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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Good evening, I'm Scott

Bevan. On tonight's program -

Colonel Gaddafi loses some

military might but the battle

Attacks from coalition forces for Libya is far from over.

have given the rebels renewed

hope but leaders around the globe say the foreign

intervention can only go so far. You're watching The World.

Our mission is to protect

civilians from attack. Our

mission is not to support opposition forces. If there's to

to be regime change in Libya,

they say , it will have to come

from within. But it's still not

clear whether the rebels have clear whether the rebels

the strength Senior military leaders in the strength to unseat Gaddafi.

Yemen desert the Government but

the President is still clinging

to power. Growing contamination

fears as Japan's nuclear

emergency continues. Parts of Afghanistan prepare to Afghanistan prepare to take

control from the coalition control from the

forces but will they be

And a right royal worry, the

what ifs of a wedding day wagon ride. If a wheel falls off then

obviously I'll possibly lose my

job so that is a bit of a

worry. We begin in Libya where

the opposition rebellion has been rescued from the allied forces' aerial

bombing. Colonel Gaddafi's

capabilities have been command and control

capabilities have been severely

damaged and the Government

advance on the advance on the opposition-held city of Benghazi has been

halted. But so have failed to capitalise on

that momentum raising fears the conflict could drag on

indefinitely. Foreign affairs editor Peter Cave reports from

Tobruk. For a third night

anti-aircraft fire arcs into

the sky over Tripoli. Two naval

bases near the capital were hit by coalition strikes along by coalition strikes along with

two air bases, one of them near

Colonel Gaddafi's home town of

Sirte. The dictator himself has

after the bombing began. It's not been seen since shortly

not clear if he's still in his compound which was bombed days ago but his adoring compound which was bombed two

to protect him. Lybian supporters are rallying there

officials say there were more civilian casualties

overnight. You saw last night

how a rocket was direct ed at the headquarter of the leader.

This is not a military place,

it doesn't have weapons, it doesn't supply weapons, it's an official building. The United States says coalition forces

are not trying to kill Gaddafi

or siding with the rebels. Our

mandate again, our mission is

to protect civilians from attack by the regime ground forces. Our mission is not to support any opposition forces. Here in support any opposition

initial rebel-controlled east the

initial optimism that they

could quickly push through and take Tripoli has had a reality

coalition jets to the check. While families flock to

Government's tanks and artillery on the road to Benghazi, rebel forces Benghazi, rebel forces pushed

up that road expecting to take the first town on the road to Tripoli became clear Tripoli with ease. But it soon not entirely taken away the

regime's ability to fight A tank round whistles past fired by There fired by government troops. rebel injured and eventually the rebel attack was repulsed on this day but

it's a temporary setback and the attack on Ajdabiyah and on


continue in the days, weeks and

months to come. Remaining months to come. Remaining with the Lybian issue President is expecting to hand the Lybian issue and the US

over control of the military action to a action to a coalition command

within days. And while he says the US

UN mandate, he remains

North America North America correspondent

Lisa Mila reports. On a Lisa Mila reports. On a trip

designed to bolster relations with is being forced

mission's goal is clear - changed his view on Libya's

leader. It is US policy Gaddafi needs Gaddafi needs to go and we've

got a wide range of tools in addition efforts to support addition to our military

policy. He pointed to economic

sanctions and freezing assets as a way to isolate Gaddafi's mission, international nature of this US won't be leading it for long. We anticipate this

of weeks. There's disagreement take charge of enforcing the UN same view about the ultimate

Gaddafi but in the end we are responsible for trying to resolution, the Lybians must weighed in with criticism of choose their own future. Russia

being too quick to the attacks accusing the US of

general it reminds me of a TRANSLATION: And you know in

medieval crusade where others

called on someone somewhere. While crit siesm is far more muted here in the US

says by taking this Barack Obama is under fire for

will be less burden on the US military and the taxpayer. military and the taxpayer. Well Yemen's regime looks the unrest sweeping the region.

Military leaders, ambassadors and tribal chiefs have clear their support for Military

prodemocracy protestor Abdullah Salah to step down.

There's gone. The protests are continuing and it's not just those on the streets calling for change. Three defecting Generals are the latest to of allegiance was partly the protest ranks. The switch

triggered by the deaths protestors shot by forces to the President on Friday and while he still clings to power, the embattled President losing support from every

base including his own tribe. 52 persons perished as a result of snipers result of snipers shooting them

from balconies. I thought this is immoral and it's

disturbing. Tanks have been

deployed around the capital defending key installations

including the including the presidential

palace. But the army divided, 60% reportedly allied palace. But the army is

with the protestors and the fate of the President, some say, is inevitable. He's faced with stark choices, either

down after 32 years in power or

wage a dramatically more

violent campaign against his opponents. If there is no reconciliation and reconciliation and a peaceful

transfer of power, then we might witness dis senction chaos. The

TRANSLATION: Departure of President Salah is unavoidable. Secret negotiations are under way for a peaceful transition of power but for now but for now the President is still in charge. For more still in charge. For more on this issue let's peek - Hakim Almasmari. I read the

editorial you wrote yesterday dance, you declare in it "It's

time time for the President to say farewell

held for 33 years," held for 33 years," what's prompted you to write that? today are proving today are proving that Salah

must leave and his only option is to step down peacefully and with honour and dignity or else People have died, dozens of

people have died and this shows that

today or tomorrow. Salah has to he can do right now is to come

up with a strategy that will sure to give the power back to the people. Today our source confirmed that he had meetings last night with the these negotiations who joined the revolution and these negotiations ended up negatively. For the first negatively. For the first time

today he is demanding he stup

down and give the power to the people. Salah is cornered. The military is against him, his

government is apart, they are crack ed in the diplomatic

arena. The ambassador arena. The ambassador are stepping down. Salah will soon

be forced to understand that only his children and nephews

will stand next to him during this critical moment of Yemen. Now as you've just

pointed out there a whole raft of senior officials senior military commanders, a

tribal commander, tribal commander, ambassadors have now abandoned the

President. You use the time frame there that he may step

down in the next day or two, do you believe that the political

end is that near for President

Saleh? Yes, yes, Salah is now

working on having a mediation

in order for him to step down.

We have to understand if Salah

leaves without an exit Yemen will face chaos that is

why he needs to go but have an

exit strategy beforehand to make sure make sure all sides don't start fighting one fighting one another. Further

to that then if or when

President Salah does go - (Engaged tone) I think we've just lost the line there to Hakim Almasmari who is the editor-in-chief of Yemen

newspaper and he wrote an editorial yesterday editorial yesterday entitled Salah's last dance where calling for the President to say farewell to the seat he's

held for the past 33 years and

"It's time that rule returns to

the hand of the people." let's push on. Japan's nuclear emergency is no closer to

ending with the latest concern

that food and sea water have

been contaminated by radiation.

Meanwhile the first fire fighters into the fighters into the shattered facility are being rotated out

and the ABC's Mark Willacy was the first foreign the first foreign journalist to speak speak to them. They're hailed as samurai, men who embody the

Japanese fighting spirit.

Yasuhiro Ishii and his team

were the first fire fighters to enter the Fukushima plant.

TRANSLATION: Our mission was to

go to the number 3 reactor and

to cool it down. Of course I

was afraid because we know was afraid because we know what

happens to the body if we are

exposed to high levels of

radiation. A specialist in

nuclear and biochemical contamination, Commander Ishii

monitored radiation levels while his men tried to cool the there is no health threat from

the plant, the UN's atomic

watchdog isn't so sure. We are

seeing some steady improvements

but the overall situation at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear

power plant remains very

serious. High levels of

contamination have been

measured in the locality of the

plant. And there are fears that this contamination could be

leach ing into the food

leach ing into the food chain. The Japanese insist there is The Japanese insist there is no danger to human health from any of the food fire fighters are confident

their health is also fine. One

thing that can't be questioned

is their commitment to their mission. When

of this unit were ordered to the Fukushima plant, the Fukushima plant, they didn't hesitate. In fact, most

didn't even call their wives or families. Instead, they sent short text messages or emails telling their loved ones where

they were going and what they

were about to try to do.

TRANSLATION: I just sent my

wife an email to tell her I'd been ordered to the

on a mission for my country.

But it's a mission that's not yet complete and one these

modern samurai may have to revisit. And staying with Japan

and the Australian Government

has sent 2 additional transport

aircraft there to assist aircraft there to assist with

the operation in Fukushima. The huge C-17s are transporting water canon systems water canon systems that can move move into position by remote

control. They'll join another

Globemaster plane which has already been sent already been sent to

Japan. Hopes of finding any more survivors in the disaster

zone in Japan are pretty exhausted. Now that's

devastating news in one coastal

centre where students escaped

the tsunami but many of their

loved ones didn't. When the

sea has taken all you know how

do you comprehend it? Every landmark landmark obliterated. Even finding where isn't easy for 12-year-old

Takuma. This is the first time

he's been back but house number 3 on his street there's just a 3 on his street there's just a void.

TRANSLATION: My desk was up

there, my bed was over here and this is where my book this is where my book shelf

was. This is all his sister

10-year-old Sayaka found, her

school bag. She used it for trips father.

TRANSLATION: Because we live

near the sea I could play

there. I would go with Dad. It

was fun. Her father is

he was a rescue worker directing people to safety

while his wife and children

fled. When the tsunami struck

at 2:45 that Friday, most of

the adults were here in the

middle of town. This is a place

of 26,000 people. It's hard of 26,000 people. It's hard to

believe it now but you have to

imagine shops around offices, supermarkets all busy. The children, well

they were in schools and those

are built on higher ground are built on higher ground to protect them from protect them from tsunamis. So

most of them survived. The high school, their place of refuge,

is now full of children who are grieving.

TRANSLATION: I wish more people

were searching for the missing.

I hope we'll find Dad alive and

well soon. He's a well soon. He's a very important member of and I love him a lot. In the

mud and debris Sayaka discovered photo of their bodies have been found here so far, but not his. far, but Authorities still can't recaptured all involved in the break out centre. The Federal Police won't say how many people

some confusion about how many

be found. It seems there may be some confusion about how many

detainees were there in the first detainees were there in the first place. The ABC's Andrew

O'Connor is on Christmas Island. The Christmas Island immigration detention centre

has been calm for days

heavy police presence and an many may still be discrepancies identified relate to a

said, I won't speculate said, I won't speculate on those from the Department of

Immigration had 24 hours of confusion when she claimed 24 hours of

claimed all detainees had been accounted for. she was wrong. That information was was incorrect. The AFP had

earlier estimated between 10

and 20 detainees may and 20 detainees may have escaped into the escaped into the jungle but for now

say exactly how many been reduced with the recapture of

of two asylum seekers. A short

time ago two males were taken into into custody. Those males are currently assisting us with our are also are also worried about numbers

of a different kind. Residents want the number of detainees want the number of detainees on the island kept to the island kept to a sustainable level sustainable level and while

they've welcomed the transfer

of more than of more than 300 asylum seekers

to the mainland they are still says with hundreds by boat they fear it's only a matter of months before Australia's new mainland detention centres detention centres are full putting pressure strife torn detention

here. The people of Afghanistan

have ushered in their new year by doing something different.

done it despite threats from

the Taliban to disrupt all gatherings. The new year will also see Afghan forces taking control of 7 provinces control of 7 provinces and

cities from the coalition. This correspondent Sally Sara and a warning, it warning, it contains images that may distress some viewers. They turned They turned out in their thousands to Afghanistan. There were plenty of revellers in Kabul. Many are year of 1390 will deliver progress. Secure our society better than 10 years ago. Families took to tops of Kabul celebrate. These festivities were banned under the Taliban

and there were fears that this year's events would be disrupted by attacks but it was calm. This don't calm. This is something you don't get to see very Afghanistan, that is large numbers of people out in public enjoying themselves, having deadliest year of the war far and there were number of military and casualties. Many people across the country are hoping that the

new year will bring some much new year will bring some much a waiting peace and prosperity. The prosperity. The Afghan Government is year with plans to take year with plans to take over responsibility for security in in the long and complicated Afghan control. But some are

not convinced that the timing is TRANSLATION: From here TRANSLATION: From here we see

the international the international community has been defeated and we've gone back without ideas go and join

by. The western province of

Harat is expected to be one of the first to come under Afghan security

security control. Police and

soldiers are preparing for the added responsibility.

TRANSLATION: We feel we're TRANSLATION: We feel we're up

to the task. We are willing to cooperation has been these pictures. The US army been forced been forced to apologise after

the release of been forced to apologise after the release of photos showing

US troops posing with the

US troops posing bodies of Afghan

Many Afghans have endured year s are desperate for better news in the year ahead. For more on

this transition to Afghan

security forces let's talk to our Afghanistan correspondent Sally Sally Sara.

from Kabul. So Sally, the

security for 7 areas of Afghanistan are to Afghanistan are to be

transferred into Afghan force control. Just how significant is this announcement by

President Hamid Karzai? This

is a significant step forward

in this long process of transition from coalition control back to Afghan control.

The President, Hamid Karzai, has said that has said that this year is

going to be the year of taking

on more responsibility and that's certainly a message that the Afghan Government received

last year from the coalition which was growing impatient

with issues of governance and

corruption and the performance

of the Afghan Government. of the Afghan Government. So

the President is saying that

this is not just an issue of

taking over security, but also

taking over responsibility for development in these areas. Sally, given International Crisis Group

report says the Afghan security

forces were no match for the Taliban, and that the forces

are still fragmented and highly politicised, politicised, just how ready are the local forces to take on

these roles in the 7 areas?

Well this will be the real test

for the Afghan police and for the army. Some of the areas

that have been chosen are relatively calm, areas such as Kabul are expected to other parts of the country but

it's interesting that Lashkar

Gah which has been volatile is also on the list for

transition. I suppose lit give

the Afghan Government and

coalition the strength of the security forces security forces in the area nas are relatively calm and are relatively calm and in

areas that have previous ly

been volatile. I read where been volatile. I read where he said today when he was speaking

Hamid Karzai said the main Hamid Karzai said the main aim of the international forces was

but to wipe out the terror of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Now that hasn't happened so how feasible is it that that 2014 deadline for the

coalition forces can be met?

Well, the deadline is partially about the situation here about the situation here in

Afghanistan and it's also Afghanistan and it's also about

the politic will and the politic will and political patience of the patience of the coalition partners. partners. Many countries which

are involved in the effort here are running out of the

political capital and also the

finances and the willingness to here. They want to draw the

line. But on the other side,

you know, it's also a measure

of how things are going here on the ground. Afghanistan correspondent Sally thanks so much for your time tonight. In Ivory Coast tonight. In Ivory Coast thousands of supporters of thousands of supporters of the disputed disputed President Laurent Gbagbo have signed up for

military service. They were heeding a call from the influential youth patriot movement which support Mr Gbagbo. Chanting that rebels will die, they vowed to fight Ouattara who's widely recognised as the winner of last year's last year's elections. About 400 people have been 400 people have been killed during a violent power struggle

between the two groups over between the two groups over the

past few months. have begun a new search operation to find the boxes from an Air France flight that crashed in 2009. 228

people died when were on de Janeiro and Paris. A boat carrying 3 carrying 3 underwater robots will scour an area. I guess on

this operation look at the entire circle which the people believe the

aeroplane is in inside. So last time, phase 3, we looked time, phase 3, we looked only

in the north-west and this time

we will look in both in we will look in both in the

centre, the north-east and the south. The search operation expected to Well let's get the latest

world weather now with Graham the south-east corner but the worst of the weather for

possibility of totals of 100 to 200 mm and we are looking 200 mm and we are looking at

the prospect of damaging winds

about the east coast of the

State. As we move away from the south-east though that air mass

dries out so we're looking at dryer conditions across the dryer conditions across the

majority of the continent until we hit the where we're expecting to where we're expecting to see isolated showers in the south. They become scattered through north north but at this stage monsoon trough is weakening so

isolated. We have got heavy year falls about variation between the models.

This low that's moving away could still trigger some decent

fall bus this time about the eastern coast of eastern coast of the country.

Now one or two of those

likely about the likely about the northern

island but the south island showers about the east showers about the east coast and relatively and relatively clear conditions across many parts of the Pacific, just the the Pacific. Spreads from New

Guinea all the way through to Borneo. It's going to gradually

shift north in so although Philippines should be clear, we expect to see some heavy developing there by around

about the end of the week and

we could see some fairly heavy

falls across many areas South-East Asia

another disturbance moving towards the south-east towards the south-east of Vietnam. It will also Cambodia and southern parts of

Thailand. Those areas could see

some moderate and we've also got a high

pressure system over China so that's directing some that's directing some onshore winds along the coast or

remaining coast of Vietnam and

up into the southern parts of China. So some fairly isolated and relatively light showers across that region. A high pressure

system is also extending out towards Japan but it's still going to trigger some moist of the country. So we're still expecting light showers but that will

fall as snow about fall as snow about the north and we're over Japan over the next couple of days. So no huge improvement

there on the conditions. As we looking relatively clear, a possible shower possible shower about Sri

Lanka. One or the far northern slopes the Himalayas. We've the Himalayas. We've also got another disturbance beginning to move in towards the Middle

East, so for Iran and East, so for Iran and Iraq starting to showers beginning to move through but at this ing of the models are forecast ck

high pressure system is Germany. are clear. Because those winds Germany. Most areas around that are onshore around are clear. Because those

expecting to see some fairly

areas away from only looking areas away from the coast light totals. further south widespread light totals. As we wi of significant falls through the southern parts of Africa. the southern parts of the southern parts of Africa.

It's the easterern States anywhere north of South Africa

that could see some isolated moderate total bus most other

areas should see light areas should see light falls nsm the US by Wednesday we're

going to have a low pressure system centred over Iowa.

it is going to spread a band it is going to spread a band of

moderate rainfall all the way from Montana through to

Pennsylvania. Now we could see some decent falls in that some decent falls in that and

the air is also cold so higher

parts will see some snowfall but the very cold air is still

sitting around the Canada

border area. We also border area. We also have another low sitting off the

west coast so we're expecting

to see some fairly widespread showers moderate falls anywhere north

of around LA and that low

pressure system will be a

feature for another day or two.

And further south into South

America and it should be clear

through the far south. We've got isolated shower about the

north. We've also got a trough.

Now it's sitting through

Uruguay and also the very far

northern parts of Argentina.

Buenos Aires looking for heavy falls. Still falls. Still on the program we

go behind the scenes as the royal cavalry prepares for the

big wedding and never mind the

scenery, some spectacular skills

skills on show in the Swiss Alps

Alps for the world free ride


You're watching The World on

ABC News 24. Our top stories - coalition coalition jets and missiles have continued their air

assault on Libya for a third

night. It's believed several sites have been under attack including the compound of President Gaddafi. The Lybian Government says the

intervention could plunge the

country into civil war but the

former deputy Lybian ambassador

to the UN says the majority of people welcome the military leaders including military leaders including a

top General have quit to support the month-long protests. The defection comes just days after scores protestors were shot dead, hundreds wounded by forces

loyal to Yemen's President Ali

Abdullah Saleh. And workers at Japan's quake-damaged Japan's quake-damaged Fukushima

nuclear plant have resumed attempts to and cool its overheated

reactors. The work was halted

after smoke was seen coming

from two of the reactors today.

The Government nuclear safety agency

agency says there was a brief rise in radiation levels at the

plant but Japan's chief cabinet

secretary says there's little short-term danger to people

near the reactor. Well an

Australian search and rescue

team sent to Japan to help out in the wake of in the wake of the devastating earthquake returned to Sydney. Our reporter Nick Grimm went to meet the team members at the

airport. Here at Sydney Airport

a 76-strong continent of a 76-strong continent of NSW urban search and

urban search and rescue personnel, the task force that was sent with was sent to Japan to assist with the recovery with the recovery operation resulting from the tsunami

around earthquake in that

country. They've just returned to Australia and joining me

right now is Warwick Kidd who

is the manager of NSW search

and rescue, is that correct,

Warwick? Just tell us a little bit about what bit over in Japan involved? Primarily our function was to move forward into the devastated area, conduct adds

- as much search and rescue as we could and assist the Japanese fire fighters on doing assessment work on buildings

that were still up and general post disaster how difficult a job was it? A

it's a terribly difficult

Mother nature was Mother nature was certainly against us. Not only were we

having aftershocks, a continual

amount of aftershocks and the

threat of more tsunamis in the area, we had to deal with minus

17 temperatures, were we camped

out in a field where one day it was rock hard, the next day it

was mud team went very well. They were

probably the most trying circumstances I've ever seen.

Even more so than for Thredbo

landslide in '97. Now there's

been some very emotional reunions here today that we've

been seeing. You've only been

gone a week but it probably

feel aslot longer? It

certainly does. I guess when

you're living out in the field

on ration packs and, you know,

every evening you're getting

woken up by the ground shaking

underneath you, a week certainly turns into a certainly turns into a lot

longer in your mind. But it's

very buoyant at the moment, the team's very happy. We had minimal injuries which is minimal injuries which is very good for the conditions that

we're in so we're very happy

and we're very proud to have

done our part for the Japanese

people on behalf of the Australian Government. Now what about

about the issue of radiation

over in Japan, was that a clear and present danger? Of and present danger? Of course.

There is a major radiation

issue over there at the issue over there at the moment

and in some cases we were, you

know, not necessarily in know, not necessarily in the

firing line but there were

times when it could have gone

the other way. But we carry

radiation detection equipment with

with us at

monitor all the time, we never had any major readings, we had any major readings, we had

minor readings that basically

are e - equivalent to are e - equivalent to air travel. We were prepared. A

great day for you and your great day for you and your men to be reunited with their

families. The littlies that

were here were jumping out of their

their skin with excitement? As we walked through Japan and especially the areas especially the areas of devastation, there would be

kids there and when the kids understood understood that we were fire

fighters and police officers

and ambulance officers, they wanted to come up and talk to

you too, you know. So I guess

it's that universal thing with

emergency services. One of the

other interesting points is a

lot of these guys who have been

in Japan have been in Christchurch just prior to

that. It's been a marathon

effort for them? Correct, it's

been a very big year. Not only

Kris church but before that

many of the team have been in

Queensland for the floods. So

since January we've been going

very hard. Fortunately our rotation Nations response group

finishes, we have 3 months off

unless another major disaster

happens and we have to send

more teams but we should be

able to get some

rest through April. Thank you very much for talking to us and

as you hear, this contingent of

search and rescue personnel are hope for some well-earned hope for some well-earned rest provided there isn't another

disaster which is going to

require their services to be

called upon again. They will

called upon again. They will be hoping that won't be the

case. And we're all hoping for that. They have more

Nick Grimm there talking with superintendent Warwick Kidd

from the NSW search and rescue

team just returning from the

Japan. The head of Rio Japan. The head of Rio Tinto iron ore Sam Walsh says it's

still unclear how Japan's

devastating earthquake and devastating earthquake and tsunami will affect the iron ore industry in Australia.

Analysts say there's already

been a drop in demand from Japan for iron ore but that's expected to reverse very quickly when reconstruction gets under way. The Rio Tinto iron ore boss gave his assessment of the earthquake's impact on industry to delegates

at the global iron ore and steel conference in Perth. With

operations at Japanese steel

mills at a standstill and big

name machinery suppliers hit, Sam Walsh is confident Rio

Tinto will weather the

storm. Too early for us to tell

exactly how that may impact on

us. It's more likely to impact on on expansion plans rather than our current our current operating. And

analysts say while the industry

may suffer short-term pain

there are likely to be long-term gains. Prices should

hold up relatively well. Medium

term we see a huge boost in

demand from the Japanese reconstruction. So reconstruction. So I think second half of this year will really see a pop in says really see a pop in demand. He

says the Japanese rebuild

should benefit Australian ore producers. Demand increases

quickly and strongly, they're going to see demand for their high quality product remain very strong. Meanwhile, claims claims of a $2.3 billion cost

blow out in the port and blow out in the port and rail project have been dismissed by

the joint venture the joint venture consortium. Murchison Metals say costings have not been

completed but WA Premier Colin completed but notice. Taxpayers won't be putting in any the State for common use infrastructure and that infrastructure and that it

is. Mr Barnett says the company funding. The billionaire Warren Buffet has delivered

some words of support for Japanese companies. The man

known as the oracle said if he owned stocks he would not be selling them. He says extraordinary events like the recent creates buying opportunities for shares in Japanese companies.

losing 10% all up. Well the gains

gains on Wall Street overnight came despite a disappointing home sales report. The national association of realters says realters says sale of existing

homes plunged 9.6% to their lowest level in were tightening home loans despite a clear demand from able buy demand from able buy ers. Michelle Obama has visited schoolchildren in Chile saying

big dreams require big big dreams require big efforts. Ms Ms Obama is accompanying her husband on his tour of Latin

America. Along America. Along with her Chilean counterpart school in Santiago audience that audience that education should be available be available to everyone regardless of their financial circumstances. Well during that trip trip the US President trip the US President has spoken about the military campaign in Libya. campaign in Libya. President Obama says after Lybian air defences are knocked out will transfer the lead of the Obama says after Lybian air will transfer the lead of the operations to other allies. Now let's hear some of that he made of an international mandate from

specifically focused on the humanitarian threat posed by Colonel Gaddafi to his people. Not only murders of civilians but he threatened more. Said very mercy" to people who lived mercy" to people who lived in

Benghazi. And in the face of that community rallied and said, "We have to stop any atrocities inside of Libya" and

provided a broad mandate to accomplish that specific task. I I also have is US policy

to go and we've got a wide range of tools in addition to our that policy. We were very rapid sanctions and then helping sanctions against the Gaddafi

regime. Because we're working with after the initial

has disabled Gaddafi's air

defences, limiting to threaten large

Benghazi, that there is going to be a transition taking place in in which we have a range in which we have a range of coalition partners, - Arab League

participating in Englishing a no-fly zone there. There no-fly zone there. There will

be a transition which we are a member among many who ensure that

many who ensure that Ngo-fly zone is in force. The Arab League specifically called League specifically called for a no-fly zone before we went to

the United Nations and that was, I think, an element in this the mission? Absolutely. Do

you have guarantees? We are in

consultations as we speak. As I said, there said, there are different phases to the campaign. The

initial campaign we took a

larger role because we've got some ability to take out, for

example, Gaddafi's

systems, our much more

other partners. What that

then is creates the space. It shapes the environment a no-fly zone can be

a no-fly zone can be effective.

It is also important to make sure we got in there quickly sure we got in there quickly so

that whatever advances or being

halted and we clear message to Gaddafi that he needed to

troops back. President Barack Obama speaking in Chile.

Israel's former president Moshe years for rape and other offences. He was offences. He was convicted at an earlier hearing of raping an

employee in the 199 #0s employee in the 199 #0s when he was tourism minister. The rape victim

victim told the court he first attacked her

ministry office and later at a

hotel in Jerusalem. Mr Katsav resigned from the resigned from the largely

ceremonial post of president in

2007. Well the countdown has begun The carriage that will take Kate Middleton from Westminster

Abbey to for the first time and the 400 people

the 400 people who will be working at the palace big day are those whose glimpse of what's behind the role on the big day. It was role on the big day. It 30 years ago it carried 30 years ago it carried the Prince and Princess of Wales Prince Prince and Princess of Wales on theirs. carriage built in 1902 for the coronation of King Edouard VII will next month be used to

usher in a new chapter in the history of the Windsors. For

the past 250 years the royal

mews has taken care of the all the transport needs of the

monarchy. Mark Noates is the

fourth generation in his family to be responsible for to be responsible for the maintenance and the carriages. It's his role to

make sure nothing goes wrong

when Prince William and when Prince William and Kate

Middleton climb into

Middleton climb into the carriage on their big carriage on their big day. If

you start worrying about how many people are watching you on television or you're responsible if a wheel falls

off, then obviously I will

possibly lose my job. So possibly lose my job. So that

is a bit of a worry. 38 people

work full-time here at the

royal mews, tending to the 30 horses that are permanently

housed here. 16 of housed here. 16 of these horses

will be chosen to draw the William and the newly anointed Princess Catherine from Westminster Abbey to the

reception over that wall reception over that wall at Buckingham Palace. of bad weather, the royal couple

couple will travel in the glass coach. Ordinarily it's coach. Ordinarily it's used

just once a year to take the Queen to the opening of the

Parliament. Five carriages will

be used on the day. be used on the day.Of the 100 royal carriages in the

collection this one is one of

the more significant. It was

the first that was built

the 1902 Landou which will the 1902 Landou which will be carrying the royal couple from the church to the reception. Notably it's the Australian State coach and it was presented to the Queen in Canberra in 1988 to Canberra in 1988 to celebrate

Australia's bicentennial. Made mostly of Australian hard wood it's

State carriages so it takes 6

horses to pull it. These horses to pull it. These two horses just coming in now,

they're the Queen's every day, Monday to Friday,

twice a day we'll send a

carriage out to pick up carriage out to pick up Queen's messenger to pick them frup the Palace

Palace and stake them to St James's palace James's exchange mail and verbal

messages if required. It's a

good tool for us for training out on minor jobs and staff as well to get because it gets young horses well to get rid of stage fright

before a major event. This is like the old telegram type of - Yes, exactly like the old telegram

- Yes, exactly that. So the Queen doesn't like email? I'm

sure she does use it. But like

I say, it's a very traditional

thing and, you know, everything

that we do is very traditional

and that's been happening and that's been happening for years. Mark hard grave

years. Mark hard grave is in charge of live at the royal mews. Probably 99% of the staff

that work in the royal mews

live on site and the windows and doors that you around the top behind the flats where these people live. So whole families live here with the coachman? here with the coachman? Yeah,

whole families. I've got my two children that, you know, on the

weekend when we're closed to

the public my boy will be there playing football and my daughter will be riding her bicycle living at Buckingham Palace? Yes, most definitely, yes. State cars are gargeed here State cars are gargeed here at the royal the royal mousse. Kate

Middleton who's now famously

allergic to the church in these State cars day. She recently cars with her father on the day. She recently explained that

to her to surround herself in the royal livery of when she was still just a commoner. What a great story.

To sport now with Claire Aird and Australia is cricket World Cup? It's massive. They're going to meet Now Australian Neilsen has described this week's World Cup knockout game

with India as a mini grand

on Saturday night Australia on Saturday night Australia has the daunting prospect of facing

the cohosts on home soil. With

more questions being raised

over the future of Ricky on the top order batsman to

perform. Yeah, it would be

nice for Rick to get a nice for Rick to get a big score. It would be Watto, Shane or Brad Haddin Ricky or Michael put a lot of emphasis on our

top 4. If they get in top 4. If they get in they've

got the funt to bat for period of time. The two sides are now in Ahmadbad game. To NRL now and game. To NRL now and Manly Brett Stewart will missing in action because of

legal and injury bats. He Manly to an impressive Manly to an impressive win against the Roosters and is fans against the undefeated spent a lot of time on the outside looking in, after defending sexual defending sexual assault charges and suffering a season-ending

year, 26-year-old Stewart year, 26-year-old Stewart has made thrilled the fans before and this Sunday against the Knights he wants to repay their loyalty. I thank them verbally

but probably the best way for

me to thank them is get out

there and be part of a winning to support him and they know he's

the fans and to the the fans and to the club. Will captain Manly for the first time in Sunday's win over the Roosters. Not many can they're 100% for they're 100% for captain so one from one I'll take wants better conditions than these. On an committed effort against the a week

produced text book wet weather football to first 16 points before

conceding two late tries. We

play like we thought we'd up and win but that had more to do Cronulla. Everyone lifts for

them. The big thing for us is will head to New play the Warriors without prop Michael Weyman who has recurring groin injury. A siege

mentality has set in for the Broncos Brisbane players are off to the media. The anything said to awaken the

Gold Coast from it's Gold Coast from it's early season wos. last on the few of the changes to the teams

around 3 of the NRL there. For Friday's Queensland Justin Hodges and Brett ha will return for the Broncos while Anthony Laffranchi and Brad Myers will be on board for want to base a lot of our stuff

around our defence. We around our defence. We leaked too many tries last week especially. On Saturday the Wests Tighers will be without the services the services of Gareth Ellis and Bryce Gibbs. The raiders

will have Brett White back suspension and Josh suspension and Josh Dugan is

also a possibility to play his

first game of the first game of the year. Over

the next couple of days but if not David Milne's here to not David Milne's here to take his place and he will do more

than a good job if he isn't of training sessions his belt so it's important on the training paddock. A new

lap record has been set at the Mount Panorama circuit with Jenson Button knocking 18

seconds off the previous best time. Although it was in his

McLaren F1 car. The 2009 world champion took his car around

the iconic circuit as part of a car car swap with Craig Lowndes.

The Bathurst circuit gave plenty of excitement to

with the crest in the middle of

the road. You're moving around a lot. Once you get used a lot. Once you get used to that yeah, it's an amazing experience. Button

lap in a V8 car before he heads

to the more familiar surrounds of Albert of Albert Park for this weekend's weekend's season-opening Australian grand prix. Australian tennis player Jelena Dokic is through to the second round of the qualifying at the WTA event before hitting back to win in

3. Compat yacht Sophie is also through ease ed his way into the free ride championships at free ride championships at the Swiss Alps. The best from Swiss Alps. The best from a cross the globe went cross the globe went 3,000 metres. They chose their route

the finish area. France won

men's snow board comp.Sweden's phenomenal. It is, did I

right, they have to walk to right, they top? No, I'm sure there was

some sort of lift but they did do

do some kind of hiking as you

saw there in the first

I won't be doing then. Thank,

Claire. The down bit scares as well, I must say. Berlin Zoo has opened a book of condolences for the condolences for the celebrity

poller bear Knut who died

suddenly at the weekend. Knut fans laid forl tributes and farewell notes in front of the

zoo. Some stood in silence in front of the empty enclosure.

Knut rose to global fame after

he was rejected by his mother

soon after his birth in 2006.

The zoo keeper who took care of

the orphan bear died in 2008.

The 4-year-old bear was Berlin

zoo 's main attraction drewing

millions of residents and selling selling merchandising. A

reminder of our top stories reminder of our top stories - coalition forces have coalition forces have continued

their air assault on Libya for

a third night. Several sites have been have been attacked including the compound of President Moammar Gaddafi. The Moammar Gaddafi. The Lybian Government says the intervention could plunge the

country into civil war but the

former deputy Lybian ambassador

to the UN says the majority of Lybians welcomed the

intervention. In Yemen senior military leaders including a top General had quit to support the month-long protests against

the country's President. The

defection came just day defection came just day after

scores of protestors were shot dead

dead and hundreds were wounded by forces loyal to Yemen's

President. Tanks have now been

deployed in Yemen's capital to

protect key government

buildings including the

presidential palace. Japan's quake-damaged Fukushima

nuclear plant have resumed

attempts to restore electricity

and cool its overheated

reactors. The work was reactors. The work was halted after smoke was seen coming

from 2 of the reactors earlier

today. The Government nuclear

safety agency says there was a brief rise in radiation brief rise in radiation levels

at the plant but Japan's at the plant but Japan's chief cabinet secretary says there's little short-term danger people near the reactor. And authorities still authorities still can't confirm whether they've recaptured all

the detainees involved in the break

break out from the Island detention centre. A head

count inside the centre

revealed discrepancies but the

Federal Police won't say just

how many people are missing.

Two men were arrested today after being found in bushland

near the centre. And before we

go, we have an update on Libya.

A US air force fighter has

crashed and one crew member has Two

been safely rescued. We'll

bring you more details as we

get them. And to keep up to date on all the stories we're

following you can log on to our website, the address That is The

World for this Tuesday evening.

I'll be back in a moment with

the latest news. I'm

Bevan. Thanks for your company.

Two naval bases near Two capital were hit by Coalition strikes, along with two air