saw he was sayings this and saw he was sayings this was

a fire Om. I got my jeans and

jacket. The blames were out eyed. The police are here

and they said mandatory evacuation, you have to out leave. WA mining projects which were put on were Global Financial Crisis Global Financial Crisis are starting to comeback online as

commodity prices rise. Analyst

are predicting pries are predicting pries will

remain high in the long-term

and investors are putting their and investors are putting their

faith in metals instead of

shares to ride out the European

debt crisis. It is a

groundbreaking dig that's been years in the making.

delay of more than two years,

the minerals and met tams group

has finally been able to revive

its plan to increase its its operations in WA's mid

west. We've got a lot of

confidence in the Chinese

growth and the Chinese market

and we believe that that will

provide us with solid physical and financial market. MMG originally planned to originally planned to launch the 22 million open pit the 22 million open pit copper

mine in 2009 to boost production at its Golden Grove north-east of forced to shelf the project when the Global Financial Crisis

Crisis hit. When copper went to

probably about a third of what

it is at the it is at the moment, this

project was not viable at this

stage and the appropriate thing was done to put it on ice. Copper prices ice. Copper prices doubled

their GFC levels earlier this

year and have remained relatively strong since. With

demand expected to continue, analysts say investors are

cashing N In the longer term,

we're going to be back to the

situation where we were very with all commodities, including

copper and the prices will rise

in real terms. The GFC also forced MMG

forced MMG to temporarily shut

down operations at another

project in 2009. It reopened

that site in May. The mine's Minister says

Minister says the company's return to the sector will boost

WA's economy. China WA's economy. China will

continue to grow and India will

develop the potential we

believe it has in terms of the

growth of its economy. All

that happening, and we all want

it to happen, then the will be such that these operations will be viable. Analysts say present viable. Analysts say China's present demand for copper is likely to continue. With the country needing huge amounts of

the metal to build power

infrastructure for its growing urban urban population. Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and the Princess Mary are scheduled to make their first public appearance in Sydney this

morning. They'll visit the Sculpture By the Sculpture By the Sea exhibition

at Bondi Beach. Later today,

the royal couple will Island business barbecue at Garden Island before meeting the Governor-General, Quentin

Bryce. Their trip is aimed Bryce. Their trip is aimed at building business ties building business ties between Denmark and Australia with

particular emphasis on technologies. The royal couple

is reported to be travelling

with their youngest Prince and

princess 10 month old twins Vincent and Josephine.

Spaniard are voting in a

general election this weekend

and change is expected. Opinion Party candidate, Mariano Rajoy, well ahead of the well ahead of Socialist Party. Political marches are technically banned

for 24 hours leading up to the

vote, but some people congregated to make their feelings on austerity clear. In the political change

that's sweeping southern Europe

another new face. Mariano

Rajoy, not a technocrat, a centre right politician.

Unlike Italy and Greece, he

looks set to take power in a

landslide of votes.

TRANSLATION: Vote and be

you're going to change the

current situation. Your vote

can change many things in

Spain. Your vote is a message

in inside and outside Spain. On

the back foot after 7 years the back foot after 7 years in power, the socialists are using

scare tactics on what change will really mean. TRANSLATION: We say to the

citizens that with us they'll

have secure if they get ill.

They will have a good public

hospital and the children will

always have a good school. If

they lose their jobs they will have have been fits. But Spain has

swung to the right, even though

it is yet to find out the fine

detail of hardship, detail of hardship, the Popular

Party may have in store. This is an is an election about austerity and this party is brimming with confidence. It isn't about promising political sweeteners.

It is about the cold reality of trying to build confidence, not

just with the voters, most feel that's happened already, it that's happened already, it is convincing the financial

markets that's the real challenge.

challenge. Mariano Rajoy has already

give him time. Only three days ahead of polls, cost of ahead of polls, cost of public

borrowing sore within a

fraction of 7%, a bailout alarm. Whatever confidence measures

give the markets, the highest unemployment rate in the

European Union will remain stub

stubborn. One in five out of

work, rocketing to 46% of people.

work, rocketing to 46% of young people. Many looking to

Spain here an IT engineer eight

months unemployed. I want to

keep the same life that I had keep I cannot be like this all my

life. Protests are growing

ahead of inevitable cuts in the

public sector. This movement called the indignants.

Resistance not on the scale Resistance not on the scale of

Greece and it won't affect the outcome

outcome of these elections. Nevertheless another warning indicator in the dangerous path

the next Prime Minister of

Spain will follow. The South

African born cricketer Basil D'Oliveira who played a role in

died at the age of 80. Born and raised in Cape Town, he was classified under apartheid as mixed race and moved to Britain to further his cricketing

career. In 1968 an English

tour of South Africa was cancelled because the Government refused to Government refused to allow D'Oliveira to play. It caused international outrage and marked the start of South Africa's sporting isolation. Let's check sport

with Tulsen Tollett. Darren Lockyer caps a glittering career with a Kangaroos's

win. He scored a tryty end. It

must be said, he tried to do

tend to convert his own try. Australia

Australia defeated ink land by 30 points to 8 in the

Four-Nations final. It was a

tough match that wasn't decided

until the final 20 minutes when

Jonathan Thurston, Greg Inglis

and Lockyer himself scored to

seal the win. On a personal

note, I've really loved coming over

over here and playing. over here and playing. It's been something special, so been something special, so many

good memories for me. I say

thank you and goodbye. For more

on this I'm joined by oats who squloins me on the phone from thanks phone from thanks for

your time. Hello. Is it fair to say the match wasn't decided

until that last 20 minutes quarter of the

quarter of the match Yes, about the 57th minute when Australia got the try try that nosed them

away from the 8-8 scoreline. It is fair to say Australia had dominated the game but England

hung in there courageously

without very often giving

without very often giving the

impression that they could hit

the front. Australia deserved

winners. They cut loose in the

last 23 tries including that very cheeky effort at the end tries including that

Darren Lockyer. A couple of controversial refereeing

decisions. What was made decisions. What was made of it between yourselves and between yourselves and the other commentators and

at the ground? Yes, there

at one or two controversial ones. The try that was disallowed The try that was disallowed for Australia, that was given for Australia, that was given for

offside, the penalty try which

I have to say was the correct call and I think Jonathan

Thurston possibly a little

lucky to get away with nothing

more than the penalty try. lucky the second half the second half to Jharal Yow

Yeh that most of us thought it

was a try but the video referee

declined to give it, Ian Smith.

Tim Sheens, the Australian coach, department make much of

that in the press that in the press conference.

He felt he'd said enough about

the referees. In some ways Australia got Australia got the match referee

that they wanted and maybe not

one or two of the one

row refereeing decisions.

Australia won pan won convincingly. How do you think England

England has come out of this

tournament? Yet again for 60

minutes of the match they've

been with it but couldn't go

with the Australians for the

whole 80 minutes? I think possibly they jumped up a

place. They're still obviously

behind the Australians. It place. behind the Australians. It

might be that they've nose add head of the Kiwis. I think head of the Kiwis. I think the problem, although problem, although England

played very courageously

tonight and they were very good defensively, 86% completion tonight

rate in the first-half, so they

did do some things right, they

didn't play anywhere near as well as they played against Kiwis at Hull last Saturday

night. I think there is - if they look back on the

tournament, which obviously

they will, they will take a few

pluses out of. This there's another two years before the

World Cup. That's what they're building for. I think there building for. I think there is

this worry, though, we can

contain Australia for so long

but it always seems to be that

last 20, 25 minutes where the

game gets way from us. You always have to look at always have to look at what I

call the holy Trinity for Australia Cameron Smith, and it is Cameron Smith, and it is those

players time after time have

rut cut us to ribbon late on.

Jonathan Thurston was the man

of the match. He got my as well. He was the press man rut

of the match and I don't think

anybody would be able to take

any issue with that. Lockyer

of course bowing out after 17 absolutely glorious years. absolutely glorious years. He

got a standing ovation in the press conference

press conference and I've

worked in the immediate yar for

25 years now and I 25 years now and I can't remember thaerg before. You talked there about Darren

Lockyer. A standing ovation, he

back at his career what do you

think is the highlight? It is

a fitting way to end a fitting way to end it. It is

a fitting way to end it. You

guys in Australia would know

perhaps more, but obviously he's got this terrific record in State of Origin with

Queensland, he's won a load Queensland, he's won a load of

trophies with the Broncos, one

of the most successful club in

Australia, and other than a couple of blips where Australia have lost to New Zealand in the

previous Four-Nations final and

also in the World Cup final,

apart from a couple apart from a couple of blips,

he's won virtually with

Australia as well. It is a career that's seen him pick up

a lot of trophies. He's a a lot of trophies. He's a very dignified man, isn't he, and

he's really humble guy and he's really humble guy and he conducted himself very, very well. David oats in leads,

thank you very much for thank you very much for your time. Cheers, toll sun. Moving

on to cricket, South on to cricket, South Africa hold the thank into day four of the second test test against Australia in Johannesburg. After a positive

opening session the Australians

failed to take wicket after the

stretched their lead to 199. Graeme Smith and Jacques

Rudolph made a solid start but Jacques Rudolph faltered with a poor shot to give his second test wicket. Nathan

Lyon stepped in to get rid of

Smith for 36 and come min's

test debut got a little sweeter

when he removed Jacques Kallis.

Got him. Great line and

length. Kallis nicks off. Comfortable catch in the slip

for Clarke. Australia have

struck again. Hashim Amla AB de Villiers both notched

half centuries as they steered

South Africa to a commanding

position at stumps. The Americans Americans are still in front but all isn't yet lost for internationals in Goulburn's

President Cup. The end

national stage fight back in

the afternoon four ball matches

yesterday but trail 13-9

heading into the final day. Umbrellas were up at Royal

Melbourne for most of Melbourne for most of the morning but the real Elle morning but the real Elle huge

was on the scoreboard. The US side

side winning an impressive four of the morning's five foursome matches. Webb Bubba Watson continued their unbeaten streak, winning their

match overallal and Geoff

Ogilvy 3 and 2. That's holed it. Things were not going internationals it. Things were not going the

internationals way after an early lead Jason Day and Aaron Baddeley never quite recovered

from this shot. These boy are making a bit of a short par four. Ernie Els and making a bit of a hash of the

Rio Ishikawa were the only

internationals to register a

point in the morning with a point in the morning with a one

hole win. And on a damp hole

Tiger Woods finally broke his drought. Three days three

different speeds and they gave us prick tea pence out there

and had to be patient. In the four ball matches the internationals internationals began their fight back. It seemed like

they're warming up to the cold

weather, done it. It is great

do see it. Ratiffe Goosen and Charl Schwartzel got Charl Schwartzel got things

moving winning their match two and

and one. Yes. Tiger Woods and one. Yes. Tiger

struggled to find his earlier

winning form and the hole. The

Korean pairing of KT Kim and YE Yang took advantage of

Johnson on the 18th. Geoff

Ogilvy continued his fine form

winning his match with KJ Choi. Oh. Choi. Oh. Wow. But Hunter

Mahan's putting end the day for Australians Jason Day and Aaron

Baddeley. The final match down to the 18th where Adam Baddeley. The final match went

Scott had a chance to salvage

half a point, but it wasn't to be. Margaret Paul, ABC News Melbourne. Moving to football

now and Brisbane Roar continues

the A-League and now has a 6 to leave others in its point lead at the top of the

ladder. The Roar extended its unbeaten frequent to 35 matches to equal the to equal the Australian football code record.

Elsewhere yesterday, Wellington savage aid late draw against Adelaide while the Central

Coast were too good for Sydney

FC. Brisbane had FC. Brisbane had their

chances to take an early lead against The Jets, but this

header flew over the bar while

also failed to find the target.

scored Ryan Griffiths should have

to meet the keeper one-on-one.

Not the second time. A minute

before halftime. Ryan

Griffiths this time scores.

Newcastle in front. But The

Jets's luck was running out. Gold keeper Ben

forced from the field after

suffering a broken nose. End

re Kay put The Roar be level

terms. Good ball at the back

post arriving late and post arriving late and Brisbane square it up. The Roar bombarded The Jets with wave after wave of attack but

Newcastle stood firm until the

83rd minute when substitute James Myer corner. Adelaide took a one-nil lead into halftime when

brews jit day scored his first goal for

goal for the club since leaving

the Gold Coast. The Reds it stayed in front until 7 minutes

from full-time when eh an own-goal was scored with own-goal was scored with a brilliant header in the wrong

net. Manchester City remain the only unbeaten team in the English Premier League after a

3-1 win at home to Newcastle.

Two of city goals came from penalties

only Graham Mann kept on

coat-tails with a one-nil win.

Manchester United. The other

matches played overnight, QPR

won at Stoke, Bolton lost to West Brom, Wigan and Blackburn

drew three had piece and

Sunderland and Fulham with Sunderland and Fulham with a

scoreless draw. Moving along

to the NBL now, in last night


there were wins for the Gold

Coast and Adelaide 36ers.

While in the WNBL Bendigo were

much too strong for Townsville. The second race of the The second race of the weekend

Sandown later today. Thank very in the V8s get underway at

much. The Federal Government's plan to boost indigenous school attendance rates has been running for three years in attendance rates Northern Territory schools T sees welfare cuts for parents who don't extend Irrawaddy

children too school. children too school. Recent attendance figures show attendance figures show little improvement. Getting children

to school can be a struggle at

I'vier college on the Tiwi Islands north of Darwin.

Disglfnlths we have got 99 on the roll. We have 65 maximum come come to school each day. is a problem right across remote Northern Territory

of indigenous children communities. Figures show

of indigenous children aren't even El enrolled in a school. There's probably around

children who are of school age

but aren't even enrolled in school. For the past three

years, Xavier school has been

trialling a Federal Government

program to get more indigenous

children to school. It is

known as the SEAM trial and

parents face having welfare cut if their child

isn't attending. We send off

the attendance and then it is processed by the Centrelink agencies. They collect the

data and then they counsel the

parents, et cetera. Now,

that's what it is meant to be.

I can't honestly say happened. The latest Northern I can't honestly say that's

Territory Education Department figures show attendance in most

of the 11 SEAM trial schools hasn't improved. Despite this, the Federal Government

spending $45 million over the

next three years expanding this

program to another 16 program to another 16 location

in the Territory. It is time we took some of the took some of the measures that

we know are hard, but it is

about saying to parents, saying to everybody, let's do everything we can to get these kids

kids to school every single day. Legislation to enforce these measures will be introduced into Federal Parliament

Parliament this week.

Let's take a look at the weather satellite image. Very

warm northerly wind as pushing

into eastern Australia ahead of a trough and front bringing a

cooler change to Victoria and


The top stories The top stories from ABC News

24. Colonel Gaddafi's son and heir apparent, Saif al-Islam, has has been captured on the run. The 39-year-old was arrested without a fight in

the desert near the town of Obari in the south of the

country. News of his arrest was met with jubilation on the

streets of the Libyan capital Tripoli. The Prime Tripoli. The Prime Minister,

Julia Gillard, has met Chinese

Premier Wen Jiabao on the sidelines of sidelines of the East-Asia

Summit in Bali. The pair is

believed to have discussed

Australia's closer defence ties

with the United States. Ms Gillard will hold talks

will discuss the plieths of Indonesia's Gillard will hold talks with

Indonesian children in

Australian detention. Several

elderly people are still in elderly people are still in

which hospital after the fatal blaze

which destroyed a Sydney

nursing home. Police have which

Hill Nursing Home residents who

died in the fire as Ella Hill Nursing

Lola Bennett and Alma Smith. A

35-year-old man faced court

yesterday charged with four

counts of murder. And Darren

Lockyer has gone out a winner

as Australia is crowned

champions in the Four Nations's rugby league. The Kangaroos defeated England 30-8 at Elland

Road in Leeds to take Road in Leeds to take the title. The United States' President Barak Obama announced

this week plans to deploy 2,500 marines in Darwin for the

coming years. The deployment

is designed to strengthen the military alliance between the

two countries. Foreign US military

military base are generated concern in some countries concern in some countries like

Japan where the cultural clash

between US soldiers pan locals

has caused friction. ABC political correspondent Latika

these and other issues. He's Bourke spoke to Air Vice

the forming commanding officers

of the RAAF base Tindal in the Northern Territory. She began

by asking Air Vice Marshal Peter Nicholson about his work in setting up the first RAAF base in Australia after the

Second World War. It was the

first Air Force base, new Air