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Queen's baton in India -

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Queen's baton in India

Broadcast: 01/10/2010

Reporter: Michael Rowland

Commonwealth Games organisers are hoping the arrival of the Queen's baton in Delhi will help to
generate some positive press.


TICKY FULLERTON, PRESENTER: There are just two days to go until the Commonwealth Games kick off in
Delhi and organisers must be hoping that most of the problems are behind them.

The preparations are still continuing, but at least one thing seems to be on schedule.

The Queen's Baton Relay has reached the capital.

The ABC's Michael Rowland is in New Delhi.

MICHAEL ROWLAND, REPORTER: It's travelled nearly 200,000 kilometres through 71 countries and now
the Queen's baton is finally in the host city.

The baton, containing the monarch's opening message, has been carried past New Delhi's most
prominent landmarks.

Games organisers are hoping the baton's arrival will finally generate some positive news and they
believe the tide is turning in the much maligned athletes' village.

the hotel, we want to stay in the Games village'.

MICHAEL ROWLAND: But some in New Delhi want to pass the baton back.

ANGRY NEW DELHI CITIZEN: She is not our queen. Why are we taking this Queen's message all over
India and all over the world?

MICHAEL ROWLAND: With two days to go Australia's athletes are deep into their training routines
adjusting to New Delhi's smog and searing heat.

Organisers are racing to get the venues ready. The latest glitch has been a delay in installing the
timing equipment in places like the main swimming pool.

The chaos and the scandals engulfing the Delhi Games certainly aren't frightening off other
potential host cities. Queensland's Premier Anna Bligh's in town to pitch the Gold Coast bid to
stage the 2018 Games.

ANNA BLIGH, QUEENSLAND PREMIER: It's a great location, a wonderful destination, it's already got
some very outstanding sporting facilities and it's a place that offers a safe and great experience
for athletes and visitors alike.

MICHAEL ROWLAND: And while she's here Anna Bligh will get an idea of how not to do things.