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(generated from captions) before and during work People who walk are healthier and more productive. is National Walk to Work Day, Friday 1 October and walk to work so put your feet first with public transport. or combine a walk leave it a good distance from work If you must use the car, and walk the rest of the way. holiday for two in New Zealand Go into the draw to win a walking and register your organisation Make walking work for you. (CROSSING BUTTON BEEPS) This Program is Captioned

Live. This morning, India scrambles

Commonwealth Games, to save the New Delhi

travel advice updated once again. Strict again. Strict travel

restrictions in place for Games

athletes in terms of travelling outside

outside the village and outside

morning - at the United Games facilities. Also this

Nations, the Foreign Minister,

Kevin Rudd, calls for continued action on world poverty the Government gives its clearest

sign yet that a carbon tax is

back on the agenda and the count downis on, St Kilda and today ahead of Saturday's grand Collingwood to name their teams Collingwood to

final. Good morning. You're

watching ABC News 24. I'm Joe