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ACTU boss Jeff Lawrence to resign -

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Australian Council of Trade Unions boss Jeff Lawrence says he will resign in May but rejects
suggestions he is being pushed by his colleagues.


TONY JONES, PRESENTER: The secretary of the peak union body, the ACTU, is denying suggestions he
was pushed into resigning.

Jeff Lawrence says he won't renominate for the job at the union's congress in May. He rejects
suggestions he's been forced out because his colleagues are unhappy with his performance.

JEFF LAWRENCE, OUTGOING ACTU SECRETARY: There are challenging issues that we have to confront and
it's very important for there to be a very specific focus on those in the next three years and I
said I couldn't give that commitment to actually provide that focus.

TONY JONES: The head of the Manufacturing Workers' Union Dave Oliver is believed to have strong
support to replace Jeff Lawrence.