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Pakistan suspended from Commonwealth -

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VIRGINIA TRIOLI: Pakistan has been suspended from the group of Commonwealth nations over the
imposition of emergency rule. In announcing the ban, the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group,
CMAG, said emergency rule in Pakistan had violated the Commonwealth's fundamental political values.

DON MCKINNON, COMMONWEALTH SECRETARY-GENERAL: CMAG has suspended Pakistan forthwith, from the
councils of the Commonwealth, pending the restoration of democracy and rule of law in that country.
Pakistan says the decision is unreasonable and unjustified.

MOHAMMED SADIQ, PAKISTAN FOREIGN MINISTRY SPOKESMAN: The Government of Pakistan deeply regrets the
decision of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group to suspend Pakistan from the councils of the
Commonwealth. The decision does not take into account the objective conditions prevailing in

VIRGINIA TRIOLI: Under the ban, Pakistan will be unable to attend Commonwealth meetings or take
part in the Commonwealth Games.