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Farquharson jailed for 33yrs after dam deaths -

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Farquharson jailed for 33yrs after dam deaths

Broadcast: 15/10/2010

Reporter: James Bennett

Robert Farquharson has been jailed for at least 33 years after he was found guilty of killing his
three children.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Robert Farquharson, known as the Father's Day killer and twice-convicted of
murdering his three children, will spend at least 33 years behind bars.

At today's sentencing, Farquharson shook his head in disbelief as his jail term was read out.

His legal team has already indicated that there will be an appeal.

James Bennett reports from Melbourne.

JAMES BENETT, REPORTER: It's been more than five years, two Supreme Court murder trials and an
appeal that appears far from over.

SIMON NORTHEAST, FARQUHARSON'S SOLICITOR: Robert Farquharson maintains his innocence and in due
course will be lodging an appeal against his conviction.

JAMES BENETT: As he sentenced the 41-year-old to life with a non-parole period of 33 years, Justice
Lex Lasry described the Farquharson case as a tragedy which almost defied imagination.

CINDY GAMBINO, BOYS' MOTHER: It's never going to be enough. It's a life sentence for me; it should
be a life sentence for him.

ANNE IRWIN, FARQUHARSON SUPPORTER: Rob is a broken man; a traumatised and deeply grieving parent
who loves his children.

JAMES BENETT: Three years ago Robert Farquharson was convicted of murdering his three children by
driving them into a dam in Winchelsea in Victoria's south-west on Father's Day in 2005.

Last year he successfully appealed against that conviction and a retrial was ordered. In July a
jury again found he'd left Jay, Tyler and Bailey to drown.

They rejected Farquharson's contention that he'd had a coughing fit, blacked out and came to in the
dam, and was unable to rescue them.

In sentencing, Justice Lex Lasry described the murders as crimes committed against three
vulnerable, helpless and wholly innocent children.

Significantly, Justice Lasry rejected the evidence of Farquharson's former friend, Greg King, who
testified that Farquharson had told him three months in advance that he would kill his children by
drowning them in a dam.

But the judge said he still had no doubt that Mr Farquharson had killed his children to get back at
his ex-wife.

His legal team has 28 days to lodge an appeal.

James Bennett, Lateline.