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Racist comment 'the tip of the iceberg' says -

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LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Rugby League star Timana Tahu has tonight revealed it was more than one
racist slur that led him to pull out of one of the code's biggest games of the year.

The Parramatta centre has broken his silence after walking out of the NSW State of Origin camp last
week over a slur against Queensland Aboriginal player Greg Inglis. The Blues' assistant coach
Andrew Johns was forced to step down over the remark.

TIMANA TAHU, NRL PLAYER: It was not just one racial comment directed at one individual that
offended me. The remarks were directed at various races and the situation I encountered was totally
unacceptable. I believe I'm a role model for children and to do this, to show my kids this type of
behaviour is wrong.

LEIGH SALES: Timana Tahu's club, the Parramatta Eels has backed his actions. So, too, have players
in other codes and they admit the problem is much wider than Rugby League.

ADAM GOODES, AFL PLAYER: We've come such a long way in AFL in terms of that, but it still happens
and that's the truth. It still happens in society.

LEIGH SALES: Andrew Johns is an assistant coach at the Parramatta Eels. That position is now under