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(generated from captions) Good evening. I'm Good evening. I'm Scott

Bevan. On tonight's program - Bevan. On tonight's program

it wasn't a debate, but it was

as close as we're likely to get

in the dying days of in the dying days of the

campaign. Tony Abbott and Julia

Gillard faced their second public forum in public forum in Brisbane. So

who won the night? And what

signs did it show for what Saturday may bring? You're

watching d World. Op Open This Program is Captioned highly in the forum on a day when the Coalition promised when

when the Coalition promised to slash debt and double the slash debt and double the

surplus. So why didn't Tony

Abbott announce it? It's only

fair and reasonable should leave these important fair and reasonable that I

financial announcements to my

financial spokesmen. Also ahead

- the aid crisis in pabistan. Concern that relief funds could

fall into the hands of extremists. The disgraced

former governor of Il noi found

guilty of making guilty of making false

statements to the

the 44th anniversary on the

Battle of Long Tan, Vietnam

veterans pause to remember.

Well, in an election that is

still too close to call, both

leaders faced an audience of

undecided voters in Brisbane

tonight. It was the second and

last public forum of the last public forum of the

and Opposition Leader took campaign. The Prime Minister

questions for an hour each from

a select group of 200 a select group of 200 students,

Broncos Leagues Club. Tony retirees and workers at

audience member came straight Abbott was up first and one

to the point. He expressed to the point. He expressed his

concern that Mr Abbott seemed

to have avoided sop of the bigger issues of the campaign,

including an economic debate

with Julia Gillard. I debate

the economy every day. I gave

the Prime Minister a chance

last night to come to the ABC

studios in Sydney and debate

me. You know what she was

doing? She was sitting in a

plane on the tarmac at Sydney

Airport. She flew from Airport. She flew

presumably because she wanted Queensland down

to debate me. She must have got cold feet. Something must have

happened because she never left

the airport, and then she took

off for Perth later on. But I

gave her that chance. I tonight my job is to talk to gave her that chance. I think

you. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott there at Abbott there at the people's

forum. Then it was the Prime

Minister's turn and being in

her predecessor's home town, it

wasn't long before Kevin name wasn't long before Kevin Rudd's Ms name came up.

Prime Minister when Kevin Rudd Prime Minister when Kevin

supposedly lost his way. You plus two members of the plus two members of the kitchen

Cabinet, Swan and Tanner. deposed Kevin Rudd but deposed Kevin Rudd but not the other two who must have been

party to all the bad desists -

batts, loans and now you laud

Kevin Rudd as a great achiever

and now you expect the people

of Australia to vote your party

back in. Do you feel like a

hypocrite? And what would you be

be doing

question and elected? Thank you for the

question and I like it when

people are upfront. I think

that's good. I think that's

is good. What I would say to you

is this: I take my is this: I take my fair share

of the responsibility of the

good things and the bad things good things

that happened under the Rudd Government. I was Government. I was vice-captain

of the team, I was Deputy Prime

Minister. I absolutely take my

fair share. Fsh fair share. Fsh The Prime

Minister there speaking at the

forum. Let's go to Brisbane and speak to our political forum. Let's go to Brisbane now

editor Chris Uhlmann. You sat

through it all through both

leaders' answers to all those questions. Who Dow think came

out on top? Scott, I find it

very hard to split the two of

them. I thought that both put

in a very credible performance this week. I thought it was much easier last week at much easier last week at Rooty

Hill which seemed the demean

got to say seemed a little Nour of the crowd, which I've

tougher than the one tonight. That audience was made tougher than the one here

up of undecided voters and they voted 83-75 for Julia Gillard

over Tony Abbott, and so that will no

will no doubt delight the man who is standing beside me and that's Business Craig Emerson. No guessing for who won?

I think the contrast was

this, Chris, between a positive and a negative Opposition prime ministerial performance

Leader. As I said when we were

discussing these matters about discussing these matters

an hour ago, dwlders are very

positive people, we are out the

front of the Broncos Leagues Club, a very positive team.

Queenslanders aren't afraid of

the future. What Tony Abbott is

saying what he is against. What

Julia Gillard is Julia Gillard is saying, "Is

here is my positive plan for

strong economy, to provide the

services in health education and national services in health and

broadband that the people want and deserve." That's the

contrast, a prime ministerial

effort versus a negative

substituted slogans for Opposition Leader who just

policy. When we were out here

about an hour ago, we spoke

about Kevin Rudd and three times she was asked about that about Kevin Rudd and three

and one question in particular

which was, "Well, how is this

government any different since you got rid

it seems that's a problem for the Prime Minister. It allows Julia to our situation and explain our

term for the next Parliament.

We're proud of our achievements

of the Labor Government. Some

things we didn't do as well as things we didn't do as

we would have liked, we've we would have liked, we've said

that, but what we're now doing is building on those achievements, economy out of the recession, achievements, keeping the

with that strong economy, we

can invest in health and education and national broadband, whereas Mr Abbott defined himself by what he is against. He is against. He is against trade training centres, against GP super-clinics, super-clinics, against a

national broadband network, a

very negative performance by

him and the results that have survey indicate and validate

what I said, they look for

positive plans for the future

and slogans-and-Opposition

Leader saying, "Be afraid of

the future." That's not the Queensland way.

How do you think things will particularly pan Queensland

I get asked that all the time

and I will give you an honest

answer and that that the people

will decide on Saturday.

Tonight I thought they got a really good look at the

leaders, one a positive prime

ministerial performance and the other negative carping

criticism. Maybe that works for

some parts or people that some parts or people that Tony

Abbott wants to appeal to, not Queenslanders, they are can-do

people and Julia Gillard set

out a can-do agenda based on out a can-do agenda based on a

strong economy. Craig I said

this to Scott take you as an independent

umpire, but thanks for joining us.

Thank you Scott, there you

have it outside the Broncos

Leagues Club. The punters

inside have given it 83-75 to

Julia Gillard and in 48 hours' time,

time, the rest of the country

has its turn. Very close still,

by those figures. Thanks Uhlmann. Well, after the

Uhlmann. Well, after the forum, Julia Gillard spoke to the

media and gave her assessment as to how it all went. REPORTER: How do you

feel, PM?? I thought it was a

great discussion. Always good to to have a chat with people. Do you think it was a Moree laxed environment than

environment than at Rooty Hill last week

I this a great time, really enjoyed having a talk with

people. Always good for people

to ask their questions and very happy to

happy to answer them REPORTER:

Did you canvas the issues you

wanted to raise.

It was a really big spread,

it was what was on people's mind. It was great for

them. Is there a need to have

a debate or is that enough?

Well, I wanted tonight to be

an economic debate, 6 to 7. People would have had their

half-hour break which I think they probably would have they probably would have deserved and then deserved and then we could come

back and take the people's

questions together. Mr was there to explain his

costings to people

today. REPORTER: On the

costings, what do you think of

the Coalition releasing them so

late in the day this afternoon?

Well, I think this is a real

risk to the Budget, a real risk

to the surplus. $38 billion to the surplus. $38 billion of expenditure that has not been

properly costed and there is a

big hole in one policy. If the

that, then that is a Rhys that, then that is a Rhys tock the Budget surplus. REPORTER:

Do you think it was a move to

try to avoid scrutiny by doing is so late

I think people are draw

their own conclusions. Mr Abbott not there, Abbott not there, not properly

put into Treasury and now we know from the experts there is

a $377 million hole in one

offal policies. Even if there

are lesser holes in the other

policies t adds up to a big problem for the Budget in 2013. Thank you. The Prime

Minister Julia Gillard speaking

to the media there outside the Broncos Leagues Club in Brisbane after the people's forum earlier earlier today, the Opposition

finally released the costings for its election promises,

saying it's proof they are

better economic managers the Government. The Coalition

says the figures show it could

cut debt faster and cut debt faster and deliver bigger surpluses than bigger surpluses than Labor,

but Julia Gillard and Wayne

Swan say the numbers are a sham. They're demanding Tony them instead of leaving it to them instead of leaving it to his economic team. Chief political correspondent Mark Simkin. Tony Abbott wants to

move forward, too. I can move forward, too. I can run

right over the media. What do

you reckon? The you reckon? The Coalition believes its campaign against

the mining tax is gaining the mining tax is gaining track

shun in Queensland, and he is

no the - not the only one inspecting big boys'

toys. What's one worth? West Australian

Australian votes are apparently

worth a sudden 7,000km round trip. Western Australia is a tremendously important State, important to the nation, important to the election.

She is flying around the countryside without any purpose or direction. One or direction. One poll suggests Labor will lose seats in the West, although that would be overshadowed by the blood-letting in blood-letting in Queensland.

New South Wales is also grim

for the Government, but there

are projected pick-ups in South Australia and Victoria with remaining remaining states and territories unchanged. The final final projection - the Government re-turned with a

reduced majority. Thank you

Minister pledged $10 million to promote financial literacy. I want them want them to understand what

it's like to have a mortgage and how you pay down debt. In the meantime, the

sums have been scrutinised. It

finally released its costings

late in the day, late in the campaign. We will cut Labor's

massive $90 billion debt by a third within four years. third within four years. The

underlying Budget surplus will

increase by $11.5 billion over the forward didn't sign off on the sums,

but a private accounting firm

did. We have undertaken the most comprehensive analysis ever undertaken by an Opposition in an election

campaign in Australia's political history.

We've had this Inspector

Clouseau routine, the dog-ate-my-homework excuse,

about why they cannot submit

through the Charter of through the Charter of Budget

Honty. Tony Abbott was offering

more money to insulators and didn't attend the costings It's

only fair and reasonable that only fair and reasonable that I leave these important financial

announcements to my financial and economic spokesmen.

When the big decisions for the the nation's financial future

need to be made, Mr Abbott need to be made, Mr Abbott goes missing. Given the election is

only two full days away, the

Government says it was Government says it was more like 5 minutes to like 5 minutes to midnight.

Stand by for another day Stand by for another day where alleged budgetary black holes

take up a lot of space. Well,

Australians go to the polls and

most issues covered have

remained fairly close to home.

Foreign policy has barley made a blip on either a blip on either major parties'

radars during this campaign,

aside from asylum seeker policies which takes in some policy issues and a few

mentions of Afghanistan this has been a largely

domestic-focused campaign, yet whoever

whoever wins government will be

facing major foreign policy issues that affect us all.

Tomorrow night we will Tomorrow night we will be speaking to Foreign Stephen Smith, but for tonight,

Julie Bishop joins us live from

Perth. Ms Bishop, thank you

very much more your time tonight Pleasure. Why do you think Foreign Affairs

barely registered in this

election? Is it a case that the

voters don't want to listen or

is it something neither party really wants to talk

about? Well, there was a debate

at the National Press Club on Foreign Affairs specifically.

Both the Foreign Minister and I took part

took part in that debate, so it

has been one of the central

debates in the campaign, but

also issues such as the tax and the impact on Australia's international reputation have been at the very

very heart of the campaign.

There was another release today

from a resources

spoke of the damage that has

been done to Australia's

international reputation as a

safe destination for investment, particularly mining

stocks, and so the issue of

Australia and sovereign risk as a result of the Government's erratic behaviour over the

mining tax has been at the

heart of the campaign. Before I come to affected by that, by China and

the Asia-Pacific region, if we can first can first go to Afghanistan,

though, both parties have said though, both parties have said

in effect words to the effect that the military commitment of

Australia will remain until the job job is done. There is an job is done. There is an old Afghan saying that you've got

the watches, we've got the

time. How long do we have, by your reckoning, in light of

that? Yes, I have heard that

saying. In fact, one soldier

stated that to me when I was in Afghanistan last year, we not allow

we not allow the Taliban to run a a public relations exercise

against the allies who are

working in Afghanistan to promote freedom, democracy, and

security in Afghanistan.

Obviously Australia's role is

not only to dismantle the extremist forces but also to

build up the local army, local

police force so that Afghanistan is able

Afghanistan is able to take charge of its own security,

take charge of its own people,

and when that job is But it would be wrong for us to pull pull out in a premature fashion, particularly as there

has been a recent change over the leadership in Oruzgan

Province which is where most of

our troops are, and obviously

there is still work to be done

in Oruzgan. But the US has a plan in place plan in place to withdraw troops,

troops, to draw down. Why can't

you present a firmer time line to the to the Australian people as to what your what your plans are? Well,

obviously if we were to be

fortunate enough to win

government on the weekend, the

first thing we would down and speak to the military

chiefs and to the experts about the current situation in

Afghanistan. I'm in Opposition.

I relie on briefings. Obviously

I don't have access to the

intelligence and resources of

Government, but it would be a priority for us, and most certainly the National Security

Committee of Cabinet will be

the pre-eminent committee the pre-eminent committee of

Government. There haves about

been reports that both Julia Gillard

Gillard and Kevin Rudd chose

not to attend a number of those meetings where decisions such

as the war in Afghanistan are considered and we

course, make attendance at such

meetings mandatory and of

course we would take very seriously the advice that was

given at these National

Security Security Committee

meetings. But Ms Bishop, excuse

me for interrupting, but you

point out that you're not in

government yet, but surely you

must have a plan and a time

line in place which you can

present to the Australian

people to say, "This is what we're thinking. This is how

long we'll be there. This is

how long we will spend taxpayers' money and put at

risk young the pursuit of this." Yes, of

course. That's what I've just

said. What we've been seeking

to do is to ensure that the

Afghani army and police force

are capable of taking control of their own security,

that's what we're working

towards. But you haven't given

a date or time line a date or time line there, with respect?. Well, that would be

an irresponsible and reckless

thing to do. What we're seeking

to do is to find the best path forward, work with forward, work with the Afghani

Government, work with the

military in Afghanistan, the police

police and the army, and that they are capable of managing the security of

Afghanistan, and it's not Afghanistan, and it's not just

a decision for Australia.

Obviously there are a number of

other people involved, other

countries involved. As I the leadership in Oruzgan

Province has changed recently. The Australian Government said

that Australia did not have the

capacity or capability to take the lead. We dispute that and,

of course, that was not backed up by

up by the views of the Defence

Force Chiefs. So that situation in Oruzgan also has to be

considered. So I'm not going to

set out a timetable without full access to the intelligence

and security briefings that one would have in government. Ms

Bishop, last Bishop, last week at the Press

Club debate that you referred

to there before, you said to there before, you said your government would always to requests from the US to

assist in any way to ensure

success in Afghanistan. What does "in any way" mean and

would you consult with the Australian people before putting that in place? Well,

what I was saying was that we

are part of an effort to

restore peace and stability and

freedom in Afghanistan, and if can assist f we had can assist f we had the

capacity and the capability to do

do so, well do so, well then we should

consider such an offer. You

wouldn't just say blanket,

we will not consider any suggestion or

suggestion or any request for

assistance from the NATO forces." You would consider

them. And take advice from the military chiefs and people on

the ground, the experts in the

the ground, the experts in the field. If we move onto field. If we move onto the

Asia-Pacific and in his book,

'Battle Lines' Tony Abbott

talks about add va kacy of Anglo add va kacy of Anglo sphere, how much is that a signal, a

warning even to vast swathes of

the Asia-Pacific region

they can expect less interest in relations from an in relations from an Abbott government? Well, that's not

the case at all. As I said in

my speech to the Press Club where I outlined the

Coalition's foreign policy I

specifically said that our

focus would not only be on the Asia-Pacific but also the

Indian Ocean. As we look east and north should also look west. It is our our neighbourhood, where we live. The Asia-Pacific, the

Indian Ocean. Tony Abbott's reference was to like-minded countries that have English as a common language,

English-speaking world and

common values that are certainly fighting for and

standing up for. Our focus is

very much on our region in

terms of development, and defence, diplomacy, trade, strategy and I think that it's

important that we focus not

just on the Asia-Pacific but also your leader agree with you on

this, on what uf have outlined

there, given his advocacy of the Anglo the Anglo sphere? Of course, it

was a Shadow Cabinet decision

to put out a foreign decision. All of our policies are

policies of the Shadow Cabinet

and signed off by the leader,

of course. How can your Government live Government live town the stop-the-boats promise in

regards to asylum seekers and

in the process engage the

necessary help of the region? Well, we have done before. Since the Rudd Government weakened the strong

border protection border protection laws that we

had in place, there have been

153 boats come to Australia.

When we were in previously, there were a number

of boats that were coming in

the year 2000. By 2001, we

changed the laws, we stopped

the boats. By 2002 there were virtually no boats coming virtually no boats coming to

Australia. So it is a range of initiatives, a range initiatives, a range of laws that we put in place that

that we put in place that sent

a very powerful message to the people smugglers that Australia

would not be a soft the people smuggling trade. the people smuggling trade. We

would put back in place a number of those initiatives, including re-opening the Nauru

processing centre which has

already been funded by the Australian taxpayers is ready, willing and able to

re-open that centre. You had a

go at the Gillard Government for not consulting with the Indonesians for its Timor

plan Yes. And what you said

last week in the debate last week in the debate was, "What we must do with Indonesia is maintain an open, honest frank dialogue." Did you flag with the Indonesian with the Indonesian Government your stop-the-boats your stop-the-boats plan? Of

course, we meet with course, we meet with the

representatives on a constant basis. I met with them before I spoke at spoke at the Press Club address

on Thursday. So we keep, as much as you can in Opposition,

we keep an open dialogue, but the point is the Government of the day, the Australian Government did not Government did not inform Indonesia of its plans to announce a regional processing

centre, in breach of an agreement or at least an understanding

understanding that we would not

take Indonesia by surprise in relation to issues to do with

asylum seekers, but secondly,

the Prime Minister made a

complete fool of herself over

the East Timor Solution. She

rang the President of East

Timor, instead of the Prime

Minister or the Government of

East Timor to announce that East Timor to announce that

processing centre and clearly

East Timor do not want it, it

will not happen. But did you w

your policy, stop the boats - the stop-the-boats the stop-the-boats catchcry, knowing that would affect with them before awe announced

it? It's part of the policy

that the Coalition had in government and that is part of

the policy that we certainly

worked with Indonesia on.

Indonesia are well aware of the Coalition's policy both in government and in opposition.

Given the constraints in

opposition, we are not in a

position of government to have government-to-government negotiations, but we've certainly made our position

very clear. Now, if you wake up

on Sunday morning as Australia's Foreign Minister,

what's going to be your top

priority and why? Well, it doesn't quite work that way. Obviously if Obviously if we were to be

fortunate to win government on

the weekend, obviously we would

need to have meetings of our partyroom to talk about who would would be in what positions and then obviously it is a matter for Tony Abbott as Prime

Minister to determine the

Cabinet positions, but he has

indicated he would be very

pleased for me to continue as

the Minister in this role the Minister in this role that I've been shadow minister I've been shadow minister for

some 18 months so he would be

keen for me to remain as Foreign Minister. the Foreign Minister. That being priorities. The first would be

to repair a number of bilateral

relationships that we believe

have been damaged as a result

of the rather erratic, chaotic behaviour behaviour of the Rudd

Government. We would focus on

our region and also we would be looking at the issue of international development

because as I announced last

Thursday, a Coalition government will have a separate

minister for minister for international

development, so that minister

would have to be appointed and

also the responsibilities of

that minister determined

because currently I have responsibility will go to a separate ministry

under the Coalition, given under the Coalition, given the significance and the likely

size of the aid budget size of the aid budget in years to come. Julie Bishop, thank

you for your you for your time from Perth tonight. My tonight. My pleasure, thank you.

Up to 41 people have been

killed in the Philippines killed in the Philippines after

a bus plunged 50m down a

ravine. The bus carrying 47

people lost control and left

the road in a mountainous the road in a mountainous area of the country's north. At least

conductor were pulled from the

wreckage alive. The conductor has reportedly told local

officials that the vehicle had

gear problems and the driver couldn't shift gears at high speeds. Well, a lukewarm international response is still

hampering the relief hampering the relief effort in flood-ravaged Pakistan. The United Nations has only raised

40% of its appeal target and it

has blamed donor fatigue. And

has yet to reach the vast majority of 6 million survivors in mobs. More supplies are getting

through and the army is

deployed but the sheer scale

has overwhelmed aid

agencies. This is huge there are some places which are

still isolated and we have many

difficulties to reach these people. Officials have warned that more flooding could be on

the way. Israeli troops have

begun dismantle ing a begun dismantle ing a concrete wall erected nine years to

protect the Jewish settlement

skirts of Jerusalem. The Areas

James under fire in 2000. An

Israeli spokesman says the war was no longer needed because

security has improved. The wall

was a precursor to a bar yore

along the West Bank. Ben Knight

night has visited the site. As you

you can see the barriers are

coming out on what was one of

the front lines of the the front lines of the second

Intifada back in 2000. In fact, just after 2000 these concrete barriers went in

from the Jewish settlement. You

can see they've been numbered.

A coup of reasons for that

A coup of reasons for that - one is in case they need to

install them, they will be able

to do very quickly and the

murals on the other side will

match up, and the other is and

probably more optimistic, if

they ever go into a museum,

they will be able to match the

Murph rools up properly. So what is the who you talk to. It was from

here, the second Intifada here, the second Intifada that the gunfire was coming. You the gunfire was coming. You can see how close this is to this

Jewish neighbourhood. The world call this is a Jewish settlement because what settlement because what we're standing on was land that was conquered and captured conquered and captured by Israel in the 1967 six-day war.

Jerusalem is over there, Bethlehem is over Bethlehem is over there. This was what was called East

Jerusalem. Israel maintains

it's part of Jerusalem, part of Israel and they had the Israel and they had the right

to build here. The world says differently. The current peace

process or the problems with the

the peace process, that Israel

continues to build on land that

it says belongs to Israel but

the world and the Palestinians

say otherwise. So one say otherwise. So one positive

sign - these concrete barriers

are coming out, but again if

you look down here, just down

the hill, you can see a road

with a wire fence going along

it. This is the security

barrier that has been built all along

Bank, between the West Bank and

Israel. So one fence coming out, another one still going in and still obviously a and still obviously a very long

way to go. Middle East correspondent Ben

reporting there. Well, a golf

club president from South

London who is battling

extradition to the US says he

is the victim of unlawful

conduct by US agents. 63-year-old Christopher Tappin

denies selling arms to Iran. Mr Tappin says he was unwittingly

caught up with a Customs sting. Philip Williams reports. Christopher Tappin, a

63-year-old grandfather, golf

fan nattic and according to US officials, guilty of planning to supply

missile systems. Le face missile systems. Le face an extradition hearing in extradition hearing in two weeks. If his bid fails he

could face 35 years in Victoria

trim. Today he said he was the

victim of a sting I deny these

allegations. I was the allegations. I was the victim

of the unlawful conduct of the unlawful conduct of US

agents who pretended to enforce

company known as Mercury global enterprises. It exists solely sto Senator unsuspects

importers. He stood to make importers. He stood to

just $600 from the five

batteries. Two others have

already been sentenced in the

US to 20 years and two US to 20 years and two months

over the plot. Garry McKinnon

has spent years resisting files. tried for hackg into Pentagon

files. His family says suffers from as Perger's din files. His family says he

drom and was looking for evidence

evidence of UFOs, not government time that both parties reviewed arrangements which currently

allow someone to be plucked

from their home and sent

halfway across the world before

a British case is made out against them. To the United States States and a jury in Chicago

has fond a former

Illinois Rod Blagojevich guilty

on only one charge of the 24 brought against him. charges included racket earing, conspiracy, fraud and extortion. One charge alleged

he tried to sell the Senate seat vacated by President

Barack Obama, but the jury only

found Blagojevich guilty of

making false statements. He was

ousted from office last year

during his second term as

governor. Let's get the latest

world weather with Graham

Creed Strong winds and mild

across eastern Australia, but a temperature also be

little further south cold air

is moving through and with that

showers, squally winds and thunderstorms could even produce small hail through

Victoria and Tasmania. Plenty parts of South Australia, into parts of

of wind warnings, even flood

watches once again through parts of the mainland. Further

north, clear, dry and

warm temperatures down most of Queensland. warm temperatures down most of

To New Zealand, light

To New Zealand, light winds

for both islands but we for both islands but we will

see some light showers and very told air

half. For the south-east, wind as cross the Pacific islands

producing a little bit of producing a little bit of cloud and just an isolated sho you wer or two. The instability will trigger wide

spread shower as cross Indonesia, Papua New Guinea Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and

Malaysia and the heaviest of the falls are expected around

the southern parts of Malaysia, especially around especially around Singapore.

Today's heavy rain in Laos will

move west to be focused over

Northern Thailand. A band of very active afternoon

thunderstorms and showers that sits basically from

Beijing all the way through to

shin dew. We significant falls with shin dew. We could see

Isolated showers for Japan.

India will dry out although

shower also persist along the

west and east coast but the

significant falls will be along

the southern slopes of the Himalayas

Himalayas but not at this stage

expecting to see shows showers

fall into Pakistan. A sitting off Norway and extends

an area of instability all the

way through into Estonia

way through into Estonia and into Russia but not into Russia but not expecting

overly heavy falls with that

system. Afternoon thunderstorms could become intense along could become intense along the

coast of Sierra Leone with only light activity

light activity generally elsewhere through equatorial

Africa, but a cold front will

clip South Africa and falls along the coast. The clip South Africa and moderate

remnants of a west with intense storms litting Louisiana. Now, another larger low is sitting off the

east coast and that to produce rain anywhere from east coast and that is expected

South Carolina all the way

through to New Jersey. Lows are

sitting either side of the far southern parts of America. They are also southern parts of South triggering very cold conditions, wide spread strong

winds, but no significant

rainfall. It will remain hot

and humid about the north with unstable air triggering wide thunderstorms, anywhere from French guy Anna through to

Colombia. Mix of wild conditions throughout

parts of the world. Still ahead on the program, Vietnam

veterans mark the 44th

anniversary of the Battle of

Long Tan. High-tech poachers

make ing life hell for make ing life hell for Africa's rhinos Bad. Very watching The World on ABC News

24. Our top stories: Prime

Minister Julia Gillard and

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott have answered the people's questions in Brisbane at the

leaders' community forum. Up to

41 people have been killed 41 people have been killed in

the Philippines after a bus

plunged 50m down a ravine. The

bus carrying 47 people lost

control and left the road in a

mountainous area of the

country's north. And an

netted 174kg elaborate sting in Sydney has

worth $46 million housemaid den

in coffee packets. It's one of

the largest hauls of the drug

used to make ice. Tough anti-drugs laws

being challenged by someone who

should know. A leading medical

expert says the current approach isn't working and approach isn't working and the

making drug use legal. A major government should consider

making drug use legal. A major

drugs haul - police in Buckinghamshire today recovered

2 million pounds of cannabis

plants, a battle won, but we cording to one of Britain's leading doctors. We haven't succeeded in 40 years in making

this is a drug-free society. We're not going to

what we have to do is a much more pragmatic harm-reduction approach, rather than trying to put everyone in

prison. The argument goes that money currently spent on fighting drugs could fighting drugs could be diverted to treatment programs. New figures show there were 545 drug there were 545 drug deaths in

Scotland last year, the second Keith Fowler from Edinburgh highest total ever recorded.

lost his son, Perry, to a

heroin overdose, aged just 24.

We should have a debate the regulations and drug

policies. They should be looked

at and see if they can be at and see if they can

changed because I don't believe

this so-called war on drugs

we're having at the moment is having any effect. The Home

cannabis Office says heroin, cocaine and

cannabis cause misery to

community as cross Britain. It

has flatly has flatly rejected

decriminalisation Organised crime will continue to be

involved in anything that's

addiction tiff and that people

seek access to. It would

certainly cut up some of

profits but it would just create

create new products. Last year

the UK's chief drugs adviser

Professor David Nutt was sacked

after criticising government

drug policy. Sir Ian Gilmore's comments will re-open the

debate on how and if the war on

drugs can be won. A judge in

Bali has delayed hearing the final appeal against the death

penalty imposed on the Nine drug smuggler Scott Rush. penalty imposed on the Bali

The delay is the result of two

clerical errors made by a court

official in Denpasar. Family

and friends of Rush flew to

Bali a week ago for the hearing

but now they will have to wait

for another 8 days. Matt Brown

is in Denpasar The first sign

that something was wrong came

this morning here at this morning here at Kerobokan

prison. The judge had ordered

the governor to send Scott Rush

down to the hearing room, but down to the hearing room, but no arrangements had for his transportation. Then

down at the courthouse, the prosecutor drew attention to

two errors in the paperwork

establishing the hearing. He

said that means the whole thing should be cancelled. In the should be cancelled. In the end

the judge has decided to order

a new hearing next Thursday.

Rush family friends say they

believe the case for appeal is strong.

The family has been through hell, as you would understand,

and this is a particularly

difficult time tore them. This

is the big one, the major appeal, last presidential clemency, so he

this is really important. Scott

Rush's parents have come back

to the jail to visit their son.

They say all will be heard in

good time. New Zealand good time. New Zealand rescuers have called off their search for three

for three crew members of a

fishing drawl - trawler that

sank in the Southern Ocean. The

boat capsized with little

warning about 400 nautical miles east of Dunedin. 45 members have miles east of Dunedin. 45 crew

bodies of three others have been recovered. Happened very quickly. 10 minutes to sink. Authorities say there is

no chance the missing three men

have survived. Well, Nick Edwards

Edwards loved to surf and for

his family it's some small

comfort that he has died while

- that's how he died, - that's how he died, taken by

a shark while doing what he love. His mother said today she

had always worried about sharks

and they had spoken about it.

All her fears were realised

yesterday off a remote beach in accounts, Nick Edwards was a

man who loved the sea. The father of two young children, he worked in the West

Australian Goldfields, but

chose to live near The keen surfer was catching

one last wave before returning

to work when the shark

struck He knew the dangers, he

he just thought, "It's not was well aware, but I believe

going to happen to me." Mr

Edwards' mother said she had constantly warned her

working in the mine and

surfing, both dangerous areas,

I did live in fear I would get

a phone call one day, hoping I

never would, but it never would, but it came. A makeshift memorial has sprung

up on the hill overlooking the

spot where Mr Edwards has died.

The effect on the Gracetown

community has been profound It

is a really strong community

and I think everyone will band together and

together and more eyes focused on the ocean now. Eddie kail.

Kilgallon was involved in the

are still in shock they will return to the water. There return to the water. There is an overwhelming desire to an overwhelming desire to go surfing. This morning the waves

are perfect again just like

yesterday. But Mr

mother had this message to

other surfers visiting South Point. Don't go there, Point. Don't go there, go

someone where it's safer, if

there is such a spot. For time

there is such a spot. For the time being, the beach will remain closed. 30 years after

she disappeared, Azaria Chamberlain is back in the headlines, the Northern Territory Government has ordered a

death at Uluru. Lindy

Chamberlain has always Chamberlain has always claimed

her daughter was taken by a

dingo and she says Azaria has dingo and she says Azaria has been denied justice because been denied justice because the cause of death is officially lifted as "unknown". Now thing 'cause be about to change. Was

it a dingo or something it a dingo or something else more sinister? According to adaria Chamberlain's adaria Chamberlain's death certificate it's neither with

the document listing her cause

of death near Uluru in 1980 as

unknown. Now in a stunning development, the Northern Territory Government ordered an inqi ri to make a

conclusive finding. What the Attorney-General has done today

has referred the request from Lindy Chamberlain through to

the appropriate authority to

reconsider the finding that is on that certificate. The move comes after Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton published

this open letter, calling for her daughter's death

certificate to reflect the

findings of a royal commission

which cleared her name. The Territory

Territory Government says

reviewing the certificate an admission authorities got it

wrong. This Victorian couple wrong. This Victorian couple is

in no doubt a dingo was to blame. They were camped near

the Chamberlains and helped

search for the missing baby,

but say they had to wait six

weeks to be interviewed by

Territory police. I think Territory police. I think if the police had seen the

original - the people around

them at the time, it would

never have taken off. For some reason they were obsessed with proving her guilty, although they had the trial in 1982 which the trial in 1982 which were

leaked to the leaked to the media earlier this month is the latest police

blunder to cause outrage. The Territory's Chief Justice says

they should have been

destroyed. Whoever it is down notes might or might not

get it right and later on, of course, when you come to look at them years down the track, we may be misinterpreting

entirely what was said. Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton wasn't

available for comment. available for comment. The body of an Australian soldier killed

in Afghanistan has been flown

home to Perth. Soldiers gathered at the RAAF Pearce air

base for a traditional ramp ceremony

ceremony to mark the return ceremony to mark the return of

SAS Trooper Jason Brown. The

29-year-old was killed in a gun

battle with Taliban insurgents

last week.

It was Trooper Brown's first

tour of duty in Afghanistan. He is the 18th Australian to be killed in the

conflict. Well, it has been a

day of deep reflection on

Australia's longest war.

Veterans and their families were joined

were joined by serving soldiers and dignitaries to commemorate Vietnam Veterans Remembrance

Day at the war memorial in

Canberra. This year was a tribute to two airmen who tribute to two airmen who were missing for close to missing for close to 40 years. It is the longest

conflict that Australia has

ever taeg enpart in. ever taeg enpart in. Vietnam Veterans Remembrance Veterans Remembrance Day

commemorates more than 50,000 Australian soldiers deployed

during 1962 and 1973. 500 paid

the ultimate sacrifice and more than 2,000 were wounded in

action. Today's action. Today's ceremony also park marked the 44th

anniversary of the Battle anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. It is a bittersweet

time for veterans. Vets affairs

was not working the way it should back should back then. Governments of all

persuasions did not treat you

with the respect nor offer the

support and care you needed.

Many have struggled dealing

with the demons that war you and the memories that will never be never be lost. Some ex-servicemen say ex-servicemen say they're still being treated unfairly Our military superannuation down on the listing. There was

also closure for some also closure for some veterans'

families. God bless you both

and your family. A monument was

unveiled which commemorates two

crewmen who were missing in action for close to 40 years. Flying officer

and pilot officer Robert Carver

were returning from a bombing mission when their plane vanished. Last year wreckage and remains were discovered in Vietnam. Thus Australia can

close the chapter on

Vietnam missing-in-actions, all

now home at last.

Deeply, deeply emotional, very powerful time. The service

concluded with one of the last

flyovers by an RAAF flyovers by an RAAF F-111

strike fighter. What's left of

South Africa's rhino s are now being

being devastate ed at record rates. Moor than 150 have been killed so far this year, some

by high-tech poachers who want

just a small part of the massive animals. And a warning - this report con tapes some graphic images. This is the

last rhino to live on this game

reserve. Killed at night, her

baby still by her side, the

latest victim of South Africa's increasingly poachers. We first lost a bull

in June and then in January

this year, the end of January we lost Two Tone in one day,

yesterday. The poachers are

targeting small family reserves

like this and they're doing it

with a level of sophistication

that so far proved impossible

to stop. That mark is where the

rhino was darted from the air.

The helicopter of the poachers

would then have landed and you

can see at the

a chainsaw was used to cut off

the rhino's horn. This rhino

was left to bleed to death and

the poachers took off with the horn. The rate of killing has

doubled in the last year. South

African criminals funded African criminals funded by East Asian demand for the

horn. These are people that are

also involved in gun running n drug

drug trafficking, in drug trafficking, in human travelging, so quite frankly

for them, this is something

that is quite easy for that is quite easy for them to do. Under siege from the

poachers, the orphaned baby the dead rhino we saw earlier was caught and taken to another

supposedly safer game reserve.

Vuma, as he is now called, will now be guarded day and

night. He will be alright, yes.

He has been introduced to two

mates and they are teaching him

how to eat and drink water and that type of thing and they

play with him. But play with him. But Vuma's long-term future is far from

secure. His horn will soon be

worth hundreds of thousands of

pounds, making him a lucrative target for South Africa's new

breed of well-funded high-tech

poachers. Let's take a look at

what's making head lines on news websites around the news websites around the world. 'The Guardian' features a

number of articles about the

Conservative and Lib Dems. Aid

runs short in Pakistan and looting starts to take off. And

there is a story about civil

are on strike over wages.

To other stories making news around the world. An investigation is under way into

what caused a fatal explosion

at a fireworks factory in

China. 19 workers were killed

and 150 injured in the blast

which could be felt more than

3km away. South Korea's

military police and government

agencies have been testing

their readiness for a their readiness for a terrorist the drill staged at the country's largest exhibition building. A thousand spectator

as plauded when he was successfully successfully completed. And

anglers have been mourning the

death of what's thought to be

Britain's largest fresh water fish. Two Tone, a carp weighing

more than 30kg, was found floating in a lake in kept. She was wily and difficult to

catch, and anglers had flked to

the lake to have a go. It's

thought she died of old age.

She was about a look at the markets now.

First to Europe which is in First to Europe which is in the

middle of morning trade. Well, it's just not cricket. That question has already been

asked in Australia. Now it's asked in Australia. Now it's on everyone's lips in the very

place where the game has its

origins. There is

concern in England about

whether too many international

matches are wearing thin on

both players and the fans. It

won't be as empty as this

tomorrow, but for England's

cricketers, warming up at the

Oval today, the issue of unsold

seats has raised fresh concerns

for the future of Test match

cricket. It still matters to the players, but with crowds on the slide, they know the slide, they know they're under pressure to under pressure to entertain. Ultimately I think England,

above all countries has got a huge appetite for huge appetite for Test cricket,

but you need to have

but you need to have exciting

matches and that's how it's our responsibility as players, to

put on a show that people want

to watch. So the question is

has cricket reached saturation

point? Too many matches in too

many venues. 20 years ago the

England team played just 10 competitive home played 11. By the end of this

year they would have played 21

home matches. No wonder there

are empty seats. For the nine

grounds which stage internationals, any threat to

the future of the Test game is

also a threat to their financial health. Test cricket

is absolutely crucial to the

future of the game. There has

been a lot talked about it in

terms of Twenty20 crowds taking

away the interest, but I think

we're killing the golden goose

if we keep playing this amount of cricket. It's too much. The

rise of Twenty20 cricket and

the power of the Indian Premier

League have certainly upset the game's old game's old order, and cluttered

up the international calendar.

So, what's the answer? Some

argue that to preserve the Test

game for future generations a

radical restructuring is now

needed Somewhere there needs to

be some kind of change, either

with the amount of cricket maybe a two-league system where you

you get the top five you get the top five teams

playing in one league and the

other four or five teams in the

other league and you have other league and you have to

have a relegation promotion belt. This was The Oval last

summer, sold out and

celebrating an Ashes triumph. The year after was always

likely to be a hard sell, but

if there are more moments like

this, cricket will need to

embrace change while preserving its great history. To more sport with Amanda Shalala. Quade Cooper saga rugby league, rugby union, on and on it goes Hopefully some clarity soon, Scott. The fly-half has

briefly left the Wallabies camp

to meet with the Australian

Rugby Union today as his

playing future is up in the air. 292-year-old is considering switching codes with Parramatta and Newcastle interested in him. He hasn't revealed what was said after

today's meeting. NRL boss David

Gallop says Cooper would be exciting addition but says no allowances have been made under

the salary cap to lure him to league.

We would be excited about

but at the moment we're sitting back and seeing how his

negotiation with Parramatta

goes. Harry Kewell fired back

at Robbie Slater's at Robbie Slater's suggestion

that he was a spent force and a

distraction to the Socceroos

and Kewell denied ever having a

run-in with a team-mate in a

heated exchange with during an interview last

night. You're telling me night. You're telling me that

one of the players told me to F off and said I was no value to

the team? You're the team? You're 100% behind

that? If you're 100% behind

that I will deal with this,

because I have spoke tone all

the players and none of them have turned around and have turned around and said

that. No player I have ever

played with has ever told me to

do that. Striker Nicolas Anelka

has paid a heavy price for

France's disastrous World Cup campaign. The French Football Federation has banned the Chelsea player for Chelsea player for 18 games,

effectively ending his

international career. Anelka was at the heart of a player

revolt as his team failed to win a game in South Africa. The

World Cup gave France World Cup gave France nothing

to crow about. Winless on the field, in disarray off it.

Anelka has sent home from South Africa after abusing his Raymond Domench Africa after abusing his coach, Raymond Domench and his subsequent refusal to

apologise. The row split the

camp with captain Patrice Evra on Anelka's

Anelka. The problem with the French team isn't Anelka. It is

the traitor amongst us. Evra who almost came to blows with

the team fitness coach, has

been banned for five games, but

at least he fronted at least he fronted the

inquiry. Anelka was a

no-show. I felt the player s

very embarrassed by what happened. Injury once more

played a major part for Lleyton

Hewitt but in only his third match since Wimbledon it was

his opponent who was

struggling. Yen Hsun Lu of

Thailand's back was restricting

end of the first set which

Hewitt won 6-4 to get treatment.

treatment. Trailing 3-0 in the

second, he asked for help but

he was told to wait. I cannot

take medical time. I already

waste three games? Lu lasted

just one more. He can't even

move. Hewitt will now take on

Robin Soderling as he prepares

for the US Open. Despite training without the American-based players, the

open pals believe they're well placed to defend their world football title. We are a lot

taller than obviously the previous year and great talent. The open pals will complete their warm-up preparations against United States and Spain before putting

their title on the line in the

Czech Republic next month. Coming into the 15s

World Cup it would be a dream

come true and also we would be making history. Australia has gone grouped with New and South Africa but will open the tournament against Wales on Friday. In cricket, England's

4/62 on the opening day of 4/62 on the opening day of the third Test against Pakistan at

The Oval. After winning The Oval. After winning the

toss, England's top order has crumbled nearing lunch.

Alastair Cook was the first to go

go to the bowling of Asif. Andrew Strauss thought he had Andrew Strauss thought he had a lifeline when he not--out, but Pakistan's

division to review paid off.

Jonathan Trott was dismissed

for 12. An un lucky Paul

Collingwood was the next to go, to leave

to leave England in serious

trouble. And the NRL judiciary

has found North Queensland Cowboys forward Scott Bolton

not guilty of a biting charge.

Scott, that means is he free to

play this weekend. Very good

for him, but not so good for

England, must be tired England, must be tired and fatigue those cricket Aussies ahead of the

Ashes Thanks so much Amanda. I US policeman was waylaid when

he stopped to help a broken-down truck. It was

carrying 60 boxes of bees, one of which had broken open,

releasing its angry inmates.

More or less self-defence

this time. There was a couple

of bees up in my personal

space, my comfort zone, and I just wanted to get them out. The bees kept

blockade for three hours until

they were lure add way by

another box, this time another box, this time laced with honey. Let's get an update

now no -, on the weather both here and abroad.

A reminder now of our top stories: Julia Gillard and Tony

Abbott have faced an audience of

of undecided voters in Brisbane

tonight. It was the second and

last public forum of the

campaign. Both leaders took questions

questions from a select group

of 200 students, retirees and workers. Aid relief in

flood-ravaged Pakistan is still

being hampered by a lukewarm international response. The

United Nations has only raised 40 pest of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peel target, while most of the 6

million survivors are still million survivors are still in

urgent need of aid. A judge urgent need of aid. A judge in Bali has delayed hearing the final sentence imposed on the sentence imposed on the Bali Nine drug smuggler Scott Rush.

The delay is the result of two

clerical errors made by clerical errors made by a court official in official in Denpasar. And the

body of an Australian soldier

killed in Afghanistan has been

flown home to flown home to Perth.

29-year-old Trooper Jason Brown

was killed in a gun battle with was killed in a gun battle with

Taliban insurgents last

week. And to keep up to date on

all the stories we're all the stories we're

following, you can log onto our

website. The address:

That is The World for this Wednesday evening. Grooeb's

leader Bob Brown's address to

the National Press