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Last of Ocean Viking refugees settle in Austr -

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Last of Ocean Viking refugees settle in Australia

Broadcast: 15/10/2010


The last of the Sri Lankan refugees from the Ocean Viking are being brought to Australia after no
other country could be found for them.


LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Almost a year after the standoff on the Oceanic Viking, the last of the Sri
Lankans who were on board are being brought to Australia.

The Australian Customs ship picked up the group of asylum seekers last year in response to a
distress call.

But the 78 people refused to get off in Indonesia for a month until they received assurances from
Australia of resettlement.

Nearly all of them have been resettled in Australia and other countries.

But no country could be found for 17 of them who have been waiting in Romania.

The Federal Government's announced they will now be resettled in Australia although the Opposition
wants their refugee claims to be reassessed