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Morgan Tsvangirai arrested again while campai -

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VIRGINIA TRIOLI, PRESENTER: In news just to hand, Zimbabwe's Opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai,
has been detained by police for the second time in three days. Earlier, a group of diplomats from
Britain and the United States were also detained provoking condemnation from London and Washington.

The group was outside of the capital Harare investigating reports of political violence when they
were forced from their car. They say police slashed their tyres and military veterans threatened to
burn them alive. They were then taken to a police station and held for several hours before being

DAVID MILIBAND, BRITISH FOREIGN SECRETARY: It gives us a window into the lives of ordinary
Zimbabweans because this sort of intimidation is something that's suffered daily, especially by
those who are working with Opposition groups.

VIRGINIA TRIOLI: The Zimbabwean Government has also suspended the work of all international aid
groups inside the country, accusing them of meddling in domestic politics.