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Australia still outperforming other advanced -

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The G20 summit in Toronto has ended with a promise to cut national deficits by half within three


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: The G20 grouping of the world's biggest economies has ended its summit in
Toronto promising to cut national deficits by half within the next three years.

The deal comes despite American concerns that cutting stimulus spending too quickly could stall the
recovery of the global economy.

Now countries are trying to find a balance between stimulus plans and growing deficits.

BARACK OBAMA, US PRESIDENT: Every economy is unique and every country will chart its own unique
course, but make no mistake: we are moving in the same direction.

LEIGH SALES: Australia's on track to be well ahead of the deal as it's still outperforming the
other advanced economies at the table.

WAYNE SWAN, DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER: In the same year that G20 advanced economies have agreed to
halve their deficits, Australia will be back in the black.

LEIGH SALES: Wayne Swan scored a sideline chat with the US President, but received no word on when
Barack Obama will reschedule his twice-postponed trip to Australia.