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(generated from captions) Tony Abbott launches the

coalition campaign, promising stability coalition campaign, promising

stability at the top. It's time

to end this soap opera and to

give Australia back a government. give Australia back a grown-up

pledges to build more than

1,000 new affordable homes in

the Northern Territory. As her predecessor turns to the

campaign trail and defends his

legacy. And Catholics celebrate

the woman who will become Australia's first saint.

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I'm Nick Doll. Australia's the coalition's campaign for a

return to office. It was light return to office. It was

on spending but heavy on scorn

for Labor. Mark Simkin begins our coverage. Faithful did

stand up. Giving their leader a

1.5-minute ovation. His

political mentor got a

front-row seat and an embrace. Isn't it great to lead a united political party with a deputy I can trust, a

predecessor ... (LAUGHTER)

(APPLAUSE) A predecessor who's a friend and a former Prime Minister who's hero. (APPLAUSE) Minister who's a Minister was the real focus.

than Julia Gillard. The Kevin Rudd got more mentions

unfair dismissal that anyone

has talked to me about in course of this campaign is

Kevin Rudd's, and I say it's

time to end this soap opera and time to end this soap opera and

to give Australia back a grown-up government. A mantra

repeatedly repeated. Even by

the support acts. And this is a

national soap opera, not a

about the bold government and don't worry

beautiful, the young and the

restless, try the vain and the

ruthless. (LAUGHTER)

Now she's had to

text her ex. Eight months ago few Liberals thought Tony Abbott would be standing here, even fewer thought he even fewer thought he could win

the election. Our task is

nothing less than to Australia from nothing less than to save

Australia from the worst

government in its history. I

say this: let's bury

gutless spin and give our

country a fresh start where

politicians say what they mean

and do what they say. To reinforce that the Opposition

Leader laid out a timetable for

his first months in office. accuse the next coalition his

government of being all talk

and no action. He didn't make

any new spending announcements

vowing instead to crack down on vowing instead

people smugglers. A coalition

government will introduce new government will introduce new mandatory minimum jail terms. At least 12 months for harbouring a so-called

non-citizen, at least 10 years

for more serious or repeated

offences. Because, ladies and

gentlemen, the people smugglers

need to know that their game is finally up. For the finally up. For the first time

and the coalition campaign in 14 years the

launch is an Opposition Leader

and this mean this event is

about more than pageantry or

even policy. The opposition

wants Tony Abbott to a Prime wants Tony Abbott to look like a Prime Minister. They're

convinced and he has two weeks

to preach to the unconverted.

taking aim at the Labor While the coalition was

being deployed as the ALP's Leadership, Kevin Rudd was

star campaigner in the suburbs

of Brisbane. The former Prime Minister set about the telling the country Minister set about the task of

the woman who'd replaced

Anti-Liberal forces had the the woman who'd replaced him.

launch venue all

your bike, Tony! They pedalled, they painted, they shrieked. WorkChoices, whatever the name, never again. And

across town, the big gun was

wheeled out. Hi, how are you?

I'm Kevin. In the seat of

Bonner, margin less than 5%,

Kevin Rudd launched his quest to save Queensland for Labor.

without you. I'm now sort of

over it. This is my first day out walking. It was shaky.

But it got the message out on school stimulus. We're

to make it work better for the to make it work better for the

local schools. And on the man

who was trashing his reputation. I do not believe

Prime he's up to the job of being

Prime Minister. Our economy is too important for that. Ripping

up an agreement on health and hospitals which took me two

important for that. Ripping up years to negotiate is too

broadband from the just economic vandalism. He

didn't mention his leader by

name. Julia Gillard was in

Darwin. Yeah! Pushing school attendance more school chaplains and local attendance through sport, 1,000

housing and hospital

investments, all made

she stresses, by sound economic management. The choice here is

to assess who has the skills,

capacity and judgment to keep

our economy strong. And

our economy strong. And every

major judgment call you need to call. For the Liberals, the Abbott is making the wrong

soap opera as they call it is a welcome distraction. Tony Abbott knows that he's now

running against two Prime Ministers, and he couldn't be

happier. Nor could this happy campaigner. He's really had the

of right balance. Are you proud

of him today? Very! This

former leader on the other hand

was a loner on the fringes of the Liberal launch. Mark Latham's employer, the Nine

Network, has apologised for his

lack of respect towards the intimidated, Prime Minister. Did you feel intimidated, bullied? I'm

made of tough stuff but I did

think this was think this was inappropriate.

One nuisance duly dispatched.

For more I'm joined by our political correspondent Andrew

Green in Canberra. Andrew,

these campaign launches are

always very carefully stage

managed events and leaders'

words are always chosen very

carefully. How could you

speech today? Look, it wasn't a characterise Tony Abbott's

typical campaign launch in the

again, this hasn't been a very

typical election campaign. Tony

Abbott wasn't out there to Abbott wasn't out there

spend a lot of money today or

to make many visionary

statements. He was sticking to

his small target strategy which

has worked fairly well for him

to this point in the campaign. He has worked he has been throughout the campaign of

paying off the debt, ending the

waste and stopping the boats,

and also adding a new line to

his mantra which was to struggling families. But it was probably a bit safe and boring

on the election campaign, on the election campaign, the typical election campaign launch style. But that's again what Tony what Tony Abbott thinks is working for him. But what was

his key line today was hen he was focusing on Labor. He clearly

clearly thinks that the dramas

within the Labor Leadership are

his greatest asset his greatest asset at the moment. And the more he focuses

or the more the focus is on

Labor and its leadership

problems, the better it is for

the coalition. So the coalition. So today, his best best lines were the ones where

he talked about getting rid of

a government and installing a

grown-up government and that's

where Tony Abbott was where Tony Abbott was focusing most of his attention today.

And we heard him

about Kevin Rudd than he spoke

of his direct opponent Julia

Gillard. So how's the

government responded to that attack? Today the Treasurer

and Deputy Prime Minister Wayne

Swan spoke to reporters and he

focused his attack on Tony Abbott and Tony Abbott's

campaign launch by saying that

Tony Abbott didn't have a

vision for the economy. Let's take a

think today was perhaps the most negative policy-free

campaign launch that I have ever seen. There was nothing

positive to say about how we

should strengthen our economy as we go forward. Nothing

positive to say about how we should build on our strengths

so that we can broaden our

economy and support prosperity.

I think every day of this

campaign shows that Mr Abbott

has no understanding of what we need to do to strengthen our

economy. And Mr Swan and his

opponent Joe Hockey will continue debating the continue debating the economy

at the Press Club tomorrow.

Thank you for that. You will be

able to watch Tony Abbott's

speech in full straight after this bulletin this bulletin here on ABC News

24. That's in about 20 minutes' time. Turning to other news

now. Police investigating the disappearance of 6-year-old

Sydney girl Kiesha Abrahams say her immediate family are all

being treated as suspects.

Locals today released pink and

purple balloons as a beacon for the missing child. After seven

days of scouring bushland and

waterways for Kiesha waterways for Kiesha Abrahams, police have called off their search. But they're still looking close to home. They've

confirmed her mother, stepfather and biological

father are all suspects. As far as nominating suspects,

everybody is a suspect. The

6-year-old's family have moved out of their unit to escape out of their unit to escape the crowds that keep coming. I've

got a little girl and it just breaks my heart. We to pray. I hope they find her

well and safe. There have been

reports of sightings from as far away far away as the Central Coast and Wollongong but they've come to nothing. The premier says

the case has touched many people It's extraordinarily distressing for the community as a whole and for particularly

her family members. Police say the little girl was last seen wearing

wearing pink pyjamas and a purple jacket. The same colour as balloons locals released today in her honour. Kiesha!

It's just a keep of her coming

home. It's been a week now. It's too long. Many of the

people here say they hope Kiesha Abrahams will be

safe. But it looks and feels

like a memorial service. I do

entertain some hope, but as the

days go on, the worse it

is. Police say they'll continue door knocking but for now the search for Kiesha Abrahams will remain suspended. Pakistan is

bracing for his flood crisis to worsen with more heavy rain millions

forecast. In a country where millions are already millions are already homeless millions more are now at risk A deluge is expected in the

southern Sindh province where

one dam has already been

breached and another two are on

the brink. This report from the

BBC. All they have left is

their rooftop. Still,

won't go. We joined the army on

a rescue mission in areas won't

are disappearing, fast. But

even chest deep in

man was staying put. I but children's lives are at risk but I can't leave my ancestral

land. By the time he lets go,

it might be too late. Here's

why. This frightening expanse of water. It was dry of water. It was dry land one

week ago. The rain week ago. The rain just started falling here again in the last

few minutes and it's quickly

become an absolute deluge. It's going to make any effort to

find and rescue people far more difficult. The water difficult. The water has been rising dangerously here. 2 feet in the last 24 hours. The

floodwaters now cover a span that is 40 kilometres wide. On board, a man whose entire family was swept away. First we reached

his neighbours. We found 20

women and children trapped on a

shrinking island shrinking island of land. Around them, their cattle

Around them, their cattle were

dying. But they wouldn't go

because their husbands weren't

there. Then we reached the man's family. Poor before, and left with nothing now. generations were rescued. The

eldest is too frail to walk. We headed back to dry land. The

boat lying low in the water. This woman was worried about

others left behind. Send more

boats. There are children waiting. And the army returned

three times. Rescuing their

neighbours, saving lives, while

These are today's top stories. The Federal Opposition

leader Tony Abbott has officially launched the coalition's election campaign.

There were no big spending

promises but he has vowed to increase sentencing for increase sentencing for people

smugglers and establish a debt

reduction task force. The Prime Minister Julia

Minister Julia Gillard has been campaigning in the marginal Darwin seat of Solomon today.

She pledged to build 1,200 new

affordable rental houses in the

region and police investigating

the disappearance of missing 6

year old Kiesha Abrahams say

her immediate family are all being treated as suspects.

Roman Catholic congregations

have sell Braithed Mary

Mackillop's Feast Day in honour

of the woman set to of the woman set to become the

nation's first saint. The

church has announced further details of the celebrations

planned for October when she's canonised. It reflection and anticipation as people gathered to celebrate

the life of the blessed

Mary. Mary's dreams of caring for those marginalised and oppress

oppress in society is today

being en fleshed not only in Australia but throughout many

diverse parts of the world. Mary Mackillop's Feast Day coincided with a Day coincided with a second

national appeal to raise money

for her canonisation. The

historic moment will take place

at St

on 7 October. Those who will

watch the celebrations on

television expect there will be several million and well as that there will be of people in all of the major

cities, in all of the smaller towns and so outback

settlements. In her birth city

of Melbourne, the Catholic Archbishop announced celebration plans, including the live screening of the event. Whether it's a young

woman balm coming back having

sailed round the world, sailed round the world, our

cricket teams or cricket teams or our rugby teams, Australians have a teams, Australians have a great enthusiasm for welcoming achievement. Hundreds of

school sdunts will travel to

Rome for the occasion. She had

the saying, never see a need without doing something about

it. That can be applied to so many situations in Australia

today. 101 years on from her

death perhaps the most illustrious chapter of Mary Mackillop's history is about to be written. Time for sport now with

games around this afternoon. What's the latest in the AFL? We've just had full time.

It's been very close in one of

them. The Western Bulldogs have

just hung on for victory against Adelaide at Football

Park. The Dogs have been red hot lately but the Crows stayed

with them to trail by a goal at

half-time. for goal in the third for goal in the third and

Adelaide was only 1 point behind heading into the final term. But majors term. But majors were hard to

come by in the wet weather. The Dogs managed 1 and it decisive. St Kilda has returned

to its best form with a

clinical annihilation of Port at The Docklands. Melbourne

claimed a 29 point win claimed a 29 point win over Richmond. The Saints' 94 point

win pretty much wraps up a top

4 position. The Docklands roof

was open and Port's banner was

blown away which as it turned

out for a portent of things to

come. So good for the last

fortnight the Power was unplugged

unplugged by a St Kilda side

that was so poor in


period. They drilled period. They drilled four more

goals in an impressive opening term and with the Saints something pressure relentless it took something special for Port to

even get a sight at goal. Port

managed only three goals in the

half, conceded a 47-point lead

to the Saints and nothing

changed after they returned

from the rooms. It took a rare

Saints skill error to provide Port with a Schultz, surely. Of course,

there was to be no brave comeback

comeback and by this time, comeback

Saints weren't so much marching

as simply strutting their

stuff. The last quarter became another procession with another

box ticked for the Saints box ticked for the Saints as

skipper Nick Riewoldt found

some form. They did concede goals, some form. They did concede two goals, but by then, the goals, but by then, the only

issue was whether the margin would reach three figures.

Certainly the fans didn't

appreciate the Saints' decision

in the closing minutes to

practise some keepings-off.

Maybe the players tired, having kicked their biggest score of the season.

The St George Illawarra

Dragons remain favourites Dragons remain favourites for

the NRL premiership with the NRL premiership with a comeback win against Roosters comeback win against the Sydney Roosters at the SCG. Earlier

the Newcastle Knights outplayed

the Canterbury Bulldogs while

the Dragons closed in on the minor premiership. The SCG

Trust unveiled its Trust unveiled its latest bronze sporting sculpture. Reg Gasnier. Before survivors from

the 1975 St George and Easts

grand final and 38,000 fans welcomed

tight encounter, the Dragons' slump looked slump looked likely to

continue. The video referee

gave Minichiello benefit of the doubt. I don't know. Well Just as their grip on the minor premiership was premiership was slipping, the

red and whites worked their way

into the game. Ben Cray burst

through to put his through to put his team in

front. A field goal was a

decisive play. But Todd Carney

notched his 14th tryst season.

Dean Young crossed to snuff out the Roosters' took the points in Newcastle.

Their chances were put to the

sword early in this clash. The

Knights scored three first half

tries as they attempted to keep their finals hopes flickering. Cooper Booner's good hands and McDougal's backing-up stretched

the margin. Australia has taken a 1-0 lead in its three a 1-0 lead in its three game series against Jamaica with a

59-38 goal win in Melbourne.

The Diamond went into their opening match of the series against the sunshine McMahon. The Aussies McMahon. The Aussies held a

12-9 lead at the end of the

first quarter. And they

extended their advantage to 10 goals at half-time. goals at half-time. The Diamonds' dominance continued in the second half to wrap up a

comfortable win. And the

Australian men's hockey team

will play in the final of the

Champions Trophy tonight. The Kookaburras are up against England.

A look at the weather now of

the on the satellite, skies are

clear over most country due to

over the east and west. Cloud over South Australia, over South Australia, southern

WA and Tasmania is triggering

some patchy rainfall in those States.

Now on ABC News 24, here is

the speech Tony Abbott gave at

the official launch of the coalition's election campaign. Isn't it great to

lead a united political party

with a deputy I can trust, a predecessor ... (APPLAUSE) (LAUGHTER) A a friend and former Prime

Minister who's a

hero. (APPLAUSE) My hero. (APPLAUSE) My fellow

Australians, this election is about you.

about you. It's about your future, your family's future, your family's future and our nation's future. and our nation's future. But

not everyone thinks so. The Labor Party thinks this election is

They're worried about who gets

the top job while the the top job while the coalition

wants to create more jobs.

They're worried about their own

squabbles while we want to squabbles while we want to help

you through your struggles.

They react only to a bad poll while we respond while we respond to your concerns. (APPLAUSE) They will

do anything to win, while do anything to win, while we

know that we must do everything

can secure your future. (APPLAUSE) Ladies and gentlemen, that's why women of Australia I am women of Australia I am asking

for your support, to end the

waste, to pay back the debt, to

stop the big new taxes, to stop

struggling families. (APPLAUSE) So today, my fellow So today, my fellow Liberals

and Nationals, we face a

historic challenge. Not since 1975 has there

in Australian politics. Our

task is nothing less than to

save Australia from the worst government in

government in its history. (APPLAUSE) Now, I (APPLAUSE) Now, I know that

that is a big claim, but

consider the facts. This is a government that's broken promises, that's and tried to clobber the and tried to clobber the most successful industry in our

country with a great big new

tax. Just six weeks ago, it

politically executed its own leader. Thereby effectively

admitting that it had failed.

And never before ... (APPLAUSE)

And never before in Australian history has an elected Prime

Minister been removed from

office by his own party in the first term of that government.

Six weeks ago, the government

had lost its way. On its own

admission, and since then, it's

just got worse. The secret just got worse. The secret deal to fix the mining tax has

fallen apart and the anti-tax

ads are back on

ads are back on air. The deal that was supposed to stop the boats got

boats got lost somewhere in boats got lost somewhere in the

Timor Sea and the boats keep

coming. Its policy to deal with

climate change is one of the

greatest failures of nerve ever seen from an Australian

Government to select 150 at random from the phone book and

to ask them to make to ask them to make the

decision. I say to the people of Australia it's no way to run a government and it's no way to

treat our country. Six weeks ago, Kevin Rudd so ago, Kevin Rudd was apparently so toxic to the Labor brand

that he had to be politically

assassinated. But since then, Julia Gillard has become so

toxic to the Labor brand that

she has to be rescued by the

man she replaced. And I say

opera and to give Australia back a grown-up

government. (APPLAUSE)

As things stand, it doesn't

really matter which Labor

Leader fronts the cameras, because the faceless men are

always in charge. They can analyse a poll, but they can't

read a balance sheet. They are

good at politics but they are absolutely hopeless at absolutely a government. (APPLAUSE) all the decent Labor people embarrassed by the incompetent

patronage machines that the New South Wales South Wales and Queensland

Governments are, to everyone

anxious that the New South Wales Labor Mafia is now

running the country, I say

this: let's bury an era of gutless spin and gutless spin and give our

country a fresh start where politicians say what they and do what they say.

But I say also to my fellow

Liberals and Nationals, the public

public are asking us to do more

than just to than just to replace a bad

government. They are asking us

to restore some sense of honour

and integrity to Australia's

public life.

We must offer the Australian

people a better way, people a better way, and so I say again: if elected, a coalition government will end

the waste, pay back the debt,

stop the big new taxes, stop

the boats and do a fair deal

for struggling Australian

families, and we will do that from Day

From Day 1. Under a coalition

government, the mining industry could do again what it does

best, creating wealth and employing hundreds of thousands

of Australians without the threat of an investment-killing

jobs destroying great jobs destroying great big new tax. From Day

government, everyone who uses

energy, and that's pensioners,

retirees, farmers, families retirees, farmers, families and young people, could live

without the threat of a carbon tax or an emissions trading

scheme that would raise prices, damage industries and cost


In week 1, ladies and gentlemen, a debt task force will be established.

It will be co-chaired by Joe