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Tonight - red carded in

soccer, now she's yellow carded

by the Prime Minister. It

appears to be a pattern of

unacceptable behaviour. Claims

that drugs and alcohol fuel add

deadly road rage. Down but not

out - Nick D'Arcy is fighting

on. And religion's Village

People - will they tone it down

for Pope? Hell no. Good

evening. Juanita Phillips with

ABC News. The Federal

politician at the centre of the

Iguana scandal has agreed to go

into counseling to learn to

control her temper. Labor MP

Belinda Neal has felt the

unwelcome glare of the

spotlight this week after

allegations that abuse and

threatened staff at a night

club. Today there were more

accusations. This time that she

had kicked an opponent during a

soccer game. Ms Neal continues

to deny all of the allegations.

But now she's admitted she does

need help after she was warned

by the Prime Minister that

no-one has a guaranteed future

in politics. That fateful

night at the central coast club

Iguana sig still haunting

Belinda Neal. Five days later

she just wants the issue to go

away and the Labor MP has

announced she will seek

professional help to get rid of

it. This is the line in the

sand and that is that I will

attend counseling to show me

how to deal with conflict with

other people rather and to de

escalate it. Ms Neal said she

did not swear or abuse club

staff last Friday night but she

admitted the argument went on

too long. Her husband, John

Della Bosca was there, he's un

dwer fire for driving home from

the club despite previously

promising to stay out of the

driver's seat because of speed

ing offence. For the Prime

Minister, the dispute is reason

enough to put his backbencher

on notice. There appears to be

a pattern of unacceptable

behaviour and I've reminded her

very clearly that none of us

are guaranteed of a career in

politics. There is also an

accusation that Belinda Neal

performed violent ly torn

soccer pitch. She's kicked me

while I was on the

ground. Belinda Neal dismissed

the claim but has

apologised. There was an

occasion where my boot made

contact with another player's

boot. It was a minor

situation. Both State and

Federal Olympic Gameses want

tougher penalties. John Della

Bosca and Belinda Neal are not

Becks and Posh. Belinda Neal's

husband retains the public

support of the NSW Premier and

the Treasurer, who is known for

his own particular behavioural

patterns. I would be the last

person to criticise anybody swearing. A spokesman for Mr

Della Bosca says he will not be

going to counseling with his

wife, and nor will Morris Iemma

force him too. But he will

still have to face Parliament

next week with a full

explanation of their now

notorious night out at Iguana

Joe's. Alcohol, drugs and a

minor argument - police say

those were the factors behind a

deadly road incident over the

weekend. Sarah Ward is accused

of murdering 21-year-old Eli

Westlake by deliberately

running him down. It's claimed

the Sydney woman has a history

of traffic offences and was

almost three times over the

legal limit. This is the

aftermath of what appears to be

a petty argument gone wrong.

Eli Westlake died trapped

underneath this car in Sydney's

north on Saturday morning. The driver, Sarah Ward, has been charged with murder. In a

statement of facts presented to

the court, police say the

37-year-old mother of one

admitted drinking two bottles

of wine at this air partment

earlier that night. They say

she also smoked marijuana and

took four valium and an ecstasy

pill. She ended up in an

argument with a group at a St

Leonards store. A witness said

she became extreme ly ing a va

-ing a vaivated and her conwas

similar to myth rage. It's

alleged Ward drove after the

group as it walked down this

one-way street. I ice claimed

her car then clipped Eli

Westlake but it didn't stop.

There police say she followed

them again and deliberately

drove her car at the group. It

mound mounted the pavement and

pinned the promising 21

lighting technician under the

car. It was there Eli Westlake

died holding his brother's

hand. The statement says that

Ward told police her passenger

grabbed the steering wheel. She

is in justdy and will appear in

court next week. Swimmer Nick

D'Arcy has been dumped from the

Olympic team for a second time

but he is still refusing to

give up on his Beijing dream.

He is going to appeal again and

while the fight goes nonthe

courts, D'Arcy will keep

training in the pool until

every option is

exhausted. Arriving this

morning for another shot, Nick

D'Arcy was giving little away.

How are you feeling? Inside,

the 13 members of the AOC AOC

were deciding his - Australian

Olympic Committee, were

deciding his future. Missing

from the picture was AOC

President Coates kots. He made

the original decision to dump

Nick D'Arcy. The question was

still the same -ed that 20

-year-old brought himself or

the Olympic team into dis

repute when he allegedly broke

Simon Cowley's jaw in an alcohol-fuelled celebration just hours after making the

team for Beijing. The answer

unanimous. That Nicholas was clear - the vote

D'Arcy's membership of the 2008

Australian Olympic team be

terminated. The swimmer

wouldn't say if he got a fair

hearing. Obviously I am very disappointed by today's

decision. I can't say it was a

surprising decision. So

unsurprising in fact D'Arcy's

legal team was ready with yet

another appeal, bouncing back

to the Court of Arbitration for

Sport. To be expedited in the

nature of the proceedings today

and due to the Olympics

commencing in some eight weeks

time. With the clock ticking,

D'Arcy is still

swimming. Obviously I will

continue to train until every

last option has been

exhausted. While he continues

to chase his Olympic dream,

Nick D'Arcy is still facing the

assault charge from the alleged

fight that started all of this.

He's due back in court on that

matter next week. The former

Olympic swimmer George Miller -

- Scott miller has plead not

guilty to drug and weapons

charges. He fronted court this

morning. He denied court counts

relating to drug making

equipment and capsicum spray.

He was arrested at his home in

April after police raided a

nearby storage unit. They found

a press capable of making

20,000 pills an hour. Miller is

moving to WA where he will

report to police twice a week.

It was always going to be one

of those awkward subjects for

Kevin Rudd in Japan but the

Prime Minister was ready and

waiting when he was quizzed by

journalists about Australia's

hardline stance on whaling. He

plaid down the diplomatic

tensions. Instead talking up

the cultural links between the

two countries. Political

correspondent Greg Jennett is

in the Japanese capital. If

there are any troubles in the

Japan-Australia relationship,

they haven't made it to the

Akabane Primary School. Nice

to meet you. Kevin Rudd has an

ambition for Australian and

Asian students to link up. He

sees an industry in instant

translation softwear to make it

happen. The objective overtime

is to double the number of

Australian student s studying

Asian languages - Japanese,

Indonesian, kienese and

Korean. There is a view in Toka

and Canberra that the Prime

Minister, Mr Rudd, came to see

Yasao Fukuda is a lame duck

leader. Tomorrow le will be

fighting to shore up his

position in the dyet as he has

a meeting with him. Everyone

facing political chadges. They

are not turned off when someone

AIF rives. Perhaps because of

that Kevin Rudd is targeteding

up and come ing political

leader s. Over breakfast he

explained the art of surviving

question time. . I have a big

brief about this thick. And at

the Imperial Palace, Mr Rudd

extended an invitation to both

to come to Australia. Until now

there's been a regal air of

politicness in Toka but

tomorrow Mr Rudd gets to find

out what the Government and the

media really think about

Australia. Questions about

whaling are bubbling to the

surface. Transtran this subject

of whaling, how should it be

resolved? Into the future

let's hope that diplomacy

works. That means reformling the International Whaling

Commission and ahead of this

month's meeting in Chile, the

US is emerge as a broker to

place a deal to play some form

of control over the cull. The

Dalai Lama has arrived in

Australia, but he won't be

meeting the Prime Minister or

his deputy. The exiled Tibetan

spiritual leader did get to see

Opposition Leader Brendan

Nelson this afternoon. But with

Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard

both oversea s the most senior

Cabinet member to meet the

Dalai Lama is immigration e

Minister Chris Evans. Your

Holiness, it's wonderful to

have you in Australia

again. The Dalai Lama is here

for five days to talk about the

principles of meditation. It

could be the biggest health

care shake-up against Medicare

was introduce.. Under changes

pro proposed by the Federal

Government, people wouldn't

necessarily have to see their

GP to be diagnosed and get prescription. Instead they

would be able to see a

specialist nurse. Doctors say

if that happens the quality and

safety of patient care will

suffer. Doctors, particularly

GPs, are seen as the standard

bearers when it comes to

providing healthcare. But the

Health Minister says that must

change to meet the needs of an

ageing population. We need to

look at the way we provide care

to families when they need

it. Under the plan, Medicare

re-Bates tan right to prescribe

medicines could be extended to

some nurse and a range of

health professionals. Doctors

have to be central to that care

and safety has to be a top

priority. But we now have very

kill skill and well trained

nurse, very skill and well

trained psychologists,

dietitian s and others who need

to be used more extensively to

provide the sort of care that's

needed in our community. The

primary health strategy will be

gop by a group of experts led

by rural GP Dr Hog Tony Hobbs,

who already using nurse

practitioners in his surgery. As medical

practitioner, I see dentists

have limited prescribing right,

op Tom ivist ivist s having

limited prescribing rights for

eye drops, for instance, so the

precedents are already set. The

Nurses Federation has put up

its hand in diagnosing and

treating parents. Despite

appointing doctors the expert

committee, today's announcement

is sure to spark a turf war. Mr

Physicians are protective of

Medicare re-Bates tan right to

prescribe medication. We are

concerned where independent

nurse practitioners may be

putting out a message or

governments putting out a

pledge that you can go and see

the nurse practitioner, get the

Medicare rebate and the quality

of the episode of the care is

the same as it would be if you

were seeing a doctor because

that is not >>o. The Federal

Government wants a draft report

bring the the middle of next

year. No doubt there will be

lot s more lobbying from all

sides before then. A good first

step in the fight against binge

drinking but not nearly enough

- that was the thrust of the

evidence today at a Senate

inquiry into the tax hike on

alco-pops. The drugs counsel

for its part wants a minimum

price set for all alcohol, as

part of the effort to reduce

excessive drinking. The inquees

in excise on ready mixed drinks

was largely supported but a

review of the whole alcohol tax

system was urged. It is

broken, it is un fair, it is in

consistent, and it doesn't tax

alcohol as alcohol. It taxes

beverages according to the way

they are made. The inquiry

heard that young women drink

110 million alco-pops each

year. To New Zealanders it

must rank with the All Blacks

win ing a rugby series against

Australia or a Kiwi trifecta in

the Melbourne Cup. Auckland has

just been rated ahead of every

Australian capital in an

international survey of the

best cities to live in. Zurich

in Switzerland got the number

one spot but it's the Kiwis who

have won the brags right s Down

Under. So Zurich and Geneva are

civilised place s to live. In

they scooped the pool on alls a

peckses but merde alors! Knee

has been jaut classed by

Auckland in the index. Expect

lots of letters to the editor from Outraged of Mosman.

According to Mercer, Auckland

rates number five and Sydney

number 10 in. They want to

make sure that adequate

allowance is given for

hardship. Even Wellington came

in ahead of Melbourne, Perth,

Adelaide, something to do with

crime rates, and further back,

Brisbane. New Zealanders at

home might have taken to

gloating. If they weren't so

astonished. 760 very good New

Zealanders flee this country

every week for Australia and

now we can say, "Why are you

doing that?" And And Aussie

loseries can take hard in that

Baghdad rates tblors the

liveable city stakes around the

world. But no-one should scoff.

There's something of a property

explosion in the Iraqi

capital. Bid ing wars for

luxury accommodation and lower

cost housing has tripled in

value in five years. But back

to the Southern Hemisphere. Is

Auckland really that good? It's

better over here maybe than

Baghdad. Whatever. Compared to

Auckland, Sydney becomes a mild

hardship posting un less the

survey turns out to be a butt

hut and muss.

Combat troops might be on

their way out but Australia has

again promised to stand by

Iraq. The Foreign Minister

Stephen Smith has met the Iraqi

Deputy PM in Baghdad, a week

after Australian soldiers began

pulling out of the south of the

country. I have advised the

Deputy PM that over the next

three years Australia will

contribute over 165 million

dollars Australian to help

rebuild Iraq. Mr Smith is now

heading to Paris for a

conference on funding aid and

reconstruction projects in

Afghanistan. A plane has burst

into flames while landing in

Sudan, killing at least 28

people. The Sudanese Airbus was

well alight by the time fiefrts

got to it. -fighters got to it.

The fire fire spread quickly

but more than 100 passengers

managed to escape. At least 50

people are still missing. On to

finance now and consumer

sentiment has crashed to a

16-year low as a result of

rising petrol prices and

interest rates. Con koum -

consumers have only ever been

there th un happy during

recessions. This graph shows

the consumer confidence index

going way back to 1975 and you

can see that the latest figure

of 84.7 for this month was only

matched in 1982 and 1991 -

recession years. It was almost

this low in 1986 when the

Treasurer Paul Keating was talk

about banana Republics. Right

now the economy is not in

recession but consumer spending

usually follows consumer

confidence so it's a fair bet

that spending is currently

falling a lot, something we

will find out later when we

look at the Bureau of

Statistics rear view Mir other.

Lending has also slumped to a

14-year low. Its confirmation

if it were needed, that rate

hike s are taking a heavy toll

on the economy. The good news

is that the oil price is back

to where it was La Friday

morningks before that huge

spike that took it to nearly

$140 a barrel. Today's fall was

3%. That didn't produce a rally

on Wall Street because the

Federal Reserve chairman Ben

Bernanke made a sabre rattling

speech about inflation which

resulted in the futures market

pricing a 100% chance of two

rate increases in 2 US this

year. The local share market

was lifted by a rebound among

the major banks. Westpac and

Macquarie both did well but

Babcock and Brown took a pounding. Other commodity

markets were patchy. Gold fell

3% because the US dollar is

having a spurt at the moment

while the nickel price jumped

6.8%. Finally the rising

expectation of a rate hike in

the US continues to put

pressure on the Aussie dollar

exchange rate, down to 94.75

today. That's finance. It's a

something sof a David and

Goliath battle - on one side

Sydney residence and/or on the

other side the Catholic Church.

A local park is dis appearing

to make way for a thorough

faretor the thousands of

pilgrims expected for next

month's World Youth Day. Locals

are being encouraged to chain

themselves to tree s to stop

the park being demolished. If

somebody proposed to demolish

your backyard, they would talk

to you about it first. That

hasn't happened here. Plan s

are still being fiejised for

the area. There are many

reasons to be banned from the

footy field but this is not

usually one of them. Two

teenage owners to State's South

Coast have been told they can't

play with their AFL team-mates

because they're girls. Madison

Griffen and Jessie Mulholland

love playing footy. They train

hard and play even harder for

Wollongong's under 15 Figtree

Kangaroos but the pair have

been banned from playing in the

team because they're girls. Our

team supports us the whole way.

They think we're good players.

It's just the officials. Other

young fe Neal players around

the country have been outraged

too. Similar to other codes,

Australian football colleague

policy, introduced nationally

this season, prohishts girls

over the age of 14 playing

against boys. By the time they

get for 15, for medical and

legal reasons we consider it's

probably pertinent not to have

girls and boys playing against

each other. The parent s

received letter s from the AFL

saying their daughters had been

deregistered from the

competition. I couldn't believe

it. When I was told Jesse

couldn't play, I cried. We were

told we're not stronger than

the guys. There is no girls

only youth competition in this

region so the AFL says it will

allow the girls to play in the

under-13s league. The girlings

say "no thanks". They're

tinier. We would hurt

them. Despite the ban, the club

President says the girl also

take the field for the

under-15s this weekend. We

don't know whether we will be

able to leave them on the field

or not but certainly they will

be running on to their field

with their team-mates at the

start of the team. He is hoping

for a compromise with the AFL

by the end of this week. Just

like his playing day, Steve

Roche was taking no prisoners

in the countdown to tonight's

State of Origin match in

Brisbane. They are going to

focus on Scott Prince. Watch

tonight as we did with the

first game one. The Blues

enjoyed a traditional game day

cricket match this morning

while Queensland took a more

relaxed approach with a walk

through the botanic gardens: I

know they've got a good mind

set but they also realise the

enormity of this

game. Queensland fans began

arriving at Lang Park a good

three hours before kick-off.

The wheel of fortune has turned

for Australia's track cyclists.

Some dreams were realise,

others shattered, when a team

of fie was nominate for the

Beijing Olympic sprint

squad. In a private time trial

today, Shane Kelly and Ben

Kersten dual for a trip to

Beijing. Kelly won the ridoff

to qualify for his fifth

Olympics but in future wants

selectors to make the final

call. It shouldn't have come

to. This I would much rather

have accepted either I'm in the

team or out. Kersten was

knocked from his bike in a road

accident last month, but didn't

blame his injuries for missing

selection. I love cycling. I've

done too much sprinting

now. Mark French, Daniel Ellis

and Anna Meares have also been

nominate. It's a chance at

redemption for French when she

was banned for life leading up

to Athens. He successfully

appealed the drugs ban to make

it to Beijing. Meares crashed

five months ago and she still

has to satisfy selectors she's

regained her form at a trial

tomorrow night. I am a little

bit nervous an anxious. I want

to get that time done and over

with. With matches against

Qatar and China firmly in focus

for the Socceroos, warz Mark

Schwarzer doesn't know whether

he will replace Danny Vukovic

in the Olympic team. I don't

know. Schwarzer could qualify

as one of three overage

players. Vukovic is frustrated

at what's been an expensive

drawn-out process. But is

resigned to his fate after FIFA

overturned the FFA tribunal's

disixths To have it taken away,

it's probably the hardest part

of it all. It wasn't always

pretty but Sweden has beat yeen

Greece 2-0 at the European

championship. Striker Zlatan

Ibrahimovic hadn't scored for

Sweden since October 2005. But

broke the drought in style.

It's come out of

nowhere! Spain rained on

Hiddink hide es parade. His

Russian team was thrashed 4-1.

Hat trick for pain Spain. The

new era is under way for the

Wallabies with four players set

to make share test daib eye

under Robbie Deans. Peter Hynes

will line up on Saturday and

Luke Burgess gets the nod at

halfback only two months after

his runnian for NSW. Just

ecstatic. Have a massive sense

of responsibility now. Rugby

league convert Ryan Cross and

Waratahs lock Dean Mumm could

make their debuts off the

bench. Tiger Woods is guard

about the fitness of his

recovering knee on the eve of

the US Open. Fully recovered?

Probably not. So what? Woods

hasn't played since April and

struggled when returning in his

last break. There is no doubt

the Pope is indeed a Catholic but the question is does he

have a sense of humour? The

stars of new show 'Altar Boyz'

certainly hopes so. The musical

is a sendup of boys band and

there is a good chance that

Pope Benedict will be catching

the show. No, this isn't

Hillsong but a new musical that

takes the mickey out of boy

bands and religion. But the at

at at insist the preaching and

the parody is all in good

fun. It's just so funny to be

doing the sign of the cross as

a dance move. It's been

described as musical

theatre'sance to Spinal Tap.

There are the corny lyrics and

'8 os dance moves and crotch

grabbing. I've had one lady

tell me she was not happy with

the crotch grabbing and then in

ivern vieted me to meet her

daughter which was interesting.

(Sings) # Jesus called me on my

cell phone. Stsh While perhaps

it's not divine intervention,

the World Youth Day is a good

send for the pro-Show's

producers. After months of

negotiations with the Vatican

their prayer s have been

answered. 'Altar Boyz' has been

given approval to perform at a

major hall in Sydney where Pope

Benedict is ex pem pected to

attends. The Pope himself

that's very exciting. I think

he would view the show as a

celebration. Any plans to tone

it down for the pontiff and his

flock ? Hell, no. We don't have

some songs that don't have any

double means. I think the Pope

will enjoy it. As this is no

ordinary service from a group

of altar boys. Time to

check the weather now and it's

raining again, Graham? It

certainly is but the falls so

far have been very light. We

basically got about 12 hours of

showers on the way and then we

should see 13 #12 hours of

clear weather and then the

murky is set to dive into -

mercury is set to dive into

cold weather on the weekend.

Temperatures ranged from 22 to

23 degrees. And the cover will

make way for a mild night but

that will make way for some

sunshine tomorrow.

The cloud over NSW will

gradually edge further to the

north-east corner. A strong er

system is set to move into the

bight bight and that will move

through the State on Friday.

North-westerly winds will

freshen tomorrow, ahead of the

second front. Milder air over

the State will give way to a

much colder air mass on Friday

and that will produce even more

showers and snow falls set to

develop across the alpine

areas. Tomorrow, much of the

State is likely to see patchy

rain or showers at some stage.

But falls are expected to be

generally below 5mm. And the

south-east city also once again

come under the in-Clunes of

that second stronger front.

Tonight's top stories again -

Federal Labor MP Belinda Neal

has agreed to have anger

management counseling after

being put on notice by the

Prime Minister. And the

Australian Olympic Committee

has voted to keep swimmer

D'Arcy drs off the team. D'Arcy

says he will exhaust all Avenue

yous of appeal. And that is ABC

News for this Wednesday. The

'7:30 Report' is up next andly

be back with updates during the

evening. Goodnight.

Closed Captions by CSI CC

Welcome to the program. And

as the Australian Government

throws half a billion dollars

at the greening of the

Australian car industry, and

for all the excitement about

the prospect of manufacturing a

hybrid Toyota in Australia, it

may surprise, if not annoy, you

to learn that this is not the

first time a local manufacturer

has been given government assistance to develop an

environment ally friendly

vehicle. Around 10 years ago

with the writing already on the

wall in terms of declining oil

supplies and the need to reduce

greenhouse emissions, the CSIRO

and Holden began working

extensively together to produce

an all-Australian hybrid

Commodore. The rilt was the

e-Commodore, with which great

fan fare was made the VIP car

for the Olympics but when the