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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. THEME MUSIC How quickly the chooks forget. to rest Even before Sir Joh was laid 'South Burnett Times' - his local paper - Kingaroy's

how to spell his name. had forgotten It's j-o-h not j-o-e. explained. General manager Bruce Partridge

Hello and welcome to Media Watch. I'm Liz Jackson.

For the first time last week this difficult dilemma. the Australian media was delivered How much should we show pleading for his life of a distressed hostage victim it's an Australian? when this time and TV outlets The ABC instructed their radio like this: that they could cover the story shows him pleading for his life A video of 63-year-old Douglas Wood

troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. and asking for coalition terrorising him, Flanked by the men who've been the agonising process Douglas Wood began of identifying himself. I'm 63-year-old. My name is Douglas Wood.

I'm an Australian, a US resident, my wife is an American. Battling fear and exhaustion in Iraq. he describes his activity

more than a year ago I came to Iraq working with John Watkinson with the American military. and we had many jobs Mr Wood began to break down. With a gun to his head

fiercely patriotic, He says his captors are

Australian PM Howard and he calls on from Iraq. to withdraw Australia's troops not to include any of this: ABC journalists were told PM Howard, Governor Schwarznegger, President Bush,

family, friends, take the American troops please...(Voice breaks) the British troops out of here, the Australian troops, and let Iraq look after itself.

They are strong. against their neighbours They will be...look after themselves I don't want to die. but, please, help me,

all ran the distressing footage. The commercial TV networks and SBS by the decision. None appeared troubled instructions in this memo. ABC management set out their

over the memo. ABC staff were divided Alan Sunderland, The head of editorial coordination,

explained the decision to us. ** PAUSE ** We think there was justification. We have seen other hostage videos, it's the plight of an Australian. but this is the first time

target of this appalling tactic This time Australians are the

to call on their governments of forcing hostages publicly beg for their lives. to pull out their troops, and of the Douglas Wood video It's precisely this section that is the core of the news story, and we should have been shown it. material in hostage cases The ABC has aired confronting less relevant to us. where the pressure is

Bigley on ABC News last year. This is British hostage Ken but Ken Bigley alive, Humiliated, distressed in chains, caged and desperate: ** pause **

in every case. We agree it's a difficult judgement well as their life, is on the line. People's dignity, as we've spoken to Some senior journalists was responsible, believe the ABC's decision others call it censorship. We'd like to know what you think. to share your views. Log on to our website columnist, Janet Albrechtsen, The 'Australian's now on the ABC board, into the media debate has already bought

into the media debate has already bought of the Douglas Wood story. around the media coverage

a more positive view, A longer view really means about spelling this out. and Albrechtsen is not shy

prestigious Wall Street Journal? 27 pages of good news, from the We wanted to know more

on their web site but couldn't find it to a spin-off site until we followed this link called '' you'll find this: where, if you hunt hard enough, and it's pretty soon apparent Scroll down the page that no-one else has reported, that far from being the news

from stories arthur's good news is culled the 'Washington Post', produced by the BBC, and other media outlets. Stories like this: of material There's also a fair swag like USAid. direct from government agencies

by a Wall Street journalist, These pages were not produced

but a self-described blogger.

So who is Arthur Chrenkoff? up this. Well, a quick google search throws

Arthur has now moved senator Brett Mason. to the staff of Queensland Liberal official work for the senator - Arthur's blog is not part of his it's his private passion. He lives in Brisbane. and has no plans to do so. He's never been to Iraq, for the good news from Iraq. Arthur just trawls the web

'Wall Street Journal' Arthur is not paid by the, or the Dow Jones website, without editing. which publishes his blog

her column robustly. But Janet Albrechtsen defended

No, Janet. published Good news from Iraq is not

'Wall Street Journal' website - on the highly respected on a sister site. it's a blog published real correspondent in Iraq, The 'Wall Street Journal's the good news and the bad. Farnaz Fassihi, reports Fassihi rose to prominence In September last year was leaked on the Internet. when a private email to her friends

not be so hard in Australia Getting the real news should broadcast this? so why did Canberra's Channel 10 Good evening. tonight reveal Southern Cross Ten can his unit three days ago a Mawson man found dead in had his throat cut. driver was Francis John Campbell The 45-year-old former cab

in the Wilkins Street unit. who lived on his own suffered other head injuries. It's believed Mr Campbell had also in their murder investigation. Police continue Southern Cross's revelation What was the basis of that Mr Campbell's throat was cut?

When his young nephew and niece saw that bulletin at the end of 'The Simpsons' they were shocked and upset. Sandi Logan from the federal police told Media Watch.

According to Sandi, Southern Cross's news director, Jeremy Flynn, had phoned police media earlier in the day to establish the cause of death. So police were stunned when the throat cutting story was run. Sandi Logan phoned Southern Cross for an explanation.

Sandi Logan phoned Southern Cross for an explanation. ** PAUSE ** As it seemed hard to credit that a news director would own up to broadcasting speculation as news, we checked with Jeremy Flynn. ** PAUSE **

So next time you see a Southern Cross Bews revelation, bear in mind it may just be the news director's 'unconfirmed speculation'. OK, let's move from speculation to gossip.

It's been the biggest celebrity gossip story in months, if not years. Did Brad leave Jen because he's in love with Angelina? Yep, they've denied it, but this week's 'Woman's Day' finally has the proof in the pics, six pages of them.

These pics of the couple are said to have cost 'Woman's Day' around $150,000. But check out the cover of rival 'New Idea'. They seem to have the same story, but an even better picture - Brad and Angie actually holding hands. What's the photo scandal?

Turn to page 11. Well, 'New Idea' only has the one picture of their own, and there's something funny about it. Where's Brad's beard and why has Angie's son, Maddox, shrunk? 'New Idea' has 'fessed up in the small type in the corner inside the magazine.

People who follow these stories closer than I do, recognise Brad's photo as actually being taken on a holiday with Jen, who's been photoshopped out and replaced with a-year-old pic of Ange and her son. Too late if you bought 'New Idea' on the strength of their front cover deception. But, hey, they did warn you it was a "photo scandal".

'New Idea's editor, Jennifer Gilbert, is unapologetic And then comes their "Hey, why me, miss?" defence.

Sorry 'New Idea', but we don't have time to keep track of all the gossip mag sins. My advice is save your money and read them in the supermarket queue. Until next week, good night. Captions by Captioning and Subtitling International.