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Gaddafi loses support as rebels close in -

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ALI MOORE, PRESENTER: The International Criminal Court has formally issued arrest warrants tonight
for Libyan president Colonel Gaddafi, his son and the country's spy chief for crimes against

The announcement comes as rebels in the south-west have moved to within 80 kilometres of the
capital, Tripoli, and others in the east prepare themselves for what they see as a final push.

JATAL EL DIGHEILY, REBEL DEFENCE MINISTER: What we're learning from defectors is that Gaddafi's
supporters are getting fewer. People who were close to him are abandoning him and his inner circle
is getting smaller by the day.

ALI MOORE: Tunisia's state news agency is also reporting that three Libyan ministers, including the
foreign minister, are in the country and negotiating with what it calls "foreign parties".