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More arrests in nationwide campaign against c -

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VIRGINIA TRIOLI, PRESENTER: A national crackdown on child pornography offenders has netted another
two men in Queensland, taking the number of people charged to more than 90 nationwide.

Police have confirmed one of the suspects, a Sunshine Coast teacher, has committed suicide and a
second man attempted to take his own life overnight.

In Canberra, a former Australian Federal Police officer has broken down in court, expressing regret
for accessing the pornographic images.

Kristina Harazim reports.

KRISTINA HARAZIM, REPORTER: The net continues to tighten on those suspected of viewing degrading
images of children on a European website.

JUDY SPENCE, QUEENSLAND POLICE MINISTER: Overnight, we've had a 36-year-old labourer in Ipswich has
been charged and a 38-year-old technician in Gladstone has also been charged.

KRISTINA HARAZIM: It takes the number of Queensland suspects to 42, about half the national total.

The Australian Federal Police sting started last December. Last month, there were dozens of
arrests, including a 59-year-old Sunshine Coast teacher who committed suicide soon after.

Late yesterday, a 48-year-old primary school teacher from the Brisbane area attempted to take his

BOB ATKINSON, QUEENSLAND POLICE COMMISSIONER: No one wants to see anyone lose their life and
obviously our condolences go to the family of the deceased in that case.

KRISTINA HARAZIM: No such sympathy from outspoken Nationals MP Vaughan Johnson.

VAUGHAN JOHNSON, NATIONALS MP: I suggest to all the paedophiles out there, or the would-be
paedophiles - I suggest you go and top yourselves now.

KRISTINA HARAZIM: The comments have angered some of those who work to prevent suicide.

MICHAEL DUDLEY, SUICIDE PREVENTION AUSTRALIA: We really don't need to tip people - you know, people
on the edge to be tipped over by comments like this.

KRISTINA HARAZIM: This afternoon, former AFP officer Michael Hatch broke down in a Canberra court,
saying he deeply regrets accessing child pornography. The 38-year-old admitted he had been addicted
to adult pornography but said he never found images of children sexually stimulating.

With the raids still continuing, the Federal Police have come under fire for going public so soon.

JUDY SPENCE: Many Queensland police are puzzled at the decision of the AFP to go public with this
case yesterday. But we're certainly not here to criticise the AFP.

BOB ATKINSON: It's inevitable with any investigation that when it becomes public knowledge, that
there is a risk.

KRISTINA HARAZIM: The AFP denies the operation has been compromised.

Kristina Harazim, Lateline.