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I needed to check to make

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Benghazi between people inside

the city who wanted to cleanse

the city of the extremists and fighting is fighting is continuing to

cleanse the city from within the city. These are people

are volunteers. We call them

the popular the popular guards and soldiers

- not soldiers, that's why needed to get - not soldiers, that's why I

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you guys. Thank you. Thank you.

Media briefing there in

Libya, ending a little bit

Libya, ending a little from the secretary-general of

the People's Congress of Libya.

Basically giving us the developments according leader, Colonel Gaddafi. leader, Colonel Gaddafi. He said that, "I am very sorry said that, "I am very sorry and

saddened our country is facing

a barbaric and armed a barbaric and armed attack with some

leading a rocket attack on said, "This barbaric act came ceasefire against the armed as Libya had announced a

militias," there that have describe the Opposition forces there that have been involved in the fighting in Libya. in the fighting in Libya. He

filling up said the number of injured is

our ambulances are doing their best to save as from US President Barack Obama possible. OK, let's hear now

who spoke during a who spoke during a radio address earlier. He said address earlier. He said the US

broad Coalition. Here's some of would be acting as part of a

what he had to say. Confidence

in the men and women of in the men and women of our military who will carry out this mission. They carry with

them the respect of a grateful

nation. I'm also proud we're acting as part of a that amcludes close allies and acting as part of a Coalition

partners who are prepared to meet their responsibility to uphold protect the people of Libya and acted after consulting with international community. I have

national security team and

Republican and leaders of Republican and Democratic

American people fully American people fully informed.

But make no mistake, today we are part of a we are answering the calls of we are answering the calls of a threatened people and we're acting in the interests of the United States and the world. Thank Thank you very much. Today's development - the United States

has launched 110 to tomahawk cruise has launched 110 to 112

submarines based in tomahawk cruise missiles from

Mediterranean submarines based in the command and control system its in grated air command and control system of

its in grated air missile strikes on sites strikes on sites around the

country. We've heard the reaction from the Libyan

Government of Colonel Gaddafi. The secretary-general of the People's Congress say barbaric, there's no excuse for ago that the aggression is

the resolutions of the UN

Security Council and the pointed launched a ceasefire. It was

secretary-general of the Libyan secretary-general of the

Government there of Government there of the People's Congress of to be at odds with what was Government that that appeared

being bnched on the ground in Libya. - observed on the Libya. - observed on the ground in Libya. For more reaction we're rejoined by Europe correspondent Rachel Brown who

's been listening into that press conferencerse an earlier one at the Pentagon been one at the Pentagon and has Europe. Rachel, what can been following developments in

tell us about other reaction to today's

been hearing from the Pentagon. Up until now the US has been very much trying to stay in the background of all this. Hillary Clinton at the emergency summit

France and also the Arab League in Paris congratulated Britain,

on taking a leadership it's interesting the shift in tone we're starting to see conception this America wanted to avoid any

secretary general of the Libya had requested

the ground in Libya to judge for themselves whether Libya was meeting stopped their operations. Had there been any discussion of community? Not that I've community? Not that I've heard as yet

seems to be in the same vein as

we've been hearing the last couple of days, that it is adamant that ceasefire, that it wasn't breached, as all the European

leaders and indeed the Arab

in Paris which is to that decision to press ahead

with military intervention.

Now we do understand Now we do understand this

morning that the US military is

in the operation so far but

what do we know involvement of other nation s? what do we know about the

France has 20 war far France has 20 war planes up as far as I understand at the moment. It's sending an aircraft carrier later tonight. England, as you would have heard its fighter jets It's got Tornadoes and torpedos ready to go which have ready to go which have very, very highly sensitive missiles

that it can pin point that it can pin point precise ly and indeed as you would heard before, heard before, the sea the US and Italy in that attack capability, Britain is joining

along the Brown, thanks very much. We'll President Barack Obama has spoken in the last minutes. That is the cause of this Coalition. As a

contribute effort, the United States will

capabilities at the front end contribute our unique

of the mission to Libyan civilians and enable the of the mission to protect

enforcement of a no-fly zone

that will be led by our international partners. As I

said yesterday, we will not - I

repeat, we will not deploy US troops on the ground. As commander-in-chief, I have

great confidence in the men and women of our military who will query out this carry with them the were of a grateful nation. I'm also proud

we are acting as part of a

Coalition which includes allies

and partners prepared to meet their responsibility to protect the people of Libya and uphold

the mandate the mandate of the international community. I

acted after consulting with my

national security team and Republican and Democratic

leaders of gres bres and in coming was - of Congress and in the coming hours and days my

administration will keep the American

American people fully informed but make no mistake, today we

are part of a broad are part of a broad Coalition,

we are answering the calls of a threatened people and we're acting in the interests of the

United States Thank you very much. OK, the US President Barack Obama commenting there on today's developments which has the US firing 110 to 112 cruise missiles at strategic missiles at strategic sites within Libya, currently in the waters of Mediterranean adjacent to

continues to develop this morning,

morning, very rapidly. International intervention has

begun in earnest. 110 tomahawk

cruise missiles have been fired

from US and British ships. Submarines struck more than 20 integrated air defence systems

and other systems ashore. admiral William E Gortney held a press conference in Pentagon. 110 cruise missiles

struck more than 20 integrated

air defence systems and other air defence facilities ashore.

On the slide to my left, you

can see the the military targets struck. You will notice most of them

are on or near the coast, a

fact which made fact which made their

destruction vital to destruction vital to the enforce O. A no-fly zone since

so much of the air activity we have seen and so much of the regime's military efforts have

been in this part of the

country. The strikes were

carefully coordinate would our

Coalition partners. The targets

were selected based on our

collective assessment that the

sites pose a direct threat to

Coalition pilots or through use

by the regime pose a by the regime pose a direct threat to the Because it is night over there

t will be some time before we

have a complete picture of the

success of the strikes. This success of the strikes. This is just the first phase of what

will likely be a will likely be a multiphased military operation designed to

enforce the United Nations

resolution and deny the Libyan

regime the ability to use force

against its own people. This is an international military

effort, urged by the Libyan people them selves and by other

Arab nations, backed by other allied partners committed to supporting their efforts. Indeed, we continue to

receive support and leadership from Arab and European

partners. In these early days the operation the operation will be under the

command of the commander of US

Africa xand and the commander

of joint task force Odyssey

Dawn which is the name of Dawn which is the name of this

operation is admiral Sam

Locleer who is aboard US Mount

Whitney in the Mediterranean.

That said, the US military and will continue to use our unique capabilities to create the conditions from which we

and our partners can best

enforce the full measure of the UN mandate. Our mission now is to shape the battle to shape the battle space in

such a way that our partners

may take the lead in both execute and execution. As execute and execution. As the President has said, we are not

going to use force to go beyond going to use force to go beyond our well defined goals, specifically the protection civilians in Libya. Can you give us more clarity on give us more clarity on the strikes and the targets

including perhaps just including perhaps just a bit

more on what exactly US ships, submarines et cetera did and was there anything beyond was there anything beyond the cruise missiles that is being done by the United States?

Both from US ships and submarines and UK submarine, total 110, maybe 112 tomahawk

cruise missiles, once again down the critical nodes of the down the critical nodes of the

integrated air defence system

which includes surface to air

missile sites, early warning sites, key communication sites, key communication nodes.

Located up on the slide to my

left you'll see many of them, most are in the western side of

the country. It gives us the ability,

ability, particularly bringing down and the C2 architecture

that goes with them opens

occupy a broader range for the

no-fly zone. You no-fly zone. You are using new generation tactical tomahawk s? It was a mixture of the old

and new. Do the newer ones

allow you to take pictures before you drop

pictures. They give us the

ability to loiter and then we

can shoot a target and they

will go to the target but in this particular mission them just as one of the older tomahawks.

tomahawks. They're clearing

the air space basically for the

stealth fighters to go in? They stealth fighters to go in? They allow would we call a medium threat without putting the crew at risk. Has Has the no-fly zone enforcement begun and what Coalition members will

that? Will US jets be in the air? At this point we are create creating the create creating the conditions to set up the no-fly zone and once we have established and confirmed right then we will move forward

into the next - one of into the next - one of the next phases of the campaign. So it has not yet begun has not yet begun enforcement? That's a tough one to on how you call do we have airplanes patrolling over airplanes patrolling over Libya to enforce a no-fly zone?

to enforce a no-fly zone? No,

ma'am, we do not. But I would

say we are beginning that because we're setting the conditions to be able to reach that stage.

Gaddafi's tanks and heavy artillery artillery be targeted I'm not

able to discuss the actions that that we're taking in potential

future operations. You said protecting the population protecting the population in Benghazi was one of the goals

but I don't see that as one of the strike targets on your Why is that? That's correct.

That's why I was mentioning the critical nodes of predominantly lives in Tripoli and you'll see that's most robust IADs are no-fly zone zone we want

west. We went after the most critical parts. Will the second I'm not going to talk about future future operations. Have US forces been on the some There have been no US forces on require people on the ground to

develop the targets. Can ships the missiles from came?

I am going to have to

it at another time. I dope have it in front of me it this point? No US involvement in air strikes?

Not at this particular

Are any US aircraft providing refuelling support aircraft? I would anticipate

that we will be providing We bring UK capabilities... and we will be contributing

that now and in the future. When did this start in relation to when the French to when the French launched their fighter jets? Was this after they launched, before

they launched? Do you anticipate more launches and when you tong nodes, is Colonel Gaddafi's operational command his air defence? First question,? When did the

tomahawks first get launched? It was after the French flew their French flew their particular missions the launched, about a

flight of about an hour flight of about an hour from launch to

was at 1500 eastern tarnd I'm not going to answer deals with the question? When you talked about you were target critical nodes, is Gaddafi's operational

considered one of the nodes? We're operating on command and control of integrated control of integrated air defences. Do the US intend to

participate to the no-fly zone with the attack not at liberty to talk about Can you tell me which partners? Right Coalition, the have asked us to names, of course the US, French, Italy and Canada. French, Italy and Canada. The other countries have asked them - they want to be make the announcement and it's the same the same for the Europe countries as well. We're going

to go ahad head and let make the announcement. There are planes that can do electronic jamming of missile strikes. Was that technology this strike, what we used for these strikes? Port package of trauping attack electronic attacks was not

required. That is one of the

benefits of using the tomahawk

cruise missiles. What was the

purpose of the French- I'm not

able to speak to the French

mission objectives. Total

number of targets again? It

would be over 20 targets. How

will you assess the damage?

Will you send a global hawk or

satellite imagery in Oyez, bomb

damage assessment is going to

take a little bit. After being in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan where we have

predators, reapers, video, we don't have that in

the contested air space so

that's why we had to drop the

IADs. We'll be able to use a global hawk once we have

confirmed the SA5s are down and

then we'll use the traditional

national technical means. To be clear, this is a US-led operation but in the hours

leading up to today there was communications to try to talk that down? We are on the leading edge of Coalition operations where the United States, under General Ham in African command is in charge

and in the coming days we

intend to transfer to a Coalition. Can you specify how many British ships were involved compared to the US

ships? We had one British sub

marine. And the rest were US?

Yes, ma'am. And the number? I

don't have exact numbers in 41

of me. How sophisticated was this air defence system

compared to Iraq's, Iran's

even going back to Vietnam, I

think the public would like a sense of that. This is an

integrated ed missile

defence system much like the

one Iraq had when it surrounded Baghdad, built on older Baghdad, built on older Soviet technology but

capability. Two things, the bomb damage assessment, do you

have a rough idea, will that

take hours or days? I would say days. (LAUGHTER) It's going

to take us anywhere from 6 to

12 hours to get this based on assessing whether or not

SA5 sites are down and we could

then move global hawk in and

the other national technical means to collect means to collect and assess.

Is it fair to say the no-fly

zone enforcement probably won't begin until the bomb damage assessment is complete? Ium not

able to talk about specifics of

future operations. future operations. Would you

consider this period that we're

in right now to be a in right now to be a pause in

that no more strikes are going on until the assessment? No,

we're in the first phase of we're in the first phase of a

multiphase operation. I

wouldn't specifically call it a pause. So strikes are

continuing even before the

assessment? It's the first phase of a multiphase

operation. You said it was a US-led operation... It is within Africa within Africa Command and on

Mount Whitney where the JTF

commander is we have our

Coalition partners Coalition partners embedded

into the staff that help deal

with the planning, education

and assessment of Coalition

operations, much like we do

around the world. Could you

give us a sense of the give us a sense of the total number of ships attached to

this JTF and the number of US

sesles versus Coalition. I

apologise, I don't have that information in 41 of me but

we'll be able to provide that. You have been hearing from You have been hearing from vice

admiral William E admiral William E Gort

nrbleings ey, briefing the -

Gortney, briefing the media with the latest information about military strikes against military assets in Libya under the control of Colonel Gaddafi.

As he said, they are seeking to

shape the battle stakes in such a way as to assist America's

partners in that operation.

Let's get some more on this

developing story from developing story from our Washington correspondent Washington correspondent join Cowan. Good Cowan. Good morning, Jane. Good morning. We've just Good morning. We've just heard from the Pentagon about the sort of contribution the United

States military is making. It says it's currently in charge

of this operation. How much

further is it likely to go? further is it likely to go?

Well, that is the big question that's being asked over that's being asked over and over here in the United over here in the United States,

Nick. The US has made it very clear that it putting troops on the ground inside inside Libya and there's actually been some criticism of that decision here as in why would you telegraph to your enemies exactly enemies exactly the limits of

your involvement in a conflict?

The US obviously has a very good domestic political reasons

for doing that though tathise very little out here in America

to be drawn into another protracted...there's also talk

this could be a case of a

hidden hand war where the US is

doing much more than it's willing to admit to

publicly. One analyst I heard

for instance said that there's no chance that the United

States would be taking its

orders from the French when it comes down to it. There's also been questions put to the US Secretary of Secretary of State, Hillary whether American war planes

would be flying missions Libya and in response to that question she would only reiterate that the US unique capabilities as they keep saying and that they of the international effort so

it's far from clear exactly how

far the US involvement in military action will extend. There's also some suspicion

that America may end up getting way more involved in this than

the wants to be if things the wants to be if things begin to to go wrong on the grown in Libya simply because it is the country with the major capability so that the US may actually end up owning this war whether it wants to or not?

And if I exaggerate for effect for a moment, you could almost United States has been trying to look in the other direction.

President Obama himself is obviously been allowing Libya to believe they weren't going

to take a leading role to take a leading role but this

morning we find out that have been the ones organising this response? Well, the US this response? Well, the US is definitely keen to and be sending the message is in no way in the is in no way in the lead in this

Barack Obama is on that has Barack Obama is on that has him

in Brazil at the moment was a preplanned trip, a preplanned trip, a 5-day trip

to Latin America. He has gone ahead with it. He has twice this morning to talk in to talk in general terms about

the need to protect people. The second time was to acknowledge that he had

the US armed forces to begin a limited military action in Libya but notably that time he spoke was initially off

proied audio only so on one

could say that there is a deliberate effort being made, Nick, to keep Barack Obama and the United States have a bit of a listen to some of what the US President has

said today. Today I said today. Today I authorise the armed the armed forces of the United States military action in Libya in support of an begun. In this effort, the United States is acting with United States is acting with a broad Coalition that committed to Nations Security Council resolution 1973 which calls resolution 1973 which calls for the protection of the Libyan

people. That Coalition met in

Paris today to send a unified

message and it brings together

many of our European and Arab

partners. This is not an

or any of our partners sought.

Even yesterday the

Moammar Gaddafi the opportunity to pursue an immediate ceasefire, one that stopped the violence against civilians and the advances of the advances of Gaddafi's forces but de ignored that ignored that opportunity. Hissa tacks on his own people continued, his forces have been

on the move and the danger

faced by the people of Libya has grown. action, no matter what limits

we place on them. I want we place on them. I want the American people to know that the use of force first choice and it first choice and it not a

choice I make lightly but we

cannot stand idly by when tyrant tells his people there will be no mercy and step up assaults on cities

hands of their own knu. So hands of their own knu. So we

must be clear, actions have consequences and the Brit the international community must be cause of this coals. As a part of this effort, the United States will contribute States will contribute our unique capabilities at the front protect Libyan civilians protect Libyan civilians and enable the enforcement of a no-fly zone that will be led

our international partners and as I said yesterday we will not, I repeat we will not ground. As

men and women of our military

who will carry out this the respect of a grateful nation. I am also proud we nation. I am also proud we are

acting as part of a Coalition

that includes close allies and partners proud to meet the responsibility toflect people

of Libya and uphold the mandate I have acted after consulting

with my national with my national security team and Republican and leaders of Congress and in administration will keep the American But make no mistake, today But make no mistake, today we are part of a broad Coalition,

we are answering we are answering the calls of a threatened people and we acting in the interests of the United

United States and the attack reluctenly. That's the

message I think message I think he wants to convey, that the Americans Coalition partners in this who, I understand, France, Italy, Canada and a range of other nations which

the Americans say will their own announcement about their involvement in this action. Now meetings have been under way

Clinton has been there? That's speaking as

speaking as the first French

war planes took to the Libya. She journalists there over what involvement, is it to protect civilians

involvement, is it to protect

civilians or is it to affect

regime change and have Gaddafi

go? She said very clearly that

it is to protect civilians,

that's something the President

has previously said and that

will be the limit of the US vomp but Hillary Clinton conveniently kind of ignored the second part of that question today, question today, although

previously she has indicated

the enpoint of any negotiations

here to be that, that Gaddafi

does end up stepping down. Let's have a listen to what Hillary Clinton did say. There

has been some talk of Tripoli of a ceasefire, but the reality on the ground tells a very different story. Colonel

Gaddafi continues to defy the

world. His attacks on civilians

go on so let me be very clear about the position about the position of the

United States. We will support

an international Coalition an international Coalition as it takes all necessary measures to enforce the terms of

resolution 1973. As you may

know, French plains are already

in the skies