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(generated from captions) Good evening. I'm Bevan. Tonight, Al Qaeda's Good evening. I'm Scott

chilling warning to the West, Osama bin Laden's deputy has vowed revenge for the leader's

deatherse calling for an tack like 9/11 and now there are

fears instability in fears instability in the Arab

world could foster a new terrorist breeding ground. You're watching The World. This Program Is Captioned

Live. We must continue

path of jihad to expel the

invaders from the land of Muslims and purify it from injustice. How much of a

continuing threat is Al Qaeda? We'll have report from across

the Middle East. Also ahead, Libya's Colonel Gaddafi accused

of ordering the mass rape of

women who opposed his regime.

New revelations in New revelations in Libya's phone hacking scandal. Claims phone hacking scandal. Claims of more high profile victims. latest. A whistle blower at the

crippled Fukushima nuclear

plant reveals the company

ignored warnings about it fleet

posed by a giant tsunami and a message of money versus happiness as the Dalai Lama begins his Australian First tonight, Osama bin Laden's deputy has the Al Qaeda leader will Laden's deputy has warned that

continue to terrify the US from

beyond the grave. In a jewelagy

posted on jihadest websites, Ayman Al-Zawahiri vowed revenge and demanded blood for blood Ayman Al-Zawahiri vowed revenge

with an attack like 9/11 and with countries like Syria, Yemen in turmoil, it's feared the Middle East could become a new training ground terrorists. Osama bin Laden's new training ground for

right hped man has delivered a public eulogy. Much of his

28-minute video paid tribute to

Osama bin Laden but there were 28-minute video paid tribute to

also the familiar warnings of terror to come.

TRANSLATION: We must continue

the on his path of jihad to expel

the invaders from the land of Muslims and injustice. But the message did Muslims and purify it from

not directly answer a crucial question, who is going to take over as the leader of Al Qaeda? For years Ayman

Al-Zawahiri was its second-most

Al-Zawahiri was its second-most

senior figure but he was also a threat, particularly because senior freat, particularly

of the unrest in places like Yemen which is teetering on the

edge of the kind of chaos edge of the kind of chaos that terrorist groups thrive own.

But the focus in the Middle

East right now is on Syria where there are fears East right now is on Syria

Government Government forces are gathering

Turkey says it won't turn the Goverturn

refugees back. Western leaders for a United resolution. And today for a United Nations

York, Britain resolution. And today in New York, Britain and France will

be tabling a reseslution at the Security Council condemning the

pre repression. And it won't

call for sanctions nor mil charge of facing a charge of mass well as other charges of crimes against humanity. The International Criminal Court

says it's examining evidence that mass rapes be carried out by that Colonel Gaddafi ordered

his troops. It's alleged he also bought drugs to encourage

not normally the normal tactic them to attot normally

it to attack alleged dissidents

but now we are confirming that we have information that there

was a policy to rape ib-Libya

those who were against the Government. Inside Libya today

the besieged rebel-held city of the besieged the bto

Emirates to discuss how events

in Libya might develop without in Libya might develop without Colonel Gaddafi in Colonel Gaddafi in power. The so-called contact group is

so-called contact group is also

expected to firm up its pledge

to set up a fund to fund the

Libyan rebels. Opposition

troops moving forward in from Libyan Government

Gaddafi troops are still close. While we were there fired missiles and mortars at

the place they fled from just hours before. hours before. The Opposition fighters say they're making gains with very limited

weaponry and no outside Have you had any help from

NATO? Every day they are using their power in Tripoli

and other cities. Why they never use their power here to

clear this area? We are 12 km

from a town taken by Opposition

forces last week. Here a scale of the fighting in forces last week. Here you get

area. A school peppered with bullet holes, lying everywhere. Destroyed bullet holes, weapon casings

vehicles and damaged shops. For more than two months this area

was under siege and came under

the sort of weapons Gaddafi' heavy combardment. We can see

forces used, these anti-tank military stalemate rounds

military stalemate across Libya

but here in the west the

Opposition continue to advance but here in the west the

slowly and carefully. They are

now less than 100km from Tripoli. James Bays Tripoli. James Bays reporting there. In Britain, Scotland

Yard is expected to widen investigation Yard is expected to widen its known personalities including actress Sienna Miller. For more on this issue let's go to

London and speak with our

correspondent Emma Alberici.

Good evening. So more well

known names have been added to the list of those alleged to have been hacked? notably Kate have been hacked? Indeed, most notably Minister, former Prime Minister, and also by the former Justice Minister, Jack Straw. What's significant

this time though is that the allegation is that allegation is that other deceptive illegal means were about these particular used to obtain information

individuals, not only were

their phones hacked, it's their ph not in the public domain but which are domain but which are access ed through these illegal means so

this does take the police

investigation into other realms

because so far Operation Wheating, as it's known, the Scotland Yard into phone current investigation by

hacking, I he? Well, hacking, only looks at phone

he? Well, he's a very curious

character in all of this.

Jonathan Reese is a private investigator, or at least he was. He Jonathan Reese was being

paid ?150,000 a year by news of

the worlds, around $230,000. the worlds, around $230,000 a. Nothing to do with a. Nothing to do with these particular cases. He on that

case was employed by a man who

was in battle against his was in battle against his wife

over custody of their children.

He resigned to become David

Cameron's press adviser, Cameron's press adviser, the

Prime Minister. He recently

resigned from that position and, as one and, as one commentator

recently said, he's never known

someone to resign so recently

something he said he never did. He still maintains that he didn't know

going on. His predecessor at

News of the World was Rebecca Wade, who has since become

Rebecca Brooks. She is a Rebecca Brooks. She is a good friend of David well. They mix in the same

circles. She's also said she

didn't know it was going on.

But curiously to a

parliamentary select committee

in 2003 she did admit that her

newspaper paid policemen for

information, the very activity that Jonathan Rhys is now accused of being engaged in. Indeed, he has admitted to

having done that,

policemen. In fact, some

corrupt policemen involved have

gone to jail. Rebecca Brooks back in back in 2003 admitted her newspaper paid police for

information. It is a information. It is a criminal

activity. So far she has not

been asked to explain that

comment and, from what we understand, she hasn't been understand,

an ongoing investigation and a very interesting one. Who

knows where it will take us next. Indeed. Europe

correspondent Emma Alberici in London, thanks for London, thanks for that update.

To Japan, a former engineer at

the crippled Fukushima

plant has told the ABC that the

company ignored warnings about

the threat posed by a giant tsunami. Toshio Kimura says he

quit the Tokyo electric power

company after 18 years because of its culture of of its culture of cover-ups.

TRANSLATION: I asked my boss

back in the 90s what would

happen if a tsunami hit happen if a tsunami hit the Fukushima reactors. surely a meltdown will surely a meltdown will happen, but it was made clear that the issue of a big

taboo. In March, the Fukushima

plant was hit by a 14 metre

tsunami. The plants

say that's well above the TRANSLATION: height they'd planned for.

TRANSLATION: We imagined a

maximum 5.7 metre high tsunami would hit the plant. We'll bring you the full report here

on 'The World' in around half

an hour's time. A an hour's time. A new report urges the US Government to rethink its aid to Afghanistan

as it prepares to begin withdrawing

withdrawing troops. The US has provided

provided nearly $19 billion in

assistance programs in the past

decade. But while the report says the says the money has achieved some successes, it's questioned whether

whether it's also made Afghans more reliant on outside forces.

America's next ambassador to Afghanistan was met with a

silent protest on Capitol silent protest on Capitol Hill,

but the Senators grilling Ryan Crocker were more vocal. Our

current commitment in troops and in dollars is and in dollars is neither proportional to our interest nor spent $19 billion in - $19 billion

- $19 billion in assistance.

This is a messy isn't getting any better. Feeding their dismay, a

report suggesting their country's costly nation-building efforts in


limited success. The US is

spending $320 million a month on aid, but the report says

there's a risk the money there's a risk the money is promoting corruption and stopping the

taking control. And it warns Afghanistan's economy could

collapse once foreign troops

leave in 2014. I'm illusions of the difficulty of

the challenge if Iraq was hard,

and it was hard, Afghanistan in

many respects is harder. Ryan Crocker says Osama Bin Laden's

death marks an important step,

but there's still work to be done to stop al-Qaeda regaining

a safe haven. We walked away from Afghanistan once in 1989,

with disastrous consequences.

We cannot afford to do so

again. The critical report

comes as the US prepares to

start withdrawing troops next month. The President hasn't

decided how many. But with

Afghanistan costing the US $110

billion a year, he's billion a year, he's under

pressure to speed up the process.

proof it wanted that proof it wanted that it's not bounding ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to

climate change. The bounding look at different approaches

worldwide and found that dozens of countries are taking action.

Here's chief political

correspondent Mark Simkin. Tony Abbott took his

campaign to the coalface. campaign to the coalface. This is one of is one of the oldest mines in Australia, but the Opposition Leader's focus is

Leader's focus is on

Leader's focus is on its future, carbon tax. carbon tax. A carbon tax ultimately means death for the

coal industry. To bolster its

case, the Government called case, the Government called in

the Productivity Commission.

Its long-awaited report concludes concludes an emissions trading scheme delivers bang for the fewest bucks.

Through use of a market

approach like that, people are provided with an incentive to

either abate where it's either abate where it's cheaper

for them to do so or pay the

price. Carbon pricing is the

least-cost, most efficient least-cost,

pollution, and that from this report. The report compares the climate compares the climate change policies of some of Australia's

top trading partners. Several already have emissions trading

schemes, although none are

economy-wide. This report gives

gives lie to the accusation that somehow Australia is

leading the world. We are not.

There is no other comparable

country which is imposing an economy-wide carbon tax on

itself. The Australian-proposed carbon first three months than first three months than the

European scheme has raised in five and a half five and a half years. The

climate change committee is working its way through reams

be crucial. It was requested by an independent by an independent MP who is yet to declare his hand, but whose

Productivity Commission's

answered one of Tony Windsor's

key questions. Now we find

that the rest of the world is

doing something and Australia

is a middle-order power, not is a middle-order power, not a leader. Just what the Government wants to hear. That's fantastic. That's

lovely. A Sydney man who was sentenced to 12 years jail for producing a do-it-yourself

Jihad handbook has had his conviction overturned. Former Qantas cabin cleaner was found

guilty in 2009 of making a document connected with assistance in a terrorist act.

The 110-page book allegedly

contained threats contained threats against

diplomats and military personnel. In personnel. In a majority decision, the NSW Court of

Criminal Appeal quashed his

conviction and ordered a

retrial. Two elephants have

gone on a rampage in southern India, crushing a man to death.

The wild elephants entered the

town of Mysore from a nearby forest. One barged into a

college compound, while the

other walked into a residential

area. They both attacked area. They both attacked cars, leaving the small cows

area. damaged. The elephants were

eventually captured by zoo officials, who plan to release the animals back into the

wild. Germany says an outbreak

of E. coli which has killed peaked, with the number of new

cases declining. The cause of

the deadly outbreak is still

have warned against eating cucumbers, tomatoes and sprouts. Spanish farmers are suffering financially after

initially being blamed for the

outbreak. Al Jazeera's Son outbreak. Al Jazeera's Son a Giego reports from Madrid. Setting up for Madrid. Setting up for the big give-away, Giego reports farmers there isn't

excitement, the handout more of

display of spontaneous generosity. They need to give

it away as quickly as they

before it all rots away. result of the impact of E. coli

crisis. Germany pointed the

finger directly at Spanish

cucumber producers before cucumber producers before tests revealed otherwise. For the people who queued here, there

was no was

were taking home was were taking home was safe and healthy. TRANSLATION: I'm not

None of it was true and keep on eating it. who are farmers and they rigorous ly stick to the rules.

The products are 100% safe. We know there is know there is no

problem. 40,000 kilos of

produce have been brought here

to the square and it's been

snapped up pretty

snapped up pretty quickly, hundreds of people have been

queueing all morning to get

their share of it. Farmers say there's absolutely nothing

wrong with Spanish fruit and

vegetables and the E. vegetables and the E. coli scare has been European Union has predicted wrong

around $500 million on the

continent since the start of

the E. coli breakout. Spain's Government estimates

Government estimates that the country is losing some $300

million per week, million per week, almost all of Spain's 250,000

holdings have been affected. Agricultural exports have

virtually ground to a halt. The world's leading exporters

fruit and vegetables. This has

meant a huge loss of revenue for Spain's economy.

recover from these losses. No

matter how much compensation we get, the damage TRANSLATION: Next year there will be less

farmed in Spain, a lot have

been ruined and made bankrupt. With Spain's economy

in such a fragile state, bankrupt. With needs to be needs to be swift action to

counteract the loss, but farmers know they'll be feeling

the effects for some time to

come. A teenager with a gunshot wound has been found dangling alive from a bridge over highway in Mexico. Police say the bodies of two other men

were found at the scene. were found at the scene. It's the latest incident of violence in the country which were found at

thousands killed over the past two years because of warring drug cartels. All drug cartels. All three had

China's military is about to make a great leap forward. The

country is fitting out

first aircraft carrier, which should be ready for sea trials

later this year. Despite later this year. Despite this

sign of its growing might,

people's liberation army pose no threat to other nations. nations. Everywhere you turn in China today are signings of

soaring ambition, describe

scrapers and gleaming new

subway systems. Super subway systems. Super stores

and at the back of IKEA China's

subway Its first aircraft carrier under

to set sale. -- sail. Soon to be the flagship of a rapidly

expanding naval fleet,

people's liberation army has.

This is where it began life,

built as in the dockyards of the Soviet union years ago. It was never completed and completed and as the Soviet

Navy was cut up for scrap, a Chinese company bought the

rusting shell of the Variak and towed it around rusting shell of claiming it wanted to claiming it wanted to turn it

into a floating casino. An army of workers have for five years to transform the

old Soviet hull into China's

TRANSLATION: An aircraft

power of your Navy. It is also a symbol of rederns. -- don't mess with don't mess with me, don't think you can bully me. Watching

closely is the US closely is the US Navy. It has 11 carriers of its own 11 carriers of its own and since the Second World War since the Second World War its

battle fleets have roamed the

Pacific unchallenged. Only as

China is building its carrier, it's it's also investing in missile,

submarines and aircraft that can threaten America's ships.

This first carrier will be followed by at least four more. Two of them will be Two of powered and then two coming along

along likely in the early 2020s

will be nuclear powered.

will just be the beginning. The

shift will take time.

Meanwhile, in a Meanwhile, in a field in

central China is a replica of the country's new carrier.

Nearby farmers work their land. be used to train the ship's

crews and test its systems

before it puts to sea. The

real vessel too will probably

be used to be used to train up a fleet of Chinese naval fighter pilots, as China may as China may build up to four more aircraft carriers, because

this is just the start of

China's naval ambitions. Chile's erupting

volcano is killing tonnes volcano is killing tonnes of China's

leaks. Saturday's eruption now winding down, but scientists say China's continue to spew for another

few days. few days. Ash-clogged waterways have killed millions

of fish, with one salmon company almost $7 million.

and farms have been blanketed

in ash up to half a in ash up to half a metre deep. almost Extreme weather is causing headaches across causing headaches across parts

of the United States, and of the United States, and nation-wide heatwave and high nation-wide winds are fuelling

fires. The spot is still in ah sphwlona, where aircraft

battle against the

second-largest blaze in the cordoned off areas and thousands cordoned off areas and ordered thousands of the danger zone. For more on

world weather, let's go world weather, let's go to Graham Graham Creed. Severe conditions

are beginning to ease across south-eastern Australia. south-eastern Australia. In fact, most of weather warnings have been

cancelled. The only area

looking at possible heavy looking at possible heavy falls is the Far East of Gippsland.

That rain scattered showers during the

day. In SA, the remainder of

Victoria and Tasmania, the showers becoming a lot more

isolated. In fact, some areas

into the long weekend. into Different story along into

and Queensland coast, and Queensland coast, showers into to rain about south-east

Queensland and the north coast

of NSW over the long weekend.

Rain through the Alice Springs will also become lighter and

gradually start to clear, with clear conditions clear conditions expected

across in the west. The across in the west. The big feature for Australia this feature for Australia this week has been the low-pressure system. It's now moving into

the Tasman Sea, it now looks

the Tasman Sea, it now looks as though we'll see heavy falls

parts of the north island New Zealand, but the air in

association with the system isn't that cold, so even though

we are mid-winter, isn't that

expecting to see much in the expecting

way of snowfall across New Zealand. As we head up into South-East Asia, tropical disturbance sitting just west of the Philippines.

That system should move That system should move up

towards the Chinese coast, as we head through the

we head But the heaviest of But the heaviest of the falls south of the Philippines, so most of the land areas only

looking at relatively light and isolated showers or story across the western

countries, as the far southern tip of the Vietnam, tip of the Vietnam, that could see isolated heavier falls, but at this stage most of the

remainder of the country's only looking at light and looking at

abilitivitiy until we hit the central parts of China. central parts of China. In

fact, a trough will extend from

the central areas through Shanghai and then

along that trough we could see isolated showers and thunderstorms, with the

along potential of very heavy rainfall, particularly through

China. That become quite a significant feature, particularly as we

head into the afternoon and evening. Farce it's in around the coastal side of bay of bay of Bengal, moderate to heavy rain fall. Similar story about the West coast of India. Some forecast models

falls well in excess of 100mm. Across Across Europe, we have a very

unstable atmosphere. In unstable atmosphere. In fact, there is the potential for


anywhere through Europe. About

the only clear area should the only clear area should be looking at the possibility of fairly widespread showers, but

nothing indicated as far as overly heavy falls. overly heavy falls. Equatorial activity through Africa will

become more coming days. Heavy rain in

South Africa will move to just

In the US, it's not rain, heat

In the US, it's not rain, it's

heat and bushfires that are causing major problems,

especially around especially around Arizona and

Texas and New Mexico. We'll

see that heat persist, but worst of the fire conditions will abate as causing Friday and Friday and also Saturday. Across South and storms and storms becoming more frequent across the north and

also southern parts of but the heaviest of the falls

about the southern half of

Chile. Graham Creed there. Scientists are expecting the

effects of a solar eruption to

be felt on earth soon. These

are pictures NASA the eruption, which happened on Tuesday night. It was the biggest in five years. Experts equipment mainly around the polar regions. Still ahead world sport with Amanda Shalala, including Shalala,

unveiling of London's unveiling torch and later unveiling torch and later Department sent on a wild goose

chase to save a family lost in the city.

You're watching The World.

Our top stories - there are

fears Government forces in

Syria are massing in preparation for an anti-Government protesters. Pressure is mounting on the UN

Security Council to Security Council to condemn the Syrian Government over its violent crackdown

demonstrators. The violent

Government is rethinking its aid program to Afghanistan a

after a new after whether Afghans are whether Afghans are too

on outside forces. The US is

currently providing $3 currently providing $3 20 million a month in assistance

programs and is preparing to

start withdrawing troops. And a former crippled Fukushima nuclear crippled Fukushima nuclear

plant claims its operator had

been warned about what damage a giant tsunami could cause. former engineer told the ABC former engineer told the ABC he

quit the Tokyo electric power company because of fears about its culture of cover-ups. Staying with those allegations and TEPCO and TEPCO insist s the Fukushima accident was and

triggered by the natural

disaster but critics and insiders say incompetence and

negligence made things worse.

Tonight we'll

former TEPCO engineer former TEPCO engineer who's spoken exclusively about the

cover-ups and collusion he witnessed. The ABC's witnessed. The ABC's north Asia correspondent Mark Willacy

reports from Fukushima. Toshio

has long revelled in the power

of the waves. These days the sea is his sea is his refuge, away from the horrors of Fukushima. I escaped

escaped as far away as I could

to avoid the radiation. I've

been surfing for 30 years and now worry now worry the sea is contaminated. For 12 years, Toshio worked at Toshio worked at the Fukushima number one plant, helping to monitor and control inreactor

cores. He was a member of the TEPCO family, educated and

employed by the Tokyo electric power company, Japan's biggest supplier of supplier of nuclear energy. But Toshio asked too many questions.

TRANSLATION: I asked my boss

bang in the late '90s what

would happen if the tsunami hit the Fukushima reactors. I said,

happen?" He said, "You're right," but it right," but it was made clear

the issue of a big tsunami was taboo. Years later I because of the culture of cover-ups. On March

tsunami Toshio long feared

slammed into slammed into the Fukushima plant, causing the worst nuclear accident since

Chernobyl but human folly was as much to blame for the meltdown as the

giant waves. What you see a the cause of the meltdown the cause of the meltdown is the failure of the cooling

systems. If they've moved the a position above a position above the expected tsunami level it would have

cost the company a lot cost the company a lot so

nobody proposed it. In an

interview with 7:30, TEPCO tsunami, just not one 14m tsunami, high. We imagined a maximum

5.7m-high tsunami would hit the plant. Why didn't you change

the modelling for your maximum

out scientists had known that huge tsunamis had been huge tsunamis had been hitting the coast for thousands of referring to the big tsunami referring to the 9th century. We are about

that tsunami.

This man is a a second

generation ebeef farmer from

Fukushima. He and Fukushima. He and his family have had to have had to evacuate because

his property is just 21km from

the crippled nuclear plant but

he still makes the 3-hour round

trip every day to come back and

feed his beloved cattle. Here in Fukushima, other than

agriculture, TEPCO was by

the biggest agriculture,

champion of industry is now denounced around here as wrecker of homes and

livelihoods and a symbol of

corporate greed and cover-ups.

I can never I can never forget TEPCO.

They've deprived us of our corporate They've deprived us of our in which we've lived for many years. They've deprived years. They've deprived us of

our memories, our earnings, everything at once.

years. independent monitors believe

this disaster is approaching Chernobyl standards, with communities outside the

evacuation zone registering

unsafe radiation levels. The

levels of radiation on the

streets, on the the playgrounds, the the playgrounds, the parks, are several times higher than even

the Soviets consider the Soviets consider to be necessary to trigger necessary to trigger the evacuation. TEPCO is a company

with a history of cover-ups. 10

years ago it concealed cracks

in reactor facilities, then a few years later few years later it falsified data on its nuclear plants but

the company insists that this

culture is all in the did a not contribute to the disaster at disaster at Fukushima. There was certainly a cover-up in

2002. We have reflected on our past conduct

past conduct very deeply and we have worked to change our

ethics and become more transparent. But this is currently where collusion reigns. Here, reigns. Here, the nuclear transparent. But this regulator is run by industry ministry. The country's chief promoter country's chief promoter of nuclear energy. When officials from the nuclear safety agency from the nuclear safety agency or ministry came to the or ministry came to the plant for inspections they for inspections they were entertained with drinks the

night before then

inspect the plant and give it 100% pass mark, home the inspectors were given

beer and snacks and taxi

vouchers. I don't know about

that so I cannot

comment. TEPCO's top brass has

now embarked on a sorry tour,

apologising to nuclear evacuees now living in crowded shelters.

It hasn't gone down well. The

Japanese society and the

institutions should have learned from the past already because this is case number

four or five of cover-ups and

lies that TEPCO was organising. The sea been a provider for the

Japanese and while it provides

pleasure for Toshio, pleasure for Toshio, the former nuclear engineer nuclear engineer believes its power needs to be

All nuclear plants

All nuclear plants should stop

operating until they're prepared for

earthquake and earthquake and tsunami. That's my message. North earthquake correspondent Mark Willacy reporting there. Meat and livestock Australia has

rejected calls for compensation

for producers affected by the temporary being sent to being sent to Indonesia. Indonesia says it will consider raising Australia's raising Australia's ban with the World Trade Organisation because it believes it may be discriminatory. The Australia Network's Indonesia

correspondent Helen correspondent Helen Brown reports from Jakarta.

Minister took a call from his Australian counterpart

yesterday and is taking the news in his news in his stride. TRANSLATION: It's not a big suspension related to the cattle. Repeat, that is

Australia's right. A team of Australia's Australia could start work as soon as Monday, investigating

abattoirs and pulling together

a plan to improve standards.

Both sides have commitment to

ensure animal welfare and to

ensure that this is done in a

way which is win-win. But the 6

-month ban has the Indonesian import industry worried and

also sad that

relationship has come to relationship has come to this.

It is very difficult to say

that the situation now is a problem for us. Australia's

live cattle exports account for

around 25% of beef consumption.

Indonesia says it Indonesia

meet imports from other countries to make shortfall. TRANSLATION: We can countries

supply from New Zealand, America. There are still other countries. Indonesia Australia's move could also

help with its own plans to improve standards. improve standards. The objective is how the win-win solution? Millions

of dollars are of dollars are being spent by some companies some companies here and apart from dealing with a 6-month

suspension, the question being


that's effective ely been shut

down can truly be down can truly be restarted. India's government under intense scrutiny for its handling of rolling mass anti-corruption rallies. The

a yoga guru who has now his followers are attacked

again by authorities. The Australia Network's Australia correspondent Richard Lindell

reports. Across the country,

thousands are turning out in support of this social

activist. In India, people are

fed up with the corruption and

we want some solutions. He is also protesting against the fed police to break up another

rally by a yoga guru. We want

to tell the Government that the

Government and us are not too entities, we are one but you

need to remove the notion united. If you united. If you say so and march ahead then the country will progress. The Government has

also been condemned for its lack of action on

issue of corruption. Those who

are in power are actually involved and they don't want to

affect themselves. Stand on any

street in India and there's evidence of corruption evidence of corruption all around you. From the roads and footpath that paid for but never finished to

the roadside stall the roadside stall owner who has to pay local police has to pay local police or local council just to stop them many drivers of the cars that

have to a pay a bribe have to a pay a bribe to get their licence. Corruption infects almost every aspect of

daily life. This man says daily life. This man says

corruption has robbed India of

its potential. India's economy

would have been 6 to 7 times

larger, so larger, so it would have been

roughly 8 to 9 trillion dollars

instead of the 1.2 or 1.3

trillion it is have been the second-largest economy of one of the world. And it now appears that and many are joining a growing

and sustained movement against corruption. Dire predictions

have been made about how much

the Solomon Islands economy depends on depends on a logging industry that is rapidly cutting down tropical hardwood forests. Amid that market in India for tea market in India for tea trees being harvested by local land

own oers. An Indian timber importing company has been

impressed by the teak trees

planted here at the turn of the century just when this island was about to be caught up in

the Solomon Islands ethnic

tension. I am the one who

plant these trees, teak trees,

now I am harvesting it. It's

about 10 years. Isaac is delighted with the price a now local company, lagoon eco Timbers, is a paying him after the regional technical agency the South the South Pacific community

helped it find a market in

India. Now we have found a

market we believe this will market we believe this will be a sustainable means of continuously producing simber

for the community, for the people, and also for

export. Gideon is a former commissioner of forests in the

campaigning Solomons who has been campaigning for a long time for the country to curb the country to curb the activities of the activities of the foreign logging companies. These resources will run out very, very quickly, very very quickly, very shortly, because last year we heard it because was about 1.6 cubic metres they exported, million cubic metres

exported las year. Another

Solomon Islands forestry expert

working on improving the

quality of the new trees quality of the new trees being

planted is basil. There is No Doubt we have been doing logging in but I think with but I think with this idea of getting local people getting local people to plant

tree we could probably sustain the industry in the future but...the way we could but...the way we could do that. This may be the future

if the Solomons if the Solomons is to have sustainable forestry.The sustainable Tibetan spiritual leader the

Dalai Lama has arrived in Australia to a large Australia to a large and colourful devotees wore traditional Tibetan clothing or monks robes to greet him al-Melbourne

Airport. Security was tight for

the man who China the man who China previously characterised as a characterised as a dangerous separatist. The Dalai Lama will meet the Federal Opposition

leader Tony Abbott and Greens

leader Bob Brown but probably

not Prime Minister Julia Gillard but he says he's not

disappointed that Ms Gillard hasn't committed to a meeting.

If I have some sort of If I have some sort of agenda to discuss with the Prime not meeting, then I feel disappoint but I have nothing. It's disappoint leader's 8th trip leader's 8th trip to Australia

and it's also the last for the

75-year-old before he'll step

down as Tibet's de facto political leader to focus on

Six Australian capitals political

among the 30 most expensive

cities in the world according to a new study. Japanese and Norwegian cities Norwegian cities have topped

the list. Tokyo has held on to

its number one position as most expensive city in the

world. Oslo is the second-most pricey. Every

world. Oslo capital city has made

with Sydney coming in at 16th,

Adelaide is ranked 28th. Prices may be going up in Australia

but there's been a big fall in fulltime jobs. Analysts say

it's the latest in a list of weak data. Here's our finance correspondent Phillip Lasker. The analysts Lasker. The analysts are scratching their heads but scratching their heads but the furrowed brows. The

exceptional employment growth we'd had previously now disappointing

outcomes. Overall,

were created, all part-time,

the biggest surprise was the biggest surprise was a 22,000 drop 22,000 drop in fulltime jobs.

That followed the loss of more

than 57,000 the month Together, that's the biggest fall in fulltime jobs height of the global financial

crisis two years ago. It's

crisis two years ago. It's the fall-out from floods, the weakness in the

retail and manufacturing

industries and fears about the

People are very concerned and

maybe firms are trying not to hire fulltime work trrz the time being. Unemployment remained at under

the total workforce pool is growing more slowly. It's the number the Government remained

to focus on. It's a to focus on. It's a very strong position compared remained strong position compared to around the world. Unemployment

went up or

states and Territories. NSW and unemployment fell. Certainly

we've hit this soft patch and I think it's going to continue

for at least a couple of months.

months. And the next couple of

month should determine whether this is a soft patch or a

significant change in

significant change in the country's country's economic fortunes.

Either way, the Reserve Bank

will wait it out. There's no

rush whatsoever to raise

until the mining boom comes to

the rescue.It's been likened to

a giant cheese grater and we're

we like it or not, over the we like it or not, over the a next 12 months. London going organisers have unveiled the torch for the

torch for the 2012 summer

Games. The 2012 Olympic torch

unveiled today at London's Saint papingerous station.


will be an important symbol will be an important symbol for the Games. 8,000 people will be

invited to carry it next on its journey around

but down on the platforms it was business as usual.

tickets, the lack of tickets, the lack of them.

Over ?30,000 of tickets applied

for and not one ticket won. didn't get a ticket. I think the process is really una fair. I applied for ?1750. I assume the rest offence the family did the family did the same, that's

what we all discussed. Only member of

what we all discussed. Only one member of the member of the family, my grandson, received an

allocation, ?76 worth, ?6 which was demand for tickets to fill the venues vastly exceeded supply.

Organisers have defended a venues three-quarters of three-quarters of the tickets

to the general public. I

think any Games, any major sporting event kind of

kind of target so a lot of

thought, a lot of effort but, yes, of course I share yes, of course I share the disappointment with those disappointment with those that haven't so far got tickets but

there will be a second aary

opportunity. Many though chance. Thousands have bought from abroad, shopping from abroad, shopping online with, in particular, the

official German seller. I a scan on the website and I could see straight away with seeB it, OK, initially seeB it, OK, initially in

German but it's got an English

section as well that tells section as well that tells me exactly what exactly tickets, at which price and a

shopping basket I click shopping basket I click to

buy. Even on foreign websites

its going to be tough to get

hold of tickets to the opsz to

see London's shopping

the torch is used to light Olympic flame. For London 2012

organisers, hope that torch is carried around the UK

from May next year Olympic from May next year it generate enthusiasm as hundreds of thousands line the streets to watch it. The problem is that many of those to watch tickets have now realised that that could be a as close that could be a as close as

they get to the Olympics. More sport now with Amanda sport now with Amanda Shalala.

The Australian netball team is

looking good? The Diamonds have beaten New Zealand 52-47

in the

netball series. Both sides were guilty of throwing guilty of throwing the ball

away early on as New Zealand

held a one-goal lead at the

break. That was stretched to

four by half it time in was at times a brutal contest. The Silver Ferns pushed the

margin out to six during the

third term but the Australians

fought back and took the lead

with a dwarter to play and they never surrendered the

advantage. The second Test advantage. The second Test is

in Auckland on Sunday. Boston's continued its come back in America's national

hockey league Stanley Cup final series. The Bruins were down 2-0 in the series but have levelled it up at 2 levelled it up at 2 games all

after a an 8-1 win in game 3 they were just a as impressive in game 4 with a 4-0 win in game the Vancouver Canucks. in game COMMENTATOR: He's made it COMMENTATOR: He's made it 3-0 Boston. Game 5's in Vancouver

on Saturday. Every time this year that we've faced adversity year that we've faced adversity

as a team we've rose to as a team we've rose to the challenge and we needed to do

it one more time because we

were down 2-0 and were down 2-0 and now we've

done tat for done tat for two games and the challenge for us will be to

keep doing that. In cricket,

India's taken a 2-0 lead in its 5-match one-day international series with the West Indies.

The World Cup champions won the rain-shortened second ODI by 7 wickets. The West Indies posted a total of 9 lyings 240 while

Virat Kohli took a career Virat Kohli took a career best

haul of 4/13. The Indians were eventually set a reduced eventually set a reduced target

of 183. 81 runs from Virat to victory. NSW coach Ricky a Stuart has backed his Stuart has backed his halves combination to produce a strong

display in display rugby league State of rugby league State of Origin

game in Sydney but Queensland halfback Johnathan Thurston questioned when whether Jamie Soward and Mitchell Soward

dominate at Origin levels. The

Blues halves still for-V Blues halves still for-V to introduce themselves. Origin like riding a bike for the

Maroons who've had Maroons who've had the of NSW for three years. Ricky

Maroons who've the ingredients to become a

long-term combination. I need

them to control the ruck and

control the kicking game. team after missing game one with injury, centre Greg Inglis

will be looking to make an

impact of a quiet season for Souths. Keep Souths. Keep bagging him out. I thing every time he he does get stuff said about him he always

always comes back and rubs in people's faces. I certainly

wop be bagging him. None of our

boys will. He's a world-class

player and deserves all the respect. Blues Bird is also steamed

Bird talk that Queenslanders are

more passionate about Origin. It's a load of crap. The

victory to win a 6th straight victory but the favourites

aren't complacent. It will be

tough down there. I'm sure the

stadium will be packed and

they'll be booing us. Something

to look forward to. Momentum is with Queensland but the Blues

are ready to give blood are ready to give blood for the cause. Sane George cause. Sane George Illawarra

fullback Darius Boyd will

follow the lead of this depart

ing coach Wayne Bennett and

join the Newcastle Knights join with the Knights. Boyd with the Knights. Boyd had a clause in his contract allowing him to leave the Dragons him to leave the Dragons if Bennett did. And Bennett did. And Australian tennis player Lleyton Hewitt will be in action

in the second round of the in event in Germany. in event in Germany. He has pretty good well in

Another win for the Another say. Police in Seattle have

been caught up in a wild-goose

chase. A Mother Goose and her

goslings decided to walk a section of highway that links

the city to its suburbs. State troopers escorted the the city an off ramp after motorists

became concerned about the

morning rush hour. A couple of

lanes were lanes were shut through low the geese safe passage into a nearby park.

A reminder of our top stories - there are fears Government forces in Syria are massing anti-Government protesters.

anti-Government protesters. Pressure is mounting Pressure is mounting on the UN Security Council to condemn forces violent crackdown on demonstrators. The forces

Government is rethinking its aid to Afghanistan after a new

report questioned whether Afghans are

Afghans are too reliant Government outside forces. The outside forces. The US is certainly providing 320 dollars a month in assistance

programs. And a at programs. And a former worker a at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plan claims its operator had been warned about what damage a what damage a giant tsunami could cause. The former engineer has told the ABC he quit company because company because of fears about its culture of cover-ups.And to

keep up to date on all the

stories we're following you can log on to our

log on

address is

That is The World for this

Thursday evening. headlines. I'm Scott

headlines. I'm Scott Bevan. Thanks for your company. Closed Captions by CSI

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Live. Hello. Scott Bevan with

the latest from ABC News 24.

The Federal Government claiming a significant victory

in the fight for in the fight for a carbon tax after a major report said it could to tackle climate change. The Productivity Commission studied

climate change policies in nine

major world economies. It placed Australia

of the pack, but said it risks

falling behind if action isn't

taken soon. Tony Abbott took placed Australia coalface. This is

oldest mines in Australia, but

the Opposition Leader's focus is on its future, rather is on its future, rather than its past. That's the problem

tax ultimately means death for

the coal industry. To bolster the its case, its case, the Government called in the Productivity Commission.