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Bushfire emergency eases -

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Reporter: Gary Magnussen

TONY JONES, PRESENTER: Victoria's bushfire emergency has eased for now. A cool change has swept
through the state after an outbreak of blazes yesterday saw five firefighters injured. Tonight,
they're still battling seven major fires. The worst is near Daylesford, where small towns have been
put on alert. The task now is to get the upper hand before dangerous conditions return on Friday.
Gary Magnussen reports.

GARY MAGNUSSEN, REPORTER: From the tourist town of Daylesford, the threat was clear: what started
as a small fire on the side of the road, quickly became a dangerous blaze.

Two firefighters were injured when flames swept across their tanker yesterday. So far, property
damage has been limited to cars, sheds and livestock.

Hundreds of people have fled to relief camps, grabbing what they could, prompted by the events of
two weeks ago.

RESIDENT: I don't want to go through what I saw those people go through, so, it's better to be

GARY MAGNUSSEN: Last night, Melbourne's outskirts were being menaced, the blaze in the Dandenong
Ranges threatened 300 houses. Three firefighters were hurt containing it. This morning, people
returned to their find homes still standing.

RESIDENT II: It's like, you always know the risks, but, yeah, I still wouldn't move.

GARY MAGNUSSEN: But nervousness continues across Victoria. Seven major fires are still on the go.
Strong winds and high temperatures are forecast to return on Friday.

BRUCE ESPLIN, EMERGENCY SERVICES COMMISSIONER: It's important that people understand that the
events of Black Saturday are not over.

GARY MAGNUSSEN: Away from the fire fight, an announcement of simultaneous concerts for bushfire
victims. They'll be held at the MCG and the SCG on 14 March.

MARK POPE, PROMOTER: The bill is unprecedented. It's never before, never again.

GARY MAGNUSSEN: International acts Coldplay and Kings of Leon will join landmark Australian bands.
The showstopper could be a reformed Midnight Oil, fronted by the Environment Minister.

PETER GARRETT, ENVIRONMENT MINISTER: The boys are ready to do it, and, I figure, yep, I'll take
that opportunity. It's a privilege to be involved.

GARY MAGNUSSEN: But first, Victoria needs to see off a new bushfire threat. Gary Magnussen,