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Qld withholds Wild Rivers report -

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EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: The Queensland Opposition has raised questions about why the Bligh Labor
Government is refusing to release a report into the wild rivers legislation.

Last night Cape York landholders told Lateline the legislation is too complex and confusing.

Now the Queensland Government is refusing to release the 5 year review of the legislation because
of the State election.

VICKY DARLING, QLD ENVIRONMENT MINISTER: Well we're in caretaker at the moment, so of course I
can't take that report to Cabinet and it can't be presented to Parliament, but I'm sure it's on
track to make sure that I can present it to my Cabinet colleagues as soon as, hopefully, a Labor
Government is returned, and obviously it would be taken to one of the earliest Parliaments we can.
But it is still being developed right now.

EMMA ALBERICI: The Wild Rivers Act requires the Government to report five years after a river is
declared. The report was due to be released on February 28.

Opposition environment spokesman Andrew Powell says the Bligh Government is acting as if it has
something to hide.