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(generated from captions) for the region as well as for the region as well as the

bilateral relationship. Back

home, a Senate committee as

called for a royal commission

fine the Federal Government's

home insulation scheme. The

$2.5 billion program was

dumped after it was linked to

the deaths of 4 men and 200

house fires. If Liberal

Senator Mary Joe Fisher is

the head of the committee an

joins us from Adelaide.

on There seems to be confusion

things about just whether the on the opposition side of

Opposition would if it won

Government hold a royal

commission into that matter.

Would you? If elected to

Government we would implement

the recommendations of the inquiry and that includes establishing a royal

commission. You were not so

clear on this yesterday when

you were asked. In fact you

did not directly answer. Greg

did not directly answer. Greg

Hunt said yes they would hold

a royal commission. Has

something changed your mind

in the meantime? The

important things to get to

the bottom of what went

wrong. The tragedy of the

home insulation program is

that arguably it has sullied the waters for any

environmental sound supposedly program any

Government might want to

drive into the future and there is a

there is a serious question

about whether a program of

this nature can ever be

driven by a Government to

improve environmental out

comes so what went wrong and

can those things not go wrong

in the future so that

Government can do

environmental good. Here we

have a Government hell bent

on hurry, haste arguably over

safety, haste arguably over

the reputation of

the reputation of the

industry and haste at getting

money out the door arguably

over the safety of the roofs

that are now over mums and

dads heads. Those who had had insulation laid under the

program. Because you did

not directly answer my

question I will give it one

more try. Do you support a

royal commission and what has

changed your mind in

yesterday? I think I have

yesterday? I think I have

answered the question and

said yes if we electricityed

to Government we would conduct the Royal Commission

to get to the bottom of what

went wrong to ensure that

programs of this nature can

be successful in the future

or to see if they can be

successful in the future. Let

me pick you up on that point

at the end. If I read you correctionly you seem to

suggest that given this program in

program in your words muddied

this whole issue and has made

it difficult now. Are you

suggesting there an Abbott

Government would find it

difficult if not impossible

to put in police a subsidised

home insulation scheme? The

committee found this

particular program sullied

the waters for any large-scale Government-driven

environmental program and the sourts of things

sourts of things the... Any

or just one in relation to

this? Looking at the

circumstances of this it was

large-scale across the

country and unprecedented. It

was in a industry where a

Government had not

implemented a program before

and the Government was in a

hurry to get money out the

door. Its supposed goals with the program were to stimulate

the program were to stimulate

the economy, create jobs and

help the environment but in

its hurry to get money out

the door, in its hurry to get

homes insulated the committee

found that that placed a

whole lot of pressure points across the departmentments

taxed with doing the job and

despite the risks being

forecast to the Government

about your tasking a department that

department that is

ill-equipped to deal with a

task of the scale and hates

being imposed upon it the

Government said go right

ahead and there is plenty of

evidence that the Government

and the senior ministers t gang of four

By the time of the first

death associated with the

program in Australia there

were sufficient verbal and

written warnings again for

the Government to have

suspend food not scrapped the

program at that time. So

about genuine questions about there are real questions

Government can drive an the extent to which the

outcome in a market to

outcome in a market to

achieve in this case an

improved scenal outcome. Real questions about the extent

the which a Government can do

that without skewing the

market - Let me jump in.

Given that and looking,

anticipating the future then,

do you see that it would be

difficult for any Government

to get involved in such

direct action as Tony Abbott

calls it on an

calls it on an environmental

front if it is a Government-organised program?

Did you now have doubts a Government can successfully

we think we need a royal run that? One of the reasons

commission is to get to the

got some of that in this case. No, I'm actually asking

you a question that looks, an

is the mates an Abbott

Government. I don't think you

are - rather going back to

are - rather going back to

the issue that you have at

length outlined about what

the Royal Commission found,

looking in to the future do

successfully do that from you think a Government can

what you know? The Royal

Commission has not found anything because we have not

had one. The analysis put

together by the committee? A

royal commission has powers

to demolish the obstacles

that were put in place of

this committee in get doing

the bottom of what went

the bottom of what went

wrong. I really cannot answer your question because I'm

the committee fund and basing my comments on what

committee did not get the the committee fund and the

committee was unable the get the evidence from the

Government the answer that

the recommendations to very question hence one of

satisfy royal commission to

get to the bottom. A royal

commission that, um, pushes aside

aside ministers refusing the

answer questions, that deals

with questions that came from

departments that were

conflicting and confusing, sorry answers that were

conflicting and confusing and

a royal commission that has

powers to get to the bottom

of what went wrong and to

ensure that programs of this

nature in the future are able

to be run by a

to be run by a