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Church of Scientology denies enslavement alle -

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The Church of Scientology has denied allegations in the draft of a Fair Work Australia report that
its workers have been subjected to false imprisonment and enslavement.


TONY JONES, PRESENTER: The Church of Scientology has rejected allegations that its workers were
subjected to false imprisonment and enslavement.

Last night Lateline revealed the allegations made by former members of the church could breach
provisions of the criminal code dealing with slavery.

Those allegations were contained in a draft report of the Fair Work Ombudsman's inquiry into the
Church of Scientology which had been obtained by Lateline. The draft also says the Ombudsman is
planning to refer these claims to the relevant authorities.

Well the Church of Scientology has refused Lateline's requests for interviews, but in an interview
with ABC News, church spokesperson Virginia Stewart has rejected the allegations of forced labour.

VIRGINIA STEWART, CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY: Those allegations aren't actually new. So, for it to be in
the draft interim findings, it's not new. We have actually responded in great detail to other
organisations, and last year when, you know, a certain senator made some statements publicly, we
responded with great detail and documentary evidence to refute those allegations.

TONY JONES: The Fair Work Ombudsman's final report is due to be released later this week.