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(generated from captions) In the firing line - police

defend their handling of a

Parramatta siege. What I would

say to the family is the man who was barricaded in

not the man that they would be

able to sit down across the

kitchen table and have a

conversation with. This Program is Captioned Live.

What James Murdoch knew -

phone hacking email. It was

discussed but exactly what was said I

said I can't recall. Texas said I can't recall. Texas burning - forest fires destroy more than 1,000 more than 1,000 homes. And

Melbourne Storm's Billy Slater

Good morning, wins the Dally M medal.

ABC News. I'm Michael Rowland.

A 52-year-old man will face

court today charged over an 11

hour-siege in Parliament in

Sydney's west yesterday. The

police stormed the office and

arrested the man last night. He had barricaded Hills inside office with his 11-year-old had barricaded Hills inside the

daughter. His family have

criticised the police, saying

they should have been involved in the negotiations. Assistant

commirtioner Denis Clifford

addressed the media this

morning. He wouldn't #5uk about

the details of yesterday's operation or

the incident. But he said - he

talked of their decision to

raid the building just how heavily that sat on police. They didn't after the siege that there

wasn't a bomb in the backpack.

So he said that that decision

was a really heavy one. Police were willing to wait and take

as long as needed for

negotiations, but he said when

talks broke down, the situation

and the only alternative for became increasingly stressful

police was to use

ram and chainsaw to literally bust a hole through one of buildings and re the

52-year-old man and the 12-year-old girl. Now, the 52-year-old man was interviewed has subsequently been charged

and he was denied bail to

appear in the Parramatta local

court this morning. He will face charges including

intent of gaining advantage, detaining a person with the

remaining in

remaining in the building with

intent to commit an indictable

offence. He is also counts of destroying and

damaging property and giving

false information of danger to

a person or property. And that

is in relation to the threats

of an explosive device in 2

backpack, police say there was

no explosive device in 2

backpack. He is due to appear

in court later on this morning and more information is bound to come out from that. As

Liaticia just mentioned, that

police media conference was

held about an hour ago. The NSW police Assistant Commissioner

Denis Clifford said the police

handled the siege well in a volatile situation. It was a handled the siege well in a vor

very situation that he was in, and from experience it offer comes

representatives should be whether family, friends, legal

somebody. It's a big call

because we just don't know what

the reaction might be from that

person. Now new News

International's former lawyer James Murdoch, knew that phone

hacking was widespread at the 'News of the World'. Tom Crone said he told Mr Murdoch about an incriminating email that

showed other reporters with f were involved in the It's the moist explosive were involved in the practice.

evidence so far in the evidence so far in the hacking

Corporation's British business. scandal that's rocked News

Two senior executives implicates James Murdoch in a cover-up. You have Tom Crone, a

senior lawyer, you have Colin

Myler, a former editor of a newspaper saying one thing and

James Murdoch say ing another. When Clive Goodman was

jailed back in 2007, his bosses

at the 'News of the World' called him a rogue reporter. For four years that this one man was responsible for all the phone

hacking carried out on behalf

of the paper. But almost all

along these two men - Colin Myler, the editor, and Tom

Crone the News International

lawyer - knew otherwise. They

had been shown an email

contraining transcripts of 32 voicemail messages left and received by Gordon Taylor, head of the professional

footballers association. Do you regard the mere existence of

the email as evidence that

phone hacking was taking place beyond Clive Goodman? I said

that to the committee on the last occasion. It was clear evidence that we had was written by a junior

reporter and was headed - transcript for Neville,

referring to the newspaper's

chief reporter Neville Thurlbeck. It must have

conversation featured large in your

Murdoch? It was reason that

we had to settle the case. And

to have sl the quais we had to

explain to Mr Murdoch and

health get his authority to

settle. So certainly it would

have been discussed. James Murdoch signed Murdoch signed a settlement

cheque for more than $1 million

but he denies that the record

payment back in 2008 was

designed to stop that email parliamentary committee is now

Murdoch to ask for expected to recall James

explanation about in

consistencies between his

evidence and that of his former

editor and top legal counsel.

The police might also want to

know why an email that pointed to wider crimes within the newspaper group wasn't newspaper group wasn't reported

honourable senator now where to them. Let's go to Tex

dozens of fires are continuing

to burn out of control. More

than 1,000 homes have already

Craig McMurtrie in Washington been destroyed. We spoke to

earlier this morning. The

market opened down 300 points, remember this is at the end of a labour Day long in North America so the US markets were taken their

from a down day markets were taken their cue

still reacting to a still reacting to a

disappointing jobs report last

no new week, which said there waz were

The market rallied somewhat. The Dow Jones industrial ended

which is obviously off the up closing down 101 points

session lows. Real concern

about Europe, concern that of

the political pressure, the

chancellor Merkel is now under,

concerns about ruming that is

expected tomorrow from the the constitution ality of the first Greek bail-out and concerns about Italy's capacity

to be able to cut back its

austerity measures, pay its bills and not require a bail

yourt like Greece, Portugal and

Ireland. Because of that overriding concern overriding concern about Eurozone dent,

led the way down today and

there's squus a lot of

nervousn't and analysts saying at the end of today's trading trading they think the outlook

is for further bad days ahead. These interest fires in Texas, they look pretty

bad. They are pretty bad. It's

been going on for days now.

Texas has been crackling dry for for a drought since the 1950s. 1,000 homes destroyed now. One of of the biggest fires stretches

over 26km, it's all around the

Austin area. They're saying 40,000 hectares destroyed,

thousands of people forced to

flee their homes and in been fanned by winds from a tropical are saying those winds have dropped today and they're

one of the Republican contender s Rick Perry, the governor of Texas, has suspended his

campaign and dashed back to the

state to dex straet he can take

charge and is concerned and getting involved in the effort

there to recover and to try to

hold back these

debate that is scheduled for tomorrow night in

California. That was Craig

McMurtrie there. Julia Gillard

says she won't be raising the

issue of asylum seekers with Nauru during the Pacific

#50id's forum in New Zealand.

The Prime Minister is unwilling

to discuss whether the

Government will use the forum for negotiations about offshore processing: Opposition Leader

Tony Abbott has accepted the Prime

briefing on the legal

impliations of the High Court's - implication - implication of the High Court's asylum accepted my invitation to be

fully breevend it will happen

later today in Brisbane. I am glad the Leader of the

Opposition has accepted this

invitation. As I made invitation. As I made clear to

you yesterday, I haven't come

here to talk about questions associated with people smuggling. That would be

premature. We will work through

in Australia our response to

the High Court case. I haven't

come here to talk about people smuggling, so it's not an issue

on the agenda between Australia and New Zealand. It would be premature to have discussions with New Zealand

else on these questions. We are

going to work through and

respond to the High Court

case. Julia Gillard with the

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key there. Papua New Guinea's eldest er statesman Michael Somare has not only lost his

prime ministership but also his seat in Parliament. seat in Parliament. The 75-year-old 75-year-old recently returned to PNG after a stay in

Singapore where he underwent

heart surgery, only to have Parliament decide that his

prolonged absence dis qualified him everyone has welcomed Sir Parliament House, thousands of

people gathered for an anti-

Somare rally. A heavy police

calm inside the calm inside the parliamentary precinct. Inside the house

itself, a frail looking Sir

Michael entered in a wheelchair

and took a seat at the back of

the chamber. He was greeted

O'Neill, who replaced him O'Neill, who replaced him as Prime Minister last month after

a mass defection of government

MPs. Then things got rowdy as

the Speaker tried to explain

why he declared the Prime Minister's office vacant last month.

interjecting) Members of the

outraged at what they see as an illegal act by the Speaker. (Members interjecting) As As

the Speaker sfrugleed to

maintain control, Sir Michael quietly left the chamber. The story is far from over,

however, later this month the Supreme Court will hear a challenge to the legality challenge to the legality of Sir Michael's removal Sir Michael's removal from

office last month. Until the

issue is sorted there is sure

to be more rowdy scenes at

Parliament. Staying overseas

and score of Libyan Army vehicles have crossed the

border into Niger, sparking

speculation Colonel Gaddafi may

be about to flee the country. Rebel leaders believe Rebel leaders believe the convoy is carrying gold and

cash . Ministers in Niger say the Libyan leader is not on the

convoy. Tens of thousands convoy. Tens of thousands of Italians have taken part in protests against the Government's plan to country's massive debt. The

one-day strike coincided with a austerity pack age which

includes sales tax increases an

revised wealth tax. There will s will be a constitutional

requirement to balance Italy's

budget. It's spring fashion

week in Melbourne but it's not just for high just for high end fashion designers. Dozens of newly

arrived refugees in Melbourne

are re discovering their dreams

through the Social Studio, that

is helping to rebuild lives

stitch by Social Studio is an organisation which organisation which uses fashion to try to achieve social

change. It started back in 2009

and ever since has been

providing jobs and education to Melbourne's refugee community.

Joining us now is general

imaginer Trudie Hairs. Tell us about this fashion expermentd. Well, the expermentd. Well, the Social

Studio is a demonstration of what is possible when you give people a supported opportunity

in an area that interests them.

So we came to realise through

many year of work with the work

with can community, the people

who had a migrant experience

that fashion is an area of high interest and retail as

look-in in terms of jobs and in terms of training delivery. There wasn't the

flexibility and the sort intensive support that was required. So we've basically I

suppose we've provided people

an opportunity to flourish and

the out comes that students

have arrive chived have been phenomenal. We've achieved a

993% retention and completion

rate. We have 63 people who have either completed have either completed or are currently completing a

certificate 3 in fashion design

and in terms of job out comes

phenomenal success. We're show

ing Melbourne and Australia

what is possible if you give

people a genuine opportunity to

shine. It's the fashion season

here in Melbourne right now.

How are How are you participating? We've been

picked up as part of Melbourne's spring Fashion Week which Our spring summer collection is going to

the city and three of our students are actually modelling

along side professionals, so that is a fantastic achievement

for them. Tomorrow is the big

night for us. Twice a year our

students put on a fashion show

which is a true celebration of their craedivity and their

ideas. That will happen at

Federation Square. The students

choreograph the show, they

organise the model, the hair,

the make-up, the everything, it's

it's their night of nights, it

really is a wonderful event. That is launch ing our spring

summer collection which is TSS 4 and we're a great night. Tell us about

the cultural and global

influences that come out in the work. Our students come from

all over the world. About 75 all over the world. About 75 - because of our connections with

the community, about 75% of our

students come from the horn of

African countries. But we have

people from Afghanistan, from

Sri Lanka, from the Pacific and

I guess they all bring their

own flair to the process. The

fashion design process is truly

collaborative. The student collaborative. The student s conceptualise each collection.

They work out the colour pallet

and the target audience. They

hand Dai the fabric so in front

of us we have the fabric for

the next collection which the next collection which is 600m of silk, donated by

industry, the students spent

and then it hung in Federation

Square as a magical tent for couple of weeks our students

ran work shops out of there now

it's turning into garments and

people will be walking down

Collins Street wearing that

fabric and those designs. The

whole process is genuinely

driven by the students and

their own creativity. They all

have their own influence s I

guess and some of our students

have been sewing since they

were four years ago. It really

is a demonstration of their true for fashion and retail. Wonderful, Trudie. Enjoy the spring Fashion Week. Yeah, it will and hopefully people come down

to Fed Square and support our students tomorrow night. Trudie

hair the general manager of the

Social Studio here in

Collingwood. The top stories

this morning on ABC News - a 52-year-old man 52-year-old man will face court soon charged over yesterday's 11-hour siege at Parramatta in

Sydney. The man had barricaded himself inside his 12-year-old daughter and claimed he are dismissing criticism from his family that they should

have been involved have been involved in the

negotiations. Two former News

executives say James Murdoch

was involved in a discussion

about an email detailing the full the 'News of the World' newspaper. Mr Murdoch newspaper. Mr Murdoch had earlier told the parliamentary

committee investigating the

scandal that he wasn't aware of

the email. And more than 1,000 homes have been destroyed forest fires raging across

Texas. Dozens of fires are

continuing to burn out of control. The biggest blaze is

more than 26km wide.

The ACTU is using a survey

of 42,000 workers to hit back at of 42,000 workers to hit back

at culls by employer at culls by employer group force a return to individual contracts. Almost half of the workers surveyed say they're

now working longer hours, without extra pay. One-fifth them said they were worried

about job security. The national accounts figures are out today and show the economy picked up

steam in the second quarter, economists are predicting a 1%

rise in the tends of June. That follows a 1.2% fall in the March quarter. Wall Street has followed Europe's lead with

shares falling as concerns

continue over Eurozone debt.

The fall follows a big dip on European markets yesterday. Clearly 23 you look

at the initial - if you look at

the national decline today it

was a delayed reaction to the

horrible day we had in Europe

trading yesterday and really

the core element here is fears of fiscal crisis At this stage, the US markets

are really trading off those cue s. The US long weekend wasn't enough for wasn't enough for some wasn't enough for some traders.

Wall Street fell sharply

overnight before gaining some


Britain's bubbling secret

agent Johnny English is back,

eight years on from his first silver screen appearance,

starring alodgeside Rohan at

dinson is Gillian Anderson, and

she joined us earlier

today. You know it's

interesting because you'd think

it would be a laugh a minute.

But it's actually quite serious business. He's a very technical actor, comedian, and very, very

interested in where this little

bit fits into the whole of the film and that end up doing in a day is

working on the technical aspect of funny. But then you watch it and it's absolute ly hysterical. That's what the great comedians have been like.

They know how to construct a gag, and it's all in the construction of it. So does mark it out carefully, do you have to rehearse over much? Yeah, I & and I've been

asked a few asked a few times whether it's

hard to hold a laugh in while

we're working and I realise

we're working and I realise

most of the time as you do

someone where there's the star

of the film the camera son them

first and so I had many, many

takes to get over my giggles

before it would turn around and

I had to play a straight face. How did role. You spid a

as Em as head of MY 7. Not

exactly as Em, but, it - it all

ends up being in the script a

lot of people have asked whether I studied Judi Dench

because of the not so because of the not so many

similarities but it's all

whatever is on the page and

whatever comes to you. Not much

research in that respect. I was

wondering if you were able to draw on some earlier

experiences because your very

early life was based in England

but I don't know how strong

your memories are of that

time? I was there until I was

11, I had to work 11, I had to work really hard

once we moved to the States to

get rid of all my Britishisms

and - Did you have an English

accent? I was a full-on British

brat. Gillian Anderson brat. Gillian Anderson earlier. Paul Kennedy, the truth is out there this morning. The truth is? Billy Slater won

M medal. We knew the truth he

was good but now he's a Dally M medal. He piped Benji Marshall

by a couple of votes. Mr Croj was there and Glen Stewart. Billy Slater was the man

despite being dropped or rest

for the final match for Craig Bellamy which could Bellamy which could have cost him the medal if someone him the medal if someone had poled big in that hear from

it's rn - says it's a it's rn - says it's a team

sport and no individual can go

out there and perform to the

best of their ability without

the other 12 blokes on the field doing their job. That's

what we're about about what we're about about the Melbourne Storm is everyone playing their role and doing

the best job they can for the

Storm. Everyone that's been involved in my it was when I was

it was when I was 4-year-old

kid when I started playing to

our coach Craig Bellamy and

everyone that's been on the coaching staff at the bebl

Storm, everyone that I've play

aid longside at the Storm for

Queensland and also Australia,

everyone's been a part of my

career. It's been great. My family have been great supporters of mine. They down to my 200th game down to my 200th game and

surprised me. The club took the initiative of flying them down

and I wasn't aware of it. So

that was a great myself for myself, probably my wife,

Nicole, she's always stuck by me and we've had some ups and

Downs on this journey but that

is what it's all about. That is what life is about. how you get off the canvass and

hold yourself and that is how you will be remembered. The

Socceroo s played Saudi Arabia in a friendly -

a World Cup qualifier very early one, they've early one, they've beaten slaiba 3-1 so it's been slaiba 3-1 so it's been a successful week campaign so far. Let's look at

the goals. COMMENTATOR:

sneaked the ball in at the far post and Australia have

Brent holeman is away Brent holeman is away through

here. Josh Kennedy scores a

second goal for Australia! Will

that that be fluff to secure all

three points? A real chance,

inis that a penalty? Perhaps a lifeline lifeline for Saudi

Arabia. There is a yell co Arabia. There is a yell co card which spoils an otherwise

impressive display but more important

important than that the Saudis

have a route back into game. There is a score on the follow-up. Now was there a follow-up. Now was there a tug on the jersey? There's a on the jersey? There's a second spot kick

Australia 3-1 up. The World Australia 3-1 up. The World Cup

is not far away, just two days to

to go. The to go. The opening match on Friday and the Wallabies

play Italy on Sunday. They were welcomed in New Zealand very

warmly yesterday. You can see

the players enjoying themselves contingent of local contingent of local people,

some dressed in Australian gear

that weren't Australian but big

fans of the Australians Pacific Island content, Pacific Islandter the 'Age'.

O'Connor has been - - James O'Connor has been brought back

in. Deans is saying that in. Deans is saying that he's

not taking Italy lightly. In

fact although they haven't

beaten the Wallabies before,

they do pose a threat to anyone

who takes them lightly. That is who takes them lightly. That is

one to look forwards. To The prime

prime ministers s of Australia

and New Zealand got together this morning this morning and exchanged

rugby attire and the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, there handing over the

Wallabies jersey signed by all

the players and John Key from

New Zealand just got one out the pack et to hand over there,

maybe the merchandise with the

New Zealand signing all the

jumpers mite be on hold until

after the World Cup because I think they're too valuable. I

think Gillard trumps quay. A

pretty - Key. Poor form pretty - Key. Poor form by the New Zealand Prime that he prepares these things

himself. Handed to him by a

staff member moments before the handover. They tipped handover. They tipped their home nations to

would. Hopefully they will meet

each other in the each other in the final. Yep. The schedule and the time conclusion. But we've seen both teams stumble before. Bring it on. you have more details on you have more details on the devastating Texas fires? Yes.

As expected, yesterday the

winds were very strong in Texas

but they have calmed down. This

should help firefighters today.

The heat wave is finally over. coolest since May. 24 summer

has been the hottest on record

for Texas and Oklahoma. They had

had 98 dates of over 38 degree,

the previous record was 79 days

and that was set back in 1980.

For us, we have a change that is generating, we will get that satellite image

up. Showers and tomorrow storms along the NSW coast and showers showers showers showers over the east

coast. The trough over the east

will strengthen tomorrow, weak

high will briefly clear the south-east, westerly winds still cause showers over western Tasmania. This developing know Slowe what we're watching at the moment.

It will bring strong winds and showers to south-western

Australia before it heads into

NSW tomorrow. Queensland - showers about the east showers about the east coast and thunderstorm over

south-east interior. Cloud and

light thundery rain over the channel country. Isolated

showers in NSW about the north-east, mainly through north-east, mainly through the afternoon. Partly cloudy along the

the southern border with the chance

Victoria isolated afternoon

showers over most areas

especially the toast the west. A cold day Tasmania, light snow frls above

600m and scattered shower s about most of the state. Rain,

hail in the rest of the State. WA, school day along the South

Coast, mostly sunny along west coast. Hot in the north,

35 degrees in Broome. A top of

32 in Darwin, a cool southerly

change Qom coming to the south

of the territory. Tomorrow:

That is a roundup of the

morning news.

ABC1 and ABC News 24 for all

the coverage of the big

domestic and overseas events including the court appearance

of the man involved in the

11-hour siege in Parramatta

yesterday. Up next is Business

Today. Have a terrific day.

Goodbye. Close>>Sh >>sh

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Good morning. Welcome to Business Today. Coming up on the program - heightened - US stocks slide on renewed concerns about Europe's sovereign debt crisis. Wafering support - the account - News account - News Limited executives say James knew about phone hacking. Those stories coming up shortly but first let's take a will have a look on how major indice s will trade in a moment. You yesterday trade