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(generated from captions) The alleged September 11

mastermind to place a military

trial along with four others at

Guantanamo Bay. We have to Mohammed ensure that Khalid Sheikh

Live. This Program is Captioned crimes are brought to justice.

accused of these Haynious Live. Try again - the

Opposition demands a second

prosecution attempt to prepare a

Health Services Union. If you prosecution brief over the

Health Services Union. If you technical skills or the

gauge solicitors a brief of evidence, gauge solicitors a brief of evidence, then end

for you. A new home for a

Brisbane family devastated by Brisbane for you. A new home for a Australia's worst house

expect these guys to build me a house on - a roof on top of my

head. They end up building me

a palace. It is one gold two near misses for Australia's

it's Thursday, 5 April, I'm sprint cyclists. Good morning,

Michael Rowland. . I'm Karina

Carvalho. The top story on

'ABC News Breakfast'. The mastermind of the September 11 attacks will face a military

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is one trial at Guantanamo Bay.

of five suspected Al Qaeda mill

tants who will be tried by military commission. death penalty official say they face the

guilty. Barack death penalty if found to hold the court cases on the Mohammed and the four others must be brought to Mohammed the White House Khalid Sheikh must be brought to justice. In

same that commitment he's of the

that commitment he's of proceedingses same opinion as his

proceedingses sore, as his

opponent in the 2008 president

senior leadership of the United r presidential election, as the

States military and many, many others who believe that

Guantanamo ought to be to that. In the meantime we have

that. In the meantime Mohammed and others who are to ensure that Khalid Sheikh

Mohammed and others who Mohammed and others who are

accused of these heinous crimes

are brought to justice and procedure is now under way to

procedure is now happens. That's the White House happens. That's Our North America spokesman Jay Carney there.

Jane Cowan says Our North America correspondent announcement ends years Jane Cowan says this

announcement ends years of

announcement Jane Cowan says this debate where the

have his case heard. This is

have his case heard. This really the have his case heard. This is

really the culmination of many

alleged mastermind of September 11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and

four of his co-accused, Al Qaeda militants, where they would be tried. The Obama Administration had wanted to do

that in a civilian court in New

York City just a few steps from

Ground Zero, but that plan was

in Congress actually blocked by Republicans

in Congress who opposed the transfer of

transfer of the detainees to US

soil. Human rights groups have

slammed these military

tribunals. They've said that

they're tainted and today on

the back of this decision to send these men to trial Guantanamo Bay they've that criticism. Guantanamo Bay they've renewed

Guantanamo Bay they've renewed that

that criticism. They say this trials of our time to a second

tier kind of system. North correct The correspondent Jane Cowan there.

The Australian Council of Trade The

Unions is poised to suspend

Unions is poised to suspend the Union from meets today to consider what Work Australia investigation. union in the wake of the Fair

The Opposition Australia should The Opposition says Fair Work Work Australia

Australia should work with The Opposition says Fair Work

lawyers to prepare a brief for Commonwealth Department of

Public Prosecutions Public Prosecutions says fair

work's report into the union evidence. And the Shadow

Brandis, says the DPP can't act on

brief. I think it is surmise but only a surmise, surmise but only a surmise, surmise but

that the report

conclusions. It would that the report states

the original documents and would state conclusions.

would state conclusions. But a secondary evidence. A prosecutor acts source material. Australia, this is fair enough,

assemble the brief of evidence

and give it to the and give it to the DPP or if

you don't have the a brief professional skills to assemble a brief of evidence, then professional skills to assemble

for you. For more let's

for you. For more let's go to our political reporter Nick morning, Dole in Canberra. Good

morning, Nick. The fall-out from

on for? much longer is it likely to go from this saga much longer is it likely to

on for? It could last several much longer is it likely to go

months at least. The development last night, being investigation back and the that the DPP handed the

basically "we investigation back and said

basically "we can't take it investigation back the that the DPP handed the

investigation back and said

basically "we can't take further," has further

complicated matters. As we

heard from George Brandis, the Opposition is really stepping up attack on the whole process.

Initially, they were saying it Initially, they were

was too long and they were critical of Fair Work Australia was too long and they were very

for failing to release findings. It is demanded for failing to release the

that Fair Work Australia findings. It is demanded now

prepare a new brief of evidence

for the DPP. The though, says that this for the DPP. The Government,

criticism from the Opposition

is really jumping the gun. The

Minister, Bill Shorten, says

that just because the DPP says

at the moment they can't take

things any further, doesn't mean the case is overall

together. What they've actually said whilst they're

not a criminal investigative body, effectively their lawyers

not policemen, they're asking

to examine the material to see what should next happen with

it. I don't think the it. I don't think the matter

is not going anywhere. I think

the DPP said they're going to

look at it and determine what

to do next. I the general manager of Fair

Work Australia has asked the

Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions Prosecutions their view on this and what to do about the

release. The DPP is in the

best place to give advice best place to give advice back to the general manager of Fair Work Australia. It is an

independent process and this

Government will respect the independence of independence of that process. Bill Shorten, the Workplace Relations Minister

there. Ny, the ACTU will meet

later on today and it is likely

to suspend the HSU from its ranks, isn't it? It certainly looking highly likely.

Obviously, the national

executive has to make a final

decision but given the comments

from yesterday Kearney and Jeff law WRNS yesterday at that

press conference, it certainly

seems like many people within

the executive have made up

their mind. Jeff Lawrence was

saying this whole event has

reflected very poorly on the

union as a whole. Probably not

surprisingly, it the HSU is fighting this decision and it

is the head of the HSU, Kathy

Jackson says the decision to go

a ahead of this completely ignores the fact that there

have been several reforms to the administration process

within the union since within the union since these

allegations came about. It

isn't just the fair work investigation

investigation that the HSU is

facing. There's also another investigation from Ian Temby QC

into alleged mismanagement at the union that. Would yield

further bad news for the union

potentially down the track. The

country's education country's education ministers will meet with the Federal

school Education Minister in

Sydney today? That's right. This is This is another one of these

meetings. Head of the COAG of

the meeting next week. obviously a key issue for obviously a education federally and across the States has obviously a key issue for education the States has been the education federally and across looked into school funding and

on the face of looked into least on the face of it said that at on the face of it said that least $5 annually to annually to improve the situation or and, indeed, overtaken by our neighbours in Asia. Peter neighbours in Garrett isn't too hopeful neighbours in Asia. Peter Garrett isn't too hopeful that the ministers will

Garrett isn't too

completely eye to eye with the

completely eye to eye with that. It whether the Government

that. It is not whether the Government completely agrees with all the findings of the Gonski review. He's He's hopeful they'll have some sort of agreement. findings of the Gonski review. negotiations and no-one out it figure just current funding model figure just yet. He said the current funding model is illogical, it is illogical, it is not effectivenessly, and no-one that our top performing student

understands it. He also said that our top are not doing as well as they are not doing as well could against their are not doing as well as they we have a big we have a big tail of

much as it does to NSW or

Victoria. I'm those States to set aside their set aside their political

short-term issues of concern if

they have some and recognise

that this is genuinely something which I think the

community wants to see us work

on together. The Federal school Education Minister, Peter Garrett, there. Nick Dole in Canberra, thank you very much. Thanks, much. Thanks, Karina. Medical researchers say national call

centre designed to reduce

pressure on emergency wards

simply isn't working. The $220

million call centre was set up

in 2006. An article in the

emergency medicine Australia

lace journal says the centre hasn't solved the hospital bed hospital. hospital. The Australasian College of Emergency Medicine

said the money could be better

spent in hospitals. Indonesia

justice ministry has backed a longstanding recommendation to cut Australian Schapelle

Corby's jail term for Corby's jail term for smuggling marijuana. 249-year-old is

certaining a 25 years sentence

after act son evicted in 2005. There's no indication when

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will

make a decision. A man is it feared dead after a suspicious fire destroyed a home in

Melbourne's east this morning.

An explosion in the garage An explosion in the garage El

engulfed the home at four. Arson investigators are on

their way to the scene. their way to the scene. A fennal willing held today on Queensland's Sunshine Coast for junior

junior surfer Matthew junior surfer Matthew Barclay who died at the Australian Australian Surf Life Saving Australian Surf Life Saving Championships. The 14-year-old

drowned while the xeetd ing ina

board race last week at Kurrawa

Beach on the Gold Coast. His funeral will be held funeral will be held this

morning in Caloundra. The

family that lost 11 people in a

house fire in Logan south of Brisbane last year has been

given the keys to a new house.

Eight children and teenagers died in the fire in the suburb of Slacks Creek. The builders labourers's union and more than

40 companies donated 40 companies donated supplies

and labour to rebuild the home. Survivor Treicee Taufa's

people's kindness helped drive

away the sadness. My family away the sadness. My family are

very much alive here. They're not going away from me.

Because when the whole

started they put me in started they put me in an

unexpected position. I had

been homeless, I have been on

street, I've helpless, I've

been lonely, but when they

built a place like this that we built a place like this that we

get rid of all those memories

from my mind and I thank you from my mind and I thank you to

all you guys you drive away my

sadness and fill me with all gladness. Overseas news, the Somali Prime Minister has

escape a suicide bomber which claimed the

claimed the lives of 10 people. The method of shoppia's soccer

Federation a as with killed

this attack. Militants say

they carried out attack. French

police have arrested 10 suspected police have arrested 10 more suspected Islamist militants after raids in the south of

France. They say those

arrested have a similar profile

to the gunmen who killed 7

people in Toulouse two weeks

ago. Us the suspects were track on Islamist forums

expressing extreme views and

say they planned to visit

Pakistan, or west calf to wage

Jihad. The back section of the

cargo section Rena has sunk in

high seas. High winds and 12

metre waves over the last two

days battered the Rena before

its stern finally broke away. Recovery

Recovery teams are on stand Recovery teams are on stand by

to clean up the debris and oil

spill after the sinking.

Making a living from the land

isn't always for the faint

hearted with isolation, hard labour and the vagaries of the

weather testing any Farmer.

What's it like for a woman. A

new book tells the inspiring stories of 8 rural women and their struggle and success

running their own farms. For

more the Landline presenter Pip Courtney joins us from Adelaide. You obviously have a

special guest alongside you.

Firstly tell us why Landline is in Adelaide this week?

Landline is in Adelaide Landline is in Adelaide this

week. We came down for the

rural press club launch of Liz

Harfull's fantastic book which

is about eight rural women is about eight rural women and

she's profiled eight amazing women from all around the

country in different industries

but all running their own properties. What are the specific difficulties that

women in farming face? Oh, I

think Liz would probably tell

you they're all different ones.

I think chapter one, the Farmer

was widowed when she had four

young children. It can be I

think - my favourite chapter

the Tasmanian where I hail the Tasmanian where I hail from that's somebody who has a

complete career switch complete career switch from managing the ocean area of the

CSIRO and she decided to run superfine sheep. She had superfine sheep. She had to start from scratch. I think

sexism can be part of the

problem too. Yeah, I think Liz has

has just picked eight women has just picked eight women who have so much to teach us

really. Liz Harfull, let's

bring you in now. What

prompted to you write this

book? Actually, pip has had a

great deal to do with that. I

was on a quest to find

Australia's best show cooks and

aed period in a segment on

Landline a publisher happened

to be watching and was looking for someone to tell the stories of rural Australia from a

woman's perspective. Without

pip I guess I wouldn't be

here. Pip outlined a couple of stories. What were some of the

stories that really grabbed you

in this book and the eight women that you spoke to? They're all extraordinary

women. Quite inspirational.

It's been wonderful me to spend

time on their farms. People like Mary in WA who had ho

learn to run a 3,500 acre farm by herself and raise four young children including a baby, nan

from Tasmania who gave up a

career as Australia's top marine scientist to breed

Marino sheep and produce

beautiful soft fine wool, Lynette, a second generation orchardist, her parents carved

an Orchard oust bush in Sydney

and she loon learned to part of an eccentricities Urban

expansion zone. Keelan Queensland who is the first

indigenous woman to manage a cattle station, living out in

the bush raising five foster

children as well as her own

children and looking after this

cattle station and the cultural

sites of her people. They've

each got some extraordinary

lessons and stories for

us. Pip, could I just ask you,

how difficult is it for women

to remain on the land given how

tough times are economically?

Women can run farms just like

men can. I think it is more

about the weather and the economics economics and how their

industry is going. I think

this book shows that as long as

they can get the farming aspect

down, which they can, they down, which they can, they ask

questions, they can hire

consultants, or they know how to do it anyway, I don't to do it anyway, I don't think it is difficult. I think it is difficult. I think they

have to be like male farmers. Are they a good Farmer is the question I

question I suppose. It is not

go their gender, but with they good at what they good at what they do. Pip Courtney and Liz Harfull thank

you very much for your time this morning. Thank you. The

top stories on 'ABC News Breakfast' this morning - the alleged mastermind of the

September 11 terrorist attacks

and four others will go on

trial at a military court at Guantanamo Bay. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-accused

face the death penalty charges including terrorism

conspiracy and murder. The Opposition Opposition says Fair Work Australia should convert its report on the Health Services

Union into a brief of evidence

for Commonwealth prosecutors.

The DPP says fair work's The DPP says fair work's report isn't sufficient for it to carry out a criminal investigation into the union. And the head of a Brisbane family devastated by Australia's worst house fire last

last August has been given the

keys to a new home at a

ceremony this morning. ceremony this morning. 11 family members died in family members died in that

blaze. The builders labourers

union and construction companies donated their services and supplies to rebuild the gutted property. It

has been a long time gun coming

but Iraq is paying a billowed to

to Australian wheat farmers

from a quarter of a century go. The Iraqi government default on

hundreds of millions of dollars

of wheat payments in the late

1980s due to trade sanctions. Peter McCutcheon reports. Australian wheat

farmers have been waiting

nearly 24 years for Iraq to

show them the money. . We had

many a meeting at many a meeting at the Grains Council of Australia where the

delegates could raise delegates could raise it as an

issue and we would go and talk to the Federal politicians about it and they'd go and talk

to the Iraqis, and the Iraqis

said we can't pay now but we

will one day. After the first

Gulf War Iraq couldn't Gulf War Iraq couldn't pay

about $500 million it owed for

Australian wheat growers for

sales in the late 1980s. While

growers got most of their growers got most of their money back in insurance a proportion

was never recovered. After years of negotiations, the

Iraqi Government has finally

agreed to settle its bill. I

it is a real surprise out of

the blue. The Australian wheat

growers were never expecting to

ever see any money again for

those wheat sales made in the

late 80s. Iraq is pay about $50 million for

million for Australian growers

over the next 127 years.

There's some 52,000 growers we

need to community #k5i9 in respect of their entitlements

and that will be a major task. Some growers will receive

less than $100. But it will be worked out on how much wheat

each grower sold. At the low

end, there's about 13,000

growers who we estimate will

get a distribution of under

$100, but at the high-end there

are several hundred growers who

we estimate will get

distribution in excess of $10,000. Keeping on the right

side of the Iraqis and taking

them as honourable people, has

paid off in the long run. The

first payments will be given around July. Peter McCutcheon,

ABC News. Let's return to one

of or top stories, the Australian council of trade

unions is poised to suspend unions is poised to suspend the HSU from its ranks. Joining me on the phone is Chris Brown the acting National President of the HSU. Thank you very much

for your time. Do you think

members of your union will feel

abandoned if the AC tu. U goes

ahead and likely does suspend

your union from its ranks? It wouldn't surprise me. There

are 77,000 members in the HSU had has done had has done absolutely nothing

wrong. They're evenings going

to be punished again because they've already been through a

traumatic situation with all of

the events that have been

unfolding within the HSU. It

is extremely disa pointing that this

this move is even being considered because it is

penalising people who are good heart working members of the union. The union movement union. The union movement does

have a job to do in re-invigorating its reputation

as not being corrupt. Surely,

this would be something the unions - that the unions - that an organisation like the organisation like the ACTU would look at doing in order to clean up its image? Yes. You

have to remember that the

report that prompted this

latest round of media on this

was an inquiry into the union from 2002 to 2007. Once we became became aware of the indication of corruption within the union

in 2008, we did a whole lot to investigate

investigate it. We got an an independent in, Slater & Gordon

lawyers and BA Kendall which

was a forensic accounting firm

do a proper external

investigation to confirm what

it was that we suspected was

going on. Once we got the

outcome of that report outcome of that report we referred it to Fair Work Australia for them to investigate which is what thief

done and they've handed down an

outcome. During outcome. During that period while all of that was going on, we put in place some of the

most stringent financial Government's

Government's arrangements of just about any organisation

that I know of and put in place

good decision making processes

to ensure that this sort of

thing can't happen again in the

union. There's no suggestion that there's corruption within

the national union or in fact

the vast majority of the

branches within the union.

Most of the branches are doing

good work and delivering good

outcomes for their members and are growing. Of course, we

don't know the details of don't know the details of this Fair Work Australia report

which has been handed to the

Commonwealth DPP. The ABC last

night on our news, Mark Simpkin

revealed that the ABC revealed that the ABC had obtained a letter written by the police to a senior HSU official and in that there

official and in that there were details about missing financial

records and what he called irregular transactions and they

included deposits of something like $58,000 into like $58,000 into the account

of a union official, childcare

fees and the purchase of a car.

Those sort of links in the

wider community, that's not a

good look, is it? Look, it is

certainly not a good look. Jeff Lawrence yesterday said

the union movement should the union movement should have

absolutely zero tolerance for corruption and I wholeheartedly

agree. Those particular

accusations which you've

outlined refer to the Number 3 branch in Victoria which

doesn't exist any more. It is

part of the HSU east branch

which is under police investigation at the moment for potential corruption and no

doubt if those allegations doubt if those allegations have any substance and then they

will be dealt with. My strong view is that if anyone in the union has misappropriated members' money or has members' money or has acted corruptly, they should be dealt

with by the law to the fullness

extent. It is essential extent. It is essential that that happens. Chris Brown

thanks for your time this

morning. You're welcome.

Cheers. To the markets, the Dow

Jones ended 124 points lower


The Australian dollar is

buying 102.78.

We're joined by Paul Kennedy.

It is day two of those track cycling championships cycling championships in Melbourne We get to see Meares

on. We'll see whether she can

retain one of those three rainbow jerseys she brought

into the World Championships. She lost one but not disgraced. Perks Scott Sunderland and Nick

Glaetzer took out the team

sprint on day one. They were

the surprise packet. Their

team coming together and there's Shane Perkins with his

son. The team pursuit was son. The team pursuit was everything it promised to be. Australia was pipped by Great

Britain which broke the world record. The Australians and

the great Britains go go head to head if he London Olympics

to see who win the gold. Anna Meares and Kaarle McCulloch won the sprint three times

previously had to take silver

when the German team broke a

world record in the heats and

final. The Brisbane Roar was

reduced to 10 men in its Asian

Champions League but produced

the best performance of the

tournament so far with a 1-1

draw. Nick Fitzgerald gave the Brisbane team a hope of Brisbane team a hope of a

victory. That was cab sold victory. That was cab sold out

in the second 456. They lost a

man and got a draw. They'll

get ready for Central Coast on the weekend for Gosford in the

second leg of the semifinal.

Ben Buckley was speaking yesterday about the yesterday about the FFA's

decision to base a new A-League

team in Western Sydney. Peter

will kims was quizzing him how

realistic this proposition is.

It is not pie in the sky

It is not pie in the sky

month. Melbourne Heart did it

in 7 months. You have to go to the launch of the A-League and successful teams and clubs got

established within a four to

six month period. It is six month period. It is very

doable. We have a great deal of knowledge that's been built

up based on our experiences

running clubs. We haven't

won't up today and made this

decision. We have been working hard behind the scenes to make sure the framework will be sure the framework will be in

place to make this a successful

club. Ben Buckley there. With all the sport around, I haven't talked about talked about the foot at the

tonight in the the AFL the rebelsly ing the Blues in the

Super Rugby. Lots to like about the about the weekend. Vanessa

O'Hanlon joins us with the

weather now. Good morning.

Lots to like about today to.

We've got very warm wealth over

the country. As we head

towards the long weekend, we're seeing very thick cloud around

this area of Western Australia.

It has been bringing a lot of rain to Perth this rain to Perth this morning, over 12.5mm overnight. We are

seeing that start to make its

way over towards South Australia.

Australia. We're seeing the

frontal system to cross into

the far west later today and tomorrow morning a cool change through Adelaide as it moves

over towards the south-east.

Or forward we can expect fine conditions throughout the south-eastern region under this

high pressure system. This

trough will trigger a few showers and forms but otherwise

clear skies in the north.

Tomorrow we can expect a few

showers to move over towards South Australia and over

towards the south east, another

cold front will move through on

Sunday, and this will bring a dramatic cool dramatic cool change, particularly to Tasmania and

Victoria. Around the States for today: very quickly a final word.

Your favourite for the combined Australia-New Zealand Your favourite for the combined Australia-New Zealand

current The shag. It's hard to the green black. That's us for 'ABC News Breakfast'. beat. I'm going to stick with the green 'ABC News Breakfast'. Thanks for your

for your company. Have a great day.

This Program is Captioned Live. push Good Morning, welcome to Business Today for Australia Network.

I'm Whitney Fitzsimmons.

Coming up on the program - risk

concerns, European and US

markets slide on fresh fears

about Spanish debt. Vision problem, business leaders take

aim at Australia's politicians saying they're stifling

competitiveness. And winning combination, why the fitness

sector is de defying wider

trends and cautious consumers. First, let's

First, let's take a quick look

at the markets. We'll take at the markets. We'll take a

look at regional markets were

in a week in ray amendment.

Yesterday there was a Yesterday there was a decision.

Japan's Nikkei suffered its

biggest fall in five months,