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(generated from captions) This Program is This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight, the US considers using an Australian

base to house its military spy

drones. Also ahead,

authorities target a major

people smuggling ring in raids

across Australia and overseas.

A dangerous new super-bug in

Australian hospitals, which

doctors say is proving

difficult to treat. And later

Wilkins, Australia on 'Grandstand' with Peter

work of the West Indies in Wilkins, Australia makes short

their opening Twenty20 match.

Live across Australia, this

is ABC News 24, hello, I'm

Scott Bevan. America's eyes in the skies could be launched

from Australian soil. The

United States wants to station

spy planes on the remote Cocos Islands. Officials in both

countries acknowledge a new air

base is a possibility, but the Australian Government says it would cost money to upgrade and it won't happen for years. it won't happen for years.

3,000km from the mainland, a

tiny atoll with a big future in

the Asian century. The

Pentagon has its sights on Cocos Islands and an ally

prepared to help. We will

continue to be transparent about these matters, at the

option has been under the appropriate time. The Cocos

radar, the least heralded

element of President Obama's

plan for a bigger US presence

in the Asia Pacific. The United States is a Pacific

power and we are here to stay.

Marines move into Darwin within

weeks. US aircraft will fly

into RAAF bases in the Top End

and plans are progressing for

ships and submarines to visit

HMAS Stirling in the West. Now,

defence officials in Washington

are making it known they are

drawn to the strategic

attraction of Cocos Islands. Officials, commentators, should

not get ahead of themselves. Plans haven't ministerial level. But Plans haven't reached

officials have told the

'Washington Post' that from

Cocos the US could launch

surveillance planes, including its growing fleet of unmanned

drones. Strategically it is

becoming a very vital area

indeed. It is close to sea

lanes transporting fuel to Asia

and to Australia's north-west energy reserves. Defence analysts believe, with enough

money, Cocos could host bomber planes, fighters and spy

craft. With the current strategic trends it would be

well worth upgrading the Cocos

Islands and doing a thorough

upgrade to support Australia's

own strategic interests.

Pieced together, America's

plans for an increased presence

in the South East Asia Pacific look comprehensive indeed.

There is the Cocos option, West Coast naval presence, There is the Cocos option, the

Marines in Darwin, together West Coast naval presence, the

with assets in suppose, the

Philippines and Guam, to name

just a few, all with assurances

that it is not about containing

China The Foreign Minister for

one warrants against viewing

the two powers as regional anniversary. Something in my the two powers as regional as

bones tells me that this year

in particular that notion might go off the boil. go off the boil. Military planners haven't yet got planners haven't yet got that

message. Four people arrested in Australia over alleged people smuggling all

came to this country themselves

by boat. In a major

international operation, raids

were carried out in Sydney, Melbourne, Thailand, Malaysia

and Indonesia - their target,

what police are describing as a

significant people smuggling

syndicate. In Bangkok, syndicate. In Bangkok, police

arrested a 39-year-old Iraqi

national and his thigh wife for allegedly trying national and his 36-year-old

to smuggle people from the to smuggle people from

Middle East to Australia. Thai

authorities showed off fake

passports they alleged the

selling for $400 couple were manufacturing and

each. TRANSLATION: The joint

operation took place in four

countries. It shows an

communication, as well as a improvement in our

transnational crimes, human determination to end

travking and illegal entries.

In Australia, four men were

arrested as part of an 8-month

investigation. Three of investigation. Three of them

have come on boats in 2001 have come on boats in 2001 and

one has come from a SIEV in

2010. All are Iraqi nationals.

They are all part of a major

people smuggling syndicate, an alleged people smuggling syndicate, and now face the

prospect of up to 20 years jail

in Australia. Three of the men have been granted bail, including 32-year-old Ali

Zedan, who came in Australia in

2001. Sedan is a security guard

at a Sydney hotel and works as

a carpet cleaner with co-accused. In a carpet cleaner with his

tendered in the court, co-accused. In documents

allege the four made tendered in the court, police

arrangements for two other Iraqis to come to Australia by boat. The arrangements include

transferring money for payment

of passengers' fares, organising accommodation in

Indonesia and Malaysia for

passengers on their way passengers on their way to

Australia, organising a seat on a SIEV for passengers to be

smuggled from both Malaysia to

Indonesia, and Indonesia to

Australia. In the court documents, police say documents, police say they tracked transfers of more than

$40,000. But that the accused held fears that the two men

they tried to smuggle had on the boat that sank off they tried to smuggle had been

Indonesia in December. It is estimated almost 200 people

died in the disaster. United

Nations envoy Kofi Annan is

world is sceptical. optimistic but the rest of the

world is sceptical. Syria has

accepted an international peace

plan to enthe blood shed that

has claimed thousands of lives there. There are serious doubts

about the Syrian Government's

sincerity. Even as he signalled acceptance of the

international peace plan, a smiling President Assad smiling President Assad toured

parts of Homs, the city

destroyed by his troops in relentless shelling which

killed hundreds of people. The

six point plan means president

assayed will make peace with

the opposition rebel fighters

he drove from these streets.

He told his soldiers they were

the victors. TRANSLATION: Some

of the residents are coming

back and it's thanks to you and

your sacrifices. Mr President,

we are here to defend the

country to the last drop of our

blood. Peace envoy for the UN and the Arab League, Kofi Annan, was upbeat about the

chances of success, after both

China and Russia gave their

backing. We will need to see how we move ahead and implement this agreement that they have

accepted. In theory, the UN

would supervise a ceasefire and oversee the removal of troops

and tanks from the streets. But

it doesn't call for President

Assad to step down - a key condition of the opposition.

They say he has made similar announcements announcements before and still

nothing has changed. As you

know, we didn't trust anything

from the Assad regime. Western powers are also powers are also sceptical. Given Assad's history of over promising and promising and underdelivering,

that commitment must now be matched by immediate actions.

Now, with the fighting spilling

into Lebanon, there are new fears

fears the conflict, which has

been confined to Syria, will

draw in its neighbours. draw in its neighbours. There

has been another accident involving offshore involving offshore drilling, this time a natural gas leak

from a well in the North Sea

off Scotland. A desperate

battle is under way to plug the

enormous leak. For the third day,

day, the Elgin platform stood abandoned, powered down to

reduce the risk of an

explosion. No one is sure how

to stop the leak and it could

be months before it is

stopped. I would say the

relief well is a minimum of six

months, but we are freeing months, but we are freeing up rigs that we have working for

us in other areas, so they can

be made available if that is

the option that is progressed.

Oil workers from a nearby rig

run by Shell, are also being

taken to the mainland as a

precaution. There is an exclusion zone affecting ships

and planes after reports of a

gas cloud forming around gas cloud forming around the

rig, which is more than 200km

off the coastal city of Aberdeen. Hydrogen Aberdeen. Hydrogen sulphide,

the rotten egg smell we get, in

small quantities smells horrible, but in large

quantities is toxic and poisonous, harmful to hurmians

and the environment. The risk

is not just above water,

escaping gas could be damaging

the marine environment. Memories are still strong of

the piper alpha disaster when

167 workers were killed in

1988. At least this time,

everyone is clear of the area.

We have got everybody off and

home and safe, but if this gas explodes, you could see piper

alpha. It is still alpha. It is still too dangerous to approach the rig.

A remote submarine will be used

to find and plug the leak but

no one knows when it will be

safe to return to business as

usual. The stock price for

Total has gone down, the price

of wholesale gas in Britain has

gone up and there is great uncertainty how this will

resolve itself. Thousands of

Indonesians are staged

nationwide protests over

government plans to increase

fuel prices. In Jakarta, clashes broke out between

police and students near the

presidential palace. About 500

protesters pelted rocks, petrol

bombs and sticks at police, who

fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse the crowd. 35

people were detained. MPs are

considering raising the

subsidised fuel price by a

third to slash the countries's deficit, despite fears of

soaring inflation. In an

extraordinary incident, a US

pilot was locked out of the

cockpit and wrestled to the

cabin floor by passengers after suffering an apparent suffering an apparent breakdown

mid flight. Witnesses say he ran through

ran through the cabin,

screaming, "There is a bomb on

board" before being retrained.

His co-pilot got the plane

safely to a nearby airport. An unsettling sight aboard any plane, especially in the United States.

Independent air, travellers

tackled not an unruly passenger but the plane's captain,

reportedly raving about

Al-Qaeda and a bomb. He

started banging on the door,

kicking on the door, trying to

get inside the cock pat. get inside the cock pat. Before that, he yelled, "It's going to

blow up." All I could think of

was my wife and twin was my wife and twin children, that's the only thing I could

think of, it hit me here, and I

thought, this can't happen. A former corrections officer from

New York, now a hero. He

started to curse at me, and

started to tell me, you had

better pray, Iraq and Iran, so

I said, you know what, I'm

going to show you what Iraq and

Iran is and I took him in a

choke hold. I wasn't letting go

of this guy until we landed the

plane. It was a plane. It was a joint effort.

A quick thinking co-pilot A quick thinking co-pilot had

tricked the captain tricked the captain into leaving the cockpit, then

locked him out, after he locked him out, after he began behaving erratically, flipping

switches and looking confused.

The one that should have all

the credit is the co-might, he

changed the code on the door

and didn't let him back in.

The ground, ambulance and

police were waiting, but a

statement from Jet Blue betrayed none of the drama,

only saying the plane diverted

for a medical emergency. A salvage team has raised the

wreckage of a luxury yacht

which caught fire and sank at a Melbourne Marina last week. Insurers engaged a construction

firm and a team of specialist

divers to lift the boat from

the bottom of thear are river.

They placed straps around the

hull, which was lived bid a 120

tonne flowing crane. The

vessel's replacement cost is

expected to top several million

dollars. Unions say major industrial action against BPH

Billiton is crippling

production at seven central

Queensland Hines. About 4,000

workers have walk off the job

until Saturday as part of an

industrial dispute that has

been running for more than been running for more than a

year. Unions say BHP has tried

to change controversial parts

of an enterprise of an enterprise agreement that workers thought were already finalised. They can come in

and say, you will be on a

roster of seven days on, seven

days off, start at this tile

and finish at that time, and

workers have no right of reply to challenge the decision. The

CFMEU says it is worried the changes could lead to safety

problems. BHP says it will take a ballot about the agreement directly to employees late next

month. The Victorian

Government is considering rare

retrospective legislation,

which would allow the identification of previously

anonymous sperm donors. The

proposal has come from a state

parliamentary committee, which

says the current laws prevent

many donor-conceived people

from finding out important genetic and perm information

about themselves. It is about themselves. It is a

secret kept by many Victorian

families. Each of these families. Each of these women

grew up unaware they grew up unaware they were conceived through donor sperm

and only learned the truth in

their early 20s. It was a traumatic

traumatic period, I was

absolutely devastated. I think

the overwhelming feel was that

I felt like a fraud. Ms Cummerford tracked down her

biological faring, but others her age have not been so lucky,

because donor conceived

children born before 1988 have

no legal right to found out the

personal details or medical

history of their donors. A parliamentary committee of

Liberal, Labor and National MPs wants to change that, recommending retrospective laws

allowing the release of

identifying information about

all donors, including those

promised anonymity. We can

argue in favour of donors argue in favour of donors being embarrassed and the embarrassed and the turmoil

that could cause, but these children were not thought of,

in terms of the needs and burning desires they would have as adults. The committee

actionages its recommendation

has no international precedent

but has suggested a number of

safeguards to protect donors' interests. The complete

recommended any donor who does

not want to be contacted should apply for a veto, apply for a veto, which would prohibit communication between

donor and offspring, which penalties to apply if it was

breached. I am relieved to know there is the opportunity

for me to find out where I come

from, my genetic origins. The

government is not making any promises. The area has a range of different and legitimate

views and interests, and that

is a difficult task to balance

those interests. The

government is required to respond to respond to the committee's recommendations within six

months. Doctors say a dangerous hospital super-bug

has hit our shores and the

number of people infected is

skyrocketing. C difficili mostly afflicts people mostly afflicts people with weakened immune weakened immune systems and can

be difficult to treat. It is be difficult to treat. It is a

deadly stomach bug that has

killed thousands of people in Europe and the United States. An antibiotic-resistant strain

of C difficile difficulties has

only been in Australia for only been in Australia for a

few years, but the number of infected patients is growing

rapidly. What is concerning is

that the rate in Australia has

doubled in the last 12 months.

C difficili is becoming C difficili is becoming more

and more important as an

ineffective agent that causes people to be very ill people to be very ill in

hospitals, in intensive care

with severe diarrhoea, dehydration and its complications and the numbers

are increasing. Patients are

reporting more severe cases of

the illness. My concern is

this very nasty strain will get established in the Australian

hospital system, if it gets

established it will kill a lot of people very quickly. of people very quickly. C

difficili is resistant to difficili is resistant to some antibiotics and is often

antibiotics and is often found in elderly patients who have used antibiotics. The

hyper-virulent strain produces

more toxins, increasing the

intensity of gut symptoms. The standard current medications

don't work as well and the patients become ill much more

rapidly. The bug is not killed

by normal cleaners, so cleaning

must be done with bleach and must be done with bleach and detergent. The area that

concerns me most is that

whereas that has always been a

hospital problem, we are now

starting to see cases coming in from the community. from the community. Doctors

are calling for better national

surveillance to monitor surveillance to monitor the

spread of the infection. Faster, stronger and, if you

believe the hype, cooler than

ever. The new Olympic ever. The new Olympic uniforms were unveiled today were unveiled today with Australian athletes Australian athletes showing off

the latest green and gold

makeover. Gold medal track and field hopeful Sally Pearson

head lined the show in green

and gold. It may look like

Spandex, but designers say it

is lighter and more supportive

and should help sheets perform

at their best. We have a very strong team, and our

expectation of top five in gold

medals will not change. 'Sister Act' Bronte and Cate

Campbell were supporting the

presentation wear. The siblings

who have signed with one sports

ware company say there ware company say there is controversy about the

competitor. It is rocking the Australian swim team at the

moment. I want to swim in

Speedo. The new uniforms will

be put to the test in July. British Prime Minister David Cameron will host a news

conference with London Olympic chairman Lord Coe and IOC president Jacques Rogge later this evening. ABC News 24 will bring it to

bring it to you live during The

World at about 9.15 eastern. World at about 9.15 eastern. The nation's biggest manufacturing companies say

government must do something government must do something to

safeguard iconic businesses.

The latest to shut down is soap

making companicusons. Industry

heavy weights say helping the ailing manufacturing sector

will require a massive

overhaul. It's the latest casualty of the casualty of the ailing manufacturing sector, soap

makercusons has closed its Melbourne plant, costing Melbourne plant, costing 92 jobs. As Australia's mining

sector continues to boom, manufacturing job losses have

been coming thick and been coming thick and fast. Many in the manufacturing sector are doing it tough,

which is why the government is talking about the patchwork economy. Australia's economy. Australia's biggest

manufacturers have pitched a

master plan to resurrect the

sector, which is being squeezed by the high Australian dollar

and cheap Asian imports.

Firstly, they want better

implementation of anti-dumping

laws. I don't think most

people in Australia really

understand the impact of what

cheap dumped imports are doing

to this economy. They say overly bureaucratic government

regulation is having a similar effect. It's a bit like there's a forest with an orienteering program for

bureaucrats, and they get lost

because they do not have the

instructions. They are demanding changes to workplace

laws. Job security can only be achieved through flexibility achieved through flexibility

and improvements in productivity Manufacturers

have also suggested a portion of Australia's natural gas be reserved exclusively for local

manufacturers to use at well

below world prices. This is a

country strategy that is

begging to be put in place.

Access to domestic sources of energy by Australian

manufacturers is made difficult by by policy confusion. Manufacturing's share of economic output in Australia

has fallen from 14% to 8.6% in

the last 20 years, the sector

says it needs to rebuild for

when the resources boom ends. Fiji's military government has

seize the control of national carrier Air

carrier Air Pacific from

Qantas, issuing a decree that

all airlines must now all airlines must now be owned

by locals. Qantas owns 46% of

Air Pacific but Fiji claims Qantas effectively controlled

the airline. Qantas denies this and says it is assessing the

implications of the

government's decision. The

computer giant Apple is

offering to give full refounds

to its customers, as it fights

with the consumer watchdog over

the capabilities of its newly

launched iPad. The ACCC has

taken court action to try to

stop ypal promoting its iPad 3

as being able to connect to

ore's 4G network, which is

currently only offered by

Telstra. Lawyers for Apple say

it has never been stated it has never been stated the

new product is compatible with Telstra's upgraded network but

the company has defended its

promotion, arguing other

networks in Australia are 4G by

international standards, even if if they are not named as

such. To finance, the local

sharemarket rose strongly,

despite falls on most of despite falls on most of the global markets. Here's Alan Koehler. The All Ords has

managed to get above 4,400, which has been a which has been a rare achievement in the past 8

months and has been followed months and has been followed by

two steps pack wards. There two steps pack wards. There is

certainly more optimism about

now than at any time since a

year ago. Today's rise was

helped by banks and resources

stocks rising, News Corporation

went up despite newalions went up despite newalions ga

about misbehaviour in Australia

concerning its pay TV

competitors,, all vehemently

denied. Bank of Queensland shares jumped more than 8%

after the company raised $248

million in new capital and

announced a $91 million loss

for the first half, mainly because

because of falling Queensland

property values. Most other

markets went backwards over the

past 24 hours, including Japan

and China. To confirm the

downward trend the local sharemarket bucked, the dollar

is back below 105 US cents and is has fallen against other

currencies. There was a big

fall in the Chicago wheat price, gold and oil rose. A

couple of charts on aspects of

the Australian economy that are interesting. This one shows

the way rents have risen faster

than other prices over the past

five years because of the ball

Ang shortage of housing. Up

until 2007 the housing market

was either in surplus was either in surplus or

balance, there is now a

shortage of 250,000 dwellings a

year, which is pretty dire.

Here is one effect of the rise Here is one effect of the rise in housing costs. A dramatic shift in household spending away from discretionary things like cafes, restaurants, culture and wreck creation, towards essentials, including education, health, transport and housing. That's finance.

Alan Koehler. There might be

life left in Sydney's doomed

mono-rail yet, just not in

Sydney. Hobart's deputy lord

mayor Ron Christie says it could be perfect for could be perfect for the Tasmanian capital Tasmanian capital and could

link the suburbs of North

Hobart tote city centre and onwards to the tourism district

of Salamanca. Mr Christie says

it would be a lot lower to the

ground and he wants it for

free. One city's trash is

another city's treasure. If Premier Barry is going to

dismantle the monorail, all I'm

saying is, Barry, bequeath it

or make it a post bicentennial

gift from the people of Sydney to the people of Hobart. The

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrelles

says he's happen to send it across Bass Strait, but only for

for the right price. It's a

simple pleasure but riding a bike is out of reach for many children with a disability.

Now a team of Tasmanian

volunteers is trying to change that. Jack Duffy became

'Kayak' Jack when his father Chris paddled

Chris paddled from Hobart to

Launceston for charity Launceston for charity two

years ago. The 5-year-old is familiar with

familiar with water, now for

the first time he has ridden a bike. He hasn't had the freedom of movement and the

ability to zip around like this,

this, so it's a great opportunity. Freedom Wheels is a national program run by

volunteers. So far, they have built 30 bikes that are

modified for Tasmanian children

with a disability. Sometimes they can't keep they can't keep their hands on

the handle bars and we have a

workaround for that and

sometimes they need support at

the back and we have a cool

high riser that we put up the

back and clip on anything that

they need. Each custom built

bike costs at least $600. They

are sponsored by businesses and

community group. Nice work,

Jack. Good boy, look at you.

Jack will get his new wheels in

3 months. For Sal Alexander

Wiley, the wait is over. Apart

from the thrill of the ride,

there are there are therapeutic

benefits. The movement through

space is fairly critical, for

children to experience, the

fact they have to maintain head and trunk control and trunk control over

purposes. I am towing them,

and all of a sudden I am not

working as hard, they are

starting to pedal. It's amazing

feeling. As more children are

referred to the program each

year, it is hoped new sponsors

will keep the wheels will keep the wheels turning. Graham Creed with the two

day outlook. Looking at mostly

dry conditions across the majority of the continent. A couple of features that couple of features that will

trigger some showers. For New

South Wales, it is a surface

and an upper level trough

moving through, most of the

showers in the east, picking showers in the east, picking up

in the afternoon, but in the afternoon, but no widespread decent falls. A

southerly wind flow between the tropical low around the Solomon Islands and a high pressure system near New Zealand that

will trigger cloud and isolated showers about the Queensland

coast, more frequent in the far

north as the monsoon troughs

starts to contract further north, so the showers and

storms will be isolated. A late change in the south-west of WA

will see showers about the far

south-western coast. Anywhere

south of around about Perth

could see an isolated showers,

but nothing heavy. Through the inland areas, so the eastern

parts of the south-west land

division, some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. The area most

likely to see wet activity likely to see wet activity is

the northern tropics, down the northern tropics, down the east coast, particularly

through the east of New South Wales,

Wales, the surface and upper level

level disturbance will trigger

widespread showers, and

Thursday will be the wettest

day. In Sydney, the potential for isolated afternoon thunderstorms. On Friday, the activity in New South Wales will contracts Mr To the

north-east and should weaken -

should clear most of the state heading

heading towards Saturday

morning, certainly the central

and southern parts will clear. Warm air in the Warm air in the south-east, so warm temperatures. Onshore

winds along parts of the

Queensland coast, so showers

through that region. Still not

expecting much Mt Way of rainfall through the south-west

of WA. Perhaps isolated of WA. Perhaps isolated showers

or drizzle on the southern coastal fringe. Showers and

possible thunderstorms across the northern tropics, but

elsewhere shower activity

becoming more isolated through

New South Wales. Sydney and New South Wales. Sydney and

Canberra should see a mostly

dry and sunny weekend, fairly

pleasant conditions across the south-eastern capitals. The

top stories from ABC News 24 -

a plan to base American spy

planes in the remote Cocos

Islands hasn't been ruled out by the Australian Government. Officials in both countries

acknowledge a new air base is a possibility, but the Australian

Government says it would cost

money to upgrade and it won't money to upgrade and it won't

happen for years. Four happen for years. Four people arrested in Australia over alleged people smuggling, all

came to this country themselves

by boat. In a major

international operation, raids

were carried out in Sydney,

Melbourne, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Police were

targeting what they describe as a significant people smuggling syndicate. Those arrested could face

could face 20 years in jail if

they are convicted. In the they are convicted. In the US,

a pilot was locked out of a

cockpit and wrestled to the

cabin floor by passengers after he suffered an apparent breakdown mid flight.

Witnesses say the pilot ran

through the cabin screaming

"There's a bomb on board" before being restrained. His quick thinking co-pilot got quick thinking co-pilot got the

plane safely to a nearby

airport. Computer giant Apple is offering to refund purchases

of its new iPad if people

believe then misled about its

compatibility with Telstra's 4G network. Australia's competition watchdog has launched action against Apple

in the Federal Court. The ACCC

argued the company was making

misleading claims. Now time

for all the day's sports news

with Peter Wilkins. What's with Peter Wilkins. What's coming up on Grandstand? Tonight, Shane

Tonight, Shane Watson guides

Australia to victory in the first Twenty20 clash in the Caribbean. Watson starred with

the bat and ball and the

tourists 8 wicket win over the West Indies. Also tonight,

Australia's elite athletes

display their wares ahead of

the loan gone Games. Hello,

I'm Peter Wilkins and this I'm Peter Wilkins and this is Grandstand. This Program is Captioned

Live. It's good to have

your company. Shortly, we many

examine the issues dominating the headlines this week, the headlines this week, with Grandstand's being serve panel

of experts. First, Australia has started the Twenty20 series against the West Indies against the West Indies with a

comfortable 8 wicket win in St

Lucia, chasing 151 for victory,

the tourists reached the target with almost two overs to spare,

thanks to half centuries from Shane Watson and Michael

Hussey. The Australian team

has lacked consistency in the

Caribbean, but this performance delighted the coaching staff.

I thought we played very well,

and that was the most perfect game we game we have played so far, so very happy. The West Indies

were restricted by accurate bowling, with Dan Christian

taking three wickets. The roof rattling batting of Keiron

Pollard helped the home team

reach a below par score of

150. In raising his half century off only 20 balls,