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This program is not subtitled CC Surreal is right. As 4 million Australians found out was posted online, 30 minutes after that story

the wrong dish. the Tele had served up but Julie Goodwin. The winner wasn't Poh Ling Yeow,

first Masterchef. You are Australia's that one was a biggie. As stuff-ups go, I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch, favourite - the silly poll. And now to an old Media Watch

publicity from media patsies. Generated solely to garner free for example: Like Karl and co on the Today Show, that says that butchers There's a survey that's come out, are the happiest people on Earth. Does that ring true for you at home? on Seven's Sunrise: Or like Kochie and friends the happiest workers, Not only are they whoopee than any other profession. they also get more whoopee, 60% more as these things always do, It started, from a PR company. with a media release mention sex in a survey result, Well, of course as soon as you in thrall: you're bound to have the media with happy, well-satisifed butchers: And generate lots of interviews whether he knew it or not, Terry Wright the butcher, drawn up by the PR company. was sticking strictly to the script the stories generated by the poll Well, it's true that not many of mentioned that fascinating fact. to tell us And most certainly didn't bother who commissioned this nonsense. who'd featured it on his Monday show, Richard Glover, by Sky News's John Mangos, had to be told three days later. on the journos' forum Not really, Richard. the bottom of press releases: He just reads the small print at corn, and the chooks will come. Too easy, isn't it? Just spread the relatively harmless. But, at least it's of swine flu are anything but. Scare stories about the killing power the ABC's World Today Last Wednesday, Professor Raina MacIntyre, interviewed on infectious diseases. one of Australia's leading experts Nicola Roxon, said such predictions Within an hour, Health Minister, were "ambitious, if not ludicrous". MacIntyre she was gunning for. But it wasn't just Professor limit, in the worst case scenario, The Government has put the upper deaths nationwide. at around 6,000 swine-flu related Fran Kelly next morning: But as the Minister told ABC's So, what was that about? Daily Telegraph last Wednesday: Well, this, in Sydney's

in New South Wales alone. Up to 10,000 deaths Australia-wide, That would mean up to 30,000 in just two months. Scary stuff. that figure? So, how did Joe Hildebrand come to different studies. Well, he combined two totally The first was this: That's accurate enough. Professor George Milne, The principal researcher, has confirmed it to Media Watch. Joe Hildebrand continued:

Here's the document. And that's accurate too.

on page 17, that: And it does indeed say, Bingo. But there's a snag. The document was written in... heard of swine flu. That's long before anyone had even a notional flu pandemic - It's a plan to deal with Spanish flu of 1918, any flu, including strains like the of those who caught it. which killed about one in 100 last week, But as another expert told the ABC like as lethal. swine flu is proving nothing 10,000 people that are infected, Roughly for about every one person dies, get those numbers. so it is very unlikely we'll As Nicola Roxon said: it's a beat up. Or as we would put it, figures were supported, he wrote, Ah, but Joe Hildebrand's by none other than... who thinks that 10 to 20,000 deaths That's the same Professor MacIntyre nationwide is possible. But not in New South Wales alone. when Joe Hildebrand called her... She's told Media Watch that that he quoted her correctly: Joe Hildebrand is adamant

clear as you thought, Joe. Well, perhaps you didn't make it as reporting like this helps nobody. What's certain is that alarmist when Nine's A Current Affair It's not much help to anyone, either, try to tell the same story, and Seven's Today Tonight, at the same time, in the same place. light. It all started with this: Plenty of heat and precious little When squatters go ballistic. (SCREAMING) was filming in a Gold Coast mansion Today Tonight reporter, Gavin Alder, with a real estate agent who claimed were squatting. the family living there a contract to buy the property In January the Asaad family signed and soon afterwards, moved in. settlement but the deposit The deal was the family rent until coming after just two weeks. bounced and the rent stopped We've gone down every avenue. we've gone through the courts, We've had police assistance, we've used lawyers. we're not getting anywhere. delighted when, Today Tonight must have been with the real estate agent, as they were filming exploded in rage. the family returned and the mother in this house without permission. You've been squatting Do not assault that man. We're not squatters. ratings were satisfyingly high. Great stuff. Today Tonight's Next morning, it got better.

21- year-old daughter, Cordelia. They got an email from Mrs Asaad's Nine's A Current Affair. But Cordelia Asaad also contacted was round there in a flash. And ACA reporter, Kate Donnison, I'm not asking for sympathy, the real story. but I'm asking that people know And here it is. No, here it wasn't.

last we heard of Cordelia's story. In fact, that was almost the Because just at that moment... Alder, got inside the house Today Tonight reporter, Gavin with his camera crew and producer. evening on Today Tonight: Or, as Gavin Alder put it that Asaad's daughter, Cordelia, We returned today because the wanted to tell their side. she had enlisted the help When we got there, of Channel Nine's A Current Affair. And from then on, what we got was Kate and Gavin taking it in turns to cajole and bully Cordelia Asaad and slag off each other. If you want to engage him in conversation he can stay here. If you want him to leave... ..I want you to leave. So you're taking legal advice from these people? I'm taking legal advice from Chanel Nine. Where's your document Cordelia? Go and get your document and how... ..I'm gonna show the Channel 7 people that the document that I recovered was only on the 2nd of July and that's when I was told to move out. I kept asking - do you have that rental agreement? I want you to leave... ..If you have ... ..I want you to leave... ..If you have that rental agreement can I see it? I want you to leave.

You've been asked to leave a number of times. I want you to leave. Eventually, Gavin Alder left. But he hadn't finished with Cordelia and A Current Affair. It would help if they checked their facts. They weren't hard to find. We found this sitting in full view in the Asaad's BMW parked at the front - a letter from lawyers dated February 24 telling the family they were in breach and that they had seven days to leave. But hang on. The letter wasn't dated February 24.

The words Today Tonight shows are: Since February 24. So the letter was clearly written at a later date. In fact, the quotes in Today Tonight's document appear word for word in this letter shown on A Current Affair, which is dated July 2nd. Gavin, it helps if you get your facts right. Today Tonight accused Cordelia's father Michael of being a serial defaulter on his debts. He may well be. But here's what neither program managed to tell you in 15 minutes of sensational television. That 3 months after the Asaads moved in, according to Cordelia ... And that she and her mother thought the rent was being paid... And so on. It may not be true.

But it is Cordelia's version, the story both programs said they were going to tell us and neither did. So much more fun to get stuck into your rival... It seems A Current Affair is happy to swallow the Asaad's story without question. And feature a 21-year-old woman in tears. I don't know what you want from me. Well you... have destroyed my family.

Ratings is what they want, Cordelia. And on that front, Today Tonight won handsomely. It slaughtered A Current Affair, on both nights. That's it for now. For full responses, including some tart remarks from the Tele's Joe Hildebrand, visit our website. And join me again next Monday.

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Good evening, Australia has

vowed to stay the course in

Afghanistan despite the

Afghanistan despite the rising

death toll. The Government and

the Opposition say troops must

stay on the front lines there

to fight terrorism. to fight terrorism. 22-year-old

Private Benjamin Ranaudo is the

latest Australian soldier to

die in Afghanistan, bringing

the death toll to 11. Gangland

widow Judy Moran will face a

Melbourne court charged with

the murder of heir

brother-in-law Desmond Moran,

the 64-year-old and her

co-accused Suzanne Cane were

charged with being access charged with being access ris

to the murder, detectives

upgraded charges today. upgraded charges today. The

Federal Government and business

leaders shut down union calls

for another stimulus package.

Unions are pushing for a third

plan focussed on creating jobs. The Government says the The Government says the effect

of the second stimulus are

flowing through to the economy.

The Australians who beamed the

first images of the moon landing to the rest of the

world celebrated their part in

putting man on the moon.

Hundreds of former technicians

gathered near Canberra for what

could be their last reyunian 40

years after monitoring years after monitoring the

'Apollo 11' mission.

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Sugar Horse? What is it? No idea. (SCREAMS) I promise I've never seen that before in my life. It's all right. I know you had to do it. I'm afraid that when I told you I'd never heard of Sugar Horse, I was lying. I need you to remember everything that happened at the time it was mentioned. Who was present? I was tortured for 17 days. Continuously. Was Sugar Horse the reason?

I'm certain it was. When I was meant to be out cold, I kept hearing a word repeated - Pilgrim. I checked it out. The only link seems to be to an MI5 officer.

You all right? You and me. The old team. Just under 20 years ago as the Berlin Wall was collapsing, Richard Dolby, Hugo Prince and I conceived the most complex viral network of spies ever to have infiltrated the Russian political system. We recruited young pro-Western minds in all areas, with one aim. To ensure that in 20 years, we would have moles at the very highest levels of Russian life... ..moles who could limit or destroy the Russian nuclear threat. We have that capability. Operation Sugar Horse, which has remained entirely uncompromised. Until I told you that the Russians had interrogated me about it. Yes. And I didn't know how the Russians knew about Sugar Horse until now. I am waiting for some intel from a Sugar Horse asset in Moscow and then I will expose the identity of a mole within MI5, a traitor, who has tried to sabotage a 20-year British Intelligence operation. When I expose the mole, all hell will break loose, both here and in Russia. I'll need both your support. Whatever you need, Harry. Anything at all. Thank you. Thank you both. MAN SPEAKS IN LOCAL LANGUAGE SCREAMS NEWSREADER: Last week's killing of 325 Palestinian civilians by an Israeli missile in Gaza has sent shockwaves through the region. The announcement of an emergency summit to be held in London in two days' time represents what surely must be the last chance for both sides to stop the cycle of attack and reprisal. British Foreign Secretary Rachel Beauchamp and UN negotiator Claude Denizet have both personally staked a huge amount on the success of the summit. TV: Well, we are dealing with great historical complexity here, with ownership rights that go back thousands of years... I've got the security details of the Palestinian Fatah delegation. They're staying at the Stanmore. The Israelis are at the Haymarket in Knightsbridge. And Claude Denizet and the UN negotiating team? They're staying at the Asquith. Can we get surveillance? Not inside the hotel. Each side will accuse the other of spying on them and toys will be thrown from diplomatic prams. Ros, can I show you something?