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Indigenous group buys Uluru resort -

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Indigenous group buys Uluru resort

Broadcast: 15/10/2010


The Federal Government's Indigenous Land Corporation bought the Ayers Rock resort in conjunction
with traditional owners for $300 million.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: The resort complex that gives tourists access to Australia's best-known
natural wonder has been sold to an Aboriginal corporation.

After two years on the market, international company GPT has sold the Ayers Rock Resort for $300

The Federal Government's Indigenous Land Corporation bought the resort in conjunction with the
traditional owners of Uluru.

At the moment only a handful of the workforce is Aboriginal. That's expected to increase under the
new management.

MARGARET SMITH, TRADITIONAL OWNER: When you go there as a tourist, you don't see none of our people
doing any of the jobs there.

SHIRLEY MCPHERSON, ILC CHAIRWOMAN: That's going to be not only Indigenous-owned, but the majority
of people that are working there are going to be Indigenous.

LEIGH SALES: The sale coincides with the 25th anniversary celebrations of the historic hand back of
Uluru to traditional owners.