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Libyan government open to reform discussions -

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ALI MOORE: The Libyan Government has announced that it's open to discussing political reform in the

But the offer is conditional, with a government spokesman insisting that Colonel Gaddafi must
remain leader as part of any deal.

MOUSSA IBRAHIM, LIBYAN GOVERNMENT SPOKESMAN: It's not the question of 'not the leader'. It's not,
you know, about him personally. What we are saying is the leader is the safety valve for the
country to remain together, the leader provides the Libyan tribes, Libyan population of a unifying
figure, as a unifying figure. We think he is very important to lead any transition towards more
democracy, better transparent system, better anti-corruption laws, more freedom for press.

ALI MOORE: The spokesman also said the government now had control of the city of Misrata in the
west of the country.

But in the east, rebel and government forces are still locked in a seesawing battle for the
strategic oil town of Brega.