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Veteran performer gets set to star in Annie -

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(generated from captions) for everybody. Greg Hoy

reporting there. Even in these

high tech days of screen-based

entertainment it seems audienciences still love a

good-old fashioned music -

musical and no-one knows the history better than Nancye

Hayes. Celebrating 50 years in

the industry she's preparing to star in the Broadway hit

'Annie'. Tracy bode Bowden

went to rehearsals.

It's like the first day of

school. I'm nervous. You're an Annie. You're an Annie. And

you're an Annie. There's a lot

of history in this room. Some

of the best known names in here for Australian musical theatre are

here for the start of

rehearsals for the old fashioned Broadway musical

Annie. 1, 2, 3. Yes, Mr Warlow

may God bless you. Treading the

boards with stars like Anthony

Warlow and Todd McKenney will

be some who are brand new to

the game like radio broad

Catser Alan Jones. I'm out of

my comfort zone. And a whole

tribe of youngsters on their

first professional outing.

The old adage never work with

children and animals but I've

worked with both now and I've

always had a delightful time.

You can hand down and learn

from the older cast members

and, you know, mind you, along

the way there's going the way there's going to be a few tears. Get up #6789 . In Depression Depression era musical tells

the story of a young orphan and

the search for her parents.

Sharing star billing is Australian theatrical royalty Nancye

Nancye Hayes. It's medicine. I

play Miss Hannigan who runs the

orphanage where Annie lives and

she's a woman who really is not

happy in her work. And you will

get down on your noby knees and get down on your

clean this dump until it shines

like the top of the Chrysler building. Yes, Miss

Hannigan. Get to work now. This is her first chance is her first chance to rehearse

with her young costars.

(Sings) # It's a hard knock

life for us # How do you find working with children,

introducing them to theatre and watching them discover it? I

find it a real shot in the arm

for me because it's sort of

seeing in them all the things I

was as a little dancing school and dreaming

about being on the stage. I see

that in their eyes and in the

way they embrace what we're


(Sings) # Some women are

dripping with diamonds

# Some women are dripping with

pearls. # Nancye Hayes is

celebrate ing 50 years in the

entertainment industry. As a teenager she began her career

in the chorus but with the lead

role in 'Sweet Charity' a star was perform in a string of musicals

evolving into a star of stage and screen. But in the early

days even her mother wasn't

convinced she could make it.

Might need, as my mother said

to me, something to fall back

on so I was in the secretaryial

pool for a while there but my

dream came true.

(Sings) # It's a hard knock life for us # It's a hard knock life for us

# This is the third production

of Anne - Anne Yee for Nancye

Hayes. I play a lady called

lily St Regis who has a very strange voice. Nancye Hayes

has achieved a lot of things in

life and I would really love to be the same or do the same things as her.

(Sings) # Bet ya they're young,

Bethia they're

a long journey ahead for young

cast members like Sienna

Elchaar but on the way they're

closely monitored. Three

complete casts rotate

the roles in this production.

That means complex rehearsal logistics which the producer

says come at a cost. Unfortunately I think

shows like 'Annie' that need

children I think as the rules

get tighter and tighter I think

the days will come where

producers won't be able to do those musicals anymore which is

sad, which is too because, you know, these

sort of talented kids, it's a

great launching pad for bigger careers later.

(Sings) # Tomorrow, (Sings) # Tomorrow, tomorrow # I love ya tomorrow

# You're always a day away #

And from one who has seen the

highs and los of life on the

stage, the advice is

clear. Follow your dream. I

think you have to have a go because otherwise I think you

regret it. 50